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Condiment Spotlight: The New Primal Wasabi Coconut Aminos



Wasabi Coconut Aminos

For a spherical fruit, the coconut is a bit square. Sure, its resume is pretty impressive, with healthy oil, allergen-friendly milk, and versatile flour garnering it more than a moment. But when we mingled its functionally fermented aminos with a fiery little wasabi root, the resulting sauce changed the way the coconut flavored the world around it. Don’t be surprised if it gets a tattoo and starts listening to loud music.

  • Whole30 Approved®
  • Certified Gluten-Free
  • Soy Free
  • Soy Sauce Alternative
  • Dairy Free



About the company

As a kid growing up in Tampa, Florida, Jason figured it was normal to have extended family and, at times, half the neighborhood drop by for dinner on the regular. It didn’t occur to him to wonder why the Burkes weren’t guests around someone else’s table… his mom was always the best cook in the room. And why mess with the best, especially at mealtime?

After college, a move to the burgeoning food mecca of Charleston, South Carolina proved a decent sub (but never a replacement), for Mama Burke’s Cuban-influenced recipes. The vending machine at work, however, was a different story. Health-minded but ever-carnivorous, Jason began making his own jerky – with grass-fed beef, simple spices, and a countertop dehydrator – to keep in his desk drawer. Officemates took notice (by sight and by smell), and when a handful of favors turned into dozens of orders, the seeds of a bona fide start-up were planted. Enriched with a crackerjack team, clever branding, and a test kitchen the stuff of food-taster dreams, The New Primal launched in 2012. In short order, the meat-eating masses were devouring its humanely-sourced, insanely-good jerky.  Read More



Company: The New Primal
Brand: The New Primal
Origin: USA
Category: Condiment
Packaging: 8 lf oz (237 ml)
Claims: Soy Sauce Alternative. Soy Free. Dairy Free. Gluten Free
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $7.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator





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Product Spotlight: Ashley Food Company Launches True Essential Chili Oil for Chili Heads and Homeopaths




SUDBURY, Mass., Dec. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Ashley Food Company, a leader in super hot condiments, is excited to launch commercially produced, alcohol extracted, essential chili oil. Essential oils are unique compounds extracted from plants that contain the plant's scent and flavor. To be considered a true essential oil, the method of production is important. Oils obtained through chemical processes are not considered true essential oils. Most chili oils use a blend of acetone, or hexane as solvents to extract the oil which not only impacts purity, but also imparts bitter flavors.

Ashley Food's Mad Dog 357 ECO 1 Million Scoville Pepper Extract is processed in the time-honored tradition of steeping select chilies in alcohol which evaporates off and leaves a true essential oil. This method of oil production has existed for thousands of years and is still the best way to get clean, pure, pepper oil that will last nearly forever. Ampules of essential oil were discover in King Tut's tomb and, even after three thousand years, still possessed their original scent.

It's important to read labels carefully. Often, something marketed as essential oil is combined with other oils which decreases potency. Ashley Food's Essential Chili Oil is undiluted 100% pure oil. "Our oil is a product for the true chili head or the homeopathic doctor," says David Ashley. "It has better flavor, a better nose, superior blending characteristics, and the consumer can add it to whatever oil or medium that works for them."

In a time when many scents and flavors can be obtained synthetically, it is tempting for vendors to produce oils artificially. "It's much cheaper and most consumers won't know the difference between the original and a copy."  While synthetic oils can mimic certain characteristics, such as aroma and color, only essential oils have medicinal properties. The health benefits of capsaicin are well documented. It is an anti-inflammatory, an analgesic, an antioxidant, and can lower blood glucose levels. "With the pure ingredient, consumers have complete control over dosage." A drop in coconut oil makes a warming lotion that will ease aches and pains. Add it to sesame oil for flavoring food. The purity is proven in the strength at 1,000,000 Scoville, this oil must be handled with extreme care and highly diluted before use.

As with all their products, the Ashley Food Company guarantees the supply chain from seed to bottle. Produced exclusively for Ashley foods, each one-ounce bottle has a special cap for ultra pure and ultra sealed. Routine testing assures strength and purity.

Ashley Food Company's Essential Chili Oil is the answer for anyone looking for an essential chili oil to use as a flavoring in cooking, or as an ingredient for medicinal use. Remember, this is an extremely hot oil that requires proper protection when handling and must be diluted for each use.


Pure Chili Oil

Pure Chili Oil



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Food Spotlight: Tessemae’s Everything Bagel Ranch




Our Everything Bagel Ranch has all the rich onion and garlic flavor of the classic everything bagel seasoning with sesame seeds and poppy seeds stirred into a delicious creamy dressing!

This amazing flavor idea came from YOU! Everything Bagel Ranch is the winner of our "Create our Next Ranch Contest"!!

BONUS: This product is Whole30 Approved, Keto Friendly, Dairy Free, Sugar Free, Cage Free Eggs, and Gluten Free!


Ingredients: *High Oleic Sunflower Oil, *Lemon Juice, Water, *Mustard (*Vinegar, Water, *Mustard Seeds, Salt, *Spices), *Cage Free Salted Egg Yolks (*Cage Free Egg Yolks, Salt), *Distilled Vinegar, Sea Salt, *Onion Powder, *Poppy Seeds, *Sesame Seeds, *Dried Minced Garlic, *Black Pepper, *Garlic Powder, *Whole Egg, *Spices





About the company

As the mother of three athletic boys, Tesse had to figure out a way to get them to eat their veggies while staying healthy. Because serving a dressing full of artificial ingredients was not an option, she created and perfected her own all-natural recipe. When her oldest son, Greg, realized how great it was, he said, “Mom, let’s go into business together and make this for the world!” As Tessemae's All Natural grows its product line around the globe, the commitment to healthy eating and healthy living remains the core of the company's mission.



Company: Tessemae's
Brand: Tessemae's
Origin: USA
Category: Condiment
Packaging: 10 fl oz (296 ml)
Claims: Organic. All Natural. Dairy Free. Sugar Free. Gluten Free
Variants: View Product Range Here
Price: $6.50
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator






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Food Spotlight: Williams Sonoma Pecan Pumpkin Butter



Pecan Pumpkin Butter

Ripe pumpkin, premium pecans and classic spices give this spread its prize-winning flavor. The recipe originated at Muirhead, a family-owned restaurant in rural New Jersey that grew into a leading producer of specialty foods. In fact, the third generation of the Simpson family still produces this favorite treat with old-fashioned care. Spoon the butter onto quick breads, ebelskiver pancakes or muffins, or blend it with eggs and cream for a luscious pumpkin-pie filling (recipe included).

  • 13.5 oz. (makes one 9" pie).
  • Made in USA.



Pumpkin, sugar, lemon juice, pecans, spices.



About the company

Williams Sonoma's culinary legacy began in 1956, when Chuck Williams founded his original cookware shop in the California wine country town of Sonoma. The store offered a collection of classic French kitchen equipment that many Americans had never seen before. And it immediately became a favorite of home cooks and professional chefs alike. Since then, our brand has expanded to include hundreds of exclusive products from around the world, more than 250 stores nationwide, millions of direct-mail catalogs, an award-winning e-commerce site – and one of the world's best-selling cookbook libraries. One essential factor remains unchanged: Williams Sonoma's enduring commitment to the finest quality and outstanding customer service. Read More



Company: Williams Sonoma
Brand: Williams Sonoma
Origin: USA
Category: Pumpkin Butter
Packaging: 13.5 oz (382 g)
Claims: All-Natural
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $10.36
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator








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Food Spotlight: Tigg’s Perfect Match Smokin’ Tomato



Smokin’ Tomato” is brand new for the 2017 Summer Season and is a little more daring than our other Tigglet’s

Smokin’ Tomato revels in making one a little hot under the collar, offering both warmth and smokiness in a relatively guilt free way (only 19 calories per serving). In terms of heat we would suggest it is 2 1/2 out of 5 chillis.

Based on fresh tomatoes, with a subtle smattering of smoked paprika, a nibble of red chilli and a delicious dash of apple cider vinegar, it is is a light option, suited to all sorts of meats, greens, salads and pastas – and a must have for all BBQs.


Tomatoes (47.5%), Water, Rapeseed Oil, Onion, Balsamic Vinegar, Sugar, Tomato Paste, Cornflour, Smoked Paprika (1%), Red Chilli (0.8%), Celery, Black Pepper





About Tigg's

We would love to take credit for being the masterminds behind these colourful creations but in all truth they have been handed down to us by our very special Granny Tigg! As it turns out our Granny went on quite an adventure to meet Grandpa and boy are we glad she did! If she hadn’t, not only would you all not have these taste sensations – but we wouldn’t exist! Read More



Company: Tigg's
Slogan: For Food Lovers Everywhere
Origin: UK
Category: Condiment
Claims: Smoky, spicy. Based on fresh tomatoes
Variants: View Range Here
Price: £4.00
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Stockists







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Company Spotlight: Blue Top Brand



Blue Top means thoughtful, creative and extraordinarily delicious recipes every time.

The words "creamy hot sauce" don't really need a lot of explaining. However, this sauce is special because there's nothing else like it. Seriously. We like to think of it as the “TOP IT ALL” condiment your food didn’t know it was missing. It's the perfect balance of heat and flavor so be sure to squeeze it on thick!

We are a company of food lovers, family and friends from Austin, Texas.

Inspired by true intentions of the heart, we set out to create a brand that would make your life happier. Blue Top means thoughtful, creative and extraordinarily delicious recipes every time.



Company: Blue Top Brand
Brand: Blue Top Brand
Origin: USA
Category: Condiment
Packaging: 9oz (255g)
Claims: Perfect balance of heat and flavor
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $6.00
Where to Buy: Buy Online





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Food Spotlight: The Bay Tree Glorious Garlic Pickle



This is a punchy, sweet garlic pickle, packed full of garlic and spiced with Nigella seeds - perfect for any garlic lover.


Sugar, Garlic (30%), Tomato Paste, Spirit Vinegar,Sunflower Oil, Spices, Thickener: Starch, NigellaSeeds (1%), Brown Mustard Seeds, Salt, AcidityRegulator: Citric Acid.

Allergy advice: For allergens, see ingredients inbold.

Prepared in premises where egg, milk, soya, celery,sulphites and gluten are also used.





About the company

Having grown up making delicious preserves with her mother, our founder, Emma Macdonald, has always had an obsession for food and the pursuit of taste.  This passion for discovering exciting and innovative flavours saw her travel the world as a chef, before launching The Bay Tree.

Our early days were humble, with Emma lovingly creating batches of Aga dried tomatoes and Cucumber Relish in her mother’s kitchen.  Within days of launching Fortnum & Mason and Harvey Nichols were keen to place orders and the kitchen was quickly outgrown.  Emma moved The Bay Tree to our first manufacturing unit, where she continued developing new ranges and exploring new flavour profiles.  Today, we have over 150 mouth-watering products for you to try. Read More



Company: The Bay Tree Food Co. Ltd.
Brand: The Bay Tree
Origin: UK
Category: Condiment
Packaging: 320g
Claims: Great Taste.
Variants: View Range Here
Price: £3.35
Where to Buy: Buy Online and Find a Stockist





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Food Spotlight: Sir Kensington’s Fabanaise Vegan Mayo



Introducing Fabanaise, the first and only vegan mayo made with aquafaba.

Try our newest kitchen creation, a delicious egg-free mayo made with 100% sunflower oil and a little help from the mighty chickpea. Most vegan mayos are made with processed starches and pea or soy powders. But not Fabanaise. What’s our secret to a vegan mayo that tastes like the real thing? Aquafaba, the natural egg substitute made simply from chickpeas and water.



Classic fabanaise


Hang on to your sandwich. Introducing Fabanaise, our delectable new vegan mayo made with oh-so-simple ingredients: sunflower oil and aquafaba. What’s aquafaba? It’s a natural, soy-free superhero that comes from chickpeas.



Chipotle Fabanaise


Bring the heat to everything you eat. Chipotle Fabanaise is a smoky vegan mayo that’ll spice up your everyday with chipotle peppers and the help of nature’s little wonder: aquafaba, an egg alternative derived from chickpeas.



About the company:

Born to a merchant family in Great Britain, Sir Kensington attended Oxford University for his course of undergraduate study, attaining degrees in mercantile trade, agronomy, and culinary arts. Inspired by herbal curiosities brought west by sail, he developed a wanderlust and shifted his focus to the Orient. Read More



Brand: Sir Kensington's
Origin: USA
Category: Condiment
Packaging: 16 oz / 32 oz
Claims: Vegan. Non-GMO. Made with 100% sunflower oil
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Finder
Website: www.sirkensingtons.com







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gardendressing feat

Company Spotlight: Green Garden Dressing



About the company

With over 50 years of salad dressing experience, we are proud to introduce you to Green Garden: wholesome, delicious dressings that are carefully crafted with organic extra virgin olive oil and plant-based ingredients such as pomegranate, lime, rosemary, and hibiscus. Green Garden’s back-to-nature approach meets the needs of those consumers looking for aclean, simple ingredient list and label transparency.




You can taste the freshness in every bite! Green Garden is USDA Certified Organic, which means it is better for you and our planet. Read about the organic standards here



We are proud to wear the Non-GMO Project Verified Seal which gives you the assurance that Green Garden is the best choice to avoid genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Read more about what this means here


Gluten Free

The Certified Gluten Free seal stands for the independent verification of quality, integrity, and purity and lets you know that Green Garden meets strict standards for gluten-free. You can read more about the standards here



We proudly sit in the refrigerated produce section with other fresh-from-the-vine fruits and veggies to make every meal extraordinary



Company: Green Garden Dressing
Brand:  Green Garden Dressing
Slogan:  Green Garden Dressing
Origin: US
Category:  Condiments
Packaging:  330ml
Claims:  Organic, non-GMO, gluten free
Variants: View product range here
Price:  Coming soon
Where to Buy: US
Website:  http://greengardendressing.com/






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Food Spotlight: NOMU Vanilla Paste



NoMU Vanilla Paste contains pure vanilla seeds combined with cold pressed Vanilla Extract, and comes in an ingenious (if we say so ourselves!) mess-free dispenser pump. The paste form ensures an even distribution of visible vanilla seeds, which means that everything you make will look totally professional and seriously nyummy.

Logo Sial Coups de CoeurNoMU Vanilla Paste was one of only 20 products chosen worldwide as the SIAL Coups de Cœur (Judges’ Favourites) for Trends and Innovation at SIAL 2006. The paste was selected as the judges’ favourite in the Retail and Catering sectors for its eye-catching, practical and dynamic packaging!


Allergens None. Contains alcohol.
Weight 100ml bottle and 1L Chefs pack
Shelf life 2 years
Storage instructions Please store in a cool, dry and ambient temperature environment for best shelf life results.

This product is Halaal and Kosher (Parev) certified.




About the company

NOMU is not just a food and lifestyle brand, it is a unique expression of passion for highest quality flavour and experience. Created in December 2000 by Tracy Foulkes, this South African brand is inspired by what is needed in your kitchen. A now global brand, NOMU's extensive range of award winning products include herb and spice rubs, concentrated stocks, hot chocolates, baking kits, vanilla and olive oil.

As one of South Africa's leading and independent food innovators, NOMU is proud to continue to produce an exceptional and ever-expanding range of original, highest-quality and always stylish and beautiful products designed to inspire creativity in your kitchen. Read More




Company: NOMU
Brand: NOMU
Origin: South Africa
Category: Condiment
Packaging: 1.7 fl oz (50 ml)
Claims: Made from the finest Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla
Variants: View Range Here
Price: R59.95
Where to Buy: Buy OnlineFind your nearest distributor
Website: www.nomu.co.za










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