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Food Spotlight: 100% Organic Italian On-the-Go EVOO!



SEATTLE, Dec. 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Santa has a favorite new stocking stuffer: Heart-healthy Bellucci 100% Italian and Organic Italian EVOO in fun, single-serving squeeze packs. They make a spectacular holiday splash—one delicious drizzle at a time—for people whose active, health-conscious lifestyles have them eager to find delicious, convenient unprocessed foods. EVOO lovers will enjoy the thrill of being able to season a dish with outstanding EVOO flavor on the fly.

The clever squeeze packs can pop straight from a Christmas stocking into a tote, knapsack, lunch sack, glove compartment, or nearby drawer to give lunches, salads, and meals out a quick, healthy taste-lift.

Like all Bellucci EVOO, On-the-Go is milled cooperatively from olives grown in small family groves and is traceable to its origin in rural Italy using the Bellucci App. Alongside its commitment to traditional cultivation and milling practices, Bellucci makes sure its oils arrive fresh from Italy, when flavor, antioxidants, and polyphenols are at their peak. Since EVOO aroma and health-giving properties subside over time, especially with exposure to air, Bellucci's convenient single-serving packs are a breakthrough in keeping EVOO at its flavorful, nutritional best.

With On-the-Go squeeze packs, there's no better way to keep EVOO fans supplied with fresh-from-harvest flavor and healthy eaters ready to go with rich nutrition. Bellucci in any form makes a great palate-pleasing gift with its fabulous fresh taste of Italy.

Purchase On-the-Go EVOO squeeze packs and other special EVOO gift sets at the Bellucci online store, http://store.belluccipremium.com/en/products. Recipes for scrumptious seasonal cheer await and, for anyone aiming to learn about EVOO and hone their tasting skills, the website holds a great deal more in store.






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