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Candy Spotlight: Quin Smoked Cola Gumdrops

Smoked Cola Gumdrops are the perfect combination of cola and smoke - an update on a classic with a smoky twist.

Behold the mighty QUIN gumdrop! Our buoyant sweet gummies are made with top-notch ingredients including real fruit purees and Oregon sea salt. When's the last time you had a handmade gumdrop? We thought so.


Flavor Profile:
Gummy coke bottle memories updated with smokey sugar
A spark of Oregon sea salt
Smokey sweet sugary shell


Who Will Love This Gumdrop
Fans of cola
People who want to say they're eating smoked cola gumdrops
Gummy lovers

Special Note: We smoke our own sugar over Oregon alder wood.

About the Company
QUIN is candy. Reimagined, updated, modernized. We make candy for today that has the uncanny ability to tug at the heartstrings of yesterday.

QUIN candy has one simple focus: to make the best candy we possibly can with the best ingredients we can get our hands on. All of QUIN’s recipes start with one person: owner and chief candy maker Jami Curl. From gumdrops to caramels, marshmallows to lollipops, fruit chews to sour hard candies the QUIN candy kitchen is busy churning out Curl’s creations both for our shoppe in Portland, Oregon and for nationwide delivery.

Portland is the ideal place to work in food. QUIN makes use of the bounty of the Pacific Northwest by utilizing the products made by local artisans as key ingredients in our candy. Our sea salt is harvested on the Oregon coast. Our honey comes from a hive in a neighborhood just across the Willamette river. Our chocolate comes from a bean to bar operation a mile away. Our hazelnuts come from a farm just outside of Portland. Supporting small time food crafters is one of our passions - a passion we hold dear as we continue to grow. Read More



Company: Quin
Brand: Quin
Origin: USA
Category:  Candy
Packaging: 10 pieces, 20 pieces
Claims: Smoked
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $8.00 (10 pieces), $16.00 (20 pieces)
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Finder
Website: quincandy.com





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Drink Review: Veri Low Calorie Sodas




Remember a time when soda wasn't a four-letter word? Before corn syrup replaced cane sugar and chemicals became “acceptable” substitutes for real ingredients? Those were the days when soda was a more innocent treat.

We do. And we’ve spent years crafting a soda that’s like no other; one that we could proudly serve to anyone, even our children, guilt-free.

Some said it couldn’t be done.

Experts insisted that a soda with no additives or preservatives would have a shelf life shorter than a Hollywood marriage. Some argued that eliminating 65% of the calories was the same as eliminating most of the taste. Others said it was impossible: a soda with no artificial colors, no artificial aromas, no artificial flavoring and no artificial sweeteners? No way.

We politely disagreed. Then committed ourselves to crafting the world’s finest organic, low-calorie soft drinks. A soda like no other.

Say hello to Veri. A truli different kind of soda.

What's Inside

You can find everything that makes Veri soda truli different in one place. Just pick up a can and check out what’s inside. Organic lemons, organic oranges, organic ginger, organic cane sugar, organic stevia extract, organic caramel color, organic flavors. Notice a trend?

When we say organic, we mean organic. USDA NOP-certified organic in fact. All of our sodas are made with real organic fruit and flavors. Oranges originating from Mexico and Turkey, lemons from Italy, ginger from Nepal, vanilla from Madagascar, cinnamon from Sri Lanka. Real ingredients. Real simple.

Because we’re organic we contain no GMOs. Because we think you care, a can of Veri soda is only 60 calories. And because we think it matters, Veri soda is climate neutral.

And to think, some said it couldn’t be done.






Made from organic oranges from Mexico and Turkey. So when we say orange soda, we’re not just talking color, we’re talking flavor

Sparkling water, organic cane sugar, organic orange juice from concentrate, organic lemon juice from concentrate, organic carrot juice from concentrate, organic flavors, and organic stevia leaf extract.

Nutrition Facts

Contains 12% Fruit Juice
Serving Size 1 Can - 12 fl oz - 335 ml
Amount Per Serving % Daily value*
Calories 60 -
Total Fat 0g 0%
Sodium 0mg 0%
Total Carb. (sugars) 15g 5%
Sugars 15g -
Protein 0g






No surprises. Our Lemon Lime soda gets its flavor from organic lemons and limes. Sweet, right?

Sparkling water, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice from concentrate, organic flavors, and organic stevia leaf extract.

Nutrition Facts

Contains 3% Fruit Juice
Serving Size 1 Can - 12 fl oz - 335 ml
Amount Per Serving % Daily value*
Calories 60 -
Total Fat 0g 0%
Sodium 0mg 0%
Total Carb. (sugars) 15g 5%
Sugars 15g -
Protein 0g





Yes, cola can be organic — if you use organic ingredients. How does organic cola and cinnamon flavors sound? Not nearly as good as they taste.

Sparkling water, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice from concentrate, organic caramel color, organic flavors, and organic stevia leaf extract.

Nutrition Facts

Contains 1% Lemon Juice | Caffeine Free
Serving Size 1 Can - 12 fl oz - 335 ml
Amount Per Serving % Daily value*
Calories 60 -
Total Fat 0g 0%
Sodium 0mg 0%
Total Carb. (sugars) 15g 5%
Sugars 15g -
Protein 0g -





Ginger. It’s the essence of ginger ale. And it's the organic Asian ginger that makes my ginger ale a different kind of ginger ale.

Sparkling water, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice from concentrate, organic ginger extract, organic flavor, organic caramel color, and organic stevia leaf extract.

Nutrition Facts

Contains 1% Lemon Juice
Serving Size 1 Can - 12 fl oz - 335 ml
Amount Per Serving % Daily value*
Calories 60 -
Total Fat 0g 0%
Sodium 0mg 0%
Total Carb. (sugars) 15g 5%
Sugars 15g -
Protein 0g


Company: Veri
Brand: Veri
Slogan: A Truli Different Idea
Category: Soft Drinks
Origin: USA
Packaging: 12oz (335ml)
Claims: Certified Organic, Non GMO, Low Calorie
Varieties: Ginger Ale, Cola, Orange, Lemon Lime
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: verisoda.com



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Drink Review: Xumma Semi Sweet Cola


Xumma is a semi sweet cola, meaning it is much less sweet than what you're used to. In fact, Xumma contains about half the sugar of the big cola brands, and no artificial sweeteners.

Xumma starts with sparkling water, bottled in Boston Flint Glass. At only 80 calories per bottle, each 12-ounce serving has just enough pure, natural cane sugar to complement the cola, not bully it. No high-fructose corn syrup, no artificial sweeteners. The careful balance of all natural, top shelf flavors benefits from a reasonable amount of natural caffeine from coffee. Simple and refreshing.
COLA is one of the most appealing flavors, but for decades it has been practically impossible to find a cola beverage that is not overloaded with sweeteners. Sadly, people have gotten used to this. Many cola lovers have grown accustomed to the syrupy slick left in their mouths after a swig of the popular brands, while those who have turned to diet colas must accept the assault of an artificially flavored finish. Genuine cola refreshment has been lost along the way. Xumma Semi Sweet Cola corrects this problem.



About the Company
Xumma Cola, Inc. is a family company in the truest sense. Hailing from the state of Maine, Cole Harris, Bradford Harris, and Daphne Harris are the company's founders. Cole conceived of a semi sweet cola years ago while working in the beverage industry, and his son Brad helped him to reinvigorate the idea after studying the epidemiological history of sugar and artificial sweetener consumption as a PhD at Stanford University. Both had become convinced that colas were much too sweet, and that people would welcome a product with better ingredients and about half the sugar. Father and son commenced work, spending countless weekend and evening hours bringing that product to life. Family and friends confirmed that they had developed a distinctly superior cola. Then came the name:

"How about Xumma?" Brad playfully asked.
"What does it mean?" replied Cole.
"Nothing now... but it will mean semi sweet cola."
"How do you spell that?"
'X-U-M-M-A' Brad wrote on their notepad, "pronounced ZUH-MAH, sort of like how we say 'summer' in Maine."
"Xumma Semi Sweet Cola... it does roll off the tongue!"

It was time to form a company. Cole's wife and Brad's mom Daphne, a CPA with thirty years experience as the head of a successful southern Maine accounting firm, became their CFO. In 2012 the family trio launched Xumma Cola, Inc. in San Francisco, California where Brad now lives.



Company: Xumma Cola, Inc
Brand: Xumma
Slogan: Just Say ZUH MAH
Category: Soft Drinks
Origin: USA
Packaging: 12fl oz
Claims: Low Calorie, No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No Artificial Sweeteners
Price: 4-packs retail for $4.99-$5.99
Where to buy: Stockists
Website: xumma.com






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Product Spotlight: Old Salt Merchants Rum & Cola Tea


A real sailor’s tea flavored with rum and lime

Tasting Notes: Our Rum and Cola blend combines the real seaman’s favorite intoxicating flavor, dark rum, with a premium Ceylon black tea, sweet stevia leaf, and natural citrus flavors. Drink up.

Sachet count: 15


Ingredients: Large Leaf Ceylon, Stevia Leaf, Lemon Myrtle & Lemon Peel. Natural Rum, Lemon & Lime Flavors

About the Company
Old Salt Merchants is a family run nautical provisions company located in the Victorian Seaport of Port Townsend, Washington. Anika is a designer, caramel maker, and iced tea junkie, and Joshua is a publisher, sailor, and rum drinker who loves old-time radio. Between them they’ve been involved with associated maritime trades and businesses for more than two decades.

Our mission is to be the best “olde shoppe” in port, offering superior, natural, nautical provisions and gifts to customers who appreciate the same.

If you call and it’s noisy, that’s just the kids, the dog, or the fog horns.



Company: Old Salt Merchants
Brand: Old Salt Merchants
Origin: USA
Category: Herbs, Spices & Condiments
Packaging: Tin with 15 sachets
Claims: Organic
Variants: Equator, Tempest, Rum & Cola
Price: $15.00 USD
Where to Buy: Direct on Website
Website: oldsaltmerchants.com




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Product Spotlight: RC Icon Premium Cola


The newest beverage in the RC™ lineup, Icon Premium Cola ™ is a superior product that calls upon 100 years of RC cola making experience to achieve the ultimate in cola craftsmanship. Its formulation is truly unique. Befitting of its premium status, RC Icon uses the highest quality ingredients: pure cane sugar, pure filtered water and rare kola nuts (including Jamaican Blue Mountain kola nuts). The result is a formula that achieves full-mouth feel and a rich, superior taste.

Icon has a combination of robust flavorings that comes from spices and citrus fruits using unique distillation and extraction methods. The flavor is further enhanced using chocolate and cocoa bean notes complemented with pure cane sugar as its sweetener. Even from a distance one can tell that this is no ordinary cola. From the rich graphics to the sophisticated color scheme, Icon has refined packaging that hints at the premium quality contained within.



Company: Cott Beverages
Brand: RC
Slogan: Anything Less Wouldn't Be an Icon
Origin: USA
Category: Soft Drinks
Packaging: Can, 354ml Bottle
Claims: All Natural Flavors
Website: rccolainternational.com




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Product Spotlight: Bionade New Flavors


As unique as BIONADE itself ...

... our range of flavors is also exceptional. From domestic to exotic fruits, from trendy roots to exciting herbs – by nature, our four flavors contain many good things and offer an abundance of taste and refreshment!
No matter for what occasion or what age, to quench your thirst or purely for enjoyment: BIONADE is brewed organically according to our original recipe, and it is the right choice every time.
BIONADE. A refreshing change.



BIONADE scattering fruit
The diversity and quality of the fruits in connection with the special production method used makes BIONADE scattering fruit a taste experience you will not soon forget. And of course she is lactose-free and GMO-free, free from artificial additives, as well as vegan and gluten free. This variety is only available for a limited time.



BIONADE is our perhaps most unusual variety. Cola and BIONADE - how does it fit together? Very good! Bionade Cola is not as sweet and contains up to 50 percent less sugar than traditional Colas. For BIONADE just like all of our varieties we use only organic ingredients. BIONADE green coffee bean cola is pleasantly invigorating and refreshing.


Company: Bionade
Brand: Bionade
Origin: Germany
Category: Juice
Packaging: 330ml Bottle
Claims: Organic, Non GMO
Varieties: Cola, Scattered Fruit, Lychee, Elderberry, Herbs, Ginger Orange
Website: bionade.de




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Product Spotlight: Fumari Hookah Cola

Famous for pioneering fresh-packed, hookah tobacco flavors, Fumari offers nothing short of a pure hookah experience. Since opening San Diego's first Hookah Lounge in 1997, Fumari has created a loyal following of hookah enthusiasts that reaches far beyond its San Diego roots. From around the world, hookah smokers can't resist the fresh, flavored tobaccos that have made Fumari a favorite.

Only Fumari produces hookah tobacco in small, limited batches that are regularly replenished and hand-packed upon order for guaranteed freshness. Every single flavor is exclusively created by FUMARI using only the finest ingredients on planet earth. Taste-tested, and taste bud-approved in our hookah lounge. There's nothing better than freshly smoked Fumari.

Fumari Cola Hookah Tobacco is an original Fumari flavor creation. It’s a cola flavor with a Fumari twist. Tastes like soda pop, but unlike any other, this one has a thick, flavorful smoke.

Company: Fumari
Brand: Fumari Cola
Slogan: Hookah Tobacco, Pipes and More
Category: Beverages
Origin: USA
Packaging: PET Bottle
Price: $9.00 USD
Website:  fumari.com

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Product Spotlight: Höllinger Bio Cola

Höllinger Bio Cola.  Carbonated lemonade-flavored cola, which gives it a captivating caramel color. No artificial sweeteners or colors, with half the sugar content of traditional drinks.

Ingredients: Water, sugar *, carbonic acid, burned sugar *, acidifier: citric acid, natural flavor (without caffeine). * Product certified organic agriculture.

Average nutritional values per 100 ml: Calorific value / energy: 167 kcal kJ/39. Protein 0 g Carbohydrate: 9.7 g (of which sugars 9.5 g). Fat: 0 g (of which saturates 0 g). Dietary Fiber: <0.1 g Sodium: <0.01 g


Company: Hollinger
Brand: Bio Cola
Category:  Beverages, Carbonated Drinks
Origin: Austria
Packaging: 250ml can, 500ml bottle
Price: $1.57 for can
Claims: No artificial sweeteners or colors
Varieties: See Website
Website: hoellinger-juice.at



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Product Spotlight: Power Horse Energy Drinks

Power Horse  Energy Drinks from Austria are best known for its role in the 2008 assassin film Wanted.  Avalaible in a variety of presentations including Regular, Sugar Free and Cola Flavored.  The Cola version comes with 33% free.  Power Horse also comes in a variety of different packages including a 250ml can, a 500ml Can and a 250ml bottle that features a bottle cap that can be reusable screw-cap.

Ingredients include: Taurine & Glucuronolactone, Caffeine, Vitamins and Carbohydrates.

Power Horse has been an innovative company since their inception.  Their new sugar free variety is in line with current health trends where health focused products are more popular than ever.  Offering multiple drink options and size varieties is a great way to reach different consumers with varied tastes.  The design of the products has not been updated and this could represent an opportunity for Power Horse to launch a new product with a more modern image that may attract a younger demographic who is increasingly more interested in attractive designs.  A great way to do this is through a limited edition launch where the company would get immediate feedback via different social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.   Popularity and sales success will ultimately determine whether this limited edition variety becomes the newest member of the Power Horse energy drink family.


Company: Power Horse
Brand: Power Horse
Category: Drinks, Energy Drinks
Origin: Austria
Price: 250ml can- $1.75 USD
Packaging: 250ml can and bottle, 500ml Can
Varieties: Regular, Regular Bottle,  Sugar Free, Cola, 500ml
Website: power-horse.com

powerhorse1power-horse-250ml-regular_72 power-horse-energy-cola-330ml_72 power-horse-250ml-regular-bottle power-horse-500ml-regular_300

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