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Drink Spotlight: Mocked Up Cucumber Cosmo Alcohol Free Mocktail


Designate yourself the life of the party

Nothing says style and sophistication like a well made Cosmo in the perfect martini glass. Our take on this classic cocktail combines tart cranberry juice with a hint of crisp cucumber... And don't worry, only you know it's a virgin. Always classy, never trashy. Unless trashy becomes necessary. Then it’s go time!




Company: Mocked Up
Brand: Mocked Up
Slogan: Delicious & Sophisticated
Origin: USA
Category: Mocktail
Packaging: 1 liter
Alcohol Volume: 0% Alcohol
Claims: All Natural, No Preservatives, Contains Real Juice
Variants: Margarita, Cucumber Cosmo, Pina Colada
Price: $39.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Retailers - Stop & Shop, Shaws, Whole Foods Market, Christmas Tree Shops
Website: mocktailsthatrock.com









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Product Spotlight: Cocktail Me

Cocktail Me, it is the meeting between a contractor lover of cocktails, and a Chief Creative bartender's recipes.

Benjamin Bauquin (founder):
"It is not always easy to have all the ingredients or quality raw materials quality available when one wishes to make cocktails." Our goal is to offer premium, 100% natural preparations, which allow you to easily create cocktails throughout the year, with or without alcohol!"



100% Natural and organic ingredients
Strawberry puree / lime juice / cane sugar / water



100% Natural and organic ingredients
Lime juice / lemon juice / natural mint flavor / cane sugar / water



100% Natural and organic ingredients
Cranberry juice / orange juice / lime juice / lemon juice / cane sugar / water



Company: Cocktail me
Brand: Cocktail me
Category: Drink Mixers
Origin: France
Varieties: Mojito, Cosmo, Strawberry Daiquiri
Packaging: Pouch
Claims: 100% Natural
Website: cocktail.me.fr



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Product Spotlight: Kiss Mix Ready to Drink Beverages

Kiss Mix was created with a vision to prove that our flair, passion and product knowledge can be globally appreciated. We firmly believe that we are reinvigorating and redefining the traditional cocktail market, with our quirky design, strong brand image and the all-important quality and consistency of our taste.

Their Vision:

We aim for total satisfaction by offering no compromise on either taste profile, or quality of ingredients. Experienced UK based mixologists, working in tandem with leading European flavour houses, have helped to produce the industry’s leading cocktails, available today. The drink is then wrapped in a slimline aluminium, recyclable can, with it’s provocative yet stylish imaging. The result is a strong (double shot) spirit based cocktail, with all the convenience of a chilled can, but with the taste of a professionally mixed drink.

Kiss Mix offers a line of Ready to Drink alcoholic beverages.  Currently there are six flavors available, each containing 8% alcohol volume.


Company: Kiss Mix
Brand: Kiss Mix
Category: Ready to Drink Alcohol
Origin: UK
Packaging: 200ml
Varieties Cosmopolitan, Screwdriver, Lemon Drop, Gin & Tonic, Energy, Orange
Alcohol Volume: 8%
Website: kiss-mix.net



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Product Spotlight: Thin Lizzy Cocktails


Meet the new girl in town: The new low calorie cocktail, Thin Lizzy. Thin Lizzy
Skinny Cocktails will revolutionize the cocktail category this summer for being
the Skinniest drink in town! It is the most innovative drink to date that welcomes
those long summer days by re-inventing the elements that constitute the perfect summer
drink, making it a guilt free pleasure for everyone to enjoy. Less than 45 calories
per serving, no sugar or diet additives are used but rather natural flavours and a
natural plant extract which is packed with anti oxidants for natural sweetness.

Thin Lizzy Skinny Cocktails are available in two varieties, the Cosmo
which is made with premium vodka, delicious cranberry, citrus and lime flavors
and Mojito, made with Premium vodka, natural mint and lime flavors.
Less than 45 calories per serving. No sugar or diet additives used. Contains Natural flavors.
Features natural plant extract packed with anti oxidants for natural sweetness.


Company: Makro
Brand: Thin Lizzy
Slogan: A
Category:  Beverages, Alcoholic Beverages, Flavored Alcohol, RTD
Origin: South Africa
Price: $
Packaging: 750ml Bottle
Claims: No sugar or diet additives used. Natural Flavors
Varieties:  Cosmo, Mojito
Website: facebook.com/pages/Thin-Lizzy-Skinny-Cocktails


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