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Drink Spotlight: Sol-ti Dragon Oolong Coldbrew Tea



Ready for a bold, yet smooth well-rounded cold brew tea? Our Dragon Oolong is simple and clean using pure reverse osmosis water and hand selected organic Chinese Black Dragon Oolong Tea. With the highest amount of caffeine in our Tea Line and no added sweetener, this deep rich brew is sure to keep you energized.

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Reverse Osmosis Purified Water
Pure, Clean Water, Chlorine & Fluoride Free, No Metals or Chemicals

Black Dragon Tea
Fat Burner, Sustainable Energy

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About Sol-ti

Sol-ti introduced the first glass bottled, light filtered and cold crafted organic beverages on the market. Fostered from the belief that finding fresh and natural beverages should be easy, our company is built on a passion for healthy living and sustainability. We use only the highest quality organic produce, superfoods and herbs - locally grown (when possible) and non-GMO. As a company, we are focused on triple bottom line: in addition to profit, we measure success by how we positively transform our community and planet.

Each beverage is an alchemy of fresh, organic ingredients with very real benefits for your well-being: energy, positivity and health.




Company: Sol-ti
Brand: Sol-ti
Origin: USA
Category: Tea
Packaging: 15.5 fl oz (458 ml)
Claims: Hand Selected. Organic. Raw. Vegan. Non-GMO
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $35 per case of 6 bottles
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