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Drink Spotlight: Evolution Fresh Cold Pressed Organic Green Lemonade



This refreshing twist on lemonade has a smooth finish & SOME of our favorite leafy greens.






About Evolution Fresh

It began over 30 years ago when I picked an orange from a tree in my backyard. Just one handpicked orange, squeezed into pure juice perfection. No processing. No heat pasteurization. From then and there, the chase was on in pursuit of the authentic juice experience. Evolution Fresh pursues that experience every day, that’s why we take the most flavorful fruits and vegetables, cold-press them using high pressure processing, and provide healthy options for every step of the wellness journey.

Health and happiness,

Jimmy Rosenberg,
Evolution Fresh Founder



Company: Evolution Fresh
Brand: Cold Pressed Protein Power Berry
Origin: USA
Category: Juice
Packaging: 15.2 fl oz.
Claims: 27g protein per bottle, made on equipment that processes tree nuts.
Variants: View Range Here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: Store Locator



Organic Green Lemonade


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Dr Pepper releases evolution advertisement,

Yesterday afternoon, Dr Pepper posted an image to Facebook depicting human evolution, and now everyone is yelling at one another. This has been a monumental waste of everyone's time. So let's talk about it.

How to start an inane internet flame war in three easy steps:

1. Be a major company with significant social media exposure. Your product needs to be loved by a large and diverse consumer market.
2. Run an advertisement on your facebook page featuring "controversial" subject matter. Extra points for politically/racially/religiously charged material.
3. Wait for flaming to ensue.

Kraft recently did this by supporting gay marriage (with rainbow Oreos). Chick-Fil-A did something similar by denouncing gay marriage (with sandwiches). Now, Dr Pepper has done it by portraying a can of its soda as a key step in the process of human evolution.

Except it really hasn't.

There's an important distinction separating Dr Pepper from Kraft and Chick-Fil-A: the soda company's tongue is planted so firmly in its cheek here that it's practically poking through the other side. This is not about Dr Pepper pronouncing its pro-evolutionary stance, it's about selling soda with some high-concept ad-design. This shit's not even scientifically accurate, for crying out loud; conflating this ad with a pro-evolutionary agenda is insulting to actual concepts surrounding human evolution.

If that analysis seems obvious to you, congratulations. You are capable of dissecting the subtleties of an ad campaign (which, let's face it, really aren't that subtle) that has thrown a considerable segment of the internet into one of the dumbest shouting matches in recent memory.

Full Article @ i09

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We Evolved To Eat Meat, But How Much Is Too Much?

You won't catch John Durant in a tie. Shoes are optional, too. He has traded cubicle life for something a little wild: Promoting the diet and lifestyle of our ancestors from the paleolithic era. He's blogging and writing a book about his approach.

"For millions of years, we didn't have an obesity problem because we ate foods that our metabolism was adapted to," Durant says — foods such as root vegetables, tubers, fish and, of course, red meat.

"We were active and lived a healthy lifestyle," he says. Durant is one of many folks following the popular meat-laden paleo diet. He packs his freezer with deer meat and has found lots of places near his home in Manhattan to buy marrow bones and organ meats, as well as paleo-friendly barbecue joints for a meal out.

Full Article @ NPR

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Starbucks Begins Quest For Juice Domination

We frequently cover Starbucks for its sense of experimentation and constant evolution of what will keep its retail experience fresh. Starbucks seems to have gone straight for the literal definition of fresh by opening its first juice bar today — branded Evolution Fresh. The company bought Evolution Fresh — which was previously only available in select grocery stores — this past November, but has now invested in the brand’s first retail location in Bellevue, Washington, offering fresh juices, salads, wraps and other items friendly to vegetarian and vegan lifestyles.

Evolution Fresh juices are made via high-pressure processing, which reportedly retains more of the flavor, nutrients and vitamins of raw fruits and vegetables. This is the same process used by Blueprintcleanse and other raw juice offerings often associated with ‘juice detox’ diets. The technique also offers a point of differentiation to behemoth Jamba Juice, which currently ‘owns’ the juice and smoothie retail segment.

We’re curious to see what Starbucks does with this new brand, which is expected to soon be added (in bottled format) to its coffee shops in the near future. Will the juice devotee represent a new customer for Starbucks (driving incremental traffic and acquisition), or simply a new purchase occasion to drive frequency of visitation, or average checkin? What will Evolution Fresh’s retail expansion look like (gyms like Equinox, or stand-alone locations)? We’re definitely curious.


Starbucks Opens Its First Juice Bar 

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