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Supplement Spotlight: YUMI Nutrition Recover & De-Stress Gummies


Whether you want to reduce stress and anxiety, ease chronic pain or muscle soreness or improve your sleep, our Recover and De-Stress strawberry flavoured gummies are the best tasting and easiest route to all the great benefits of CBD.

Choose between 1 bottle of 300mg (1 month supply) or 600mg (2 month supply)

Chew 1 Recover & De-stress gummy a day.


Suitable for children (Ages 3+) and adults.

Flavour: Strawberry

Contains: CBD (10mg per gummy).
• Palm Oil Free
•Contains gelatin








About the Company
We know taking dietary supplements can be an unpleasant experience, so we have made it our mission at Yumi Nutrition to provide quality essential vitamins and supplements in a way that is easy and tasty to consume for both children and adults.

Most supplements are tasteless and are very awkward to swallow. We believe taking supplements should be just as pleasant as eating candy. We guarantee that once you try our Yumi gummies you will wish that all supplements taste just as good as ours. Read More





Company: Yumi
Brand: Yumi
Origin: UK
Category: Dietary Supplements
Packaging: 30 gummies
VarietiesView Range Here
Claims: Sleep and Relax
Pricing: $29.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: https://www.yuminutrition.us










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Beauty Supplement Spotlight: Vegamour Vegan Hemp Hair Care Gummies




GRO+ Advanced Gummies is the first hair vitamin that harnesses the medicinal and therapeutic power of broad spectrum hemp to deliver stronger, thicker and healthier hair. Aside from hemp oil, these delicious, naturally fruit-flavored gummies also feature biotin, folic acid, zinc, and other hair growth-stimulating vitamins and minerals, giving your hair everything it needs to flourish and shine.*
•100% Vegan
•No artificial flavors
•60 gummies (30-day supply)


Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Pectin, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors (Grape Juice Concentrate, Elderberry Juice Concentrate, Annatto), Coconut Oil, Carnauba Wax


-Cannabidiol derived from natural hemp has been shown in clinical studies to reduce inflammation and help improve blood circulation in topical applications.








About the Company
At VEGAMOUR, we believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise your health in order to have beautiful lashes, brows and hair. In fact, we believe that the healthier you are, the better you feel. We also believe that it’s possible to make powerful, plant-based products with clinical efficacy and real visible results. We happen to make all our products with sustainably sourced natural ingredients, mindfulness toward social impact and ethical responsibility. Our purpose is to enrich the lives of everyone we come into contact with…from our organic farmers, Fair Trade partners and owner-employees to our valued customers. We’re part of a global community, and we want everyone to benefit and GROW.





Company: Vegamour
Brand: Vegamour
Origin: USA
Category: Dietary Supplements
Packaging: 60 gummies
VarietiesView Range Here
Claims: 100% Vegan
Pricing: $58.00 USD
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: https://www.vegamour.com







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Supplement Spotlight: The Nue Immunity Capsules




With 100% of your daily vitamin C, optimized for absorption by pinene extract, these capsules are a powerful way to keep your immune system in check. Enhanced with turkey tail mushroom, a remedy used in traditional Chinese Medicine, take daily for strength and support. Vegan, gluten free, and non-GMO.

Why it Works
Pinene extract, the active ingredient in black pepper, optimizes the absorption of essential vitamin C while turkey tail mushroom strengthens the immune system. The result is a daily supplement you’ll want to keep taking.


How to Use
Each morning, take one capsule alongside water.


Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Quercitin Dihydrate, Turkey Tail Mushroom (Coriolus versicolor), BioPerineⓇ (Black pepper fruit extract), Rice Flour, Hypromellose, L-leucine, Silica


About the Company
Following in the footsteps of her grandfather, a chemist and vitamin developer, Jules Miller founded The Nue Co., a collection of clean, plant-focused products created to support gut health, care for skin, lift energy levels, and more. With formulas developed in the world’s top labs without binders or fillers, nutrient-rich ingredients meet proven science in every single supplement. All products are organic, and The Nue Co. only supports sustainable farming practices. Packaged in sleek, recyclable glass jars that promote a long shelf life, your new daily supplement looks just as good as it feels.


Company: The Nue Co
Brand:  The Nue Co
Origin: US
Category: Dietary Supplements
Packaging: 30 capsules
Claims: Vegan, Non GMO, Gluten Free
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $45
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: https://www.standarddose.com








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Supplement Spotlight: Source Naturals® Innovates with Screen Time Stamina™ Supplement Designed for Endurance Computer Users


Science Backed Supplement Inspired by Gamers Delivers Healthy Energy, Mental Focus and Long Term Vision Benefits

Inspired by a dedicated gamer looking for a healthy endurance solution, Screen Time Stamina offers a repertoire of science-backed ingredients to support the visual, cognitive and body systems impacted by extended screen time.  These include adaptogenic herbs for healthy energy support, nutrients and herbs for calm mental focus and positive mood, and vitamins and nutrients to support healthy vision.*

"Our mission at Source Naturals has always been to introduce formula innovations to enhance the health and quality of life for consumers in ways that are meaningful and experiential," says Ira Goldberg, founder and CEO of Source Naturals. "In an era where screens are such a pervasive part of everyday life, Screen Time Stamina represents this commitment at its best."

Editor's Note: Screen Time Stamina was recently recognized as a stand out product innovation by SPINS®, the leading provider of retail consumer insights and analytics for the Natural, Organic, and Specialty Products Industries.

Screen Time Stamina is packed with science-backed, healthy ingredients that help users stay sharp and focused for long hours in front of a computer screen," says Gerda Endemann, Ph.D., senior research manager for Source Naturals. "As more people, particularly in Silicon Valley seek ways to enhance their performance, this product is a healthy choice for endurance computer users looking for increased stamina, vision and cognitive support."*

Screen Time Stamina is available at Sprouts and other natural grocers and online retailers. It's available in 30, 60 and 120 tablet bottles with a SRP of $12.50, $23.50 and $45.50 respectively. For more information, or to find a store location near you, please visit: www.sourcenaturals.com.

About Source Naturals
Source Naturals was founded on the belief that many health concerns arise out of structure and function imbalances related to poor nutrition, chronic stress and environmental pollutants, and the belief that select nutrients, herbs and botanicals can work to promote and support the body's innate design for healthy equilibrium. Founded 35 years ago, Source Naturals' team of research scientists, nutritionists and herbal experts research and source optimal ingredient forms, potencies and combinations that work at the cellular level to bring the body's interdependent systems into healthy balance.* Source Naturals calls this unique formulation strategy Bio-Alignment™. For more information please visit: www.sourcenaturals.com.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Inspired by a dedicated gamer looking for a healthy alternative to hardcore drink-style stimulants, Screen Time Stamina by Source Naturals is formulated with science-backed ingredients to support the visual, cognitive and body systems impacted by extended screen time. Adaptogenic herbs are included for healthy energy support along with nutrients and herbs for calm mental focus and positive mood, and vitamins and nutrients to support healthy vision. (PRNewsfoto/Source Naturals)

Inspired by a dedicated gamer looking for a healthy alternative to hardcore drink-style stimulants, Screen Time Stamina by Source Naturals is formulated with science-backed ingredients to support the visual, cognitive and body systems impacted by extended screen time. Adaptogenic herbs are included for healthy energy support along with nutrients and herbs for calm mental focus and positive mood, and vitamins and nutrients to support healthy vision. (PRNewsfoto/Source Naturals)




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Company Spotlight: Integrated Supplements



Integrated Supplements - Nutrition For Your Full Human Potential. We produce the highest-quality nutritional supplements on the planet.

As members of the human race, we define ourselves by our ability to face new challenges. Those are the moments we will remember. Moments we lived our potential, moments we aimed higher.

The dietary supplements industry is filled with companies that may have forgotten why they exist…people. Human beings don't take dietary supplements because they're fast-acting, long-lasting or all-in-one. We take supplements because we want to feel the best we can, to live longer and stronger lives. We don't accept that our greatest accomplishments are behind us, but that they lie before us. And in that same spirit we want products that haven’t given in because they’ve found the right mix of human effect and profitability. We want products that never give up on us facing those new challenges and let us live the potential.

Founded in 2006, Integrated Supplements embraced what we see as the responsibility our industry has to people. We made it our mission to redefine the expectations, education and quality of these products. We define quality by evaluating the ingredients, safety, manufacturing process, taste, nutritive value and appearance of all of the products we produce. It is our goal to become the highest official benchmark in terms of product reliability and authenticity.



Company: Integrated Supplements
Brand: Integrated Supplements
Slogan: planet's purest protein
Origin: USA
Category: Dietary Supplement
Claims: highest-quality nutritional supplements
Variants: Whey Isolate Protein. Pure Creatine
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: integratedsupplements.com





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Supplement Spotlight: youtheory™ Men’s Line of Dietary Supplements



Leading nutritional dietary manufacturer Nutrawise has created a special line of men’s products for its youtheory™ brand. Based on its successful line of products but reformulated just for men, youtheory has created special versions of its advanced collagen, joint collagen, revive workout recovery daily supplements as well as a collagen protein shake. The men’s line will feature black distinctive packaging from youtheory’s main product line and is available now in nationwide health and vitamin retailers.


youtheory Collagen Advanced Formula (type 1 & 3) dietary supplement has 5,000 mg of 100 percent collagen with noticeable benefits within two weeks. Collagen replenishment helps to promote healthy aging, support bone health, rejuvenates hair and is great for ligaments and tendons. youtheory’s Joint Collagen (type 2) restores cartilage and joint function, accelerates joint maintenance and provides cardiovascular support.




About the company:

Health is all about feeling good and living to the fullest, like we all did in our youth. To us health comes from what you put into your body. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality products to enhance individual health. We want our customers to choose our products because of the way they make them feel inside and out. On top of individual health, we do our part to make this a better world. Our products are packaged in innovative, premium and inviting eco-friendly bottles. Read More




Company: youtheory
Brand: youtheory™
Slogan: Advanced Formula
Origin: USA
Category: Dietary Supplements
Packaging: 290 tablets
Claims: promote healthy aging, support bone health, rejuvenates hair
Variants: View Full Range Here
Price: $29.99
Where to Buy: Online Retailers, Major Retailers, Store Locator
Website: youtheory.com





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Packaging Spotlight: N+S, Nature System Dietary Supplements

Enric Aquilera Asociados created this packaging system for Cinfa's N+S Dietary Supploments. Each item is color coded, clearly marked and showed a photo of the supplement pill.

Designed by Enric Aquilera Asociados Barcelona, Spain


via TDL

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