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Company Spotlight: Belles Organics The Georgia Belle Cocktail


Everyone loves a sweet Georgia Peach, so Belles created a delightfully smooth cocktail with a jazzy kick! Using our Organic Peaches ‘n’ Cream, Organic Whole Wheat Vodka, and an exciting pop of Vanilla, this lovely brunch favorite is perfect for both elegant social gatherings or casual afternoon picnics. Miss Georgia Belle is a sultry lady that, when introduced to a little champagne, makes for an amazing Peach Bellini. Grab your bottle today and head to the races!



Georgia Belle Introduction from Belles Organics on Vimeo.




About the Company
One day in the summer of 2011, husband-and-wife team Daniel and Jessica Flores arrived to a lake party near their North Georgia mountain farm armed all of the ingredients - unsqueezed organic fruit, agave nectar, and fresh local moonshine - needed to make outstanding cocktails for the weekend. All of their preparation, however, caused them to arrive two hours late, and upon arriving they were encouraged by friends to simply “grab whatever’s in the cooler” and jump in the lake. Dismayed by how quickly their friends were willing to sacrifice quality for convenience, Daniel and Jessica set out to create a product that didn’t compromise one for the other, and shortly thereafter Belles Organics was born.

Belles Organics are organic, ready-to drink cocktails that come in eco-friendly packaging inspiring you to “find your inner belle”.




Company: Belles Organics
Brand: Belles Organics
Slogan: Premium Craft Organic Cocktails
Origin: USA
Category: Ready to Drink Cocktails
Packaging: 1 liter
Alcohol Volume: 7.51% ALC by VOL | 15.02 PROOF
Claims: Organic
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $19.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: bellesorganics.com








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Water Spotlight: Aquapax Natural Mineral Water


At Just Drinking Water we produce Aquapax, one of the purest natural mineral waters on the planet. It’s packaged inside a beautiful 500ml carton that’s mostly made of wood, a natural and renewable resource.


Aquapax natural still mineral water tastes amazingly fresh and pure, just as natural water should and won the 2008 QATRAH award as Best Bottled Water in the world. With a near perfect 7.1pH balance, it is low in minerals (that’s a good thing) and ultra low in nitrates, making it even suitable for infants. Try it and taste for yourself.


Full Mineral Analysis mg/l (a milligram per litre equates to a single part per million parts.)
Bicarbonate (HCO3) 145
Calcium (Ca) 58,7
Magnesium (Mg) 6,3
Chloride (Cl) 13,6
Sodium (Na) 6,5
Sulphate (SO4) 48
Potassium (K) 1,0
Nitrate (NO3) <0,3
Nitrite (NO2) <0,005
Manganese (Mn) <0.002
Uranium (U) not provable (in other words none)


AQUAPAX TDS at 180 C = just 275mg/l (Method: DIN 38409-1-1)
NB. Natural mineral water is the most sought after of all water due to its stable composition & natural mineral qualities; it has to be pure and traditionally contain a minimum TDS level of 250ppm to be classified as natural mineral water.


Aquapax is the first water packaged in cardboard on the French market. Its packaging is made ​​of 75% recycled material, recycled, renewable and renewed: wood certified by the Forest Northern Europe. Aquapax is actively involved in the collection and sorting of waste.

The Aquapax package developed by Tetra Pak protects water from the impact of air, the sun, and any possible external aggression. Aquapax Mineral water is thus constantly pure and fresh.



Company: Just Drinking Water
Brand: Aquapax
Category:  Water
Origin: France
Packaging: 500ml carton
Claims: Eco Friendly Packaging
Price: £20.40 (Pack of 24)
Where to Buy: Buy Online, UK Stockists
Website: justdrinkingwater.com






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Product Spotlight: BlackStar Cold Pressed Coffee


This is iced coffee but not as you know it. Made directly from freshly roasted and ground coffee this is liquid gold in a brown glass bottle. Serve chilled. You won't regret it.

Blackstar Cold Pressed coffee (CPC) takes the flavour of our roasted coffees and unexpectedly transports them to the world of iced ca!eine. Inspired by long Brisbane summer days, we've developed a range of CPC's. They are - Full Creamy, Soy Deluxe and Total Black.

Thirst quenching, great with food, a serious alternative for when you need ca!eine but its just too hot to sit down to a Latte. With 60% less caffeine than other extraction methods - you can drink at night without concern. Blackstar CPC is sustainably packaged, hand bottled and is made from fair trade and organic ingredients

What exactly is CPC you may be wondering? Firstly, we batch roast the single origin coffees required for the CPC blend. Then we grind and immediately soak these grounds in large brewing vats. Overnight the coffee solids seep slowly into the water. Mysteriously this cold infusion method transfers only the best natural flavours from the coffee, leaving behind the bitter and astringent elements.

Next, we "press/squeeze" the ground coffee using massive muslin sacks hand stitched by our mums. Once separated, the used grounds are then distributed to several of our neighbours for their backyard composting programs. Before bottling we add a touch of vanilla, just the right amount of mexican agave, maleny dairy milk or soy and there it is. A fully natural, artificial-free, preservative-free, fairtrade organic, fresh roasted cold coffee experience. Damn this is good sh*%! Taste it, we made it made for you.


Company: BlackStar Coffee
Brand:  BlackStar
Category: Coffee
Origin: Australia
Packaging:  Bottle
Claims: Eco Friendly Packaging
Website: blackstarcoffee.com.au



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Product Spotlight: Vegesentials Celery, Apple and Kale Juice

Celery, apple and kale juice in a 250ml PET bottle.

Product Features:
The fresh generation. 50% fresh vegetable and 50% fresh fruit. Natural source of vitamins A and C , potassium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and calcium. Enliven your body with nutrient rich vegetables and nature’s best fruits, carefully selected from different color families to give you the best of both worlds. 100% fresh wholesome fruits and vegetables are crushed and squeezed just before bottling. No pre-packed purees, extracts, additives, powders or concentrate, juice fresh wholesome fruit and vegetables. All the drinks retain their natural goodness because they are pasteurized cold using high pressure processing (HPP). Shows Pascalisation symbol. This bottle provides your with 1 of your 5 a day portions of fruit and vegetables. 100% fresh ingredients. Comes in a recyclable packaging. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Ingredients: Celery 40%, apple 40%, kale 10%, kiwi 10%.

About Vegesentials:

What seemed like an ordinary routine visit to my local GP was the pivotal moment in my life when I heard the words, “You will have to be scanned for a brain tumour”. This was during my years as a full-time Mum and as any mother would appreciate, I found these words quite hard to take in. On my way home, I decided that the first step to improving my health would be to radically change my dietary lifestyle by including fresh nutrient rich vegetables such as kale, spinach, beetroot, carrots, parsnips, and fruit. The real challenge would be finding a delicious and convenient way to make this consumption a sustainable lifestyle. There were no raw fruit and vegetable drinks available on any supermarket shelf, so I knew she would have to make it myself. It was then that the idea of creating a nutritious delicious drink that was at least half fruit and half vegetables sprang to mind. I returned home with the ingredients and got juicing!

Company: Vegesentials Ltd
Brand: Vegesentials
Slogan: The Fresh Generation
Category: Juice
Origin: UK
Packaging: 250ml PET bottle
Claims: Vegan, 100% Fresh ingredients, Eco Friendly Packaging, 100% Not from Concentrate, No Additives/Preservatives
Varieties: Celery Apple & Kale, , Beetroot Banana Carrot, Beetroot Kiwi Carrot, Carrot Mango & Parsnip, Beetroot Pomegranate & Carrot,
Website: vegesentials.co.uk

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Product Spotlight: Orgain Ready to Drink Nutritional Shake




Orgain was founded in 2008, with the expressed vision of becoming the healthiest beverage company in the world. Dr Abraham has also stated that, “When you drink Orgain, you gain health, energy and life.”

Orgain is a ready-to-drink 11-ounce shake made entirely from certified organic ingredients which can be stored for up to a year without refrigeration. It has 255 calories in a 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein (16 grams worth), along with 24 vitamins and minerals, heart-healthy fiber, and the antioxidant equivalent of 10 servings of fruits and vegetables.  They are gluten-free, caffeine-free, and contain absolutely no preservatives, corn syrup, saturated fat, antibiotics or hormones.  It comes in a completely recyclable package, so you can be eco-friendly after you’re finished.

Orgain has also launched a line or ready to drink shakes for kids as well offering three delicious flavors.




Company: Orgain
Brand: Orgain
Slogan: Gain Health, Gain Energy, Gain Life
Category: Functional Beverages
Origin: USA
Packaging: 11 fl oz (330ml)
Claims: Organic, High Protein, Eco Friendly Packaging
Varieties: Iced Café Mocha, Creamy Chocolate Fudge, Sweet Vanilla Bean, Healthy Kids (Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla)
Website: orgain.com







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Eco-friendly packaging influences shopping decisions, study says

More U.S. shoppers are interested in choosing eco-friendly packaging, but they're confused about which types are best for the environment, according to a study on packaging and the environment released Monday.

The study from the New Jersey marketing firm Perception Research Services reports that 36% of shoppers in 2011 were likely to choose environmentally friendly packaging, a 29% increase over 2010. Half of the shoppers polled said they were willing to pay more for such packaging. One-third of the shoppers said they bought more of a product if its package was labeled "recyclable" or "made from recycled material," and a quarter of the shoppers said they have switched brands for more eco-friendly packaging.

One in five shoppers said packaging didn't include enough environmental information and provided confusing claims, the study found. Many respondents said they didn't know which packaging was best for the environment.

Packaging had the biggest effect on buying behavior if it was labeled "recyclable," "made from recycled materials" or "easier to recycle," or if it was marked with a recycling symbol. Packaging that said it used less material did not have as large an impact on shoppers' decisions.

Consumers were more likely than previously to check if the packaging could be recycled before buying a product. From 2008 to 2010, just 17% of consumers checked to see if packaging could be recycled; by 2011, that number had risen to 23%.

"We're seeing a great opportunity for manufacturers to provide truly value-added packaging to their target shoppers by making it more environmentally friendly," said Jonathan Asher, Perception Research Services' executive vice president. He said manufacturers that label smaller, thinner packaging as eco-friendly when the intention is merely to disguise cost reductions only tests shoppers' goodwill.

Perception Research Services, whose clients include consumer products manufacturers such as Hewlett Packard and Johnson & Johnson, has been conducting studies on consumer attitudes about packaging and the environment since 2007. One thousand consumers from across the country were surveyed for the 2011 study on packaging and the environment.


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