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Drink Spotlight: Roar Living 100% Natural Cordials


Using the ancient process of pressing, infusing, crushing, grinding & steeping Roar Living brings you 3 unique flavours.


Plum Pudding

Davidson Plums are gently poached with cinnamon.

The mixture is strained then added to raw sugar syrup to steep then strained again.

Raspberry Jam
Plump sweet juicy raspberries are carefully pressed then lemon juice is added. Raw sugar syrup is gently poured over then simmered.

Cool Mint

Mint is carefully bruised then steeped in fresh lime juice and its zest. After a period of time it is all infused with raw sugar cane syrup.

Whilst all care is taken to strain, at times there will be a few particles in the cordial, which brings out the pure nature of the process.

There are no fillers or emulsifiers to bind together, you may find separation, so please shake before use.



About the Company
It is a custom in the Middle East to offer your guests a thirst quenching refreshment upon their arrival into your home.

That says a lot about where ROAR LIVING has come from.

Founder of Roar Living Maria Assatourian found her passion with food at

the age of 4. Maria began life in Iran where the kitchen was, and still is, the soul

of the home and most ingredients came straight from the garden.

By age 7 Maria was baking cakes, Lamingtons to be precise.

Maria turned her passion into a career: an apprenticeship with Neil Perry at The Rockpool, and with Damian Pignolet at Bistro Moncur. She worked for later with Colin Holt and Matthew Flemming, ending up as Sous Chef of the White Horse Inn in historic Berrima. Read More




Company:  Roar Living
Brand:  Roar
Slogan: 100% Natural
Origin: Australia
Category: Cordials
Packaging: 500ml bottle
Claims: 100% Natural
Variants: Plum Pudding, Raspberry Jam, Cool Mint
Price: $16.95
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: roarliving.com.au







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Product Spotlight: Frou Frou Cordials


Arnold de Vila Nova, the Catalan alchemist, wrote in the 13th century of aqua vitae flavoured with herbs and spices; cordials so life restoring that their production was regarded as a divinely inspired gift from Heaven.

Cordials are now artificially coloured and flavoured, part of the junk food culture of the 21st century. Maximum sugar, for the lowest price.

Yet the tradition lives on. Frou-Frou cordials are a divinely inspired gift, not from Heaven, but from Splitters Creek, overlooking the Murray River. They're made without preservatives, colouring or artificial flavours, and minimum sugar from fresh Australian fruit.

Frou-Frou from the Splitters Creek Fruit Company. New cordials that are part of an old tradition.

Frou-Frou is different. It was developed in response to the glaring lack of interesting non-alcoholic alternatives offered at catered events, cafes and restaurants. The options on the market, juice, soft drink and mineral water, were uninspiring at best. Premium businesses were starved of a premium product to offer an increasingly health conscious and discerning clientele.

With this in mind, Fruo-Frou was designed to mix with soda water for a decidely top shelf non-alcoholic alternative.

Using the exotic and fresh fruit flavours also allows you to effortlessly make cocktails and frappés. Its carefully balanced sugar content means that your frappés will not become bland as they melt in the summer sun.

Product Features

Made from 100% pure Australian fruit*.
No preservatives
No artificial colours
No artificial flavouring


Company: Splitters Creek Fruit Company
Brand: Frou Frou
Origin: Australia
Category: Concentrates & Drink Mixes
Packaging: 375ml, 750ml
Claims: No Preservatives, No artificial colors or flavors
Varieties: View Full list here
Website: froufroucordials.com.au




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Product Spotlight: Fruities No Preservative Cordials For Kids


Fruities is Australia’s only preservative free cordial! Packed full of fun rather than artificial additives, so that Aussie families can taste the freedom of cordial without the worry!

Unlike other kid’s cordials, Australian owned and made Fruities is the only cordial of its kind to contain zero preservatives and absolutely nothing artificial. Finally a cordial that mum can feel good about buying and the kids love drinking! In an age where finding the right option from the supermarket shelf can be confusing and stressful, Fruities makes the choice deliciously refreshing, fun and simple:

• No preservatives
• No artificial sweeteners
• Natural colors
• Natural flavors
• 50% fruit juice

There is always so much focus on avoiding artificial colors and flavors, but artificial preservatives are just as high on mum’s hit list of things to avoid! And that’s why Fruities is a new favorite amongst Aussie parents who say NO to anything artificial!

Fruities is available in four deliciously fruity flavors - Apple Raspberry, Apple Lime, Tropical and Orange – all containing 50% real fruit juice, natural colors and flavors and up to 40% less sugar than key competitor products.

Being a double concentrate, don't forget that a little bit goes a very long way! Every 1L bottle of Fruities makes up to 10L of refreshing ready-to-drink cordial – now that’s a lot of cordial from one small bottle!

We know that mums and dads also try to limit their kid’s sugar intake, so we’ve added the natural sweetener stevia to all our Fruities cordials, enabling a significant reduction in sugar content whilst still maintaining that refreshingly sweet and full flavored taste that kids love. Everyone’s a winner!

And for those of you who are used to storing your cordial in the cupboard….think again! Being preservative free, you’ll need to make sure your Fruities is stored in the fridge after opening, not the cupboard!

So, the next time you’re out looking for a cordial for the kids, make sure you give Fruities a try! We just know you’re going to love it!



Company: Fruities
Brand: Fruities
Category: Concentrates & Drink Mixes
Origin: Australia
Packaging: 1 Liter Recyclable Bottle
Claims: No Preservatives
Varieties:  Tropical, Apple Raspberry, Apple Lime and Orange
Price: $4.75 USD

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