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Dairy Spotlight: Yoplait elivaé Fig & Honey



Enjoy the sweet, sophisticated flavour of ripe figs and golden honey in this sumptuous, creamy probiotic yoghurt. Have elivaé enjoy the health benefits of yoghurt - with a blend of probiotic cultures and prebiotic dietary fibre, Yoplait elivaé probiotic yoghurt helps to maintain the balance in your digestive system.  It's never been more delicious to enjoy the benefits of yoghurt!


  • 98% fat free
  • 8 Billion live probiotics per serve
  • Natural prebiotic fibre, colours, flavours & thickeners
  • Carries the NZ Heart Foundation Tick of approval



elivaé Fig & Honey 4 x 125g

Average Quantity
Per 100g
Energy - KJ 358KJ
Energy - Cal 85Cal
Protein, Total 4.3g
-Gluten 0mg
Fat, Total 1.6g
-Saturated Fat 1.2g
Carbohydrates, Total 12.2g
-Sugars 9.8g
 Dietary Fibre  2.3g
Sodium 31mg
Calcium 126mg
 Probiotics ǂ
ǂB. Lactis
 6, 400,000,000 cfu± (min)
± Colony Forming Units^Low GI (Glycemic Index) Foods provide a sustained energy release and helps you feel fuller for longer.
Ingredient list: Milk Solids, Skim Milk, Cream, Sugar, Figs (Min. 3.5%), Prebiotic (Natural Chicory Fibre), Thickener (Corn Starch), Honey (Min. 0.11%), Natural Flavour, Acidity Regulators ( Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate), Live Yoghurt Cultures ( S.Thermophilus, L.Bulgaricus & B.Lactis)



About the company

For almost 50 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to making the best tasting yogurt. Whether sharing Yoplait Original with your grandparents, packing a Go-Gurt in your kid’s lunchbox, or enjoying a decadent Yoplait Light after a long day, we hope our yogurt brings a smile to your face and inspires you to find the SO good in everything around you.



Company: Yoplait
Brand:  elivaé Fig & Honey
Slogan:  Yoplait
Origin:  US
Category:  Yogurt
Packaging:  4x125g
Claims:  98% fat free, 8 billion probiotics per serve
Variants:  View product range here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy:  Worldwide
Website: http://www.yoplait.com/



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