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Sana Foods Logo

Branding Spotlight: The Real Coconut Products Company Announces Rebrand to Sana Foods


Leader in plant-based, gluten, grain and dairy free CPG sees future expansion with brand refresh

LOS ANGELES, June 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Real Coconut Products Company, the plant-based, gluten, grain and dairy free packaged food company, unveiled today a comprehensive rebrand including a brand name change to Sana Foods and an entirely new look and feel for its family of products. The new name and brand identity reflect the company's commitment to making globally-minded, plant-focused food more accessible and furthers its mission of creating sustainably grown products that nourish and heal.

The name Sana is a derivation of Sanará - one of its sister companies, a wellness-forward hotel and kitchen in Tulum, Mexico run by company founder, Daniella Hunter. Sanará, meaning to heal or regain health in Spanish, embodies the brand's ethos of putting health and wellness first by choosing clean, organic ingredients that are easy to digest and sourcing those ingredients through a conscious supply chain. While the current products are all coconut based, the name change also reflects the company's ongoing evolution and plans to expand beyond coconut as a base for future products.

"Four years ago when we began offering this new approach to packaged food, we could only hope we would make a global impact," said Daniella Hunter, Founder of Real Coconut Kitchen and Sana. "Global food demand is increasing at an alarming rate and we must achieve a sustainable food future that meets these demands while also preserving and restoring land. We are humbled that so many people are awakening to this new reality and demanding more sustainable food options. Sana is the next step on  this journey, and we can't wait to take everyone with us."

Mirroring the name change, Sana Foods is also revealing new packaging. The brand has spent years innovating the grain free market to make clean, organic-certified tortilla wraps and chips that are unmatched in function and taste appeal, and needed a look that delivered the same excitement. Sana's logo is bright and inviting with the packaging dressed in an array of pinks, greens and blues. The brand hopes the new look will create more shelf appeal and get consumers thinking about plant-based foods in a more mainstream way.

"Over the last few years we have learned that 1 in 3 Americans said they want to reduce or eliminate gluten consumption, 82% of U.S. households buy organic-certified foods, and grain-free was the fastest growing wellness claim," said Camille Gibson, CEO of Sana Foods. "Sana checks all of these boxes, and has quickly advanced from an entry level one category food company to a rapidly growing organization. The rebrand was an obvious next step to embrace our forward momentum and make a larger impact on people's health and the planet."

The rebrand comes on the heels of two big announcements earlier this year with the appointment of longtime General Mills Exec Camille Gibson as CEO and an entry into foodservice with the industry's first functional, gluten and grain free tortilla wrap in Tocaya Organica. The brand is currently on track to double its sales, continue growth in the foodservice channel, increase distribution, and expand into other market categories.

To learn more about Sana Foods, please visit www.sanafoods.com, follow us on Instagram @eatsanafoods.


Sana Foods is a USA Food CPG brand under The Real Coconut Products, LLC that includes a collective of grain, gluten and dairy-free chip and tortilla products that are sold in over 5,000 stores across the USA and Canada including Whole Foods Market, Publix, and Sprouts Farmers Market. Sana products are dedicated to digestive wellbeing and provide a philosophy of health and eating as a regimen for sustainable living, both personally and for the planet. All Sana products are Certified Organic, Gluten Free Certified, and are vegan and paleo friendly. They are made with ingredients derived from low-impact crops like coconut, yucca, and plantain that require a relatively low amount of irrigated water.

Founded by holistic food innovator Daniella Hunter in 2016, Sana Foods is the sister brand of Real Coconut Kitchen, a conscious eatery and market committed to nourishing its customers, while nurturing the world. For more information, please visit www.sanafoods.com, follow us on Instagram @eatsanafoods.


Sana Foods unveils new packaging for their full product line up.

Sana Foods unveils new packaging for their full product line up.







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Quore Gelato

Packaging Spotlight: Love is in the Air With Quore Gelato and the Best Luxury Packaging


The ultra-premium gelato with liquor brand won first place in Best Luxury Packaging in the 2021 edition of the Dieline Awards

MIAMI, June 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Twenty different flavors, three different sizes. Quore experience is much more than the finest gelato infused with liquor in South Florida. The Miami-based brand is the perfect match between the smooth taste of world-class liquors and the most delicate gelato. The perfect love story, mixed with tradition and romance. So is its packaging. The ideal middle ground between traditional bars serving the best liquors and all the necessary features protects the pleasant gelato experience.

Dieline agreed with this vision and decided to award Quore Gelato as "The Best Luxury Packaging of 2021," selecting its work among hundreds of luxury brands from around the world and the stories they have to tell.

Why is this recognition so important to Miami's community? Because Quore manufactures its gelato locally, bringing a history of passion for preparations and ingredients, with the quality that this magical city encourages and deserves.

"Being recognized for the best luxury packaging in 2021 is an honor and an immense joy. Packaging is one more element within the Quore experience that we want to provide to those who visit us and choose our gelato. Every detail builds the essence of this brand with the spirit of traditional Italian quality and the trend and freshness of our flavors," expressed Daniel Kwon Jin Lee, CEO of Quore Gelato. 

About Dieline and The Best Luxury Packaging of 2021

Since its founding in 2007, it continues to be one of the world's leading packaging design competitions. The best luxury brands from around the world and the most demanding packaging designers compete in this event, and, this time, Quore Gelato was privileged to stand out and be the winners.

The design process required trips to those hidden places in the heart of Italy. First, to experience the story in the first person and then transfer it to the perfect packaging, which preserves the conditions of a product as delicate as the one Quore offers and transports the consumer to their own romance story.

Quore worked together with Jastor, a branding consultancy firm that helped them discover gelato lovers' insights and experiences that fit their lifestyles.

The packaging tells a story. Still, it also preserves the optimal qualities of the product, such as its temperature or the best color scale to identify the premium flavors inside.

Fall in Love with Quore Gelato Premium Experience

Discover Quore in any of its exclusive Miami locations specially set to enjoy the superior taste of liquor and the pleasure of Italian gelato:

  • Costa Hollywood: 777 Ocean Drive, Hollywood, FL 33019
  • Aventura Mall: 19501 Biscayne Blvd., Aventura, FL 33180

Quore invites everyone to live their own world-class gelato experience. Ready to have a crush on Miami's best liquor-infused gelato?

For more information, visit QuoreGelato.com.







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Love Grown

Packaging Spotlight: Love Grown Unveils Fresh, New Look for Its Cereal and Granola


DENVER, Nov. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Love Grown, maker of cereal, granola and oatmeal, proudly introduces a brand-new look. Love Grown is 'Growing Better. Bite by Bite.™' and their delicious new look is just part of the journey.

"At Love Grown, we strive to bring better nutrition to everyday foods," said Lance Palumbo, CEO at Love Grown. "Our new look emphasizes our simple ingredients and better-for-you attributes. The rebrand also showcases a cohesive brand image so customers can quickly find our products wherever they are in the store." 

Love Grown worked closely with Saturday Insights, a consumer research agency, on the rebrand. The first step was to understand what their current brand was communicating to their customers and then improve upon the solid foundation they already had. "We really wanted to bring a consumer focus to this project, so we listened closely to understand what our brand was saying," said Palumbo. "Alicia Potter, at Faven Creative, is responsible for creating the new look and completely understood how to bring to life the great products we make."

Love Grown is here to bring 'better' to breakfast and beyond. It's why they create foods that feed your potential using simple, wholesome ingredients like beans, brown rice and toasted oats. With the increasing need for brands to be transparent about their ingredients, quality and production standards, Love Grown strives to bring the transparency of their products front and center with the rebrand. The brand is showcasing the great taste and texture of their cereal by enlarging it on the front of the package. All of their products are Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan and have Plant-Based Protein. "We're proud of our ingredients and want our customers to feel that. Creating products that we are proud of is at our core," said Palumbo.

Love Grown's new look is hitting shelves nationwide this month at major retailers, including Kroger, Sprouts, Safeway, Albertsons, and Natural Grocers.

To learn more about Love Grown and its line of products, please visit www.lovegrown.com.

Love Grown is a small, homegrown company working hard to provide honest nutrition, lovable taste and an opportunity for improvement in every bite. Distribution in the U.S. exceeds 12,000 locations nationwide and includes retailers such as Kroger, Sprouts, Safeway, Albertsons, Natural Grocers, Whole Foods Market, Publix, Wakefern, Wegmans, Stop and Shop and many others. For more information, visit www.lovegrown.com or follow @lovegrown on social media for new product releases and deals.








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Design Spotlight: formascope design Harvy Dried Fruits



Designed by
formascope design



The challenge was brand and packaging creation for more than 10 flavors of dried fruits. Each product contains a rich, unique flavor, no additives or artificial flavor enhancers.



The contemporary life has alienated us from nature so much, that we need to develop new ties with it and even the smallest hint of form can make a big difference.

We decided to solve that by creating a concept that relates to nature and translates the product in an attractive way. Originated from the word “harvest”, Harvy dried fruits are our bond to the nature. The shapes of fruits and clean approach to the pouch designs subconsciously highlight the simple and natural ingredients contained within each pack. The simplicity of the packaging conveys the freshness of the dried fruits through visual means.






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Design Spotlight: WCIT 2019 – Rethinking the center – Yerevan



Designed by

Maeutica Branding Agency
Yerevan, Armenia

Karen Gevorgyan
Yerevan, Armenia




In 2014 Maeutica helped UITE to present Armenia at World Congress on Information Technology 2014 in Mexico as an applicant to host the congress in 2019. The «Why Armenia» video clip along with the speech won jury's hearts and Armenia was chosen to host WCIT-19.
The next challenge set for Maeutica was to create WCIT Armenia's brand identity that would communicate both the congress' general idea, and idea that Armenia would invite the world to discuss and share thoughts on.



The idea of rethinking the center and challenging the binary perception of the world and its division into first and third, into famous and unknown, big and small, center and periphery, was set in the base of the brand platform!
The idea was visualized by manifesting the relativity of the Center, the possibility and excitement of exploring new centers. Communication materials make people feel confused first and then realize the other option, other point of view on reality. Thus, the goal to rethink the center is being achieved on every step.



Brand platform, visual identity, corporate style, video-presentation.



Client: Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE)
Art director/Design: Karen Gevorgyan
Account Director: Marina Ghazaryan
Brand Strategist: Nika Yepiskoposian
Photography: Arnos Martirosyan
Video production: Trilogy





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Packaging Spotlight: 24 O’CLOCK Brand & Package Design


Designed by
Multiple Owners





As we planned an inner beauty brand called ‘24 O’clock’, we have developed a branding system

with the core value that this brand wants to convey to be effectively dissolved in the package design.

24 O’clock means ‘midnight’ which is the boundary between today and tomorrow.

24 O’clock, located at the border of the finish and the start, will be with you every moment.

Kingsmen l BX Lab.

The name Kingsmen originates from the words, king’s men. It is synonymous with quality

service. It was first created, recognizing the client as somebody important, served by men
with commitment and integrity. Because manpower is the main driving force for the company,

the name Kingsmen is the single-most important element in our corporate signature.









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Packaging Spotlight: Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream


Designed by
Natasha Jen



Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream makes high-quality ice cream with the finest organic ingredients, prepared from scratch in Brooklyn and sold in both classic and vegan varieties via trucks and shops in New York and Los Angeles, as well as packaged pints at grocery stores. Pentagram’s Natasha Jen and team have created a new brand identity system for Van Leeuwen that position it as the ice cream of choice. Stripping off all the visual noise typically seen in ice cream branding, the new identity deploys minimal graphic elements—the logo and a decisive color palette—that reflects the purity of the ingredients, and colorful pints that stand out in stores and look great on social media. Since the introduction of the new packaging in the fall, retail sales have increased 50 percent.





















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Packaging Spotlight: Imlek Moja Kravica Cokoladno mleko – Winter edition



Designed by

Marko Vajagic

Belgrade, Serbia



Design for Imlek Moja Kravica Chocolate Milk | Special limited winter edition.





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