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Food Spotlight: Fast, Fresh And Flavorful: Two New Mealtime Solutions From The Little Potato Company



New Easy Sides and Microwave Ready kit flavor variety offers more convenient mealtime solutions throughout the grocery store

EDMONTON, Alberta and ANAHEIM, Calif., Oct. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Little Potato Company, the number one Creamer potato company in North America, is taking convenience to a new level with the launch of Easy Sides, fully cooked, pre-seasoned Creamer potatoes that are ready to heat and eat in only seven minutes. Consumers have less time to prepare meals, but their desire for healthy, convenient food options, that don't sacrifice on taste, is on the rise1. The Little Potato Company now has several Creamer products to meet the needs of different consumers' taste and cooking styles - any night of the week.

The latest no-stress meal solution, Easy Sides, comes in four family-friendly flavors: Onion and Garlic, Sea Salt and Black Pepper, Paprika and Bell Pepper, and Sweet Bell and Onion. They are slow-cooked sous vide style, in a warm water bath with natural spices resulting in fully cooked Creamer potatoes that are ready in minutes. Preparing Easy Sides is simple – cut open the pouch and heat in the skillet for crispy Little potatoes.

"Through our consumer research, we discovered that one of the biggest pain points when it comes to eating potatoes is that they are too time consuming and complicated to prepare, so we've taken the complication out," said Richard Vann, Vice President of Marketing and Product Innovation at The Little Potato Company. "We know that consumers are looking for easy, healthy options for their families, and convenience is king. Easy Sides is perfect for weeknight cooking when time is short."

Each package contains three cups of Creamer potatoes, which are naturally fat, gluten, and cholesterol free vegetables packed with essential vitamins and minerals and are free of artificial colors and flavors.

The Little Potato Company is also introducing a Lemon & Garden Herb Microwave Ready kit. The new flavor pairs naturally with potatoes and is a great addition to the top selling Microwave Ready line. The Microwave Ready kits provide quick, freshly steamed, perfectly seasoned potatoes in minutes. Additional Microwave Ready kit flavors include: Garlic Parsley, Savory Herb and Tomato Basil.

Visit booth 789 at PMA Fresh Summit to learn more and taste the new Easy Sides and Lemon & Garden Herb Microwave Ready kit!

About The Little Potato Company
The Little Potato Company passionately focuses only on little potatoes. For more than 20 years, the entrepreneurial, company has been the leading producer of Creamers which are highly nutritious, fully mature and naturally delicious small specialty potatoes. Coveted by foodies and chefs alike, the company's proprietary colorful Creamer are available in produce sections across the U.S. and Canada. These popular little Creamers are sold pre-washed and can be cooked in just 5 minutes. Co-founded by CEO Angela Santiago, the family-owned company is dedicated to product innovation and bringing excitement to the potato category. For recipe ideas and inspiration, visit LittlePotatoes.com or Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest @LittlePotatoCo.

1 Mintel Global Food and Drink Trends, 2019

SOURCE The Little Potato Company

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Product Launch: New Libby’s Vegetable Pouches Help Deliver Dinner in a Flash



Innovative Microwaveable Pouches Let Time-Crunched Families Bring Hot Vegetables to the Table in Less than 60 Seconds


MARION, N.Y., Sept. 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Libby's® Fruits & Vegetables announced today the launch of brand-new Libby's® Vegetable Pouches, which will begin rolling out at retailers across the country. A first for the vegetable market, Libby's® Vegetable Pouches will sit alongside their canned counterparts on the shelf, but cook in less than 60 seconds in their own pouch – no pots or heating containers needed. The result: hot, nutritious vegetables in a flash and more time to enjoy food and family.

"Although most parents know vegetables are healthy, they are served at only 23 percent of dinners[1]. Libby's understands that parents need options for bringing vegetables to the table that they can feel good about and that help preserve important family time," said Bruce Wolcott, Vice President of Marketing for Seneca Foods. "New Libby's® Vegetable Pouches bring farm-fresh goodness to busy families, providing a wholesome addition that cooks quickly and is easy to enjoy together."


Libby's designed these state-of-the-art, lightweight pouches containing Libby's® Vegetables to make preparing and serving hot vegetables more convenient than ever. Libby's® Vegetable Pouches:

  • Come in five family favorites – Sweet Peas, Cut Green Beans, Sliced Carrots, Whole Kernel Sweet Corn and Mixed Vegetables – and are all grown and packed in the United States
  • Stand up straight, are flexible, easy to open and fit nicely into kitchen cabinets, taking up less space
  • Are shelf-stable – no need for refrigeration
  • Can be served hot or cold, by themselves or as the star ingredient in side dishes, appetizers and other recipes

To introduce the new Vegetable Pouches, Libby's is teaming up with Donatella Arpaia, Celebrity Chef, Restaurateur and Head Judge on Food Network's Iron Chef America, to develop exclusive recipes featuring the Vegetable Pouches. Arpaia's recipes will be featured in the Libby's® Digital Recipe Box at www.getbacktothetable.com, among hundreds of others that provide quick and easy ideas for preparing and serving vegetables.

"As a working mom, I know firsthand how tough it can be to get the wholesome goodness of vegetables on the dinner table after a busy day," said Arpaia. "Libby's® Vegetable Pouches are the perfect solution for these time-crunched moments, as they're an easy, quick, healthy and delicious addition to side dishes, main courses and even appetizers. I can't wait to share my new Vegetable Pouches recipes with other busy parents."

About Libby's® Fruits & Vegetables
Libby's®, the nation's second largest brand of canned vegetables, has been a staple on American dinner tables since the 1880s. With 117 product varieties, Libby's offers among the industry's most complete lines of canned fruit and vegetables, including Libby's® Naturals, which contain no added sugar or salt. Since 1983, Libby's® Fruits & Vegetables have been produced and distributed by Marion, N.Y. based Seneca Foods Corporation, an independent, publicly traded, fully integrated food processing company. For more information on Libby's® and Seneca Foods visit www.senecafoods.com. For information on Libby's mission, visit www.getbacktothetable.com, like Libby's on Facebook, or follow @LibbysTable on Twitter or Pinterest.

[1] Wansink B, Shimizu M, and Brumberg A. How vegetables make the meal: their hedonic and heroic impact on perceptions of the meal and of the preparer. Public Health Nutrition. 2016. Available at: http://journals.cambridge.org/download.php?file=%2FPHN%2FPHN16_11%2FS1368980012004673a.pdf&code=2317478727e791c5a8274c4fdfabca59






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Breakfast Spotlight: Mornflake Superfast Fruit & Nut Muesli Pot

This muesli is a fruit & nut blend. Our signature oats and cereals are gently blended with juicy Chilean flame raisins, apple, chopped dates & apricots. As if it wasn't irresistible enough we've added roasted nuts and toasted coconut to the mix for an even more sensational breakfast experience. It's just so deliciously CRISPY! This handy pot can be eaten on the go, all you need to add is water and a quick stir to transform it into smooth, refreshing milk.

Mixed Dried Fruit, NUTS & Seeds (42%) (Raisins, Sultanas, Sweetened Dried Pineapple (contains Sugar, Pineapple, Stabiliser: Citric Acid, Preservative: SULPHUR DIOXIDE), Sweetened Banana Chips (contains Banana, Coconut Oil, Sugar, Natural Flavouring), Dried Dates, Sweetened Dried Papaya (contains Papaya, Sugar, Preservative: SULPHUR DIOXIDE), Roasted ALMONDS, Jumbo Flame Raisins, Unsweetened Coconut, Roasted HAZELNUTS, Pumpkin Seeds, PECAN NUTS), Wholegrain OATFLAKES, Wholegrain BARLEY Flakes, Dried Skimmed MILK, Wholegrain Toasted WHEATFLAKES







Company: Mornflake
Brand: Mornflake
Origin: UK
Category:  Cereal
Packaging: 80g Pot
Claims: On the Go, Convenience
Variants: Fruit & Nut, Sultana & Apple, Fruit & Fiber, Raisin Honey & Almond
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: mornflake.com




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Restaurant Quality Guacamole to Make at Home


Chef Rick Bayless, expert in Mexican cuisine, has teamed up with Frontera to create a guacamole mix. Due to the freshness factor of this product, it may not end up being a success but is undoubtably an innovative idea. The mixes are completely natural, contain no preservatives and are free from gluten.

Analysis and Impact:

Rick Bayless is best known for his television series Mexico: One Plate at a Time. He specializes in traditinal Mexican dishes with a modern twist. Bayless's new creation Guacamole Mix is intended to bring the flavors of the best Mexican restaurants to the home in an easy to prepare salsa.

The mixes are available in original and spicy. The original mix contains tangy tomato, green chile and garlic while the spicy mix uses roasted tomatillo, habanero and garlic. All users need to do is add avocado to finish the guacamole.

Company: Frontera.

Brand: Guacamole Mix.

Spotted in: Whole Foods, Chicago.

Presentation: 4.5 oz.

Price: $1.99 - $2.99 USD.

Ingredients:See website.

Available in: Supermarkets, online.

Claims: Captures the same flavors found in the best Mexican restaurants.

Website: www.fronterakitchens.com

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