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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Whiskey Barrel Coffee



Whiskey Barrel Coffee was created while looking for a specific experience. There wasn’t anything on the market that delivered what I was looking for, and pouring whiskey into my coffee just didn’t cut it. I didn’t want a whiskey flavored coffee, I wanted something that starts as coffee and finishes as whiskey, because whiskey finishes. I started working on creating something that would slow the coffee experience down and return coffee to the table as a conversation piece.




Coffee, for most people, is the daily ritual of a drive through and a paper cup, then trying to drink your coffee while driving, focusing mainly on not spilling. Coffee has always been something different for me. It is a pleasure that I enjoy with friends and family, bonding over the flavors of a great coffee after sharing a meal. Whiskey Barrel Coffee is designed to create that coffee experience for everyone.




After our initial experimentation aging coffee in barrels, it took another two years to perfect our process. We sourced the highest quality bourbon barrels and aged different types of boutique and high end coffees, but we still weren’t satisfied with the result. Our blends and aging process were good, but the coffee was losing its identity. Then, through a stroke of good fortune, we found and sourced a unique coffee which we named Vitoria Estate. Vitoria Estate is able to stand up to the whiskey flavors without losing its coffee identity. A 19+ screen coffee, it is the top 1.5% of all of the beans at our favorite coffee farm; the cream of the crop. The process to screen Vitoria Estate is unique to the coffee industry and was created just for Whiskey Barrel Coffee. Using Vitoria Estate as the base, we have refined the art of blending coffee specifically for barrel aging and perfected the aging and roasting process.




Whiskey Barrel Coffee is the result of two and a half years of getting it right. Every bottle of Whiskey Barrel Coffee is the product of a patiently and carefully executed hands-on process. This hands-on process allows us ensure that each bottle we ship delivers the exact experience we set out to create. We ship Whiskey Barrel Coffee all over the world to people who love sharing the experience of coffee and whiskey with their friends and family.




Our Dark and Light Roast Whiskey Barrel Coffee bottles contain 100% barrel aged coffee beans. Our signature packaging process consists of hand filling the bottles, dipping them in wax, hand labeling, and marking each one with the batch and bottle number. Every bottle of Whiskey Barrel Coffee is a unique piece of art the reflects the attention to detail and high quality that we are dedicated to.




Dark Roast Whiskey Barrel Coffee is a smooth, full bodied powerhouse of flavors. The dark chocolate and smoky flavors of the coffee flow perfectly into the complex whiskey finish. Dark Roast was created to bring people together around a new experience rooted in a shared passion for classic dark coffee and whiskey flavors. Our customers can’t get enough of Dark Roast. It is consistently our best seller.




Light Roast Whiskey Barrel Coffee is a medium bodied masterpiece of mellow coffee and whiskey flavors. Sweet and nutty with a smooth whiskey finish, Light Roast is the perfect whiskey and coffee experience for those who appreciate a lighter roast. It is a favorite shared dessert of our customers who prefer lighter coffee flavors, but still want the whiskey finish.

Angel’s Share is a blend of 100% Whiskey Barrel Coffee into our Classic Line to create small batches of a dark, smooth coffee with a subtle bourbon finish. A limited release product, Angel’s Share is a favorite of our customers who want a hint of the Whiskey Barrel Coffee experience in their everyday cup of coffee!

We would like to expand our production capacity to keep up with the demand, and offer new products to continue the evolution of the Whiskey Barrel Coffee experience. Our signature hands-on process can’t be expanded using machines. To maintain the quality and attention to detail in Whiskey Barrel Coffee, we need to invest in people who share our passion and want to become a part of the demanding process that makes our product so special.

We are faced with the challenge of boosting production and expanding our product line without compromising the quality of our product. We need your help to do this. Help us bring in new team members and spread awareness of our product to even more people.



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kingii feat

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Kingii: The New Standard in Water Safety



We are revolutionizing water safety with the smallest inflatable in the world!


The most universal, wearable water security device ever created! 

The Kingii fits on your wrist, stays out of the way, is rechargeable and is there when you need it most. The smallest inflatable in the world is perfect for every activity, every age and every environment around the water. The risk of drowning and the need for bulky safety devices is over!

Visit http://www.kingii.us/

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filfil feat

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Filfil Foods Garlic Hot Sauce – Adding Yummy to Life!


Filfil Foods specializes in making gourmet garlic condiments, spreads, and marinades. The word Filfil means 'pepper' in Arabic, and the hot sauce is a modern version of 'Filfil chuma' (pepper & garlic), an ancient recipe originating from North Africa, where it is a staple in cooking and dressing of foods. The original recipe was re-mastered with love to accommodate the modern palate and is irresistibly delicious.


Filfil Foods was founded in 2012 in Brooklyn, New York


Filfil with Benefits


We at Filfil Foods are committed to producing American made, all natural, unsweetened foods without preservatives that are very low on sodium.


Why we need your help:

All parts of our products are American Made, we use premium bottles and packaging to get Filfil to you. Since Filfil Recipe No.7's recent features in Martha Stewart and Food & Wine we have received many requests for other products.



Martha Stewart Blog


This is why we have turned to you, our established patrons and the Kickstarter community. We need your support to launch our second product, Filfil No.6 and if we surpass the goal, Filfil Foods will be able to keep expanding our line.

Our new garlic condiment, Filfil No. 6, has a more paste-like consistency, that is amazing as a marinade for rotisserie chickens, meats, fish, and is great for vegan options.



Who we are:

Co-founders Einav & Jeff

Co-founders Einav & Jeff

Einav Sharon created her own recipe for filfil chuma, and even after settling in Jersey City, she made it for friends for years. One of those friends is Jeff Silva, a San Diego native who was introduced to Einav in 2008, when their cats met while wandering the building hallway. “Jeff loved my filfil chuma, and together we decided to bring it to the world,” Einav says.



Visit http://www.filfilfoods.com/

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pebblebee stone feat2

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Pebblebee Stone: Item Tracker and Smart Button


Introducing a single product that finds misplaced items and controls any app on your smartphone, with the simple click of a button. Have piece of mind knowing where your things are. With one click you can simplify your life: take a selfie, upload to social media, turn on the lights.


It even has a motion sensor, so you can tell when it moves!


Track your pets to know when they come and go, and be alerted if they make a dash for freedom. Or, put it on anything you tend to leave behind like your re-usable grocery bags, umbrella, jacket at a restaurant, or water bottle at the gym.


The Stone is powered by a Bluetooth Low Energy iBeacon, a standard certified by Apple, that allows your iPhone to natively detect your Stone without running our app at all! By pressing the button you activate the Stone's Apple Certified iBeacon communication that automatically interacts with any BLE platform nearby, iOS or Android, automatically letting them know its proximity. Have we mentioned your app doesn't even need to be running?


The Shortcut button works by using IFTTT logic: If This Then That. You don't have to be an engineer to use this, it's actually rather simple. IFTTT simply states that if circumstances are this, then the action desired will be that. For example, if you are in your driveway leaving the house, pressing the button could lock your house doors, or turn ON/OFF all your outdoor lights. If you are in your bed, the button will turn off your bedroom lights for you. You can create these simple recipes online using IFTTT's platform. The Pebblebee Stone channel is currently in development and will be available before the Stone is shipped.

The Stone will record which action you want to happen, when, and where. By logging time of day, location, and recipe used, the Stone will smartly adjust to the actions you want throughout the day without you doing a thing.



Visit https://www.facebook.com/pebblebee

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