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Juice Spotlight: Nature Rain



Nature Rain drinks are thick juices packed with fruit and sweetened with agave honey. They are available in six varieties: mango (35 percent fruit), strawberry-mango (40 percent), blackberry-raspberry (48 percent), cranberry (25 percent), cranberry-mango (40 percent), strawberry (50 percent), and limited edition passionfruit (14 percent). All the juices are a source of antioxidants and prebiotics.



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About the Company
Nature Rain is a company based in Guadalajara, Mexico, which produces 100 percent natural juices. All their products are free from artificial additives to allow consumers to receive the full benefits of the fruits. The company recommends their juices to diabetics and those on a strict diet.




Company: Nature Rain
Brand: Nature Rain
Origin: Mexico
Category: Juice
Packaging: 430ml bottle
Claims: 100 percent natural; free from sugar and other additives
Variants: 240ml bottles of passionfruit and strawberry-mango
Price: $29.90 MXN
Where to Buy: Supermarkets
Website: www.naturerain.mx




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Dairy Spotlight: Santa Clara Cappuccino Milk



Lechita (meaning little milk) from Santa Clara is a small carton of ice cream-flavored milk for kids. However, this product line has a difference — along with the three regular flavors of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, Lechita also comes in capucchino [sic] flavor, once again reflecting the Mexican love of coffee.

Lechita is made from reduced fat milk and contains vitamins A, D3, B1, B6, and B12, calcium, iron, zinc, and folic acid to promote healthy growth in children.



About the Company
Santa Clara was founded in 1924 in Pachuca, the capital city of Hidalgo, beginning as a milk delivery business for homes in the area. The company expanded its line to the ice creams it is known for today in 1985, and the first store opened the following year. In 1988, Santa Clara further extended its line of products to yogurts and cheeses, and today produces a wide range of dairy products.



Company: Santa Clara
Brand: Santa Clara
Origin: Mexico
Category: Milk
Packaging: 200ml carton
Claims: Rich in vitamins that promote healthy growth in kids
Variants: Chocolate, strawberry, lactose-free vanilla
Price: $7.00 MXN
Where to Buy: Santa Clara and some supermarkets
Website: www.santaclara.com.mx








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Beer spotlight: The Return of Carta Blanca and Superior



Carta Blanca and Superior are making a comeback after several years of being unavailable in Mexico City. These two popular Mexican beers were previously available only in a few states but are now, once again, being sold across the country and on sale for a lower price than most mainstream beers.


Carta Blanca is a gold beer with 4.5 percent alcohol. It was first created by Cuauhtémoc Breweries in Monterrey, Nuevo León, in 1890. The beer won prizes a number of festivals around the world including in Madrid, Brussels, Paris, Munich, and Rio de Janeiro.


Superior hails from Orizaba, Veracruz. Cuauhtémoc Breweries brought Superior Rubia, a blonde beer, to market in 1902 and Heineken México launched Superior Negra, an amber version, 110 years later in central and southern Mexico.




About the Company
Heineken México produces the majority of commercial Mexican beers including Dos Equis, Bohemia, Tecate, Indio, Sol, and Noche Buena (only available over the Christmas season).


Company: Heineken México
Brand: Carta Blanca and Superior
Slogan: The blonde that everyone wants (Superior Rubia)
Origin: Mexico
Category: Beer
Packaging: 335ml bottle
Price: $9.90 MXN
Where to Buy: Various stores
Website: www.cuamoc.com









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Drink Spotlight: Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffee


Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffee is more than just a bizarre name. It is a coffee concentrate that requires no brewing and can be mixed with both hot and cold water as well as milk. The product is brewed over 18-24 hour periods using filtered water and ground beans, resulting in a “smooth, rich coffee flavor”.


If you haven’t already bypassed this post to get to the product page, this stuff is available in two or three-bottle packs; each of which can make between 4-7 drinks, depending on the size and strength. It may also be the “secret” pick-me-up squirrels need for their busy days battling bird feeders.

Who are you guys?
The regular people with a passion for coffee, coffee culture, and creative expression


Where did the name come from?
Growing up in Washington DC area a secret squirrel among our friends was the same as an "inside scoop" - knowing a shortcut around traffic, or the hideaway parking spot, or the unknown electrical outlet in the coffee shop. It only seemed fitting for this centuries old method for brewing coffee that few people know about be a Secret Squirrel for brewing coffee.

The other inspiration for the name is that the reason that squirrels are so fast and jittery is that they are secretly drinking coffee.


How many servings in a bottle?
A 16oz bottle of cold brew coffee concentrate makes 6-7 8oz drinks or 4-5 12oz drinks. Really depends on how you like it - strong to mild.


How long does it last?
The the cold brew process locks in the flavor of beans very well. Taste wise It'll keep for 8-10 weeks in the fridge.

When you get your bottle put in the frig to be sure it stays fresh for as long as possible



Company: Secret Squirrel
Brand: Secret Squirrel
Origin: USA
Category: Coffee
Packaging: 16oz bottle
Claims: Cold Brew
Price: $20.00 (2 x 16oz)
Where to buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: secretsquirrelcoldbrew.com










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Product Review: Mansanisima, 100% Natural Apple Juice from Mexico


México is a country full of fresh fruits and vegetables and we are starting to see more natural product launches as a result.  Grupo La Norteñita is one of the largest producers of apples and apple derived products in Latin America.  While Organic products are still a very niche market in México the number of new product launches in this category continues to grow.  Health and obesity issues are driving this trend and with a strong agricultural industry there is a tremendous opportunity for local producers to make an impact.


Mansanisima is an all natural product made 100% from apples.  There is no added sugar and the product is being market as 100 % natural.  The ingredients on the bottle are listed as Apple and nothing else. The packaging design is very green and in our opinion a bit cluttered.  A cleaner look might help the product differentiate itself on the shelves. Other products from Grupo La Norteñita include different sized presentations of Apple Juice, Fresh Apples and Dips.


Mansanisima juice is made by the following process:
Washing (of apples)

These products are USDA certified Organic.


Analysis and Impact:
Natural Fruit and Vegetable products capitalizing on the all natural trend will continue to grow in México.  The industry is still very niche however there is a lot of opportunity for this category especially marketing products to children where obesity issues are the strongest.  Smaller presentations and diversified product offerings will help companies like Grupo La Norteñita gain acceptance main stream.



Company: Grupo La Norteñita
Brand: Mansanisima
Category: Juices, Fruit Juices
Spotted in: Superama:  Guadalajara, México
Presentation: 350 ml
Price: $18.90 Mexican Pesos
Available in: Supermarkets
Claims: Organic, All Natural, 100% Natural, No Added Sugar
Website: www.grupolanortenita.com

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Packaging Spotlight: ¡Cho! The Drinking Gazpacho


Designed by Blast | Country: United Kingdom

“¡Cho! is a completely unique range of on-the-go drinking Gazpacho recently launched to the UK market. Created by English entrepreneurs and a Michelin starred Spanish chef ¡Cho! is made from organic fruit and vegetables sourced and bottled in Andalucia.

¡Cho! needed to be positioned as a completely different product, and in doing so create its own place in the market. It required a brand identity that communicated a uniquely daring and different gourmet product with real provenance and exquisite taste.”

Gazpacho Andaluz has been a Spanish classic since time began and now we’ve re-invented it as an on-the-go snack just for you. Organic tomatoes, red and green peppers, blended with Sierra Nevada spring water, plus extra virgin olive oil and a hint of garlic sets you up like a proper Hombre!

Clasico Cho! should be served chilled and enjoyed straight from the bottle, preferably whilst listening to the theme tune from The Good the Bad and the Ugly. It’s a thirst quenching joy after a long day in the desert rounding up the bad guys

Company: La Chispa Ltd
Brand: ¡Cho!
Slogan: The Drinking Gazpacho
Category: Drinks (These guys are creating a new drink category)
Origin: UK
Claims: Contains Gluten, Organic
Packaging: 12 bottles per case
Varieties: Tomato & Peppers, Almond & Raspberry, Beetroot & Apple, Tomato & Strawberry
Price: £23.76 (12 bottles)
Website: chogazpacho.com





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Virgin America to Let Travelers to Send Each Other Drinks

Here's a novel way to be kind of creepy. Now in addition to head-shaped ice cubes,Virgin America is offering a "Seat-to-Seat Delivery" feature to aid passengers in their efforts to flirt with—or completely freak out— fellow travelers. CNN reports that the program allows passengers to send drinks, snacks, and meals to other passengers using the in-flight entertainment system. In a strange mirror of the bar scene, amorous passengers simply locate their flirtation target on a digital map of the plane, select what to send to them, and add a message. Unlike being at a bar, however, unimpressed parties can't leave if the drinks or people suck. Not yet available on all flights, the new service gives a whole new meaning to buying someone a drink.

To help introduce the new in-flight flirtation device, Virgin owner and mega-rich person Sir Richard Branson posted an instructional video on YouTube called Sir Richard Branson's Guide To Getting Lucky. In the video, Branson explains how the new system is a convenient and cost effective way for passengers to try to get some while flying. "I'm not a betting man," Branson says, "but I'd say your chance of deplaning with a plus-one are at least 50%." Watch and learn.

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Product Spotlight: AhhMIGO Drinks




Drawing on an increasingly visible packaging format and the wave of demand for new health and wellness drinks, AhhMIGO is a new line of cap-activated natural drinks. The New York City-based company boasts of a proprietary cap that keeps the brand’s “life-enhancing ingredients” fresh until mixed with water.

The brand comes in three varieties: Greens, a blend of 64 fruit, vegetable, and botanical ingredients;  Chia, which contains whole, raw chia seeds; and Camu, a blend of dried berries, extracts, and a hint of maple sugar. Each product contains no filters, artificial sweeteners, coloring, or flavoring.


AhhMIGO’s cap, which the company calls the “Bop Chamber,” took two years to develop, according to Kimberly McConnell, the marketing manager for the company. When pressed, the cap’s internal piercing mechanism tears a foil layer at its base and dispenses two grams of raw, dehydrated, and freeze-dried ingredients into a bottle of naturally sourced spring water. While the product has a shelf life of up to two years, once the dry mix is blended with water, the beverage, which contains no preservatives, must be consumed within 24 hours.

Twist and remove the clear cap, bop down the colored button. This releases the ingredients into naturally balanced spring water. Shake the bottle vigorously. Remove the gold cap, insert the straw into the glass bottle. ENJOY!



Their Story:

Drinking greens is the epitome of life. We gave GREENS to our former team members at a children’s wear company, and to our family and friends…literally 100’s of jars. We also gave our family and friends CHIA seeds. Very, very few ventured to open their jars. So, we decided to make it easy for our family, friends and ourselves. This is for all of you.




Company: AhhMIGO
Brand: AhhMIGO
Slogan: Health Made Easy
Category:  Flavored Water
Origin: USA
Packaging: 11.5fl oz
Claims: no filters, artificial sweeteners, coloring, or flavoring.
Varieties: Greens, Chia, Camu
Website: ahhmigo.com








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Product Spotlight: Emma and Tom´s Whole Fruit Smoothies

Emma & Tom’s is a proudly Australian owned business that was founded in 2004 by childhood friends Emma Welsh and Tom Griffith.

Emma & Tom’s brand philosophy, Look After Yourself, runs throughout the business, as we are committed to helping ourselves and all Australians to look after themselves by offering nutritious minimally processed whole fruit products that are good for you… and taste great too!

Emma & Tom’s whole fruit smoothies use whole fruits so all of the fleshy goodness goes into the bottle. Each bottle of Emma & Tom’s provides about 15% of your daily fibre requirement and at least 2 portions of whole fruit – juice, flesh and all. Unlike many long life fruit juices on the Australian market, our whole fruit smoothies are flash pasteurised and cold filled, so the fruit flavour and goodness is retained and the juice is as close to the original fruit as is possible The juices are free from preservatives, concentrates, added sugar, artificial flavours and colours – yes the juice is naturally that bright!

Today, Emma & Tom’s juices are Australia’s leading whole fruit smoothies with functional botanicals like spirulina, rosehip, Siberian ginseng, kelp and chorella.

Reading through the list of benefits of each juice really brings testament to the fact that each of our whole fruit smoothies is like a little nutritionist in a bottle

Company: Emma and Tom´s
Brand: Emma and Tom´s Life Juice
Slogan: Look after yourself
Category:  Smoothies
Origin: Australia
Packaging: 350ml
Claims: Free from preservatives, concentrates, added sugar, artificial flavours and colours
Varieties: Coconut Water, Green Power, Carrot Top, Cloudy Apple, Karmarama, Go-Fusion, Extreme C, Radical Action, Straight OJ
Website: emmaandtoms.com




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Drink Spotlight: Honest Tea Splash



Honest Tea is excited to welcome some new members to the Honest family. An evolution of our Honest Kids pouches, Honest Splash is a great fit for older kids, or kids on the go, who need the convenience of a larger, re-closable container while still meeting the needs of parents who want to provide lower-sugar beverages.

Honest Splash is available individually or as 6-bottle multipacks in 3 delicious varieties – Berry Good Lemonade, Goodness Grapeness, and Super Fruit Punch.



Company: Honest Tea
Brand: Splash
Category:  Juice
Origin: USA
Packaging: 12fl oz
Claims: Low Sugar
Varieties: Berry Good Lemonade, Goodness Grapeness, and Super Fruit Punch.






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