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Skin Care Spotlight: Swago Man Wipes



For all the poetry and swanky advertising that surrounds it, the idea behind cologne is simple: it's a product that appeals to men who like to smell nice. But given how mobile our culture has become, bottled-colognes are too clunky to lug around in briefcases or glove compartments.

Introducing Swago, a one-time cologne applicator for the man on the move. Packaged conveniently as a durable cotton wipe in a palm-sized sachet, Swago is portable and inexpensive - a plus for the man who needs a practical solution for the here and now.

Just apply, and you're good to go.


1. Pick Scent

2. Open package and take out scented wipe



3. Wipe on Swag Zones

4. Smell good to go!



Company: Swago Man Wipes
Brand:  Swago Man Wipes
Origin: US
Category: Personal Care
Packaging: 1-pack and 4-pack
Claims: Durable cotton wipes in palm-sized sachets.
Variants: View product range here
Price: Single wipe $1.49, 4-pack $4.99
Where to Buy: US, Buy Online
Website: http://www.swagoscents.com/




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Personal Care: Alfred Lane Solid Cologne – Enigma, a Limited Edition


Enigma, a limited edition solid cologne from Alfred Lane, epitomizes the self-assured and confident man — a man of a few words. His presence is noticed everywhere, not by what he says but by how he carries himself. Other men want what he has — women simply want him.

A masculine blend of spicy, woodsy and smoky notes, Enigma’s sophisticated base contrasts bergamot with cedar, mint and suede.

This limited edition solid cologne comes inside a plush black pouch along with a small card individually signed by the Alfred Lane founders. Each card is personalized with a unique batch and unit number. Enigma is handcrafted in small batches and released in limited quantities.

Enigma comes in the convenient little tin can our customers love, perfect for travel or reapplying on the go, and is made with natural ingredients and oils to help to moisturize your skin.

To apply, dip or swirl finger in cologne and apply to pulse points such as wrist, behind the ears and neck.



About the company:

The story of Alfred Lane began when Archie Jeter and Rafael Hernandez met at a networking event in 2009, shared a likeminded vision about business and creativity, and sought to recreate a product that elevated the essence of the true modern man: thus the beginnings of Alfred Lane. Read More



Company: Alfred Lane, L.L.C
Brand: Alfred Lane
Slogan: Men's Solid Cologne
Origin: USA
Category: Cologne
Packaging: 0.5 oz
Claims: A masculine blend of spicy, woodsy and smoky notes
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $29.95
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Stockists
Website: alfredlane.com




btm 1



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Personal Care Spotlight: Alfred Lane Men’s Solid Cologne


A gentleman likes options. Get Bravado, Vanguard and Brio together in this collection and always have a solid cologne to fit your mood. Plus you'll get free shipping anywhere in the US.


About the company:

The story of Alfred Lane began when Archie Jeter and Rafael Hernandez met at a networking event in 2009, shared a likeminded vision about business and creativity, and sought to recreate a product that elevated the essence of the true modern man: thus the beginnings of Alfred Lane. Read More



Company: Alfred Lane
Brand: Alfred Lane
Origin: USA
Category: Cologne
Packaging: 0.5 oz
Claims: solid cologne to fit your mood
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $49.95
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Stockists
Website: alfredlane.com




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Personal Care Spotlight: Fulton & Rourk Shackleford Cologne




a sophisticated blend of sandalwood
and warm amber


Shackleford draws its name from Shackleford Banks. Part of North Carolina’s famed Outer Banks, this small island is famous for its wild horses that have roamed the beach for centuries. The area has also become a popular campsite for adventurous tourists. This  untamed paradise seemed like a fitting namesake for our  warm and rich wood fragrance.



Mineral Oil USP
Ceresin Wax
Coconut Oil
Perfumers Alcohol
Cetyl Alcohol
Petrolatum USP



Our solid colognes were born out of a love of efficiency and general common sense. These highly concentrated solid colognes offer a long-lasting and steady fragrance designed to keep you fresh. The solid metal containers travel easily in a gym bag, pocket, or carry-on. Each square is made with premium quality essential oils and an exceptional wax blend of microcrystalline wax and coconut oil.



About the company:

For us, quality ingredients are only half the story; if it’s not enjoyable, easy-to-use, and truly beneficial we don’t believe it’s worth having. Our products are designed around the details that shape the lives of men; from the dimensions of the pockets in a pair of trousers, to the requirements of a global traveler, and even to the real estate around a bathroom sink.

Born out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, F&R began with a series of solid colognes designed to integrate seamlessly into everyday life. Since then, we have made it our mission to make grooming a pleasure. Enjoy.



Company: Fulton & Rourk
Brand: Fulton & Rourk
Origin: USA
Category: Cologne
Packaging: .2oz Solid Cologne
Claims: warm and rich wood fragrance
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $42.00
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Stockists
Website: www.fultonandroark.com





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Personal Care Spotlight: Otter Wax Spruce Cologne Solid


Piloted by Cedar, this fragrance is accentuated by the intricacies of Sandalwood, Vetiver, and Douglas Fir rounded with subtle notes of bergamot, lime, and valencia orange.


About Solids
Solids last longer than their liquid counterparts because the essential fragrance oils don't easily evaporate. The scent develops slower over time allowing the deeper notes to come out and react with your own body's temperature and chemistry.

Create a divot in the center of fragrance. Massage a small amount of solid onto neck, wrists, and pressure points

Beeswax, shea butter, vetiver (vetiveria zizanioides) essential oil, virginian cedarwood (juniperus virginiana) essential oil, sri lankan black pepper (piper nigrum) essential oil, bergamot (citrus bergamia) essential oil, valencia orange (citrus sinensis) essential oil, douglas fir needle (pseudotsuga douglasii) essential oil, lime (citrus aurantifolia) essential oil, sandalwood (santalum spicatum) essential oil.


About the Company
At Otter Wax, we know that quality can't be rushed. Our line of all-natural Fabric Care, Leather Care, and Apothecary products, are formulated and hand-made right here in Portland, Oregon.

Right down to the recyclable packaging, our products are simple and natural. We do not use any animal fats, fillers, petroleum distillates, mineral oil or chemical preservatives.

At Otter Wax, we believe that labeling a product as All-Natural should not be used as a marketing tool, but rather as a way of demonstrating our commitment to making products that are pure, honest, (and most importantly) effective. Read More


Otter Wax: Embrace the Elements from Aubree Bernier-Clarke on Vimeo.




Company: Otter Wax
Brand: Otter Wax
Origin: USA
Category: Cologne
Packaging: 1oz
Claims: Solid
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $30.00 USD
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Stockists
Website:  otterwax.com






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Whiskey Scented Cologne

Perfumier (which is a fancy way of saying “people who make smell-goods”) Commodity is selling Whiskey-scented cologne.  They’ve also got other fragrances like tea, paper, cloth, gin, and mimosa. Okay, I get tea, paper, and… cloth. Kind of. But the whiskey and the gin? That’s a little counterproductive, right? I mean, I wear cologne to mask the whiskey and gin. Jk jk, I douse myself in Febreze to mask the whiskey and gin. Mimosa? I’d totally rock a mimosa scent. People will think I’m classy! $65 Source

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The Manliest Scent: Wood

Forget careful combinations of spice and bergamot, leather and primrose. When a man wants to smell like a man (who wants to smell like a cologne), there is one family of scents that he should turn to: wood. It's big, hearty, and dominant. Plus, it's what our ancestors wore. Granted, the smell most likely rubbed off on them after a day spent hunting in the forest or swinging an ax in preparation for winter, but the result is basically the same, just without the sweat. So save the light, citrusy colognes for spring and summer and the spicy musks for the fall holidays. This winter, you'll want to smell like wood.

And not just because we told you to. Woody colognes are experiencing a resurgence, according to Michael Edwards, an independent fragrance consultant and enthusiast. So you should see more and better options than ever. If you're looking for someone to thank, try women. They embraced the woody perfume market in recent years (albeit with more flowers, powders, and zest of lemon), and it seems the fragrance companies listened.

Woody colognes aren't simply a matter of opportunity. There are functional benefits, too: You need less, for one thing. Only oriental fragrances are heavier than woodys, which means only orientals last longer throughout the day. That weight also means woody scents hang close to your body. The only people who smell it will be you and whoever you allow to get close to you. Which can encourage nuzzling, if that's what you're into. As with any cologne, if you have dry skin you can be a little more generous in applying a woody fragrance. Cologne molecules bond with the oils in your skin, so the less you have (of oils), the more you'll need (of cologne). Still: Be reasonable.

Of all the new(ish) woody colognes, my favorite is [1] Encounter Calvin Klein ($50.73 for 3.4 oz; amazon.com). Like most woody fragrances, Encounter is paired with a citrus top note — in this case, mandarin — resulting in a scent that's somehow still deep and boozy, with rum, cognac, and a little bit of musk. By the time Encounter dries down, you're left with a subtle cedar smell, like you slept in the attic of a mountain cabin. [2] Victorinox Swiss Army Forest ($68 for 3.4 oz; swissarmy.com) starts lighter, thanks to notes of lemon and sage, but eventually ends with the familiar hearty smell of pine. Wear it if you like Christmas. [3] Dolce & Gabbana's the One Sport ($51 for 3.3 oz; amazon.com) initially smells very fresh, like you're cooking with rosemary. After an hour, you're left with just the right level of patchouli — an amount that says you're complementing a shower, not replacing it. [4] Bulgari Man ($79 for 3.4 oz; bulgari.com) has dominant top notes of violet, but if that's not your thing, just wait. You soon get a spicy musk that smells just a bit like vanilla. This is probably what Clooney smells like when he eats ice cream. The lightest of the options I tried is [5] Nautica Aqua Rush ($65 for 3.4 oz; nautica.com), which smells a lot like sitting on the deck of a ship with a mint julep in your hand. It's all water and mint, eventually settling on a simple and pleasant teak. If you can't afford a boat, this may be the closest you'll get.

Rodney Cutler is an Ironman triathlete and the owner of Cutler Salons in New York City.

Words and Phrases a Man Can Use to Describe His Cologne: woody; woodsy; spicy; peppery; warm; fruity; just like Grandpa's; light; bold; nutty; green; classic; subtle; evocative; fresh; mossy; pungent; musky; sharp; good.

A Few He Cannot: an experience; just like Grandma's; the aura of agarwood spiked by tonka bean; designer imposter; me.

Full Article @ Esquire

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Egg Nog Cologne Smells Like ‘Nutmeg and a Dash of Cinnamon’

Just in time for that last Christmas party, the Demeter Fragrance Library is here with Egg Nog Cologne. Their “delightful, creamy concoction with touches of nutmeg and a dash of cinnamon” is sure to have your fellow partygoers dying to get drunk from the creamy goodness emanating from every corner of your body.

For those seeking a more private experience with l’eau de egg nog, they also offer a shower gel, massage oil and calming body lotion for more intimate moments of food-related sexiness.

The scent loses authenticity points for forgoing the alcoholic kick so beloved in egg nog, but Demeter going with the virgin recipe was probably for the best, otherwise the fragrance would be more Annoying Alcoholic Uncle than cozy old Egg Nog.


Egg Nog cologne @ Amazon

via Demeter Fragrance Library

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Finally: Sushi Scented Cologne

Perfumer Demeter believe that people will pay good money to smell like sushi, and created a cologne to tap into the market.

The fragrance consists of hints of just cooked sticky rice and straight from the seaside seaweed, accentuated with ginger and lemon essences.

If you want to partake in the funk, bust out your wallet and click the link below.

Product Page: ($6-$40 via Geekologie)

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