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Product Spotlight: A. Le Coq Ready to Drink Cocktails




Pina Colada

Alcohol content: 4,7%

Pina Colada is one of the three new members of a new cocktail range by A. Le Coq. It has a flavour of southern sea rum and coconut milk. Freshness is added by juicy pineapple. This cocktail is the perfect drink for summertime trips as well as cosy indoor get-togethers when it gets colder.






Alcohol content: 4,7%

Mojito is one of the three new members of a new cocktail range by A. Le Coq. This world famous drink nicely combines the fun tastes of white rum, lime, peppermint and brown sugar. To add special freshness and coolness, add ice to your drink.





Cuba Libre

Alcohol content: 4,7%

Cuba Libre is one of the three new members of a new cocktail range by A. Le Coq. This classic cocktail originating from Havana made of rum and cola, has been the symbol of self-assertion and free-thinking for years already. Its traditional taste still shows a strong enough character. To add a sour nuance it should also be tried with a slice of lemon or lime.



Alcohol content 4,7%

Cosmopolitan is a newcomer to A. Le Coq cocktail range. The flavour of this legendary drink brings to mind red cranberries, sour lime and sugary oranges. Take a sip, close your eyes, imagine that you are in Manhattan and a fun night out is guaranteed.



Mango Daiquiri is one of the flavours in the A.Le Coq cocktail range. Daiquiri is a well-known Cuban rum cocktail that is a mix of rum, lime juice, crushed ice and sugar. Mango Daiquiri is a more tasty version of this traditional drink where juicy mangos are used instead of lime, giving this drink an exotic mango flavour. Tastes best when served with crushed ice from a cocktail glass.




Company: A. Le Coq
Brand: A. Le Coq
Origin: Estonia
Category: Ready to Drink Alcohol
Packaging: 300ml bottle
Alcohol Volume: 4.7%
Variants: Mojito, Cuba Libre, Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri, Pina Colada
Website: alecoq.ee

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