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Product Spotlight: Tenwow Spicy Dried Pork Snacks


Tenwow from Hong Kong has launched a spicy dried pork snack.


Pork, sugar, egg, soy protein, salt, soy sauce, wine, monosodium glutamate, spices, pepper powder, food additives (Glycerol, sodium acetate, sodium D-isoascorbate, monascus, nisin).
Company: Tenwow
Brand: Tenwow
Category: Meat Snacks
Origin: Hong Kong
Packaging: 60g bag
Website: tenwowfood.com








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Perky Jerky: Guarana Infused Beef Jerky

Ok so you gotta love caffeinated meat products. Probably the most creative idea for an energy product. I’m thinking Ted Nugent would be all over this stuff. He surely has to be hopped up on something and that man loves his meat. Really though I think Jerky with energy is a great idea. Lets see if Perky Jerky delivers though.

Packaging: Top shelf job here. Not just your usual plastic bag. They went with a nice foil type pack to keep if fresh and give it a good shelf life. On the front the Perky jerky logo which looks like an evil steer in orange against the black is very nice and gives it an aggressive serious look.  I do think it would be wise to mention it is caffeinated on the front though. It does say it is “invigorating” and it mentions it has Guarana but putting caffeine on the front would probably grab your average consumer’s attention more. I also happen to agree with Caffeine Examiner that they need to make the bag resealable by maybe adding a Ziploc feature. Still a great job though. Grade A- (I just learned that the USDA won't allow caffeine or energy to be printed on the package)

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