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Drink Spotlight: Celts Berry Re-Aging Functional Drink




Protects against cell degeneration

The active ingredient OPC is able to revive vitamins C, A and E up to 10 times! The strong antioxidant effect of OPC and the special abilities of OPC build up cells and protect them against degeneration (cancer).



Cell, Chromosome, DNA and gene. Cell Structure. The DNA molecule is a double helix. A gene is a length of DNA that codes for a specific protein. Genome Study

Cell, Chromosome, DNA and gene. Cell Structure. The DNA molecule is a double helix. A gene is a length of DNA that codes for a specific protein. Genome Study




Supports cell rejuvenation

OPC overcomes the blood-brain barrier and thus protects the brain cells from ocidation. ( helps against so-called degenerative diseases such as Alzheimers´s, Parkingson´s, MS and demens.)

The properties of OPC help to create new cells. An example are the two High Protein Collagen and Elastin - OPC tightens the skin an makes it elastic.



Strengthens the immune system.

Datasirup was already known in antiquity as a natural antibiotic. Together with Astragalus-membranaceus, CELTS-BERRY re-aging contains a strong potential to support and protect the immune system.






Company: Celts Berry
Brand: Celts Berry
Slogan: Re-Aging Functional Drink
Origin: Austria
Category: Functional Beverages
Packaging:  230ml
Claims: Anti-aging, Organic
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: celts-berry.com







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Dessert Spotlight: MALTESERS Shake ‘n’ Snack



MALTESERS Shake 'n' Snack combines both a milk shake and chocolate treat, with a snack size bag of MALTESERS


Skimmed milk (86%), Galaxy ® Chocolate (5%)(sugar, cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, cocoa mass, lactose, vegetable fat, whey powder, milk fat, emulsifiers: soya lecithin, E476, water, flavouring), sugar, stabilisers: modified tapioca starch, E460, E466, E407, cocoa powder, malt extract, glucose syrup, skimmed milk powder, emulsifier: E471, wheat flour, whey powder. (Heat Treated)






Company: Mars
Brand: Galaxy Cafe
Origin: Europe
Category: Dessert
Packaging: 167ml
Claims: Vegan
Variants: Maltesers, Twix
Price: Coming Soon
Website: marschocolatedrinksandtreats.com

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Europe Trend Report: Sports & Energy Drinks

The Insights Media research team has put together their annual report for Sports and Energy Drinks in Europe.  In the report we researched the Sports and Energy Drinks category in over 20 different countries during the past 12 months. Based on our findings our analysts identified a number of global and regional trends that we discuss in detail.

The full report available for purchase contains:

  • 75 Pages of in depth Analysis
  • Regional summary of Sports and Energy Drinks in Europe over the past 12 months
  • Key Market Summary
  • Trends Analysis including Flavors, Claims, Packaging, Pricing,  Advertising and Social Media
  • 100 Detailed Examples of Innovative Sports and Energy Drink Products from over 20 countries
  • Opportunities Analysis where we tell you What´s Next


Why You Need This Report

  • With over 300 Product Examples from around the world we give your new product development team a global overview of this category so you can create the best new products possible
  • There is no report on the market that offers this much in depth analysis
  • Understand what are the hottest trends in packaging so you don´t get left behind
  • Get ideas for new and exciting flavors from recently launched products
  • Find out which claims are on the rise and how you can use that information to make a more successful product
  • Natural vs Artificial: We tell you where these trends are headed
  • Do you know which ingredients will have breakout years in 2013?
  • Want to know more about non GMO products, how about Juiced Energy Drinks?
  • We tell you what´s next so you can create an effective short and long term strategy
  • Understanding what happened over the past 12 months will give you a good idea of where this category is headed and how you can compete better
  • If you already sell a product or are thinking about entering the Sports and Energy Drink category this report will be your best resource moving forward.

Contact Us To Inquiry About This Report – reports@insights-media.com

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Packaging Spotlight: Veltins Alcohol Free Beverage


Veltins of Germany recently launched Fassbrausean, an alcohol free fizzy beer beverage.  Non alcoholic beers are on the rise worldwide and Veltins is looking to diversify their product offering to reach new segments of the consumer market.

The design for this new fizzy beer (with lemon or elder berry flavoring)  product is very fresh and reflects the flavors of the product.

The search for an innovative approach to an alcohol-free beverage that is based on brewed beer turned up 'Fassbrause', a non-alcoholic brewery product that was already popular 100 years ago, mainly in Berlin.

The task facing the brand developers was to introduce this traditional beverage to a new, broad target group, and to express the highly refreshing, low calorie character of this product in the style and tonality that is typical for Veltins.

Analysis & Impact

Beer sales have fallen in Germany and companies have been forced to look for innovative solutions to gain sales in other markets such as non alcoholic drinks.  By resurrecting a previously popular traditional beverage (Fassbrausean) Veltins has sparked nostalgia while at the same time their design gives the product a modern touch.  We have seen other companies around the world look to old recipes or traditional drinks to boost sales.

Non alcoholic drinks  have become very popular and with the decline of beer sales and consumption in Germany Veltins is looking to reach a larger segement of the market through this new launch.  Only time will tell how successful this new launch will be however given current alcoholic an non alcoholic drink trends we see a lot of potential for this type of product.


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images via TDL

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Barbecues Are Trendy in Europe

Since March, Londoner John Labate has been on a culinary mission to cook the perfect ribs. On the weekends, the 38-year-old advertising executive dons his chef's cap, fires up his £900 Green Mountain Grill "Daniel Boone" pellet smoker, sits back with a beer and then just waits and waits. His beef brisket and his pulled pork marinated in chipotle, paprika, garlic and onion rub is something of a hit with his friends. But the holy grail of proper American barbecue remains ribs, and he is still trying to get those just right.

"I had been to a restaurant in London where they slow cook all their meats in a smoker," says Mr. Labate, "and after tasting the food there, I wanted to elevate my normal backyard barbecue to something different."

As the deep-rooted U.S. tradition makes its way across the Atlantic, "smoked" is becoming the buzzword on fashionable menus and the grills more accessible to Europeans.

Having learned the method of slow cooking on a wooden grill over indirect heat from their Caribbean neighbors, Americans made it part of community life around the 17th century, says Steven Raichlen, author of "The Barbecue Bible" and host of TV program "Primal Grill." From here, the Southern tradition of barbecue began with huge open pits and through-the-night smokehouses that left meat so tender it could be pulled apart. "The second thing that happened," explains Mr. Raichlen, "was the emancipation of slaves. The people who used to make the barbecues for the rich, white plantation owners suddenly started having to earn a living, so started the first commercial barbecue joints." Finally, Henry Ford's production of charcoal briquettes, along with the advent of the charcoal grill in the 1950s, allowed people to do it easily at home.

Full Article @ WSJ

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New Website Forecasts Future Color Trends in Fashion


Is it possible to forecast the next hot color trends? Pimkie Color Forecast thinks so; it shows you in real time what people are wearing in Europe’s fashion capitals.

High definition cameras were installed in the fashion capitals of Europe (Milan, Paris, Antwerp) and then connected to computers with color tracking software developed by Pedro Cruz. The software analyzes the passing colors and shows in real time which colors are worn most often, then the colors are compiled into an infographic to see how trends evolve

FullArticle @ LFW

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