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Sports Spotlight: FitAID Fuel Pouch



Hitting the gym at 6 am and don’t want to scarf down a big breakfast before hand? Always on the go and have a tough time getting a clean, balanced nutrition?

FITAID Fuel is the superior food pouch for busy people just like you. It is made with the highest quality paleo-friendly ingredients you’ve come to expect from LifeAID. Whether in the gym, on a hike or headed to work, FITAID Fuel has THE perfect blend of balanced macros: 12 grams of Grass Fed Whey Protein, 17 grams of Quality Organic Carbs, 2 grams of BCAAs, and 600 mg of Omega 3 EFAs your body demands – all without any artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. Enjoy with an ice cold can of FITAID for complete recovery.



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About the company

As fate would have it, the founders of LifeAID first met in a Box in Santa Cruz, California in 2010. At that time, the Box was called CrossFit® North Santa Cruz which later changed to Maxim and today is, CrossFit® Scotts Valley. Orion was a Certified Financial Planner in town and Aaron was a Chiropractor who happened to work with many of the local athletes. From this meeting, a friendship evolved which later turned into a business partnership. After months of brainstorming and collaboration, the LifeAID vision was conceived.

The two were convinced that there was a genuine need for products that weren’t being met by anything on the market at that time. The two approached Erik, a longtime friend of Orion to join the team as a Creative Director/Graphic designer. It helped that Erik was an avid athlete himself, participating in all the open events. From there, the team approached David, the owner of CrossFit® Maxim and one of the original CrossFit® Kids, about developing a performance and recovery supplement for the sport.

David’s focus throughout the development process was the key functions of elite athletes – cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination and accuracy. Aaron’s background in nutrition and chiropractic care proved instrumental in helping develop the products, and along with a team of beverage scientists and a biochemist, he led the development of the products. FITAID was born in May of 2012.



Company: Life Aid
Brand:  FitAID Fuel Pouch
Slogan:  Supplement Your Lifestyle
Origin: US
Category: Supplement
Packaging: 113g pouch
Claims: Made with paleo-friendly ingredients, contains 12g of Grass Fed Whey Protein.
Variants: View product range here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: US, Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: https://www.lifeaidbevco.com/#&slider1=2



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Drink Spotlight: Paleo Friendly FITAID



What is FITAID? Simple, the cleanest PERFORMANCE & RECOVERY workout drink on the market, with nearly 3grams of supplements in every drink. FITAID is NOT an Energy Drink, has no artificial colors or sweeteners. FITAID is All Natural, contains only 45 calories per can, certified gluten free, Lurong Paleo Challenge approved, is specifically designed for the demanding needs of a active and healthy lifestyle...and you won't believe how good it tastes.



When It Counts

  • Electrolytes - Muscle stamina
  • Quercetin - Performance
  • Green Tea Leaf - Energy
  • Full B Complex - Endurance
  • Raw Organic Blue Agave - Low Glycemic Index
  • Replenishment - AID Your Workout




When You Need It

  • GLUTAMINE & BCAA's- Muscle Recovery
  • OMEGA 3 EFA, CoQ-10- Cardiovascular Support
  • TURMERIC - Anti-inflammatory
  • GLUCOSAMINE - Joint Health
  • VITAMINS C, E - Powerful Antioxidants
  • VITAMIN D - Immune Response





About the Company
LifeAID Beverage Co. is the developer of a new product category we call “synergy.” The young entrepreneurs who founded LifeAID realized that the mainstream mass beverage producers were missing the market move towards health and personalization. LifeAID understands that today’s educated consumer demands more than aging, traditional, often unhealthy beverages are able to deliver. Energy drinks, sports drinks and other so called functional beverages have a “one size fits all” philosophy. Taking a very different approach, each LifeAID synergy blend contains its own custom formulation of vitamins, supplements, herbs and other ingredients uniquely designed to enhance the particular activity for which it is targeted. LifeAID Beverage Co’s first three synergy products are PartyAID, FitAID and GolferAID. Each has its own unique formula and taste, because each was designed for maximum benefit to consumers involved in activities of a very different nature.


Company: LifeAID Beverage Company
Slogan: Supplement Your Lifestyle
Origin: USA
Category: Functional Beverage (Dietary Supplement)
Packaging: 12fl oz can
Claims: Vitamin Enriched, 100% natural, Sweetened with Blue Agave, No Caffeine
Variants: FitAID, GolferAID, PartyAID
Price: $59.75 (24 x 12fl oz)
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website:  fitaid, lifeaidbevco.com








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