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100% Raw Coconut Water

100% Raw Coconut Water


The 100% Raw Coconut Water is the original product from Harmless Harvest, a company that prides itself with its ability to create unique, innovative and healthy products while sustainably sourcing ingredients from small, agroforestry ecofarms. The coconut water is pure, raw and USDA certified organic for optimum flavor, texture, fragrance and nutrition.

Analysis and Impact:

Using a "cutting edge," heatless method involving high pressure, there is no need for unnatural and harmful additives while food safety measures are met and shelf life in the refrigerator is increased. 100% Raw Coconut Water allows you to experience the exotic taste of coconut just as if you were drinking straight from the fruit no matter where you live.

As the coconut water is completely unprocessed, some of the bottles have been known to spontaneously turn pink. This occurs when the water is sourced from fruits containing high levels of antioxidants; however, these products do not lack in taste nor quality. Harmless Harvest assures consumers that, unlike pink water found in freshly cracked coconuts that can be fizzy or have a sour taste, these pink bottles are still perfectly fine to drink.

Company: Harmless Harvest.

Brand: 100% Raw Coconut Water.

Spotted in: Chicago, Illinois.

Presentation: 8 oz.

Ingredients: 100% organic coconut water.

Available in: Health food stores.

Claims: Non-heated, organic, innovative idea.

Website: www.harmlessharvest.com

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Artisanal Cider from México: Sidra Sierra Norte

Over the past few years the Cider trend has gained a lot of momentum globally.  One region where this trend has been almost nonexistent is in Latin America.  Traditionally beer has been the drink of choice followed closely by wine in countries like Argentina and Chile.  The beer market is usually dominated by a few major players in each country will relatively little innovation.  Craft breweries while gaining some acceptance are few and far between. Cider is by no means unheard of in Latin America but it is a beverage usually drank during the winter holiday season.  Normally sold in bottles  similar in design to wine or champagne this type of cider is marketed more as a group drink rather than individual consumption.

Sidra Sierra Norte is doing their part to change all of this in México. Located in the northern mountainous area of the state of Puebla from where the compay gets its name this delicious beverage found its origins.  Their cider is preapred from three varieties of apples from local apple producers.  Only the best apples are chosen from after the fall harvest to be converted into the final product which is made up of 85% Rayada Apples, 9% King David and the rest Solarina.

Sidra Sierra is marketing itself as a fresh, hip alternative to beer to be drank on its own or with ice.  Cider is a global trend that shows no sign of slowing down and we expect Sidra Sierra to take off as the trend grows in México.  The design of the product is clean with a green logo that goes well with the apples it´s made with.  With a larger distribution network reaching more consumers their brand will get more exposure and growth will be much quicker.  At the moment Sidra Sierra Norte is sold almost exclusively in and around México City and two locations in Guadalajara.  You can view their full list of where to buy here.

Company: Sidra Sierra Norte

Brand: Sierra Norte

Category: Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol Percentage: 4%

Spotted in: Mexico City

Website: SidraSierraNorte



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Magners Launches a Berry Cider Flavor

The Cider Category shows no signs of slowing down.  Magners has decided to capitalize on the cider craze by launching a berry flavor line to their already well established line of regular cider drinks.

Magners is launching Magners Berry – a mix of natural orchard fruits including strawberries, blackcurrants and raspberries blended with Magners pear cider.

The new variant, which is the first fruit flavoured cider within Magners’ core range, aims to take advantage of the growing flavoured cider segment, which is up
in value sales year on year.

The launch of Magners Berry hopes to benefit from increased interest in the brand created by the ongoing Magners Made In The Dark campaign, which focuses on the importance of darkness to the Magners production process in Clonmel, Ireland.

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Packaging Spotlight: Jaali Bean

The Jaali Bean line makes Indian-inspired recipes accessible to consumers seeking new and unique flavors. The brand name was inspired by the transformative idea behind the Hindi word jaali. The idea that taking something hard – like preparing a homemade Indian meal – and transforming it into something beautiful, flavorful and intriguing is what makes Jaali Bean special. The design goal behind the project was to create a modern and approachable Indian brand.

The packaging graphics are influenced by Indian culture in a sophisticated, yet playful way. The design is approachable and the contemporary color palette is rich in texture and modern appeal, while the lentil and spoon graphics speak to authenticity, flavor and quality.

The structural elements convey the honesty and transparency of the product and ingredients. The jar chosen for Jaali Bean was selected after careful consideration of how a consumer might use the product. It allows for multiple servings in one jar, and the wide opening makes it easy for consumers to spoon product for serving. The lentil kits feature a strategically placed die cut to highlight the beautiful raw spices and reinforces the all-natural, healthy ingredients.

Full Review @ POTW

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Stoli Salted Karamel Vodka

In the past, we have posted about several oddly-flavored vodkas including glazed donut, peanut butter & raspberry jelly, fluffed marshmallow, and peanut butter. Now Stolichnaya has released its Stoli Salted Karamel, a premium vodka that is described as “perfect balance of sweet and savory — golden brown caramel delicately enhanced with salt”.

Full Article @ LS

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Changing tastes: the wandering palate

Our tastes can and do change over time for a variety of reasons. Do you now dislike something you used to love, or vice-versa?

I still don't know why it happened. I used to love white wine, knew of nothing nicer with a piece of fish, thought little more perfect than a misted glass of it in the sunshine. It felt right with certain foods, at certain times of day, in certain moods. I savoured and studied its permutations, regions and styles. I thought we were fixed for life.

And then, over the last few months, something changed in my brain, nose or mouth. White wine slumped from exquisite nectar to slightly qualified pleasure to just about fine to something I didn't seem to want any more. Eventually I could barely touch the stuff.

We know that our appreciation for individual tastes is transient. Air pressure affects the way food tastes on planes. After a big main course, you might have no desire to eat anything savoury but still have space for pudding. Pregnant women often suffer strange cravings and uncomfortable taste changes as well. But in addition to these acute fluctuations, as we age our palates can change forever.

Full Article @ Guardian

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Bacardi Expands Flavored Rum Line With New Flavors, Packaging

Bacardi® has unveiled its two latest advancements in the flavor revolution, Bacardi Wolf Berry and Bacardi Black Razz. The two new rums represent groundbreaking developments in ingredients never before infused with rum—Bacardi Wolf Berry with blueberry and wolfberry, and Bacardi Black Razz with raspberry and black sapote.

Bacardi Wolf Berry and Black RazzThe innovative spirit of Bacardi led it to be the first brand to introduce these unique fruit pairings to the clear flavored spirits market. Bacardi Wolf Berry infuses blueberry and the exotic, sweet and tangy taste of wolfberry, also known as goji berry. The distinct combination creates a vibrant spirit, with a robust aroma and compelling taste. Bacardi Black Razz is raspberry flavored rum with the addition of black sapote, a type of persimmon, boasting a rich, chocolate-like taste that is both refreshing and sweet with a deep and bold flavor profile.

Full Article @ TSR

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360 Vodka Releases ‘Glazed Donut’ Flavor for National Donut Day

National Donut Day today is a day to indulge, and 360 Vodka knows just how to do that — with booze. The eco-friendly vodka brand released the first-ever "Glazed Donut" vodka flavor just in time for the sweet-filled holiday.

360 Vodka is known for its 12 original flavors, including its Double Chocolate flavor. So it's no surprise that the brand has gone for the sweet. "Confectionery flavors are one of the hottest trends in mixology and we're thrilled to introduce this innovative and quintessentially American flavor to our collection of eco-friendly flavored vodkas," Vic Morrison, VP of marketing for 360 Vodka, said
Full Article @ TDM

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Horchata the next chai in global beverage platform

It seems like only yesterday that masala chai, otherwise known as "chai tea" in this part of the world, burst onto the scene and became the chic new drink on restaurant menu boards. Its unique blend of sweet and spicy flavors enchanted beverage drinkers, and after 20-plus years, it has become as ubiquitous in our industry as the café latté or cappuccino.

In some respects, the rise of chai in the U.S. is really quite remarkable. For one, the flavor is robust and often polarizing. Unlike other forms of tea, chai seems to elicit a love-or-hate reaction from chai newbies, which is an unusual attribute for such a popular and successful product. More surprising, the U.S. has only a modest Indian population that would have been remotely familiar with the product beforehand, and consumer acceptance did not come gradually; rather, chai became popular almost overnight, and it has sustained that status even today.

Full Article @ FC

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British Consumers Develop a Taste for Exotic Fruit

Sales of tropical fruit juices are soaring in the UK as Britons develop a taste for more exotic drinks.

According to IRI EPOS data sales of mango juice blends have seen the biggest growth over the last year of any flavour (30%).

The tropical fruit juice market is now estimated to be worth around £140m annually in Britain.

It’s not just exotic fruit juices that are becoming mainstream; last month pineapples were added to the “typical” basket of goods and services used by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to calculate inflation.

Full Article @ FDIN

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