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Boozy Pizzas: Exactly What the World Needs

A Boston restaurant is serving up some boozy creations, even carding people to get their 21-plus pies

If anything were to improve the already killer combination of bread, tomato sauce, and cheese, booze would be it (hence, pizza and beer). Lucky Bostonians get just that, at a restaurant that is now carding for an alcoholic pizza (with two more varieties to come).

Salvatore's Restaurant, with four locations around town, is serving up alcohol-infused creations, including a Vignola cherrry pizza, where dried Italian cherries are soaked with raspberry vodka, on top of a pizza with mozzarella, Gorgonzola, prosciutto, and orange blossom honey.

"We realized that it was a great pizza, but the alcohol content was too high, so we came up with the idea of having a 21-plus pizza," chef Victor Paone told the Boston Herald. The alcohol content, it turns out, does not exactly "cook off" in the oven.

Come mid-October, two more 21-and-up pizzas will be added: The Drunken Pig, with Kahlua-marinated braised pork; and Calabria Peach, with rum-infused peaches. These would be perfect for all those (21-plus, of course) college parties, if the ingredients weren't so fancy. So yes, responsible adults only please. We'll have one for brunch.

Full Article @ TDM

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Pistachios and Tequila? A Wonderful Combination


Wonderful Pistachios made an immediate impact the minute they launched their first products.  Innovative packaging, celebrity endoresments and creative marketing have all assisted in the success of their products.  Turning a nut product into something cool is not easily achieved however through hard work and creative tenacity Wonderful Pistachios continues to make their mark.  Recently they launched a combo pack that includes a 280 gram bag of pistachios with 2 Tequila shot glasses.  What better way to build your brand in Tequila wild México than to offer shot glasses.

Analysis and Impact:

The consumers that were not aware of the Wonderful brand in México may now be taking notice.  Pistachios are nothing new in a country that enjoys eating all types of nut products however this type of packaging and cross marketing has rarely been seen.  By combining the most famous of Mexican drinks (Tequila) with pistachios Wonderful is looking to connect with the culture of the Mexican consumer.  It´s really a brilliant market move that is sure to help the Wondeful grow its brand.  Every time you pick up that Tequila shot glass you will be thinking about those delicious pistchachios.  There really is not a dominant pistachio brand in México and with continued efforts like this Wonderful is sure to set itself apart from any competition.  National producers should take notice and follow the lead of Wonderful by combining innovative packaging with out of the box marketing creativity. It´s not enough just to sell a good product, you need to make the packaging appealing and connect with the consumer on different levels.

Company: Roll Global

Brand: Wondeful Pistachios

Category: Nuts, Healthy Snacks

Spotted in: Superama:  Guadalajara, México

Presentation: 280 Grams, 2 Shot Glasses

Price: $65.00 Mexican Pesos

Available in: Supermarkets

Claims: Natural

Website: www.wonderfulpistachios.com

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Gluten Free Oatmeal by GlutenFreeda


It can be difficult to find options to eat in a gluten free diet that allow for variety and a balanced diet. With between 0.5% to 1% of the population suffering from problems with gluten sensitivity or allergies, gluten free options are essential.

The Colorado based company has branched out to Mexico with its Instant Oatmeal packs for a fast and healthy breakfast, snack or light meal. The oatmeal is completely gluten and wheat free, it is a good source of fiber and it is completely natural.

Analysis and Impact:

Glutenfreeda has been around since 1991, providing the celiac community with gluten free products and recipes to ensure they receive enough fiber in their diet. The website offers idea for preparing meals for all the family as well as ideas for entertaining gluten sensitive guests.

Instant Oatmeal comes in boxes of six sachets and is available in four varieties: maple raisin with flax, apple cinnamon with flax, banana maple with flax and a combination box of two of each flavor.

Company: Glutenfreeda.

Brand: Instant Oatmeal.

Spotted in: Soriana, Guadalajara.

Presentation: 300 g.

Price: $16.60 MXN.

Available in: Supermarkets.

Claims: Gluten free, wheat free, good source of fiber, natural.

Website: http://www.glutenfreeda.com/index.asp

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Freeze Dried Fruit to Lock in Natural Goodness


Each snack sized packet of frutLi is made from a cup of fresh fruit, freeze dried to keep all the natural goodness. The snacks are 100% fruit; free from preservatives and added sugar. The company sources farms that have the best fruit for the highest quality products.

Snacks packs are made either from pineapple, strawberry, mango, banana or a mixture of all four. They are perfect to accompany granola, cereal and yogurt, and can be rehydrated easily in water.

Analysis and Impact:

The snack is marketed as being a better alternative in kids' lunch boxes to potato chips or other snacks that are high in saturated fat and undesirable ingredients. It is also suited to those who are trying to lose weight, athletes or anyone who wants to have a healthy diet.

The process to make frutLi snacks involves freezing drying fresh fruit and then placing it in a vacuum chamber to avoid the sublimation of water. This process means no nutrients or vitamins are lost and the fruit retains its natural flavor and smell. Like this, the packets of frutLi snacks have a shelf life for many months without requiring refrigeration.

Company: frutLi.

Spotted in: Medellín, Colombia.

Ingredients: See website

Available in: Colombia.

Claims: 100% natural fruit, high quality, long shelf life, easy to rehydrate.

Website: www.frutli.com

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Yogavive Chips

An Innovative Way to Enjoy Fruit with a Smaller Carbon Footprint


While everyone knows that it is important to eat fruit on a daily basis, many people do not enjoy eating fresh fruit or simply get tired of eating the same thing. Yogavive Chips intend to make fruit eating more enjoyable without losing any of the health benefits found in fresh fruit.

Yogavive chips are made from organic Fuji apples that are oven baked and then popped to give them the best possible texture. Unlike many competing brands, Yogavive chips are not cooked in oil, keeping them 100% fat free. The added flavors are also completely natural, organic, gluten free, vegan, kosher and halal. In addition, the chips use no added sugar.

The company name Yogavive is derived from yoga meaning union of mind and body through a natural balance and vive meaning life. Together this signifies leading a balanced and healthy life.

Analysis and Impact:

Snacks help to provide the body with energy to last through the day. Yogavive Chips contain more nutrients than most other options on the market. They are naturally sweet, add to a balanced diet and are full of flavor. With no added chemicals or preservatives, this snack is as healthy as eating fresh fruit.

The brand not only market their snacks as being good for consumers but also for the planet. The organic movement is currently growing due to the public's concerns about releasing more chemicals into the natural environment. Yogavive go one step further to reduce their carbon footprint to the minimum possible by sourcing biodynamic farms that use as little mechanization as they can. This not only lessens the need for energy, it also creates more employment opportunities. They also point out on their website that there is a smaller carbon footprint when shipping their product than fresh fruit as there is no moisture in Yogavive Chips.

Yogavive Chips come in five original varieties consisting of original, apple cinnamon, caramel, peach and strawberry as well as two new flavors – ginger and garlic. They are available in packs of 5 grams, 10 grams and 50 grams for a choice between a single snack and share size.

Company: Yogavive.

Brand: Yogavive Chips.

Spotted in: Whole Foods, Chicago.

Presentation: 6 bags of 1.76 oz.

Price: $26.95 USD.

Ingredients: See website.

Available in: Health food stores, online.

Claims: Organic, healthy snacking alternative, 100% fat free, retains nutrients of fresh apples.

Website: www.yogavive.com

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Jumex Chispazo

Interesting Fruit Beverage Mixes


Jumex is a 100% Mexican company that offers on-the-go fruit drinks, marketed in supermarkets, convenience stores and independently owned businesses. Their main range of Jumex beverages are flavored with single fruits but the Chispazo (meaning spark in English) line is made up of four interesting fruit and vegetable mixes for some more tangy flavors.

Analysis and Impact:

Each of the drinks is named after the mix of fruits it includes. For example, the carrot (zanahoria) and passion fruit (maracuyá) mix is named Zanaracuyá. The others are Betafresa – beetroot (betabel) and strawberry (fresa) that includes celery, carrot and apple; Delicítrico, or delicious citrus, made from lemon, orange, lime, carrot and apple; and Piñaranja – pineapple (piña) and orange (naranja) along with carrot.

Company: Jumex.

Brand: Jumex Chispazo.

Spotted in: Chedraui Selecto, Polanco.

Presentation: 450 ml.

Price: $10.50 MXN.

Available in: Supermarkets, convenience stores.

Claims: Interesting combinations, base ingredients of fruit.

Website: <a href="www.jumex.com">www.jumex.com</a>

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Ego Shampoo & Gel

Packages with ‘Free’ Bonus Items

Adding a free bonus item is a great selling point. It puts products above their competitors, and gives consumers the chance to try another product from the company or gain a free gift. However, are these items always free? It can be hard to find out without a bit of searching, as the promotional packages are often placed on their own shelf while single items are in a different aisle all together.

There are numerous examples of packages with a 'free' bonus item in the cosmetics section of the supermarket Soriana. The first I price checked was a 400 milliter jar of Nivea Creme with cosmetics bag. Alone, the creme costs $79.95 while with the 'free' bag the price is increased to $84.00. It is by no means a large price difference but customers who did not particularly want to purchase a cosmetics bag would still be making a loss through thinking they were getting something for free.

Another example is the Mexican product Saba Buenas Noches pack of 28 sanitary pads. With a towel bag, the price increases from $58.00 to $65.50 – I would be surprised if the towel bag is worth much more than the extra $7.50.

There was, however, one product that went completely the other way. A 250-milliliter bottle of Ego shampoo normally costs $41.00. The pack containing an additional 250-milliter bottle of drops in price to $40.00

It just goes to show, marketing can be deceptive. Consumers need to decide whether they really want that 'free' item and check what the price normally is to ensure they are getting a good deal.

Purchased at: Soriana.

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Walnuts and Bananas, the Dynamic Duo

A few months ago we examined what has become the almost ubiquitous pairing of macadamia nuts with white chocolate. This week we're pondering another nutty dynamic duo—walnuts and bananas!

The grocery store abounds with products that pair walnuts and bananas. There is Banana Walnut ice cream and of course Banana Walnut muffin mix along with the Seinfeld-popularized muffin top, not to mention various energy bars, cereals, and granolas.

But how did this iconic combo come to be so popular? It's hard to say, but increased use of baking powder in the 1930's helped to popularize the baking of "quick breads" at home. Banana bread is the most popular of these quick breads, and the major produce shipping companies distributed millions of free recipe pamphlets featuring bananas in the early part of the 20th century. The Joy of Cooking is credited with the bringing banana bread recipe to prominence in the 1960's and encouraging experimentation with different spices and nuts, including walnuts.

view full article at SeriousEats

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Cupcake-Flavored Vodka: Delicious or Disastrous?

Have you ever found yourself deciding between a cupcake and cocktail? We haven’t either. But now you can have both in one icky-sounding spirit.

Cupcake Vodka is a six-times distilled alcoholic treat created by vino specialists Cupcake Vineyards. With flavors such as “Devil’s Food,” “Frosting” and “Chiffon,” as well as an “Original” — which we assume tastes somewhat like vanilla – Cupcake Vodka taunts drinkers to “Live Deliciously.”

NewsFeed can see the appeal here. Cupcake-flavored vodka is like a two-for-one special: You get the taste of one of the best treats ever created — cupcakes, of course — and a buzz for half the calories. But those who choose to imbibe on such sweet alcoholic drinks might find themselves with an unsettling surprise: a wicked sugar-induced hangover.

So as much as we love cupcakes (and will probably be seeking one out shortly after writing this post), we’ll stick to taking our cocktails straight up, with a splash of lime.

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Coors Light Iced Tea: An Oddi-tea?

Summer’s coming, and nothing quenches your thirst on a hot day like a tall glass of iced tea…unless maybe it’s an ice-cold mug of beer, right?

Well, the people at Molson Coors Brewing want to bring you the best of both in one can. Get ready for Coors Light IcedT. The beverage is a standard Coors Light blended with citrus and iced-tea flavors, with an alcohol level of 4 percent.

"We've got the world's most refreshing alcoholic beer sort of meeting up with the most refreshing non-alcoholic drink in the world. Those two things go really well together," said Peter Swinburn, Coors chief executive.

The new product is seen as part of a broader plan to win back customers who are drinking wine, cocktails, and flavored liquors like citrus vodkas and vanilla rums.

"Someone else is eating our lunch in the alcohol space,” said Swinburn. Beer sales in the U.S. have declined three years in a row, while liquor companies have reached a new audience with creations like Smirnoff Fluffed Marshmallow Flavored Vodka and Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper.

Craft beers have also been cutting into the sales of the major brewers of late. Sales of small batch brews were up about 15 percent in the first six months of 2011.

Beer purists are likely to call Coors IcedT an "absurdi-tea," says Rick Aristotle Munarriz of The Motley Fool. But it's at least an "intriguing" move, since "specialty flavored brews are booming in popularity." But the "beer industry's track record has been mixed when it comes to flavored beers--Zima being one prime example.

Coors Light IcedT will be hitting store shelves next month…and it’s not an April Fool’s joke. At least the folks at Molson Coors hope it’s not.


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