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Industry News: Balance by bistro MD – a Non-Subscription Based Service That Does the Cooking for You


NAPLES, Fla., Dec. 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Fresh, prepared meals right at your doorstep without any strings attached? BistroMD, the leader in home diet meal delivery, has turned this nutritious dream into a reality. Their newest extension, Balance by bistroMD, is the first meal delivery service to offer non-subscription, á la carte meals straight to your doorstep. Balance has one priority in mind – providing its consumers with quality meals and resources to eat better, achieve great health, and supplement or maintain weight loss. Generally, meal delivery services come with pricey memberships and confined meal packages, but Balance by bistroMD meals start from just $5.95.

"Eating well does take more time than many of us have: to shop for, prepare, and cook meals when you are tired and strapped for time. There's a reason fast-food restaurants are so popular, and the time factor is a big part of it," said Dr. Caroline J. Cederquist, founder of bistroMD. "Balance by bistroMD is a better way to eat for people who do not have time to cook, don't want to cook, or don't know how to cook." All meals are ready in less than six minutes, which reduces extra time in the kitchen.

The quality of each meal drives Balance's core philosophy while counting calories, measuring, and planning take the backseat. Nutritionally balanced meals are created by a team of chefs, utilizing the freshest ingredients possible. All meals are prepared using no fillers, unnecessary ingredients like added MSG or trans-fats, and there's no mess and no food waste.

Ed Cederquist, co-founder, CEO and resident foodie states, "Balance includes a diverse range of foods and flavors that will keep people looking and feeling their best. Unlike recurring ingredient delivery services, Balance's fresh-frozen meals can be used anytime to fill the gaps on nights that you don't have time to prepare a healthy meal, but want to avoid unhealthy options such as fast food or highly processed meals sold in grocery stores."  Balance by bistroMD offers:

  • Full Flexibility. Order as many meals as desired when they are needed
  • Convenience. Access and order all meals from the comfort of home. Meals start at $5.95 each with the convenience of front door delivery
  • Extensive Meal Options. With over 150 seasonal meal options to choose from, healthy eating will never feel confined to the same meals
  • Nutritionally Balanced Meals. All meals feature high-quality proteins, are low in sodium and fat, and stay between 240 to 400 calories
  • Specialty Diet Accommodations. Balance by bistroMD accommodates to special diet needs – including gluten-free, diabetic, heart-healthy, and vegetarian options
  • A Snack Line. Also known as EATS, this collection of high-protein snacks provide longer-lasting satisfaction in between meals
  • Recipes. Balance by bistroMD provides healthy, balanced recipes as well, for when the urge to cook strikes

BistroMD is a weight loss program that offers healthy, chef-prepared weight-loss meal options for delivery. The comfort of convenient meals aligns with Balance's mission, believing balanced eating and a balanced lifestyle should be easy. Balance takes out all the guesswork, offers flexibility, provides the highest quality ingredients, and lets consumers focus on living their lives. Balance by bistroMD offers shipping to the contiguous United States. Ready to jump into health? To find out more information or purchase meals, visit balance.bistromd.com.



A better way to eat. No cooking required. (PRNewsFoto/Balance by bistroMD)

A better way to eat. No cooking required. (PRNewsFoto/Balance by bistroMD)


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tigernut feat3

Food Spotlight: Tigernut Oil



  • High content of oleic acid (Monounsaturated fat acid which has a higher resistance to chemical decomposition)
  • Content in polyunsaturated fatty acid (linoleic acid & linolenic acid) enough to cover daily minimum needs, over 10 grams
  • High content of Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol)
  • Higher oxidative stability than other oils, due to its content of polyunsaturated fatty acids and gamma-tocoferol
  • Higher smoke point than olive oil
  • Cold Pressed



This high quality oil is extracted by a cold, virgin process in order to ensure that it retains all the unique nutritious qualities of the TigerNut itself. The oil is golden brown in color and has a rich, nutty taste. TigerNut Oil was first used by Egyptians 4,000 years ago in preference to olive oil. Indeed, it is generally considered a healthier alternative. Highly recommended for cooking above other oils because it is more resistant to chemical decomposition at high temperatures. Furthermore, less fat is absorbed into the food as it creates a crust on the surface during cooking, preventing the oil itself being absorbed into the product.  TigerNut oil is also a fantastic component of beauty products. It has a high oleic acid content and low acidity and is excellent for the skin!



About the company

Our True Roots is the Brooklyn-based maker of healthful beverages and snacks. We believe that the food and drinks we consume have a direct impact on our health. Our foundation is grounded in pure ingredients which have been organically sourced and non-gmo verified. We look for simplicity, mixing of pure ingredients, no additives and no compromises.



Company: TigerNut
Brand:  Tigernut Oil
Slogan:  TigerNut
Origin:  US
Category:  Oil
Packaging: 375ml
Claims: High content of Vitamin E, Cold Pressed
Variants:  View product range here
Price:  $26.00
Where to Buy:  US, Buy Online
Website: http://organicgemini.com/



tigernut oil


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ichi oil feat

Oil Spotlight: eSutras Sacha Inchi Oil



Grown without pesticides or chemicals in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, this star among super foods is more than just an excellent source of essential fatty acids, proteins and amino acids. Sustainably harvested and raw. Cold pressed in small batches makes it very stable, meaning it won’t go rancid easily at room temperature. Your body is going to love how easily it digests the nutrients of our tasty, wholesome Sacha Inchi oil. We recommend that you take approximately 1 Tbsp to get the benefits of all the healthy fats.


  • One of the highest Omega-3 concentration of any food on Earth
  • 100% Extra Virgin Sacha Inchi Oil.
  • Shelf life of 2 years
  • Serving Size: 1 tbsp- Calories 124, Total Fat 14g, Sat. Fat 1g, Omega 3 7g, Omega 6 5g, Omega 9 1g.
  • GMO Free, Cold Pressed, Gluten-Free, Vegan




About the Company
When you have as many diverse products as eSutras, you need more than one brand name to hold them. eSutras Organics is the brand name we use for any product that has been certified "organic" by the USDA. Most products on this site have been certified. eSutras Naturals is the brand we use for the natural products that haven't been certified but are still made from all natural products.





Company: eSutras Organics
Brand:  Sacha Inchi Oil
Slogan:  eSutras Organics
Origin:  US
Category:  Oil
Packaging:  250ml
Claims:  GMO Free, Cold Pressed, Gluten-Free, Vegan
Variants:  View product range here
Price:  $23.99
Where to Buy:  Buy online
Website: http://esutras.com/






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Cooking Spotlight: La Tourangelle Roasted Pistachio Spray Oil


The same roasted pistachio oil you know and love now with the convenience and efficiency of an all-natural, non-aerosol spray can! La Tourangelle handcrafts this Roasted Pistachio Oil in Woodland, California strictly following the 150-year-old traditional methods of its French sister oil mill. Slowly roasted to perfection, expeller-pressed and lightly filtered, this oil adds a rich pistachio taste to finished dishes.


Pistachio oil is a delicious and easy-to-use oil. A spray of pistachio oil is the perfect touch for enhancing flavors. Spray directly on your finished salad, toasted bread, grilled fish or meat. You can also try it with pasta or cheese. Don't hesitate to spray your pan with it for cakes and other baked goods.

Store in a cool, dry place. Do not refrigerate.

Suitable for low heat with a smoke point of 200ºF.

Health benefits
La Tourangelle Pistachio Oil contains a low level of saturated fat, high levels of monounsaturated fatty acid, but it also has a decent amount of linoleic fatty acid. This balance makes for a very healthy oil that will help to protect your heart and fight against bad cholesterol.

Production process
La Tourangelle is the first oil mill in California to produce pistachio oil using traditional French methods. After harvesting, the nuts are washed, sorted, sun-dried for several days and stored for further drying. The pistachio kernels are then ground and roasted in cast-iron kettles. The resulting warm paste is pressed in a hydraulic press. Following mechanical extraction, the oil is lightly filtered and bottled. The oil has intense pistachio flavors and a luxurious, dark green color.

Shelf life
Unopened: 24-month shelf life
Opened: best used within 12 months









About the Company
We, at La Tourangelle, are an authentic & traditional family producer of specialty oils handcrafting a wide range of delicious artisan nut oils both in France and California. All the La Tourangelle nut oils sold in North America are made in our artisan oil mill located in Woodland, CA mostly from California grown nuts.

We also distribute an exclusive line of premium oils imported from all over the World. All our artisan oils are expeller-pressed, Non-GMO, all natural and delicious. Read More





Company: La Tourangelle
Brand: La Tourangelle
Slogan: Artisan Oils
Origin: USA
Category: Oils
Packaging: 5fl oz
Claims: Non GMO, Made in California, Kosher, BPA Free, All Natural, Hand Crafted
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $9.99 USD
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: latourangelle.com





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Food Spotlight: Vita Coco Coconut Oil


NEW YORK — Vita Coco, the nation’s most popular coconut water brand, announces that they will be launching a new product, “Vita Coco Coconut Oil.” Synonymous with natural hydration and replenishment, Vita Coco is now the first premium coconut water brand to introduce an organic coconut oil.

Just as Vita Coco coconut water is “never from concentrate” – part of the brand’s commitment to producing the most delicious, nutrient-rich beverages possible – its coconut oil is produced with premium quality in mind. Vita Coco Coconut Oil is USDA organic certified, 100% raw and cold-pressed.

The use of organic coconut oil is on the rise, whether applied as a beauty, health-conscious or wellness treatment, or enjoyed in a culinary manner – in smoothies, in baking, or frying. Health-minded fans of coconut oil use it to moisturize skin and hair, use it as an alternative to butter, and in one of the latest and more controversial trends, use it to promote gum health by “oil pulling.” As with Vita Coco coconut water, Vita Coco Coconut Oil’s uses are almost limitless!

Vita Coco Coconut Oil will be available online through Amazon later this month and will be sold in 18-ounce PET jars. Vita Coco Coconut Oil will also be sold in 14-ounce flint frosted glass jars in the cooking oil section and beauty section of national natural specialty retailers. Consumers can also look for the brand in the beauty section of select department stores.

The Vita Coco brand has consistently been one of the most popular grocery items on Amazon since 2008, and Amazon was one of the first major retailers to promote coconut water.



About Vita Coco

Vita Coco® is the brand that started America’s craze for fresh coconut water. Informed consumers, pro-athletes and nutritionists as well as in-the-know celebrities and influencers have all become loyal fans of coconut water, swearing by the Vita Coco brand for its delicious flavor, hydrating properties and replenishment benefits. Award-winning Vita Coco, which counts Madonna, Demi Moore and Matthew McConaughey amongst its investors, is one of the most sought-after products in the beverage aisle.

In the U.S. Vita Coco is available nationwide, at nearly 100,000 stores. It is also sold in dozens of U.S. airports and university campuses, as well as online on Amazon


Company: All Market Inc
Brand: Vita Coco
Slogan: Hydrate Naturally
Origin: USA
Category: Oil
Packaging: 16fl oz
Claims: Cold Pressed, 100% Natural
Variants: View all Here
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Store Locator
Website: vitacoco.com




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Tech Spotlight: Hellman’s Delivers Cooking Lessons via WhatsApp in Brazil


The mayonnaise brand has launched WhatsCook in Brazil, a campaign that provides instant recipes and cooking advice from pro chefs via the popular WhatsApp messaging service.

Hellmann’s mayonnaise is determined to find new ways to engage its customer base, whether it’s through NFC-enabled touchscreen shopping carts that deliver meal suggestions as customers walk through the store, or printing recipes on the back of receipts, tailored their shopping bill. Now it’s returned with WhatsCook, a campaign that helps anyone get instant recipes and cooking advice from pro chefs via the popular WhatsApp messaging service.

Continue Reading @ SpringWise


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Crowdfunding Spotlight: The WokMon




The WokMon is a patented first-of-its-kind revolutionary breakthrough kitchen gadget that can turn your home's kitchen into a haven for cooking delicious and healthy stir-fried dishes. It directly addresses and solves a long persistent heating problem that has plagued millions of people who have attempted to cook at home using woks with varying degrees of success. Every major author of Asian cookbooks has also tried with mixed results to address this heat issue and Asian cooking bloggers have been writing about this issue for a long time.



The WokMon is the solution that everyone has been hoping for when it comes to woking. I cannot emphasize the importance of achieving this “Holy Grail” of high heat that Asian chefs call “Wok Hei” or “Breath of the Wok.” When Wok Hei is achieved the result is a great tasting dish.

As you can see, from the illustration below, there is a “dead spot” in consumer gas stoves because the flames fan outward. Therefore a wok placed on this flame can never achieve its ultimate cooking potential.





Making sure that the center of your wok attains a high temperature is an integral part of woking. Enter the patented WokMon.

The WokMon's unique focus ring redirects all of your gas burner's flames towards the center turning your wok's “dead spot” into a “hot spot.” The WokMon easily turns relatively low powered gas burners into very efficient wok burners. The results are amazingly hot stir-fried dishes and a wok that is also capable of efficient steaming just like in a Chinese restaurant's kitchen.

By using every bit of the gas flame's energy (measured in BTUs) that would normally be wasted, your stove becomes up to 50% more efficient, thus making the WokMon a green (energy efficient) device. [Note: Home gas burners vary from 7000 BTUs to 18,000 BTUs for hi-end stoves vs.150,000+ BTUs for restaurant burners].



The American version of the wok started out as a traditional rounded bottomed wok from Asia. However, various manufacturers have contributed to the mutation of today’s wok designs that include flat-bottomed, aluminum, multi-layer clad, stainless steel and most recently green ceramic. However with the exception of expensive cooktops designed for woking, gas stove burners have not evolved to take advantage of the potential benefits of these new wok designs. The WokMon will breathe new life into these woks! [Important note: Teflon woks cannot be used with the high heat from WokMon without toxic fumes being emitted, a real no-no. The intensity of the heat will also damage the non stick surface.]



Is your Wok "woking out" for you?

Western stoves were designed for flat cookware that require relatively low power to cook basic cuisine. But they are grossly underpowered for woking. Despite the desire to make a fabulous Asian meal, many cooks end up putting up with mediocre results. After a few disappointments, they may order take-out, often abandoning their woks all together. Its Stew-Frying vs. Stir-Frying.



One of my goals in inventing the WokMon was to help us eat healthier “balanced” diets. Many health experts and dietitians emphasize the need to add "fresh vegetables and fiber" to our overall diet. We are combating very complicated, confusing messages in the media on what to eat and our waistlines are not shrinking. We are battling obesity and related rising medical costs. Asian cuisine and wok cooking with the help of the WokMon can help us take a healthier approach to our diet. Also the combination of meat and vegetables makes for a more interesting eating experience than the regular day-to-day fare.


Up until this point, I have explained how WokMon works and why it is needed in the kitchen. Now I need your help to get it into America’s and the world's kitchens. In return, you will be the first cooks to experience the power of the WokMon.

My crowdfunding goal is $200,000 to start-up. This will cover the (high) cost of tooling the four molds needed for manufacture and other basic start-up costs like product liability insurance and warehousing, not to mention, rewards fulfillment.

The millions of “under-powered wok“ owners out there will appreciate the WokMon's amazing power and will recognize the need to bring gadget to market immediately.




Help me bring Woksanity to your kitchen!

Scroll down or click on the Rewards link on the right to see the many funding/rewards levels. Of course, any amount you can contribute to make the WokMon a reality would be very greatly appreciated. You can also help by getting the word out to your family, friends and woking enthusiasts everywhere.






One of the leading food scientists in the country, Kenji Lopez-Alt of The Food Lab and Serious Eats has been testing the WokMon. Kenji  published his unbiased review on the May 19th.




We do know that he is very happy with his testing and this is another reason we know this product is a winner. Kitchen revolutions of this sort do not come along too often.



http://hudsonreporter.com/view/full_story/25284305/article-Wok-on----Local-actor-Glen-Lee-turns-up-heat-with-new-kitchen-product--?instance=north_bergen_top_storytheblinker.com and Chinese media outlets have pickup the story.


The latest buzz on the Food Wrap Show, http://www.videobash.com/video_show/food-wrap-w-glen-lee-2372561 talking about why made in USA.

Visit wokmon.com

Visit their Crowdfunding Page to support the WokMon




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Product Spotlight: Pastabilities Spicy Hot Tomato Oil

A “put-on-anything” sauce with just a little heat, mellowed by a sweet tomato finish. We call it Spicy Hot Tomato Oil® because of the pure olive oil we use in the base. Toss it on pasta, drag your bread through it, or spoon it over eggs in the morning. The Pastabilities are endless!

Package Contents: (15oz) Jars of Spicy Hot Tomato Oil®

 About the company:
Pasta's began making artisan bread for the restaurant in 1997 as a natural companion to the existing mission of the restaurant: an unwavering commitment to serve food made from scratch. As demand for our bread outgrew our baking space, Pastabilities opened Pasta's Daily Bread directly across the street at 308 South Franklin Street

Brand: Pastabilities
Category: Spicy Hot Tomato Oil
Origin: USA
Slogan: Pasta's Daily Bread
Packaging: 15oz
Price: $6.99
Website: pastabilities.com, http://shop.hottom.com/


How to eat Hot Tom




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The sourdough hotel at the Urban Deli in Stockholm

The sourdough hotel: a cultural centre

Sourdough breadmaking has had a real renaissance in recent years, with specialist artisan bakeries rolling out across Europe and the US, and more and more people cultivating their own batches at home. In Sweden the craze has been particularly intense and Stockholm is now home to the, let's face it, somewhat gimmicky "sourdough hotel". Located in the Urban Deli in the painfully hip Sofo district, the "hotel" charges 300 Swedish Crowns (£27) a week (a week!) to keep sourdoughs thriving while their owners go on holiday.

According to Jesper Konstantinov, part-owner of the Urban Deli, sourdough baking is popular among what he calls the socially conscious. And, he adds, "it's huge among stay-at-home-dads. They have really been a driving force in the Swedish sourdough craze. They are the same dads who come to us for tips on how to make their own sausages because they don't want to give their kids the commercially produced stuff. They don't trust it."

Full Article @ Guardian


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Click n Cook is an all-in-one cooking utensil system

Have all your cooking utensils lined up in one place with Quirky's Click n Cook system, a cookware that has interchangeable attachment heads.

Unless you’re the next Martha Stewart and have all your cooking utensils neatly lined and ready for a photo op for some kind of gardening and interior design magazine, chances are your kitchen tools are all stashed and jumbled in one single drawer. Wouldn’t it just be easier if all the utensils share the same handle and can be organized visibly?

The Quirky Click n Cook will do just that. Using one shared handle, the attachment clicks into different heads for different sizes and types of cookware. The idea is similar to razor blades that keeps the same handle with changeable blades each time. The five attachments include spatula, spoon, and mixer with different widths, curves, and slits for cooking pancakes or sautéing vegetables. The dock containing these attachments can be placed anywhere on the countertop, making all the parts visible for when you need to use them.

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