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Distribution Spotlight: Q Drinks Launches Q Ginger Beer Nationwide


Brooklyn-Based Maker of Spectacular Sodas Introduces a Spicy, More Carbonated, Less Sweet Ginger Beer

BROOKLYN, NY (January 28, 2015) The carbonated crusaders behind Q Tonic, Q Ginger and Q Club announce the nationwide release of its spectacular ginger beer: Q Ginger Beer.

Crafted to fill a void in the rapidly growing premium craft mixer market, Q Ginger Beer is the perfect match for top shelf spirits. Q Ginger Beer is spicier, more carbonated and less sweet than other ginger beers. It is made with all-natural ingredients, including tons of real ginger, a dash of organic agave, coriander, cardamom and lime.

Jordan Silbert, founder of Q Drinks, explains "I made Q Ginger Beer exactly how I wanted it: with a big ginger punch that's almost obscenely spicy, highly carbonated, and clean and crisp rather than sickly sweet. It's a mixer and only a mixer - exactly what your rum, vodka, and whiskey are looking for."

Silbert created Q Drinks to make cocktails taste better with superior cocktail sodas, which often make up 2/3 of the drink. To highlight the superiority of its new flavor, Q Ginger Beer, Q Drinks developed several cocktails, including a spin on the classic Moscow Mule with a tribute to the brand's Brooklyn roots, the Brighton Beach Mule.


Brighton Beach Mule

4 oz. Chilled Q Ginger Beer
2 oz. Vodka
1/2 Lime
1 Lime Wedge

Fill tall glass with ice - if you want to get extra fancy, use a copper mug. Add vodka and squeeze the lime over it. Drop the lime in the glass and add the Q Ginger Beer. Stir to mix and garnish with a lime wedge.

Q Ginger Beer contains 90 calories, 22 grams of sugar and 0 grams of total fat. A four pack of 9oz glass bottles retails for $7.99, a 750mL bottle retails for $6.99 and a four pack of 12oz slim cans for $5.99. The Q Drinks collection, which features 8 different flavor of spectacular sodas, including Q Club, Q Ginger Ale, Q Grapefruit, Q Kola, Q Lemon, Q Orange, Q Tonic and the newest addition, Q Ginger Beer, is available in many of America's best restaurants and cocktail lounges. It is also available at BevMo, Target, Total Wine and other various nationwide retailers. For a full list of retailers and additional information on the entire Q Drinks collection, please visit QDrinks.com




About Q Drinks
Q Drinks makes the world's best cocktail sodas - clean, crisp, completely unique beverages that enhance the finest spirits. Jordan Silbert founded Q Drinks one warm summer night in Brooklyn after drinking good gin with great friends and lousy tonic water. He took to his own kitchen to make something much better - cocktail sodas that he would be excited to mix in his drinks and proud to serve his friends. Today Q Drinks makes spectacular sodas in 8 different flavors. Q Drinks crafts its sodas with a) much better ingredients, b) far less sugar/calories, and c) the belief that cocktail sodas can be as great as the best craft beers.









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Distribution Spotlight: The Glasgow Distillery Company Announces Partnership & World-exclusive launch in Germany


The Glasgow Distillery Company have announced their new distribution agreement with Hamburg-based Scottish produce specialist, A Wee Taste of Scotland, who will oversee the European launch of Prometheus 26YO single malt Scotch whisky.

Liam Hughes, CEO at The Glasgow Distillery Company, stated: “The decision was motivated by the great expertise and knowledge of the premium German spirits market which A Wee Taste of Scotland would bring to the table. We are thrilled to be working with such an enthusiastic distribution partner in Germany, as we consider this market as very interesting for our business going forward”.

Miss Schneider, owner of A Wee Taste of Scotland, added: “We are delighted to have been approached by such a vibrant and entrepreneurial company as The Glasgow Distillery Company. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of this rare and precious single malt for launch in February”.

Mr Hackland, joint owner of A Wee Taste of Scotland, commented: “Being from Glasgow, this project is very close to my heart and having been privileged to have tasted Prometheus along with our small team of whisky experts, I can confirm that our consumers are in for an exceptional treat!”.

A Wee Taste of Scotland will be launching Prometheus 26YO single malt Scotch whisky alongside CEO Liam Hughes at the Hanse Spirit Whisky Fair in February.

The Glasgow Distillery Company will shortly commence producing their own single malt whisky, believed to be the first in over 100 years to be made in Glasgow.

The Glasgow Distillery was inspired by its original namesake which was operational between 1770 and early 20th Century in Dundashill, Glasgow. During this time, the distillery became one of the largest licensed distilling facilities in Scotland with 12 stills producing both peated and unpeated single malts.









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Distribution Spotlight: Facundo Luxury Rum Collection Expands to California


The Bacardi Collection of Four Rare Sipping Rums Debuts In Los Angeles and San Francisco This Fall


Coral Gables, Fla., September 2, 2014 –The FACUNDO™ Rum Collection, a limited release of four of the most exquisite, extraordinary hand-blended sipping rums, announces the Collection’s release in California.  This marks the luxury brand’s first expansion since successful launches in Miami and New York in 2013.


A tribute to Bacardi founder Don Facundo Bacardi Massó, the Collection is comprised of four rare blends of the finest aged sipping rums all sourced from the Bacardi family’s private rum reserves. Handcrafted with passion by the BACARDÍ Maestros de Ron, each marque is a culmination of years of dedication to the art of rum making.


“We are honored and humbled by the amazing response we have received for the Collection. FACUNDO showcases my family’s dedication to the art of rum and we believe it offers a distinct experience unlike any other luxury sipping spirit,” says Facundo L. Bacardi, Chairman of Bacardi Limited and the great-great grandson of the Company’s founder. “The Los Angeles and San Francisco markets are international hubs for culture, cuisine and luxury spirits and we look forward to their warm welcome of the FACUNDO Rum Collection this fall.”


Chosen from 300 hand-selected blends sourced from the Bahamas, the four blends in the FACUNDO Rum Collection are released once a year under the guidance of the BACARDÍ Maestro de Ron (Master Blender) Manny Oliver. This year’s fall release will be distributed in limited quantities to select on- and off-premise accounts in current markets Miami and New York, as well as the two new markets of Los Angeles and San Francisco.


“The West Coast marks a natural progression in establishing the FACUNDO Rum Collection in markets primed for luxury rum and new spirits that possess this kind of rich legacy, craftsmanship and rarity,” says Arvind Krishnan, VP of Marketing – Rums at Bacardi U.S.A., Inc. “We are excited to bring the Collection to California and introduce consumers to rum as an art form.”

NEO™, the first entry in the Collection, is a blend of rums aged up to eight years and then filtered to remove color, resulting in a unique sheer blond hue.  Smooth and balanced with sweet floral and almond notes, NEO accomplishes the unexpected – an aged, light sipping rum.  Let NEO surprise you by enjoying it on the rocks or in a new twist of the classic Old Fashioned cocktail.


EXIMO™, a medium to heavy bodied dark rum is the only rum in the Collection that is blended before aging in a barrel for 10 years. This unique rum imparts a nutty flavor with hints of vanilla when sipped and is best enjoyed on the rocks or in an elevated classic cocktail such as a Manhattan or Old Fashioned.


EXQUISITO™, a bold dark rum blend which marries younger rums aged seven years and matured rums aged 23 years. Finished in Sherry casks, the rum delivers awarmtaste with notes of raisins and toasted nuts. EXQUISITO is best savored neat to experience all the nuanced flavors the liquid has to offer.

PARAISO™, a triumph in the art of rum making, is a blend of dark rums aged up to 23 years that is filtered over activated carbon and then rested in French (XO) casks. PARAISO imparts notes of chocolate, very dark caramel and toasted walnuts which blend harmoniously together into the perfect liquid to enjoy neat.


“We were given carte blanche with the Collection,” says Maestro Mr. Oliver, who has dedicated more than 37 years to the craft of rum making. “We poured our passion, our knowledge and our creativity into each of the FACUNDO rums – making each blend distinct from its brethren.”


Aged in the Bahamas, where the sun, sea and charred oak barrels all act in unison to impart a unique character to the liquids; each blend is a testament to the Maestro’s ability to create balanced rums that still retain their own unique characteristics. While tropical aging can accelerate the creation of remarkable spirits in the barrels, it also accelerates their evaporation to a point where just five percent of the liquid may remain after 23 years.  This combination of blending complexity and the rarity of the liquids limits the availability of the FACUNDO Rum Collection.


Launched in November 2013, the FACUNDO Rum Collection has been embraced by both industry influencers and key spirits panels including EXQUISITO earning the “Best Aged Rum” distinction and a double gold medal at the distinguished San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


During an event in celebration of the Company’s 150th anniversary in 2012, the family decided to share their treasured reserves and launch a never before released to the public Collection. “The 150th anniversary celebration was a time of great reflection for the family,” adds Mr. Bacardi. “There was a consensus that now was the time to share this luxury brand with our customers.”


To learn more about the FACUNDO Rum Collection and where you can purchase, please visit www.facundorum.com.


About FACUNDO Rum Collection

The FACUNDO™ Rum Collection, the first luxury collection of four rare sipping rums sourced from the Bacardi family private rum reserves, is imported and distributed by Bacardi U.S.A., Inc. Now available in New York, Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco, the Collection represents rum elevated to an art form.  For additional information, please visit www.facundorum.com.


The FACUNDO™ Rum Collection is part of the portfolio of Bacardi Limited, headquartered in Hamilton, Bermuda. Bacardi Limited refers to the Bacardi group of companies, including Bacardi International Limited.





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Food Spotlight: Gaslamp Popcorn into Safeway and Vons stores


Riverside, CA (June 10, 2014) – California based Gaslamp Popcorn, producer of batch made, better for you, gluten-free popcorn, announced the expansion of distribution into California Safeway and Vons beginning August 2014. Gaslamp Popcorn aims to offer more convenient locations for purchase to meet the needs of a growing number of consumers demanding healthy snack alternatives.

Gluten-free and non-GMO, each kernel is popped to perfection using natural pure cane sugar, canola oil and popcorn with just a pinch of sea salt to infuse balanced flavor for a fresh taste in every bite. Gaslamp Popcorn has been blazing a path to consumers’ hearts through unique flavors that offer a healthy snack option for all diets.

“We are excited to partner with Safeway and Vons to bring this favorite popcorn to more consumers throughout California,” VP of Sales and Marketing for Rudolph Foods Mark Singleton said in a statement. “Each flavor uses only natural ingredients, which brings out the true taste of popcorn that can now be enjoyed in more homes across the state.”

Gaslamp Popcorn is available for purchase in three flavors, Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn, Cinnamon Caramel and White Cheddar, in major retailers across California and can be purchased online nationwide.




About Gaslamp Popcorn
Gaslamp Popcorn was established in 1998 and acquired by Rudolph foods in January 2013. More than just popped corn, Gaslamp Popcorn is batch made and every kernel is popped by popcorn experts. Gaslamp Popcorn is operated out of an energy efficient plant in California and is dedicated to providing its customers with sustainable, top quality products and the highest levels of customer service at the best prices. For additional information visit



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Dei Fratelli Truly™ Expands Distribution of Tomato Products in Cartons


Tomato Brand to Expand Distribution of Dei Fratelli Truly™ Tomato Products to H-E-B and Publix Locations

NORTHWOOD, OH (February, 2014) – Hirzel Canning Company & Farms, a fourth-generation, family owned and operated company and producers of the Dei Fratelli® brand, announces the expansion of Dei Fratelli Truly™ Tomatoes to H-E-B and Publix stores. Dei Fratelli Truly™ Tomatoes are the first chopped tomatoes grown and packaged in the United States that are available in shelf stable cartons. Consumers can find Dei Fratelli Truly™ Tomatoes on H-E-B and Publix shelves beginning February 2014.

The three product varieties include: Petite Cut Tomatoes, Finely Chopped Tomatoes with Onion, Carrot & Celery and Rustic Cut Tomatoes. All Dei Fratelli Truly™ Tomatoes are packed in a delicate, light puree providing a rich tomato flavor and do not contain any artificial additives or preservatives. Each carton is 26.46 ounces and can be easily substituted in recipes requiring a 28 ounce can of tomatoes. Dei Fratelli Truly™ Tomatoes are currently available in select grocery stores throughout the Midwest and Southeast.

The eco-friendly packaging allows for a more delicate cooking process, thus preserving the fresh-tasting flavor that nature provides. The BPA-free carton provides an environmentally friendly and convenient package. The carton is comprised of 75% paperboard, which is a 100% renewable resource and carries the certification of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC).

Dei Fratelli Truly™ Tomatoes are grown on local, family farms in the rich, fertile soil of the Lake Erie Basin. After a short journey from their growers’ fields, the tomatoes are carefully selected for the distinctive Truly Tomato products.

“It’s about quality. With local growers, we are able to monitor every aspect of the production from “Field to Carton”– ensuring that only the highest quality tomatoes make it into our products,” shared Stephen Hirzel, President of Hirzel Canning Company & Farms. “We are excited about expanding this premium tomato product into more markets because it affirms the value of truly fresh-tasting, rich tomatoes.”




About Dei Fratelli

Dei Fratelli® Tomatoes are manufactured by Hirzel Canning Company & Farms in Toledo, OH, a fourth-generation, family-owned and operated company founded in 1923. For over 90 years, the Hirzel family has been packaging only the freshest vine-ripened tomatoes for their wide assortment of canned tomatoes, pasta and pizza sauces, salsas and juices. To learn more about Dei Fratelli Truly™ Tomatoes, “Field to Carton”, or the full line of packaged tomato products, recipes and more, visit DeiFratelli.com.






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Distribution Spotlight: Mom Made Foods Launching into all Harris Teeter Mid-Atlantic locations in January


Mom Made Foods, maker of family-friendly frozen prepared meals, handheld snacks and meatballs, is launching into all Harris Teeter Mid-Atlantic locations in January. Harris Teeter stores will offer select Mom Made Meals and Munchies, including organic Cheesy Mac, Spaghetti with Turkey Meatballs, Bean Burrito Munchie and Apple Pie Munchie.

Mom Made says its frozen meals and snacks give parents a guilt-free, convenient way to feed kids foods that they love and are good for them. Using USDA-certified organic and antibiotic-free ingredients, Alexandria, Va.-based Mom Made Foods provides families with healthy versions of macaroni and cheese, spaghetti and other kid-friendly favorites, according to the company, whose products also contain an added punch of nutrition with vitamin-rich vegetables like cauliflower, sweet potatoes and butternut squash.

“In addition to our great availability already in the Mid-Atlantic, we are excited to offer consumers the chance to purchase Mom Made Foods in Harris Teeter stores,” said Heather Stouffer, company founder and CEO.

Mom Made product lines are flash frozen to preserve flavor, nutrients, color and natural texture. They feature antibiotic-free meats, no preservatives, no trans fats and no artificial colors, and they are significantly lower in sodium than their conventional counterparts, according to Mom Made.

Mom Made Foods has existing Mid-Atlantic distribution in Whole Foods, My Organic Market, SuperTarget and ShopRite stores, as well as numerous independent retailers.



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Hiball Energy Announces 16oz Cold Activated Can Available in Whole Foods

Hiball Inc., a true pioneer in the energy drink category, is pleased to announce the distribution of its newly reformulated and repackaged line of energy drinks to more than 250 Whole Foods Market stores throughout the US.

Now sold in 16oz cold activated cans, Hiball's line of Organic Sparkling Energy Drinks and Sparkling Energy Waters began rolling out into Whole Foods Market's stores mid-June, featuring a revised formula with organic and fair trade certified ingredients. The entire Hiball Energy line received an upgrade and now contains the following certified organic active ingredients for energy: guarana (50mg), ginseng (50mg) and caffeine (160mg) per can.

The naturally, zero calorie Hiball Sparkling Energy Waters are free of any sugar or sweeteners of any kind and remain the only Sparkling Energy Water and unsweetened energy drink available in the market today. The Hiball Organic Sparkling Energy Drinks add a little more flavor and sweetness by including organic juice, fair trade certified organic sugar but still only contain 100 calories and 25 grams of sugar per 16oz can.

Source: PR Newswire (http://s.tt/1hLO2)


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