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Chocolate Spotlight: Papa & Barkley Launches the First Fair Trade Certified™ Chocolates on the California Cannabis Market



EUREKA, Calif., Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Papa & Barkley, the leading cannabis wellness company in California, best known for its award-winning topicals and tinctures, today announced the launch of its Releaf Chocolates, a line of delicious, THC-rich premium edibles made with Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients and solventless fresh-pressed rosin. The bars are soy-free, non-GMO, Whole Plant Full Spectrum™, and available in Milk Chocolate and 66% Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt.

Crave Wellness!
The launch of Releaf Chocolates follows that of Releaf Gummies, the healthiest gummies on the California cannabis market, demonstrating the brand's deep commitment to making edibles that are accessible to consumers looking for healthier options, as well as those with dietary restrictions or preferences. "We are excited to expand our offerings of solventless wellness products," says Adam Grossman, Papa & Barkley Founder and Executive Chairman. The brand is expanding its presence in the over $400 million dollar California edibles market. "We're defining a space in the category for cannabis consumables made with better-for-you ingredients and designed specifically for a healthy lifestyle."

A Healthy Cannabis Delicacy.
The brand's new chocolates feature a hint of cannabis flavor, a trademark of President and Chief Product Officer Guy Rocourt who says, "the goal was to create a delicious, high-quality edible that honors the plant by maintaining its integrity and flavor, a component we believe consumers will actively seek out as the industry matures further." Humboldt chocolatier, Jonah Ginsberg brought his 7 years of experience to the Papa & Barkley team to help craft Releaf Chocolates. According to Rocourt, "Papa & Barkley slow-churns its chocolate with fresh-pressed solventless rosin over a 24-hour period under strict temperature control to create a smooth and silky texture". The chocolate's natural antioxidants combine with the therapeutic benefits of cannabis to deliver consistent relief. The chocolates are great for occasional pain, whole body wellness, relaxation, and sleep.

Chocolate with a Conscience
Papa & Barkley values its support for farm partners and prioritizes delivering high-quality, natural products to consumers, making the choice to ethically source Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients an important one. For its Releaf Chocolates, the brand pairs organic cacao with clean cannabis that is sourced from carefully selected farms utilizing sun-grown and regenerative farming practices.

Each of Papa & Barkley's Releaf Chocolate bars contains 100mg of THC, with 5mg of cannabinoids per piece. Each bar retails for $18 and is available online and in leading California dispensaries. To learn more, visit papaandbarkley.com/releaf-chocolate.

Papa & Barkley™ is the #1 California cannabis wellness brand that creates highly effective, natural products that unlock the healing potential of the cannabis plant. All of our products are made using solventless, whole plant infusion processes with sun-grown cannabis and hemp flowers grown in the United States and produced in our licensed, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

Papa & Barkley was inspired by a son's mission to ease his father's debilitating back pain. Today we are committed to caring for loved ones by producing safe, natural, and efficacious products using the whole plant. Our clean, chemical-free products are offered in THC-rich, CBD-rich, and Hemp CBD formulas, to address a variety of needs.

Website: http://www.papaandbarkley.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/papaandbarkley
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/papaandbarkley








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little secrets feat1

Snack Spotlight: Little Secrets Dark Chocolate Peppermint Candies




In a filing cabinet. Under a stack of sweater vests. Next to the trusty snow shovel that has kept your sidewalk looking fresh since 2003.





No artificial ingredients, flavors, or colors. No corn syrup. No diggity, no doubt.

Ingredients: Dark Chocolate (Fair Trade Certified™ Unsweetened Chocolate, Fair Trade Certified™ Sugar, Fair Trade Certified™ Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin [An Emulsifier], Fair Trade Certified™ Natural Vanilla Extract), Sugar, Dried Cane Syrup, Gum Arabic, Coloring (Includes Beet Juice, Beta Carotene, Titanium Dioxide), Peppermint Oil, Natural Flavors, Carnauba Wax, White Mineral Oil.

Allergen: Contains Soy. May also contain Milk, Peanut, Tree Nuts, Wheat.

Fair Trade Certified™ by Fair Trade USA. Over 74% Fair Trade Ingredients.



About the company

We don’t pretend to be good at everything … or even most things. But where we lack in geography bowl trophies we make up for by being really, really good at making candy-coated chocolate.

We’re all about sourcing the best ingredients and creating premium blends without any artificial ingredients, flavors or colors because the words “delicious” and “natural” can and should absolutely go together.

Pretty regular at everything else, but our candy game’s tight. And like any good little secret, sharing is always optional.



Company: Little Secrets
Brand: Dark Chocolate Peppermint Candies
Origin: US
Category: Chocolate
Packaging: 142g
Claims: Nothing artificial, 55% fair trade cocoa.
Variants: View Range Here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: Store Locator
Website: http://sharelittlesecrets.com/





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my chocolate feat1

Sweet Spotlight: Nutster Chocolate Snack



  • GMO free ingredients
  • No preservatives
  • Zero trans fat
  • 98& cholesterol free
  • Natural ingredients
  • Vegetarian friendly
  • Made with real fruit
  • Certified fairtrade chocolate



my chocolate 1a



my chocolate 1b



About the company

We are a family owned and operated company since 1950. we are launching a new chocolate snack Nutster, We are committed to making a product here in America that is special and unique because it combines premium quality Fair Trade chocolate with better for you ingredients. Nutsters are made by us using only natural, non GMO ingredients in our own California factory. We dry roast California almonds and add Greek Yogurt filling with real fruit. We do not use any artificial flavors or colors, no transfats, no preservatives, and no unnecessary or unhealthy ingredients. Nutster snacks means eating healthier without sacrificing taste.



Company: Nutster
Brand: Nutster
Slogan: My Chocolate Snack!
Origin: US
Category: Chocolate
Packaging: 5 piece, 10 piece and 15 piece.
Claims: Fair trade, made with natural ingredients and real fruit.
Variants: View product range here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: US, Store Locator
Website: http://www.mychocolatesnack.com/



nutster 1a



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oakland feat1

Coffee Spotlight: Oakland Organic High-Altitude Andean Whole Bean Blend



Our High Altitude Andean Whole Bean Blend combines organic, fair-trade beans from Peru and Bolivia into a 100% compostable package. As the beans from each source have their own distinct characteristics, we roast them separately for optimal taste. The result is a consistently delicious cup of coffee with smooth chocolate overtones and bold earthy flavors.



About the company

Oakland Coffee Works was born out of the pursuit of making a damn good cup of coffee. But it’s not just about making great coffee, it’s about doing business differently. It’s about uniting our passion for coffee, the environment, and community to make a difference in world. Deciding to follow our passion has lead to ten exciting years’ of experimentation with roasting, innovations in packaging, expert consultations, and rigorous testing as we search for the highest quality cup of sustainably grown organic coffee.

Operating with respect for the environment is built into the fabric not just of our company but into us as individuals. We want to ensure the circle of production is in its healthiest state, because we think there’s always something that can be done to improve the world we share. That’s why we strive to truly innovate and improve our products and practices as Oakland Coffee grows.



Company: Oakland
Brand: Organic High-Altitude Andean Whole Bean Blend
Slogan: Oakland
Origin: US
Category: Coffee
Packaging: 12 oz.
Claims: Organic, fair-trade, 100% compostable package.
Variants: View product range here
Price: $12.99
Where to Buy: US, Buy Online
Website: http://oaklandcoffee.com/



oakland 1



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zico feat4

Drink Spotlight: ZICO 100% Organic Fair Trade Natural



ZICO® 100% Organic Coconut Water is a USDA-certified Organic, Fair Trade, not-from-concentrate coconut water. With nothing added and nothing removed, ZICO 100% Organic coconut water allows you to do good with every sip.

Now available at select retailers in LA, OK, TX, and NY.  Check back for updated information on national availability.




With ZICO Fair Trade organic coconut water you are enjoying the best of nature today, and helping build a better tomorrow for local Philippine farming communities.  With every pack you are supporting fair crop prices, community development projects, and the economic well-being of farmers and producers.

Never sweetened, ZICO® Premium Coconut Water ™ naturally supports hydration with five electrolytes including as much potassium as a banana.  Coconut water is naturally fat, gluten, and cholesterol free, which means when you crack open a delicious ZICO, you’re making a choice that you can feel good about.



zico nutr4




About the company

The story of ZICO Premium Coconut Water ® begins in Central America, where, while volunteering with the Peace Corps, founder Mark Rampolla took notice that the locals regularly drank sweet coconut water for replenishment.

Back in the States, in 2004, Mark left his corporate career to create ZICO Premium Coconut Water, initially selling it out of a van to New York City yoga studios. He couldn't make it quickly enough; customers were hooked on its refreshing taste and hydrating benefits.

The story goes on to Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines, where our suppliers source coconuts from hundreds of local farmers and work directly with coconut plantations - many that have been in families for generations to bring you crisp, delicious ZICO.

Our story continues with you. We're passionate about finding ways to help everyone achieve the balance they need throughout the day, and think ZICO's hydration benefits can be one small step towards that balance, whether you seek them out in your cubicle, at the kitchen table, after a run, or in a moment to yourself.



Company: ZICO
Brand:  100% Organic Fair Trade Natural
Slogan:  ZICO
Origin: US
Category: Coconut Water
Packaging:  16.9 fl oz.
Claims:  USDA organic, not from concentrate coconut water.
Variants: View product range here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: US, Store Locator
Website: http://zico.com/



zico 4




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Food Spotlight: Quinola Mothergrain Express Quinoa



Nutritious and easy, you can prepare a healthy and delicious meal in next to no time! Reheats in a microwave in only 90 seconds for a hot side to replace rice, pasta or spuds. Or you can enjoy it cold. Just pour out pack contents into a bowl and add whatever you have to hand for a filling salad. Add some fruit and raw veg with a dash of lime or open a tin of tuna to mix in. The recipes are endless.

Our Express Quinoa recipes have won numerous awards, including several Great Taste gold stars and overall winner of the Store Cupboard category at the 2015 FreeFrom Awards.



Two Organic Quinoa Mixes.

Pearl & Black Quinoa Mix : not only does the black quinoa add a beautiful and unusual colour to your plate, but its crunchier texture gives the mix an extra kick. Click here to see the nutrition and ingredients panel

Pearl & Red Quinoa Mix : the red quinoa adds a more pronounced nutty flavour to the mix that perfectly accentuates the smooth quinoa taste. Click here to see the nutrition and ingredients panel



quinola 1a



Two Organic Quinoa Recipes.

Spicy Mexican : A meal in its own right, this recipe has a punch to it that hits the spot every time. Not so spicy that it over rides the taste of the ingredients but just enough to wake up the taste buds. Click here to see the nutrition and ingredients panel

Split peas : The split peas add a perfect roundness to the quinoa. The instant  on to a healthy side with veg. And let’s be honest : it’s not every day you eat split peas. Click here to see the nutrition and ingredients panel



quinola 1b



About the company

Quinola was created to bring some super tasty new flavours to your kitchen and make being healthier that little bit easier. By the way it also helps a whole load of Peruvian farmers, several handicapped people in France and the environment generally.

After 17 years as a fund manager in London and Paris, the world economy (quite correctly) decided it needed a few less people in banking (for the record I was never in the vampire squid category).

We decided to invest the redundancy cheque wisely and headed off travelling as a family for the best part of a year. Alice was 9 years old, George 7 and Oscar 3.

Before setting off I decided that a change of direction was needed. That my energy and creativity should be channelled towards helping the poor get richer rather than helping the rich get richer. It was with this is mind that I set off looking for a suitable product that I could start a fairtrade business with.

It was whilst in Peru that we discovered the delights of quinoa. The kids loved its texture and taste, especially relative to the other two local staples of overcooked rice and sun blackened potatoes.

It was only on arriving in Australia that I discovered its ‘superfood’ qualities and the choice of product was sealed.

Altiplans aims to be a deeply ethical company. We not only work directly with the smallholders of Cabana in Peru, but also employ mentally handicapped people to do the packing in France. We also ensure that the product is not only organic, but sustainably so.



Company: Quinola
Brand: Express
Origin: UK
Category: Prepared Meals
Packaging: 250g
Claims: Microwave re-heatable, fair trade, gluten free.organic
Variants: View product range here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: UK, Store Locator
Website: http://quinola.com/






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bramo feat1

Company Spotlight: Bramo Coffee



revolutionizing the way we prepare and think about coffee


Bramo is a handcrafted cold brew coffee concentrate carefully prepared by steeping our personally selected fair trade organic coffee beans in cold water for just the right amount of time to extract all the coffee’s natural flavors.  Our concentrate is packed in a convenient 2-ounce single serve pouch for easy travel and preparation. Bramo’s roast, process and attention to detail creates a concentrate that when simply added to cold or hot water serves up the most astounding cup of coffee.  

Bramo coffee is available in Original, Espresso Roast, Whole Bean Vanilla, and Raw Cacao.



The search for the perfect cup of coffee

Bramo has scoured the US and abroad to experience more hot and cold coffee and espresso beverages then we could have dreamed.  Like many coffee lovers, we also have had countless unfortunate situations where there was simply no good coffee to be found; whether on a plane, in a hotel, on the road, at home or at work. Armed with knowledge, experience and a passion to deliver a high quality organic product, we began to carefully select beans, roasters and build recipes while being conscious of what our bodies consume as well as how things are consumed in today’s lifestyle.

Our patience for perfection drove us to spend countless hours developing our recipes. Our cold brew delivers a coffee that does not taste burnt or acidic that forces people to mask the flavor with cream and sugar.  Although every coffee can be enjoyed with cream, milk or sugar, we want to make our coffee so good you want to drink it black.

Once we mastered our cold brew recipe, we didn’t want to stop at having the best tasting cold brew on the market, but we wanted to provide a product to accommodate today’s lifestyle.  We produced a product that is easy, environmentally conscious and that could be taken anywhere with ease and without sacrificing quality.   We can't imagine a day without amazing coffee.  Bramo created the pouch that is simple as ZIP, RIP and POUR to hold our handcrafted organic cold brew coffee concentrate.



About the company

Bramo supports organic farming and the elimination of pesticides by using only organic ingredients. Our fair trade practices help to support empowering family farmers and workers by enriching the lives of those struggling with poverty.

Our pouches are environmentally conscious.  Stand up pouches have a much smaller environmental footprint than the rigid bottles.  Our pouches mean less and lighter packaging, less fuel used in manufacturing, transportation, and recycling, and less plastic waste in turn lowering our carbon footprint.  Bramo also brings back the tap.  Our coffee concentrate can be mixed with filtered tap water so that no plastic bottles need to be used.



Company: Bramo Coffee
Brand:  Bramo Coffee
Slogan:  Coffee for your lifestyle
Origin: US
Category: Coffee
Packaging:  59ml
Claims:  Handcrafted, fair trade, organic.
Variants: View product range here
Price:  $19.99
Where to Buy: US, Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: http://www.bramocoffee.com/



bramo 1a




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rebbl feat1

Drink Spotlight: Rebbl Maca Mocha




Maca root is the premier Andean adaptogen, traditionally used to enhance vitality, stamina and energy in the harsh, high-altitude central Peruvian plateau. This super-herb is a favorite of elite athletes and anyone motivated to push their bodies to the limit of their potential.




Our singular maca extract is produced through a patented process resulting from years of scientific research, by a world leader in environmental and social responsibility. Every maca root used by REBBL is purchased through a direct relationship with the grower families through a unique fair exchange program.








About the company

REBBL is about a different path. Standing for something. Rewriting the old rules. Looking left when the rest of the world is looking right. It’s about knowing your truth and living with purpose. You deserve to have it, whatever it is. You deserve to feel great at every turn. Be REBBL. Drink different. Never settle.


REBBL’s unique products were developed by two friends. They had often wondered, “Why can’t we buy what we want to drink? Where are the products that are as good as what comes from our own kitchen?” The answer to their own questions was REBBL – Roots Extracts Berries Bark and Leaves.


Every bottle of REBBL is a celebration of the traditional Super-herb wisdoms refined over millennia, that are only now being openly shared, studied and embraced globally. Thousands of years of collective intelligence is captured in every bottle to deliver you pure, potent, delicious good health.


Every REBBL recipe starts with a meticulous process of sorting through hundreds of the world’s super-herb growers, and artisan ingredient producers to identify the key ingredients with the integrity, the story and the efficacy to be called REBBL



Company: Rebbl
Brand:  Maca Mocha
Slogan:  Awaken, De-stress, De-energize
Origin:  US
Category:  Beverage: Energy
Packaging:  354ml
Claims:  USDA Organic, soy free, dairy free
Variants:  View product range here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy:  US, Store Locator
Website: http://www.rebbltonic.com/



rebbl 1




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nuco feat1

Food Spotlight: NUCO Organic Coconut Vinegar








About the company

I grew up in the Philippines, mainly in the area of Metro Manila where the coconut industry is of vital importance to millions of its people. Our family saw poverty and viewed firsthand the struggle of the Filipino coconut farmer. Although we were fortunate to thrive, the desperate and unjust wages coconut farmers were paid, tugged at our hearts. We made it our mission to change and positively alter the economic landscape of the Filipino farmer. As a result, NUCO organic and natural coconut products were born.


It is among the country’s leading export.

• 23% of the Philippine population is somehow directly or indirectly involved in the coconut industry.

• More than 90% of those working in the coconut industry live below the poverty line. Tragically millions of Filipino coconut farmers are trapped in working poverty,considered modern day slaves. They are paid paltry wages, not because their product has so little value, but because the value is added later in the production chain.



Company: NUCO
Brand:  Organic Coconut Vinegar
Slogan:  NUCO
Origin: US
Category:  Condiments
Packaging: 237ml
Claims: Organic, fair trade, rich in Amino Acids, vegan, gluten free
Variants: View product range here
Price:  Coming soon
Where to Buy: US, Store Locator
Website: http://www.nucoconut.com/







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Drink Spotlight: Prospectors Cold Brew



Welcome! We are a Grand Rapids based coffee company serving only the best organic fair trade Cold Brewed Coffees and coffee concentrates for the true coffee lover’s discerning taste.





Original - Like your standard iced coffee but so much better. Simply the best. No sugars, no calories, yet surprisingly sweet and refreshing.

Extra Strength - Would you like to add a shot of espresso to that? If you need an extra Kick to your day then this is what you're looking for.

Almond Milk - The same strength as the original but with a splash of non-gmo almond milk to add a delightful nutty flavor without any extra calories.




Pumpkin Spice

Thoughout the year, we at Prospectors Cold Brew Coffee will be introducing a unique seasonal flavor to our standard line up. This winter season we are serving up Pumpkin Spice Cold Brew Coffee.

This is great right out of the bottle or warmed up (try it with a little rum for a very pleasant evening).



About the company

Coffee is supposed to be simple. This truth led two grade-school friends to create a simple and healthy beverage for the true coffee lover’s discerning taste.

Through Prospectors proprietary cold brew process, organic Fair Trade beans and fresh mint are steeped in filtered water for 16 hours, exciting the bean's natural flavor while eliminating acidity and bitterness.  The result? A crisp, smooth coffee exuding tones of fruit and chocolate – with a slightly smoky, refreshing finish.

Simple roots and a patient process results in this cup of gold.
Enjoy Prospectors on all your journeys!



Company: Prospectors Cold Brew
Brand:  Prospectors Cold Brew
Slogan:  A Swift Kick
Origin: US
Category:  Coffee
Packaging: Coming soon
Claims: Organic, fair trade
Variants: View product range here
Price:  Coming soon
Where to Buy: US, Store Locator
Website: http://www.prospectorscoldbrew.com/



prospect cold brew1


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