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Crowfunding Spotlight: Napa Valley Bitters

Join Napa Valley Bitters Company as we craft Napa Valley's only cocktail bitters from local, organic ingredients!

Join us, and TOGETHER we'll bring Napa Valley Bitters to the world!

"Napa Valley Bitters will transform cocktails as it improves the Napa Valley! We stand for spectacularly delicious and fun libations as well as a prosperous community!"

    - Ian Winget (Founder / Bittermaker)

My project is to produce 4 amazing seasonal flavors of small batch craft cocktail bitters.

What the heck are bitters?

Bitters are distilled alcoholic beverages strongly infused with aromatic herbs, barks, roots and citrus. First developed in the early 1800s as a digestive aid; now bitters are also used as flavoring agents for various popular cocktails such as Manhattans, Old Fashioneds, Martinis and Margaritas. Bitters are also a delicious addition to seltzer water, Champagne, food and beer. The sky is the limit for food and beverage combinations!

A True Story

I believe that creating innovative craft cocktails is as much about imagination and savoir-faire as it is about using fresh, local, organic and most flavorful ingredients.

Culinary masters employ the freshest and finest ingredients to express their creativity though cuisine. Similarly, cocktail masters (both professional and enthusiasts alike) equipped with the finest craft cocktail bitters will reach previously unknown heights of creative cocktail expression!

Dry ingredients used to flavor bitters (examples)
Dry ingredients used to flavor bitters (examples)

By using the freshest, local and organic ingredients in our bitters, Napa Valley Bitters Company will bring to market and showcase the best the Napa Valley has to offer!

Fresh ingredients used to flavor bitters (examples)
Fresh ingredients used to flavor bitters (examples)

Napa Valley Bitters Company's possible bitter flavors*:

1. Tamarind Lime Chili Bitters
2. Strawberry Rhubarb Bitters
3. Meyer Lemon Sage Bitters
4. Coffee Pecan Bitters
5. Key Lime Bitters
6. Aromatic Bitters

*All flavors listed have been tested and are amazing! My project is to produce 4 flavors with the initial $9000. Actual flavor choices may vary due to seasonal produce availability.

Handcrafted and Napa Valley inspired

Who I am.

Each batch of our bitters will be handmade by Ian Winget - a life lover, bittermaker, avid world traveler, wine, cocktail and coffee enthusiast, former mixologist and chef, certified sommelier, and wine business professional with a Master's degree in business who currently works and lives in Napa, CA.

Napa Valley Bitters Company will start and finish in the Napa Valley. We believe strongly in supporting local Napa Valley businesses and creating strong relationships within the community. We are also aligned with the philosophy and commitments of  conscious capitalism – standing as a model for how all businesses can powerfully align capitalism and social equality so that all stand to benefit by its success.

The more you pledge the more WE succeed!

How Pledges Work

The set goal is exactly the amount needed to get the initial batch produced. If we come up short, even by $1, the campaign won’t get funded which would be sad. However, there is no limit to the amount that can be raised. So check out our 'Stretched Goals' and together we can make it happen!

The initial goal of $9,000 will allow us to make 600 bottles each of 4 amazing seasonal flavors.

Stretch Goals:

1. $9,500 = Awesome swag. A logo sticker with every pledge level.

2. $11,000 = Mystery Seasonal Flavor #1 (Possibly: Atomic Citrus Burst, Wild Blackberry, Grapefruit, Bitter Almond-Orange, Lemon Thyme, Chai, or others)

3. $13,000 = Barrel aged Aromatic bitters flavor

4. $15,000 = Mystery Seasonal Flavor #2 (Possibly: Atomic Citrus Burst, Wild Blackberry, Grapefruit, Bitter Almond-Orange, Lemon Thyme, Chai, or others)

5. $50,000+ = We'll purchase then create The Napa Valley Bittersmobile, and drive it from Napa to NYC and lots of cities in between to visit our amazing Backers!

Your money will go towards...


We have assembled a crack-squad of professional wine makers, marketers, sales team and business strategists to take Napa Valley Bitters to the next level. We have done small batch experiments with many possible initial flavors with great success! We have sent samples of our bitters to 15 professional bartenders around the world with rave reviews. We are ready to go as soon as we have the funding.

Our brand logo, website splash page (full site under construction) , and packaging were all designed by Mission Designs, Napa, CA.

Napa Valley Bitters sample packaging of possible bitter flavors
Napa Valley Bitters sample packaging of possible bitter flavors


We need you!

From A-Z we will need the following items to complete our project:

· Fresh Local Produce

· Fresh Local Herbs and Spices

· Dried Herbs and Spices

· Dried barks, roots, seeds, and leaves

· Base-Spirits for infusion/maceration

· Tools of the trade (to grind, cut, process, handle, weigh, stir, measure, strain, store, clean, filter and sanitize everything along the way)

· 15 glass maceration jugs (carboys)

· Oak barrels (for stretched goal #3)

· 2400+ final product bottles and caps

· Printing 2400+ labels

· Commercial kitchen time

· Storage

· Packaging and shipping

We are reaching for the stars and your pledges will get us there!

A humble and sincere thank you,

Ian Winget

Founder & Bittermaker
Napa Valley Bitters Company

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

There are two main challenges that we foresee:

1) Procurement of supplies:

We will be doing business with 20+ vendors to amass all of the dry, fresh and liquid ingredients as well as all of the hardware. Each could have their own supply and inventory issues despite our research and assurance of product availability.

A delay in ingredient or hardware supply could impact the delivery schedule of our bitters and / or change one or all of the possible flavors of bitters about which we would be 100% transparent, and in constant communication with our backers.

2) Production of bitters:

Once we have all the supplies, and depending on the recipe, our bitters take 4-6 weeks to produce. After production, hand bottling and labeling will take at least a week each.

Procurement of supplies 2 weeks
Production 4-6 weeks
Bottling 1 week
Labeling 1 week
Packaging 1 week
Shipping time 1 week
Total = 14 weeks

These are estimates and could take more or less time depending on circumstances.

A delay in production could cause a delay in delivery about which we would be 100% transparent, and in constant communication with our backers.


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Crowd Funding Spotlight: Red Duck Ketchup

When was the last time YOU were excited about ketchup? Well, that's all about to change with Red Duck's artisan, flavored ketchup!

  • Launched: May 1, 2013
  • Funding ends: May 31, 2013

Put ketchup on everything...again.

When was the last time YOU were excited about ketchup?  We were thinking the same thing this past October as we sat around a basket of cajun tater tots.  There was just something wholly unsatisfying about the ketchup we were mindlessly dunking those precious potato nuggets into.  That conventional ketchup seemed flavorless compared to the incredible spices we had just enjoyed on a recent trip to China, and the consistency left something to be desired...to say the very least.  But when it got down to it, we just weren’t even totally sure what we were dipping into.  So we decided to make our own ketchup, with real organic ingredients and fun flavor combinations, and Red Duck Ketchup was born.

Hi, We’re Red Duck Ketchup.

Hailing from Eugene, Oregon, we’re four MBA students at the University of Oregon.  When we came up with this idea to make flavored organic ketchup, we had no idea where it would take us.  We discovered that ketchup is something we all love, but we’re bored with what’s out there.  That’s about to change!

After testing over 20 recipes, we landed on three flavors:

Classic- Our classic flavor is a twist on traditional ketchup that marries a hint of sweet balsamic vinegar with a trace of smoky spices. We drew our inspiration for this recipe from the delectable heirloom tomato salads we enjoy every summer - delicious balsamic reductions, tomatoes, and the smoke of the grill in the background.  It’s perfect on French fries, burgers, hot dogs, and meat loaf.  But with this one, the sky is the limit.

Curry- You’ve never had ketchup like this before. Though Karen is the only person on our team who’s been to India, we’re all big curry fans and we’re even bigger fans of this curry ketchup. With this flavor, you’ll notice a peppery spice that’s calmed by the warm flavors that Indian food so masterfully blends. Put it on fish, stir-fry, roasted vegetables, or even mix it with plain rice. Trust us, it’s that good!

Spicy- This puppy has a kick.  We take our proprietary Latin-infused spice blend (we call it the Latino Charmer) and combine it with a few other secret ingredients to complement some of the incredible Mexican flavors that Kurt grew up with near the border in San Diego. This is our most popular flavor, and we know you’ll soon be clamoring for another jar.  We love to put our spicy flavor on sweet potato fries, fried chicken, veggie burgers, and even drizzled on top of cheese pizza.  But we bet you have some great ideas too.

Our ketchup is different.  This is why.

Flavor - We have three awesome flavors that are sure to please even the most discerning palate.

Consistency - Our ketchup isn’t something you just dab on; you pile it on! The consistency of our ketchup adds an incredible layer of texture to everything you put it on.

Organic ingredients - We didn't even want to work with stuff like high fructose corn syrup or stabilizers, so we just put in ingredients that are sourced as locally as possible and taste real.

Rest assured that all of our products are also:

  • vegan,
  • gluten-free,
  • preservative-free,
  • contain no high fructose corn syrup; and
  • contain no artificial flavors or colors.

This is how we do it.

We currently handcraft every single jar of ketchup.  It’s the Karen, Kurt, Shannon and Jess Show - we endure ketchup splatter burns and lovingly combine our proprietary spice blends for your enjoyment.  We’re currently working out of a local commercial kitchen where we can only manufacture ten-gallon batches at a time.  While that may sound like a lot, ten gallons barely even covers our webbed footprint here in Eugene.  So we want to make the leap to a larger production facility that will increase our production batches to 50-75 gallons!  That way, we can get our ketchup to the countless fans across the country banging down our doors for more.  The sooner we get into a bigger facility, the sooner we get onto your plate.

We need your help!

With $20,000, we would be able to make that big jump from our local commercial kitchen to the Sweet Creek production facility down the road.  Sweet Creek is a family-owned production facility that specializes in helping food businesses scale up their recipes while retaining the integrity of the flavor.  Your contributions will mostly go towards the ingredients, bottles, lids, and packaging – it takes a lot of stuff to make three 50 gallon batches.  The rest will go towards the apparel in the rewards section and shipping costs.  Prepare yourself for some addictive ketchup, sweet swag, and lots of love!

Red Duck truly appreciates your time and contributions.  Thanks!

Learn more about Red Duck at:  https://www.facebook.com/RedDuckKetchup

Check out what some of the SWAG looks like below:

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

There is a potential risk that the recipe will not scale up properly to 50 gallons. We've been mitigating this risk already by scaling up from 1 gallon batches and taking notes on the differences in flavor. We've gone from 1 gallon batches, to 5 gallon batches, to 10 gallon batches. Now it's time for the big move to 50 gallons, and we're confident nothing too funny will go on.

Scheduling time with the Sweet Creek facility could potentially take longer than expected. If this is the case, the project could get delayed for a few weeks or a month. Anything longer than that, and we'll find ourselves a new production facility.

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Is Donald Trump trying to copy Kickstarter?

Crowdfunding sites are on the rise, and Donald Trump wants a piece of the action. Trump is drumming up business for Learning Annex founder Bill Zanker’s new crowdfunding site, FundAnything. The new site had a launch party at Trump Towers this week, and Trump promised to fully fund certain projects he finds admirable.

If you take a look at how FundAnything works, beyond the Trump endorsement, it’s all too similar to Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Zunker told AllThingsD that he wants to bring crowd-funding to people outside of the creative and tech fields: ““What I’m trying to do is bring crowdfunding away from the Brooklyn hipsters and bring it to the masses.”

Continue Reading @ DigitalTrends

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Fashion Spotlight: Sockskies: Finally, a trendier solution for losing socks!

This Campaign goes live on Wednesday May, 8th at 8am ET.

Fashionable and trendy buttons on socks for easy pairing and washing. Also offering a fun random monthly sock suscription!

Finally, a fashionable, easy and convenient solution to losing your socks aside from other sock clips and plastic snaps out there. Never lose your socks again!


Ever lose your socks? Losing socks can be very frustrating, we have all been there. When doing some research, I came to find many sock companies that have a plastic snap built on the socks, but those were unappealing as they were plastic, very noticeable and didn't look fashionable. I also wanted to find an easier solution aside from the sock clips and other methods that 'add on' an extra step in an already tedious task. Thus, Sockskies was born,  a trendy, fashionable yet easy way to manage your sock collection.



OUTSIDE OF EACH SOCK:  One button is sewn in the middle upper part of each sock,  beautiful and symmetrical.

INSIDE OF EACH SOCK: One button hole is sewn on each inner part of the sock.


After you are done wearing them, simply button up the socks together, throw in the laundry or straight to the washer and dryer.  After you wash them,  the socks come out paired and together!


  • Save time and energy:  A simple solution versus other sock clips out there,  quick button and you are done!
  • Fashionable:  Fun buttons on each outer part of the sock makes them fashionable and convenient,  the button hole is hardly noticeable so you will get compliments instead of questions on your socks!  Buttons are also small and thin, making them less intrusive.
  • Excellent Quality. Tested for multiple wear and wash cycles.  First line of socks will be crew style.  Socks will be made of cotton (about 70%) polyester, and spandex.


Monthly Fun Suscription: Offering a fun monthly suscription where you can get a fun pair of random socks delivered to your door every month! One less thing to worry about.

Stay Classy Line:  Also will be having a classic line available in white and black,  12 in a pack (speciality socks to come after launch!) sold individually.




  • What does Sockskies mean? (pronounced sock-skeez) a suffix used to create a better sense of excitement or emotion in certain words.
  • Will the Size Fit Me?  Men's socks will fit US men's shoe size 8-12. Women's socks will fit US women's shoe size 5-10. Kid's socks will fit ages 4 to 8 years with a US kid shoe size 1- 5.
  • Will there be other designs? Yes! The first line will be classic cotton/spandex, I plan to roll out more specialized socks in the near future such as wool, sporty, business, stockings, knee high. Please check out my website to submit your requests.
  • What kind of socks can I expect to receive with the monthly suscription? Fun smart socks! We pick socks with fun designs that are made of high quality materials. Some are bright, funky and loud, some are more subtle. You will receive different designs every month.
  • Can I choose which random socks I receive each month? No! That's part of the fun. You get a surprise every month. We pick the best designs and make sure that you don't receive duplicates.


Over the past few months, I've been working with many different supplier/manufacturer to develop functional prototypes and now looking to produce the first product line.  Final production will support local business in San Francisco, CA.

I am seeking to raise $3,500.00, which will allow me to meet my minimum order requirement with my manufacturers and to be able to get Sockskies to the US market. Once I reach my Kickstarter goal, I plan to create additional lines of styles and designs such as knee high, athletic, and wool which will be sold a la carte/individually.

Video Production done by Matt Beck


Here at Sockskies we are making life awesome one matching sock at a time.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

I've spent many months working with partners to avoid any potential risks in delivering Sockskies to our supporters. However, if any challenges arise, I will be honest and 100% transparent with our community.

Potential Risks and Challenges:
Shipping Date: I've received production and shipping estimates from my partners and am confident I will meet the projected shipping dates. However, not all variables can be predicted. So, there is always a chance for delays as some of the materials will be imported overseas.

Production - I’ve been in constant contact with the factory for the past few months perfecting samples. They are anticipating the full production order post-Kickstarter and should have no problem with the volume.

Timing - I’ve set a reasonable production and fulfillment schedule, but there are inherent risks of delay in the process. I will over-communicate with the factory partner and our backers to ensure transparency and timeliness.

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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Picky Bars

What are Picky Bars?

For those of you who haven’t heard of Picky Bars, they are: gluten and dairy free energy bars, made with real food balanced for sport. Created and owned by three professional athletes—Lauren Fleshman, Jesse Thomas, and Stephanie Bruce—these bars have the ideal 4:1 carb to protein recovery ratio, and a 15/25/60 macronutrient profile for sustained energy before exercise. They basically win all categories: taste, versatility, performance, and real food ingredients you will actually recognize. It’s freaking science, dude.

Picky Bars Backstory

It all started with Jesse’s—Lauren’s husband’s—gluten and dairy intolerance. He started training for triathlon and needed healthy, balanced, real food snacks he could eat. Lauren and her running bud Steph got in the kitchen to tackle a challenge that at times seemed nearly impossible: making a gluten and dairy free bar of only real food ingredients, in ratios perfectly balanced for sport, that actually tasted good. With the help of athlete taste testers, they nailed it! Now the word is spreading and we are growing like gangbusters, trying to keep them in stock!

Read more about our awesome founding athletes at pickybars.com/pages/about-meet-the-stars.

Why we need your help:

While people love our bars, we have no outside investment so we’re still small and growing at a natural pace. This is great because we control quality and keep our business personal, but it limits our ability to expand and introduce new flavors. We need your help, because each new flavor is a HUGE INVESTMENT in new packaging, tooling, upfront ingredient cost, and multiple production test runs to perfect the recipe on a larger scale. It's one thing when Lauren perfects a small test batch in her home kitchen, and a whole different obstacle to maintain that taste and quality when we go into production runs. If you help us reach our goal, we get to bring our new flavor to market right away, and you get to eat them before everyone else. Plus, we have sweet rewards, like special edition Runner’s High shirts. Check em out!

Why this flavor is awesome:

Vanilla + blueberries + almonds + hemp seed super food = nutritious bliss for your body + taste-gasm in your mouth! Hemp seeds are the only plant source that has all 20 amino acids, including the 9 essential amino acids our bodies can’t produce. These high quality proteins strengthen immunity and fend off toxins. (The only high you’ll get, is from how awesome they taste. Promise.) This bar is also our first without chocolate chips! We’ve had many requests for this, so we’re really excited to be able to provide those Picky Eaters with excellent tasty nutrition as well! Don't worry fellow chocolate fanatics, it still tastes incredible.

Science, dude.

Real food ingredients

Balanced nutrients, versatile, real food

Read more about the ingredient science behind Picky Bars at pickybars.com/pages/ingredient-science.


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Crowd Funding Spotlight: Vita-V Superfruit Drink with Baobab

Today is the first day of the rest of your life

That’s a cliché. This isn’t: today is the first day of the rest of your long, healthy, happy, joyous life. Vita-V has been born. It’s more than a super fruit drink. It’s a wake-up call to the world. It’s a 2.5-ounce bottle that weighs in with 10,000 tons of social significance.

We’re not asking you to purchase a drink. We’re asking you to buy into a movement destined to change not only your life, not only the lives of your friends and family, but also, tens of thousands of less fortunate people whose bodies are under-nourished.

You’re a Vitalizer now. Good for you.


Connect with us

Connect and keep up with Vita-V here and now:

Drink up the Tree of Life Baobab

Unlike any other packaged beverage on Earth, Vita-V features Baobab pulp from the African "Tree of Life" to deliver nutrients, fiber, and an abundant supply of antioxidant power to promote health. An insanely potent blend of all-natural organic super fruit juices. VitaV is formulated to give your body the daily dose of antioxidants it needs to combat free radicals and perform at its peak. Seven fruits and natural sweetener stevia are packed into every tasty 2.5-oz. serving.

Vita-V Package

Baobab fruit contains 14 essential vitamins and minerals. It has one of the highest antioxidant capacities of any fruit in the world and is almost fifty percent Fiber. This gives it an amazing range of benefits, from helping with energizing your metabolism to improving your skin and health.

Natural energy

  • Baobab is an excellent source of Thiamin (Vitamin B1), Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 which contribute to the processes that yield energy in the body.
  • Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 contribute to the reduction of daily fatigue.
  • Vitamin C increases iron absorption and increases natural energy levels.

health benefits

  • Excellent source of Potassium, which contributes to the maintenance of normal blood pressure.
  • Excellent source of Vitamin C and a source of Vitamin B6 both of which contribute to the normal function of the Immune System.
  • Excellent source of Fiber and rich source of Calcium which contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes.
  • Excellent source of Vitamin C, which helps to protect cells from free radical damage and contributes to the normal formation of collagen in skin.
  • Vitamin C also contributes to the regeneration of Vitamin E which your body needs.

King of Super Fruits

  • One of the highest antioxidant capacities of any fruit in the world.
  • Rich in Amino Acids, Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C.
  • Plenty of Magnesium, Iron, Phosphorous, Zinc and Fiber.
  • ORAC value of 1,400 per gram.

Vita-V: Organic Goodness

  • Organic Baobab
  • Organic Açaí
  • Organic Mangosteen
  • Organic Pomegranate
  • Organic Back currant
  • Organic Banana
  • Organic Pear

Kids love it

Vita-V daily serving is a one-of-a-kind all-natural organic blend of juices from the following seven types of delicious exotic ­fruit. Vita-V is seriously high in natural vitamins and minerals with the anti-oxidants your kids need on a daily basis. Most importantly, there are no fillers like most multi-vitamins. All you have to do is toss a 2.5-oz. bottle in your child's lunch box as a tasty treat.


Learn more

VitaV Package

Vita-V Facts

Learn more


Feed 10,000 Children in Africa Africa Baobab - Vita-V Africa Baobab Feed10K

Every pledge, starting at just $10, will help fund the charitable efforts of the Live Richer Foundation, an affiliated non-profit organization dedicated to feeding malnourished children in Africa. In this initial effort, Vita-V aims to raise $150,000 US to get the resources required to feed 10,000 African children.

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Crowd Funding Spotlight: Everly – drink mixes made right

Let’s free ourselves from artificial ingredients with a drink that’s actually healthy, easy on the Earth, and designed for a full life.

  • Launched: Apr 9, 2013
  • Funding ends: May 9, 2013

What we’re doing:

We’re creating a line of natural drink mixes in a super artificial market. It’s called Everly, and it looks like this:

  • Natural Ingredients like sweeteners from plants and colors from fruits. See our ingredients lists.
  • Nutrients from fruit and plant extracts.
  • No calories, because those should come from food, right?
  • Great taste. Before this Kickstarter project, hundreds of people across the country signed up for a free sample packet of Everly in the mail. See what they said.

Why we need you:

We’ve poured our life savings into creating three flavors and preparing a production run, but now we need your help to fund the first full batch of all three flavors.

Why it matters:

Through creating a better beverage we want to contribute to a better world:

  • It begins with better ingredients going into people’s bodies. We think of our packets as little investments in long-term health. Day after day, that’ll add up to a happier, healthier group of humans. That gets us giddy.
  • Every purchase of Everly might mean one less bottle in a landfill. Considering only 2 in 10 bottles are recycled, that’s exciting environmental potential.

We dream of the day when we’re making our packets from plant-based materials, sourcing ingredients from farmers we’ve met, and exploring ways we can use hydration to help others. This is the first, crucial step towards a future of being a good business. Drink mixes made right, making the world right - that’s where we’re going. Help us get there.


Pomegranate Maqui Berry: Tart and refreshing, with antioxidants from pomegranate and maqui berry extracts. This is our all-around flavor, for healthy hydration you can mix up wherever, whenever you want.

Peach Mango: Smooth and succulent, with guarana seed extract. This is our go-getter flavor, for when you’re at the starting line of that 5k, or at the summit of that 14k.


Green Tea Passion Fruit: Cool and calming, with all the goodness of green tea. This is our stay-sharp flavor, for when you’re tackling that midnight deadline or devouring the last chapter of your latest read.

See our nutrition facts here.

Hole Punched Packets:

We'll be able to hole-punch this batch of Everly packets so you can clip them onto your bottle and carry them with you wherever. It’s small details like this that add up to make a world of difference.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We’ve already completed a tiny batch of our pomegranate maqui berry flavor and smoothed out the kinks in our production process. Our ingredients are being sourced and the packaging is ready, but there are always risks to delivering Kickstarter rewards on time:

Ingredients: While we know where to source all of our ingredients, unexpected events like a global shortage of stevia leaf may affect our production timelines.

Hole-punched packets: We haven’t made packets with the hole punch in them yet, so we may experience delays in production as we tweak this part of the process.


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Crowd Funding Spotlight: East Bali Cashews

East Bali Cashews is an amazing company that needs your support to help them with their expansion plans.

Their Story:

East Bali Cashews is an innovative food production business based in Bali, Indonesia. We combine sustainable, eco-friendly business practices with our mission of community improvement and women's empowerment. Located in dry and impoverished Northeast Bali, we buy the few agricultural products that flourish in this climate directly from farmers and process them at international quality standards. During our first year of operation, we have created over 100 desperately needed jobs, employing and empowering an almost entirely female workforce.


Their Vision:

We have big dreams at East Bali Cashews: helping farmers certify organic, cultivating a demonstration farm to introduce new dry-climate crops, offering health and finance workshops, and starting the first preschool in the village.

This year our team has processed over 50 tons of excellent quality cashews, using the cashew shells to fuel our production machines. Over the next year, we hope to expand our product line and start exporting internationally. We have big dreams at East Bali Cashews: helping farmers certify organic cultivating a demonstration farm to introduce new dry-climate crops offering health and finance workshops, and starting the first preschool in the village.Help us improve the livelihoods of thousands of families in Northeast Bali by purchasing our delicious products and spreading the word!


Their Need:

How do you get a cashew nut from Bali to the shores of the U.S.?  One BIG shipping container on one BIG boat. Our goal is to get you cashews via the most efficient way possible at a price at or below what you are currently paying. Right now we buy direct from farmers and process directly in the village. This is unlike the vast majority of the world's cashews that are shipped thousands of miles to a processing factory along the way passing through 4-5 traders.

We want to then ship our locally processed cashews directly to an Amazon Fulfillment warehouse and from there they will be shipped right to your door. Usually most cashews that are sold have passed through another 3-4 companies after the large factories have processed them.

So we want to go from Farmer > Our factory > Amazon warehouse > You.

Right now it goes Farmer > Trader > Purchaser > Exporter > Importer > Trader > Processor > Exporter > Importer > Distributor > Warehouse > Store > You.

Our cashews will be the freshest cashews you have ever tasted. Why? Because they will come right to you from our farms.


For more information visit:


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Crowd Funding Spotlight: Night Food Snack Bars





NightFood is looking for $50,000 to launch their product nationally.  If you like to eat snacks before bed or just like to eat food late at night you are going to want to hear about this product.



Why NightFood?

When I first got the idea for NightFood, I was just a guy who wasn’t able to sleep well, eating junk at all hours of the night. I wanted a healthier snack that would satisfy my evil cravings, fill me up on fewer calories, and help me sleep better. Was that too much to ask?

Over the last few years, tons of research has come out showing that I wasn't alone.

MassiveHealth, via their iPhone app, tracked almost 8 million food ratings from users over 5 months, and determined that we eat more junk right before bed than at any other time of day. And, research published in the International Journal of Eating Disorders says that 25% of us don’t just snack at night, but we eat such strange snacks at night that we'd be ashamed if others found out.



Why should you contribute?

If you don't eat, or don't sleep, maybe NightFood isn't for you?

Seriously, we know nighttime cravings are real. We know that fighting them is hard, and giving in to them is unhealthy and disruptive to our sleep.

How great would it be to have a product in your local store that's delicous enough to satisfy those cravings, filling enough (on only 150 calories) to help you avoid eating anything else, that also helps you sleep better, so you can wake up feeling refreshed and have more energy all day long?

With NightFood, you can satisfy your cravings, and get better sleep


How are we helping to save the world?

In the small picture, we’re really just talking about replacing one snack with another, eliminating a few calories, and getting better sleep.

In the big picture, we know that a small improvement in sleep improves just about every area of our lives. Our health, energy levels, produ

ctivity at work, our relationships with our spouses and families, even our metabolism and appetite are proven to be strongly linked with the quality of our sleep.

If we can help enough people sleep a little better every night, we’re actually going to make the world a better place. It might sound corny, but when we get E-mails from happy customers telling us that NightFood changed their lives, that makes it very real.



Why do we need the money?

One of the big 3 pharmacy chains (we're not allowed to identify them yet) is ready to test NightFood in their stores before launching us nationally.

You've probably heard stories about people who start snack bar companies in their kitchen, garage, or a small bakery (like Clif Bar). But, NightFood isn't just a snack bar.

Because of the special ingredients we use in NightFood to support better sleep, we're required to meet very strict FDA manufacturing requirements.  A kitchen or bakery won't do.

Our manufacturer is an SQF 2000 certified facility (the highest standards in the industry), and they manufacture bars hundreds of thousands (if not millions) at a time for brands like NutriSystem.

We need your contributions so we can order fresh product, with our new and improved formula, to initiate the in-store testing. With your help, we can be in thousands of stores across the country in just a few months. For millions of people out there eating junk at night this is big news!





The NightFood Team

Sean Folkson and Peter Leighton head up the NightFood team.

Sean is a former insomniac and late night snacker.  NightFood helps, but his 2 young sons ensure that he doesn’t quite get all the sleep he needs.

Peter is a nutrition industry veteran. Over the last 25 years, Peter has been responsible for developing and marketing products and brands such as CitriMax® ,Schiff® , Tiger’s Milk®, and Carb Intercept®.

In addition, a team of formulators, food scientists, and FDA regulatory experts are on board to guide, support, and help innovate as NightFood looks to develop and grow our product line.











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