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Beer Spotlight: Foster’s Radler Offers New Light Options

Heineken has unveiled new additions to its Foster’s Radler portfolio, helping to fulfil the rising demand for lower-strength beer on lighter drinking occasions.

Building on the brand’s success and the increasing relevancy of the moderation category to young adult consumers, Heineken is introducing two new variants from March.

The expanded range will include new 2% ABV Foster’s Radler with ‘Lime & Ginger’ and a 0.0%ABV version of the original Foster’s Radler.

In addition, the brand will be available in new 440ml cans to tap into the demand for easier formats for on-the-move moderation occasions.


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Beer Spotlight: Alhambra Lemon Shandy



The ideal blend of beer and lemon. Made with Alhambra pilsner-type beer with 4.6% alcohol content, it will surprise you with its refreshing, beer-like taste. There's no doubt that this Shandy comes the closest to beer.


Tasting Notes
Beer flavoured with lemon, with a light and very refreshing taste. Bright gold colour with slightly reddish tones reminiscent of pilsner. Very consistent head, with a smooth texture. Flavour similar to that of mild beers, with sweet, fruity tones and citric aromas of lemon peel and ginger. The perfect alternative within the low-alcohol range, for those moments when you feel like drinking beer.

Type: beer mixed with lemon-flavoured drink.
ABV: 0.9 %
Best served at: 4 – 6º C.
Taste: very refreshing..
Colour: soft golden tones..
Aromas: lemon peel and citrus fruits.




Company: Cervezas Alhambra
Brand: Alhambra
Origin: Spain
Category: Beer
Packaging: 330 ml Glass Bottle
Alcohol Volume:  4.6%
Variants: 1925, Premium, Especial, Negra, Non Alcoholic, Shandy
Price: Coming Soon
Website: cervezasalhambra.es




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Product Spotlight: Red Stripe Burst Raspberry Flavored Lager


RED Stripe took its promotional campaign for its newest product — Red Stripe Burst — to the Jamaica Observer last Thursday, giving the staff of the daily newspaper a pleasant surprise and a taste of the raspberry- flavoured lager.




The Jamaican brewery served this up for 18 to 24-year-olds because the legal drinking age in Jamaica is 18. The tastebuds of American women will have to hoist Red Stripe Burst up to excellence in the U.S.

In Jamaica, where Burst is produced and distributed, there is no minimum legal drinking age. According the article, the decision to distribute the product line in the U.S., Canada and the UK will be made by “Red Stripe teams” in those countries.



Company: Diageo
Brand: Red Stripe
Slogan: Brewed in Jamaica
Origin: Jamaica
Category: Flavored Beer
Packaging: 275ml Bottle
Alcohol Volume: 4.75%
Price:: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: redstripebeer.com

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Product Spotlight: Maccabee Pineapple Shandy


Maccabee Shandy Pineapple is our latest summer edition to the Shandy range. Shandy is a fun, easy to drink and refreshing malt beverage. Shandy was originally a traditional beer cocktail produced by mixing lager beer with lemon-lime soda.

In 2005, Maccabee Shandy was launched as a Ready-to-Drink spinoff of Maccabee Beer with only 1.9 alc/vol and became an instant success.
Shandy comes in four great natural flavors: Lemon-lime, Peach, Apple and Watermelon with limited editions launched each summer.

Today the Maccabee Shandy brand is the top selling RTD flavored alcoholic beverage in Israel.


About Tempo
Tempo is one of the largest and longest established beverage companies in Israel. The company manufactures and markets a variety of beverages: In the beer segment, the number one Israeli beer brand, Goldstar, the award winning Maccabee beer, and the most popular premium beer Heineken, as well as famous specialties such as Paulaner, Samuel adams, Newcastle and Murphy's. In the soft drinks industry, Tempo is a franchisee of the Pepsi portfolio with world known brands such as Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Seven up & Mirinda. Other brands in the category are Jump and Cider HaGalil. Tempo's water portfolio covers the entire spectrum: San Pellegrino as the category leader in the super-premium segment, San Benedetto in the premium segment and the locally produced bottled water Aqua nova in the mainstream category. Tempo's XL is a market leader in the energy drinks category. A fully owned subsidiary, Barkan Winery LTD, is Israel's second largest winery and produces both Barkan and Segal's extensive wine portfolio. Finally, as of 2011, Tempo distributes the Pernod portfolio of spirits, Israel's largest, with the world famous Absolut vodka, Chivas, Jameson and Ballantine's whiskeys and many others.

The company employs a workforce of about 1,000 employees, and through its national distribution supplies its products directly to about 11,000 customers covering all market segments.


Company: Tempo
Brand: Macabee
Origin: Israel
Category: Flavored Beer
Packaging: 330ml
Alcohol Volume: 1.9%




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Alcohol Spotlight: Hello Kitty Beer Launches in Asia Targeting Women


The fruit-flavored beverages sold in China and Taiwan have half the alcohol content of Budweiser.

Hello Kitty has her own hospital, airliners and cafes, so it was only a matter of time before she got her own brew.

The beloved bow-wearing Sanrio mascot now has a line of fruity beers in Taiwan and China. Brewed by Taiwan Tsing Beer Company, the beverages come in flavors like banana, peach, lemon-lime and passion fruit.

"They're so ridiculously smooth and tasty that one can barely tell they're drinking beer," Beijing-based blogger Eric Jou wrote for Kotaku. "It's almost like drinking fruit juice, even if the cans do say beer."

However, don't be fooled by the cute cans and sweet-tasting drinks — they still contain some alcohol. The alcohol content ranges from 2.3% to 2.8%, which is about half the alcohol content of Budweiser.

Continue Reading @ DailyNews



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Product Spotlight: Bachata Cuban Rum Beer



Bachata is a new rum flavored beer.

Tasting Notes
A hint of orange zest adds a vibrant edge to smooth notes of vanilla and caramel.

​Delicious premium beer with the real spirit of Cuba.


Finest quality lager blended with a dash of golden rum to create an exciting new flavored beer.

Cuban beer is generally brewed in the lager style with plenty of malt.

Rum beer is sometimes made with dark 'navy' rum, but Bachata is blended with light golden rum and a hint of orange zest for a smooth, easy drinking flavor.

Water, malted barley, wheat, barley, hops.


Company: Bachata
Brand: Bachata
Slogan: The Spirit of Cuba
Category: Beer
Origin: UK
Alcohol Volume: 5.3%
Packaging: 330ml
Website: bachatabeer.co.uk








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Product Spotlight: Mike´s Authentic Summer Shandy

Mike´s Hard Lemonade Company has launched an authentic Shandy lager. This new product launch confirms this company is on top of the latest alcoholic beverage trends. Shandy drinks are very popular in the UK and the Insights Media research firm has predicted these type of flavored beer beverages will be the next major trend world wide. A summer shandy is refreshing beverage that traditionally mixes citrus fruits with beer to offer a tasty drink that is normally enjoyed during the summer months. While no company has been able to effectively develop a Germany style Radler beer for the US market these Shandy varieties are the closest thing.

Mike´s has also launched a seasonal Blood Orange flavored drink as well.  Check your local supermarket or convenient stores for these new drinks.

Company: Mike´s Hard Lemonade Company
Brand: Mike´s Authentic Shandy
Slogan: Cold, Hard, Refreshing
Category: Alcoholic Beverages
Origin: USA
Packaging: 11.2 oz bottles (sold in a 6 pack)
Price: $8.99
Alcohol Volume: 4.2%
Claims: Beer with Natural Flavors
Website:  mikeshard.com





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Product Spotlight: Masquerido Flavored Beers

Alan Ramsay Marketing has taken over the distribution and marketing of Masquerido Tequila and Mojito flavoured beers in the UK and Ireland.

This is a first for the food service company.

From the 1st February 2013 both flavours of Masquerido will be available in 8x3x33cl packs, which replace the current 24x33cl outers.

The current RRP is £1.39 per 33cl bottle.

The Mojito flavour, which is a partner to the Tequila version, is the only one on the UK market at the present time and both flavours are at 5% ABV.

As well as a presence on Twitter, Masquerido is offering a chance to win a trip to Mexico by “liking” Masquerido on Facebook.

Full details can be found on the new website www.masquerido.com.

via FDIN



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Tea-infused beer marks a first for Chinese brewing

Inspired by the results of similar partnerships between brewers in the vibrant US craft ale scene, Carl Setzer of Great Leap Brewing in Beijing developed the idea and recipe with Michael Jordan of Boxing Cat Brewery in Shanghai.

The brewing process saw the beer spend five days infusing with Dianhong black tea from China’s southern Yunnan Province. The duo settled on this variety for its strong flavours, capable of showing through the beer flavours to add a distinctive tea note to the finish.

This first collaborative project saw a total of 1,000 litres produced, which is now being served at both breweries.

Speaking to Jing Daily, Setzer explained: “The beer has aspects of both our brewing philosophies and will give fans of craft beer in Shanghai a taste of Great Leap in a setting that is already famous for the best beer in town.”

Although China’s beer scene continues to be dominated by large brands, including its own Tsingtao, the four million visitors expected at this month’s Qingdao Beer Festival shows the growing enthusiasm for this category.

via TDB

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