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Food Spotlight: Quoats Date & Pecan



Our date and pecan Quoats has our original blend of quinoa, oats and flax with extra goodness from pieces of date and pecan. With no added sugar, the natural sweetness of the dates combined with the texture from the pecans makes this a great way to start the day.

Size: 60g


Ingredients: Rolled Oats (42%), Quinoa Flakes (21%), Skimmed Milk Powder, Dates (10%) (chopped dates 97%, rice flour 3%), Pecan Nuts (6.7%), Flax Meal (0.8%)


Allergy Advice: contains oats, milk and nut products. May contain: Wheat and Barley


Nutritional Info:

Per Pot: 948kJ, 225kCal, 6g Fat (of which saturates 0.7g), Carboyhdrates 31g (of which sugars 11g), 4.2g Fibre, 10g Protein, 0g Salt

Per 100g: 1580kJ, 376kCal, 10g fat (of which saturates 1.1g), Carbohydrates 52g (of which sugars 18g), Fibre 7g, Protein 16g, Salt 0g



About Quoats

We started Quoats when we found it difficult to find tasty, healthy breakfasts on the go, so decided to make our own!

We've carefully selected a blend of oats, quinoa and flax for a breakfast that gives you a great nutritional start to the day as well as being delicious and filling.

Rob and Jen both have farming backgrounds - Jen grew up on a dairy farm in Shropshire and Rob lives on a mixed farm in Yorkshire - so we understand the importance of knowing how and where your food is grown. That’s why we've chosen oats, quinoa and flax which are all grown in Britain.

(Being farmers also means we know the importance of a good breakfast!)

We'd love to hear what you think so please get in touch!

Jen & Rob

PS - porridge isn't just for breakfast – try it for pudding, or as an afternoon snack!



Company: Quoats
Brand: Date & Pecan
Origin: UK
Category: Breakfast
Packaging:  60g, 12 pack
Price: £24.00
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