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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Kekoa Foods: Herbs, Roots, & Spices in Baby Food



Better baby food with ginger, burdock, fennel, tarragon and other healing and healthy herbs and spices. #BraveBabiesBoldParents







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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Feel in the zone with Kalm & ON!



Manage stress AND energy with this patented, proven beverage with a unique combination of five natural herbs.

Here’s The Story
Life can be stressful. It always has been, and it always will be. The challenge is simply how we choose to manage it.

Kalm & ON represents one of the most exciting and innovative breakthroughs in the field of stress AND energy management.

What’s Kalm & ON? It’s a patented blend of natural herbal ingredients combined to help relax stress and anxiety (The ‘KALM') while restoring one’s steady, sustained energy & focus (The ‘ON'). Unlike the ‘spike & crash of caffeine-based energy shots, Kalm & ON has been praised by past customers as delivering its soothing and restorative benefits without any adverse, jittery side effects.

From working moms, to business professionals, to college students, there's a genuine need in the marketplace for a product that can gently provide stress relief along with a sense of calm, functional, focused energy. In fact, a recent USA Today article stated that 63% of workers report "they have high levels of stress... with extreme fatigue and feeling out of control."



Our noticeably effective, fast-acting natural herbal formula was originally developed by a team of Swedish scientists, along with company founder, Ron Sosenko. Over time and many iterations, we perfected our extraction methods and precise blending ratios to develop our patented formula, which we named Koppla, from the Swedish koppla-av, which means "to relax." Using that formula as our base, we then created Kalm & ON.

One of the first questions people ask us is, "Is Kalm & ON an energy drink?" Scientifically speaking Kalm & ON is considered an adaptogenic beverage -- meaning it helps the body adapt to stress by restoring a balanced flow of oxygen and blood throughout the body. The result is a refreshing sense of being both calm and on at the same time -- something no energy drink on the market can do... A better choice of the type of energy we all need.

The quality of our herbal ingredients used is just as important as the actual blend of herbs that make up our formula. Unlike 99% of all herbs harvested for commercial applications that are essentially used for flavors and fragrances, Kalm & ON uses only PREMIUM and SUPERIOR grade herbs, which are cultivated to ensure their maximum therapeutic value. This is in contrast to the 99% of all herbs that are harvested today for commercial purposes that are rated standard or even substandard.




So What Brings Us To Kickstarter?

Through a successful test-market sampling campaign in major retail outlets, we carefully cultivated a dedicated group of consumers who quickly became repeat customers. In fact, many of them were generous enough to tell us how our patented formula helped them get through their stressful days. Knowing we had a product that works consistently, we realized we were ready to move on to the next stage.

Following a successful campaign here, our plan is to focus our efforts on direct online sales via various channels, with brick-and-mortar retail to follow. The $50,000 we’re raising will allow us to fulfill the preorders, while building enough inventory to launch online sales through www.kalm-on.com.




Kalm & ON Nutritional Information






Risks and challenges

Possible supply chain issues – While the Kalm & ON products have been produced without incidence in the past, we have a new relationship with the flavor house and other ingredient suppliers. We have done our best to mitigate these risks by adding Skip Rosskam and Phil Parisi to the team as Chairman and Director. Both of these individuals were key players at David Michael Company the flavor supplier that helped Ron commercialize the Kalm & ON formula and as such are uniquely qualified to help us overcome any unforeseen issues that arise.

Ron has tried this before, why is he going to succeed now? – As an entrepreneur and guerrilla marketer he had some success but did not have the team in place to convert that localized success into a real business. Now he does. In addition to adding Skip and Phil to the team he has added Sheldon Roesch an experienced beverage marketer and alumnus of PepsiCo, Charles Albanese a highly qualified CFO and Janet Loeffler whose entrepreneurial experience make her ideally suited to building and running our fulfillment operation. Finally, the growth of the direct to consumer model via the internet and all its channels allows us to protect margins and direct those funds to customer procurement. That effort will be led by True North Brand Group, a team of specialists in all the disciplines necessary to execute the direct to consumer model.

Funding for growth – While we expect our business to grow profitably, growth requires capital. We need to be constantly working on attracting capital and partners who can help us fund that growth while maintaining management control. Most of the management team is  networked with people of financial means who are waiting for evidence of current demand for Kalm & ON to invest. This campaign will help us make that case.




Visit www.kalm-on.com

Visit their crowdfunding page





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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Steeped Coffee: Specialty Coffee in a Single-Serve Bag



The easiest way to make a perfect cup of coffee anytime, anywhere in minutes. Convenience meets quality with single-serve Steeped Bags!

People love coffee. Coffee has become an important part of our lives, our routines, waking us up, and simply taking a relaxing moment to ourselves.




Steeped Coffee brings you the easiest way to make a great cup of coffee with our fully compostable single-serve bags. Steeped Packs replace the need for wasteful pods, expensive machines, and time-consuming homebrewing equipment. And for the first time, this new brewing method combines the quality and ethics of specialty coffee with the convenience of a single serving.






Whether you’re at home, at work, or on-the-go, Steeped Coffee now makes it possible to have the best quality cup of coffee anywhere, anytime. This direct trade specialty coffee, locally roasted in small batches, is precision ground, pre-measured in single servings, and comes in a special filter bag with a string and tag. Each portion is delivered in a fully compostable nitro sealed packet for freshness, essentially halting the coffee’s aging process so it’s like it was ground just moments ago.





"It might be hard for a coffee enthusiast to imagine a day where a pre-ground, pre-portioned, and pre-packed coffee actually tastes amazing... and is actually convenient... and is actually sustainable—but it's here. And we are excited to bring this next generation coffee experience to even the most passionate of coffee lovers." -Founder, Josh Wilbur




Steeped Coffee is the simplest way to make a great cup of coffee. There is no machines, no equipment, no noise, no cleanup, and no mess... just a perfect cup of coffee in minutes. Here's how it works:




Simply tear open a Steeped packet of pre-ground, pre-dosed, pre-filtered specialty coffee, follow the dead-simple instructions to basically add hot water, and wind up with a fresh, delicious, expertly dialed cup, every time, anywhere. No need for hours of experimentation or thousands of dollars of new equipment. And when you’re done it’s all fully compostable.

Steeped Bags give you everything you need in a simple brewing system, but you are ultimately in control to customize the brewing process from start to finish! If you prefer stronger coffee, use less water, give the bag an extra several dunks until you see that buttery crema, use an extra bag for additional water, or increase your brew time since Steeped Bags don't get bitter quickly like tea. The smallest tweak can make the difference for your perfect cup routine.



With this new full immersion brewing method, all you do is add hot water to your cup and the coffee steeps so you're getting all of the flavor, all of the body, all of the notes as intended, delivering a well-developed cup of coffee. Steeped Coffee is unplugged and gives you full control. There is no cleanup, no noise, and when you finish, you can toss everything into the compost bin.








“Sometimes simplicity is the most difficult thing to achieve. I came up with this idea 7 years ago—knowing that there should be an easier way to make great coffee. When I first started it was just coffee in a tea bag,” said Josh Wilbur, CEO and Founder. “There’s a reason this hasn’t been done before. We had to innovate to account for a number of factors such as sourcing ethical and quality beans, getting the right grind size and density, maintaining the freshness of ground coffee, controlling the water permeability of the filter, and making sure everything we do is environmentally sustainable. Turns out there were a lot of challenges to overcome to make something this simple work.”




Features of Steeped Coffee include:

  • Direct Trade Coffee: quality coffee ethically sourced directly from farmers
  • Micro Batching: roasted locally in small batches
  • Precision Ground: consistent water-cooled grinding to the micron
  • Full Immersion Filter: regulates ideal water-in and maximum flavor-out
  • Ultrasonic Sealed Edges: eliminates the use of glues and staples
  • Nitro Sealing: removes oxygen so ground coffee stays fresh for months
  • Guilt-Free Packaging: fully compostable packaging. Our inks for printing are even water-based with no toxic VOCs.


“Wherever you are and wherever you go, if you love coffee, Steeped was made for you. A great cup of coffee shouldn’t be that difficult to make and now, with Steeped, it’s not,” said Wilbur. “I’m proud of our team. We’ve worked really hard on every detail from farm to cup (and beyond), making no compromises along the way. At the end of the day, this is perhaps the simplest method of making quality coffee… and it tastes amazing!”








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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Earnest PRO: The World’s First Protein & Probiotic Oatmeal



Our Earnest PRO: Protein & Probiotic Oatmeal will unleash your inner boss packed with grass-fed whey protein and 1 billion probiotics.





























Risks and challenges

We will keep all of our backers up-to-date on production progress and any slight possibility of setback in shipping dates.

We are SO excited to move forward and give the world the first protein & probiotic breakfast!


Visit their crowdfunding page



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Crowdfunding Spotlight: IQ Bar Launches Ready-to-Eat “Brain Food” to Beat the Afternoon Slump


Nutrition bars optimized for cognitive performance and productivity are now available

BOSTON, Nov. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Food startup IQ Bar is on a mission to fuel and fortify your brain with smarter snacks. Today, the company announces the launch of its Kickstarter campaign, where consumers can pre-order Almond Cacao, Blueberry Walnut, and Matcha Hazelnut flavors. All IQ Bars are optimized around 5 brain-boosting nutrients, contain just 8-9g of net carbs (total carbs – fiber), and are free of GMO's, grains, gluten, dairy, soy, and added sugar. They are compliant with low-carb, Paleo, ketogenic, Whole 30, kosher, and vegan diets.

Founder Will Nitze was inspired to start IQ Bar by a personal struggle with brain function. After studying psychology and neuroscience at Harvard, he suffered from brain fog and mental energy crashes daily. Eventually, he discovered his sugary, nutrient-poor diet was to blame, and reversed his symptoms through smarter eating. "By replacing carbohydrates with healthy fats and fortifying compounds, my brain function not only stabilized, but reached a new level," says Nitze. "My goal with IQ Bar is simple: help others achieve the same results I did."

IQ Bar's targeted impact extends beyond just short-term functionality; supporting long-term brain health is equally important to Nitze. Type 2 diabetes - a condition closely linked to brain disease – is up 4X since 1980, and more than 16 million Americans will have Alzheimer's by 2050. IQ Bar is excited to join the large and growing movement in nutritional and medical communities centered on overhauling the high-carb Western diet associated with these epidemics.

IQ Bar's endorsement of a diet high in healthy fats and fortifying compounds and low in carbohydrates aligns with – and was informed by – regimens recommended by brain nutrition experts like Dr. David Perlmutter (author of Grain Brain) and Dr. Mark Hyman (author of Eat Fat, Get Thin). Furthermore, the nutrients IQ Bars are optimized around were carefully selected for their links to positive brain outcomes in scientific literature.

Now over a year into his endeavor, Nitze and his team are thrilled to announce that snackers can join the IQ Bar mission by ordering bars and other "rewards" through the company's live Kickstarter campaign.

To learn more about the company and its launch, visit IQ Bar's website and follow its accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.











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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Oregon Company Launches Gourmet Salt on Kickstarter Made With Crickets


Company Crafts New Kickstarter for World Edible Insect Day on Oct. 23

Of the company's recent release of the new finishing salt, Cricket Flours CEO Charles Wilson said, "Launching for World Edible Insect Day and shipping in time for the holidays is the perfect opportunity for our company. Since founding the company, we continue to craft products and recipes that can be shared with friends and the whole family. 3 years ago we had a pretty niche following in the entomophagy space; today we work with thousands of families, chefs, restaurants, schools, and museums and this is one more way for someone to try insects in their favorite dishes or as a gift we know they won't have for the holidays."

To launch their latest Kickstarter project, Cricket Flours planned and performed the following:

  • After raising $25K from over 325+ backers, Cricket Flours worked directly with chefs and families to craft their handcrafted gourmet salt that can be used throughout the kitchen and recipes.
  • By using recipes from Cricket Flours published "Cricket Flour Cookbook: All Cricket, No BULL…" they were able to focus on a product that could be used to enhance any dish for people to try insects for the first time and in new ways.
  • Continuing to develop new flavor ideas for the Cricket Salt, Cricket Flours' additional stretch goals on Kickstarter are available once the $3,500 goal is reached to unlock more flavor and spice combinations with salts sourced from around the world.

About Cricket Flours LLC: Cricket Flours LLC is an edible insect company based in Portland, Oregon. Founded in 2014, Cricket Flours crafts food products such as their roasted and flavored crickets, pure cricket powder, cricket brownie mixes, and are made with crickets raised in North America for specifically human consumption.  A member of the Portland Starveups group, Cricket Flours was the winner of the Stu Clark Investment Challenge in 2015, and partnered to win the Oregon Best Clean Tech Challenge in 2016.


Cricket Salt available on Kickstarter starting October 23, 2017 for World Edible Insect Day (PRNewsfoto/Cricket Flours LLC)

Cricket Salt available on Kickstarter starting October 23, 2017 for World Edible Insect Day (PRNewsfoto/Cricket Flours LLC)




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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Paxter​ ​Announces​ ​Launch​ ​of​ ​Kickstarter​ ​Campaign​ ​to​ ​Bring​ ​to​ ​Market​ ​the World’s​ ​Most​ ​Functional​ ​Container​ ​for​ ​Hygiene​ ​Products



Experts agree, it's often the little distractions that add up to big inconveniences and serious energy
drains. Paxter is answering the call for a better way to deal with gym, business trip and weekend
getaway hygiene products, with a compact, breakthrough design perfect for the rising number of
people who love efficiency enhancing gadgets.

October 12, 2017

Most people have experienced taking a shower and having too many bottles, brushes and other products spread out in ways that make them quite inconvenient to use. For many on the road this is a frequent or even daily experience. The good news is, thanks to D&E Pty Ltd and their revolutionary new compact container for storing shower and bathroom hygiene products Paxter a smart way end to this kind of travel bag and “shower chaos” is clearly in sight. The company recently announced the launch of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign which starts on 18th of October to help bring Paxter to market to an enthusiastic response from a diverse gym and travel gadget enthusiasts.

“We saw a real need to be filled and after a great deal of research, development and smart design choices Paxter was born,” commented Kirill Petrov, creator of the product and also a CEO of the company. “Not one person has seen Paxter so far and not been completely impressed. This is a product that could transform how people approach their shower hygiene products in a very real way. We are looking forward to exceeding even very high expectations.”




Paxter's smart design choices are very easy to see and carry over in both its functionality and its slick aesthetic appeal. First, and most importantly, Paxter's design frees up space in a gym or travel bag in a very dramatic way removing the irritating need to stuff multiple bottles of liquid in a bag, which streamlines the whole process of staying fresh on the road. Next, a number of essential small shower and bathroom products, like tweezers, q-tips, nail clippers, toothpaste and a tooth brush, are also easily and efficiently carried inside Paxter, making it even more valuable; and the strongly built body of the product contains a waterproof compartment for safeguarding dry items and special “no slip” grips for ultimate convenience.

Paxter has set a goal of USD $30,000 for donations. Each fund raising tier comes with its own bonus, which include being able to get one of the first run of Paxter, sure to be very much in high-demand. Early feedback for Paxter has been positive across the board. John Michael Bric, editor of TheRxReview.com, a popular CrossFit focused website, recently remarked about Paxter, “I know with the amount of interstate travelling and training I do, something like this would be great to have.”

For more information be sure to visit http://paxter.io









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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Cofo, Superfood for Your Coffee



With Cofo, your daily coffee ritual just got better. You pick your coffee, we give it a healthy superfood boost.



About this project




Every morning, most of us enjoy a daily coffee ritual. We wake up, brew coffee, and drink to kick-start our day. After coffee, the race gun goes off, and we pack in work, family, and adventures.

We created Cofo to give us a boost for our daily and epic adventures. We then tested Cofo with public emergency responders who wanted heightened brain and body endurance during high-intensity situations.


2-64218ac84d1249cb7606ba9ecb833b8c_original (1)Cofo Superfood is available in a vegan blend and a paleo blend.


The result is Cofo, a superfood boost available in a vegan and a paleo blend that's easy to enjoy in your daily coffee.

To Do Cofo: Just Add to Your Coffee, Stir, Drink, and Enjoy!





Ingredients Matter  

Cofo Superfood is real food from the Earth, nothing synthetic. Superfoods are nutrient-dense foods that contain natural antioxidants.

We've invested time and research to find the highest quality ingredients from sustainable, trusted sources.




Each superfood blend is specially formulated to support overall wellness, promote physical stamina and mental clarity, and help you adapt to modern-day stress.






Like you, we've got busy schedules juggling work, family and life, and we have a bucket list of adventures to achieve. So, we're particular about what we feed our body and brain. Food is fuel.






Want to learn more about the benefits of Cofo ingredients? Read our Ingredients Matter page on our website.

What does cofo taste like? While it does change the taste of your coffee, most people who try it say, “It tastes like coffee!” First, there’re definitely notes of chocolate from the cacao. Although it’s not a “flavor,” there’s a creaminess to it (from the tocos or MCT). Cofo includes medicinal mushrooms, but there’s no mushroom flavor—if anything, the mushrooms add a rich, savory sort of flavor. Maca is described as tasting like butterscotch, caramel, malt, and/or nutlike. Our collagen is completely odorless and flavorless and fully dissolves in liquid.


Visit cofosuperfood.com

Visit Their Crowdfunding Page



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Food News: Essential Mints Launches Indiegogo for Its Brand New Line of Delicious Mints


Essential Mints has launched on Indiegogo to offer pre-sales and early bird special pricing

DAVIE, Fla., Oct. 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Essential Mints, a brand new delicious line of mints, has just launched a new campaign on Indiegogo. The mints are created with USA sourced all-natural non-GMO ingredients and are manufactured in the company's facility in the South Florida.

Essential Mints are formulated with a refreshing peppermint flavor and just the right amount of caffeine. Each mint is the equivalent 20mg of caffeine and a handful (5 mints) equals a cup of coffee. The mints are a healthy substitute to replace morning coffee and unhealthy sugary energy drinks. Essential Mints are one of the lowest price per mg of caffeine than any other product. The company's current line of mints includes delicious tasting energizing mints and bedtime mints. Along with being all-natural and non-GMO ingredients, the mints are fructose-free and gluten-free.

"I initially started creating Essential Mints in my own kitchen when I wanted to find a healthy and effective alternative to coffee and energy drinks," says Donald Choi. "I began working with my business partner and we brought our years of successful business and manufacturing knowledge to building this new concept. Our goal with Essential Mints was to create a product that would positively impact us and our customers. We are looking forward to bringing many new products to the market with the help of those who make a pledge through our campaign."

The goal of the campaign is to raise funding to develop the Essential Mint product line including probiotic mints, multi-vitamin mints, immune mints, omega-3 mint, and more. The Company also wants to expand the company's factory so they can continue to create jobs. The company has complete control of the entire process of manufacturing from raw ingredients to packaging and fulfillment. They do not outsource, which ensures the highest quality and consistency for each mint at every step of the process.

The campaign offers some great early bird special pricing for a limited number of backers at each level. Those interested should lock in pledge level quickly to ensure the best pricing. The company is also offering specials for stretch goals reached. To learn more about pledge levels and rewards, visit Essential Mints on Indiegogo.

About Essential Mints

Essential Mints are USA sourced with all-natural non-GMO ingredients and are manufactured in the company's FDA Registered facility in the South Florida. To learn more, visit Essential Mints on Indiegogo.


Essential Mints (PRNewsfoto/Essential Mints)

Essential Mints (PRNewsfoto/Essential Mints)



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Crowdfunding Spotlight: CASCADE LEATHER WALLET : Pay fast with style!



The most effective way to access your wallet. Designed for those who want maximum capacity and minimum size.




The Cascade Wallet is the ultimate minimalist wallet that does not limit capacity, security, or accessibility.

The intuitive design allows the quickest and easiest card access. With just the push of a thumb, cards slide out and are instantly available.

Although extremely compact, it offers room for 6 cards as well as additional cards, receipts and cash in the leather compartment.

The Cascade Wallet will not only protect your cards from bending but also against any wireless skimming or identity theft thanks to its integrated RFID protection.

Made from aluminum and highest quality leather the Cascade Wallet is the optimal solution to meet ever man’s needs.




The Cascade Wallet is a combination of functionality and sophisticated design for an effective way to access your wallet.







Everything you need always at your disposal in an instant  

Extremely convenient, the Cascade Wallet is designed for one-handed operation. It features a card ejection mechanism that allows your cards to slide out with a simple push of a button. When deployed you can easily sort through and access your cards at a glance.





Small in size but big on performance  

Despite its small size and thickness, there is room for 6 cards. Plus the separate leather compartment can fit international bills that do not need to be folded as well as receipts and additional cards.





100% protected against electronic pickpockets  

The Cascade Wallet is integrated with RFID protection keeping users 100% protected against electronic data theft.





Premium material for a high-end look

We choose to produce our leather exclusively in Italy. This way we can ensure our leather is of the highest quality, and to guarantee the highest possible quality of our products, we exclusively use leather from leading Italian tanneries.








6 leathers available :  

PREMIUM EDITION : Black, Orange, Blaster, Dark Brown

LUXURY EDITION : Carbon, Croco







It comes in a convenient gift box.




Visit their Crowdfunding Page




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