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Supplement Spotlight: Le-Vel’s new premium nootropic capsule designed to support, optimize mental capabilities



FRISCO, Texas, March 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Over time, and thanks in large part to our overscheduled lives, we just don't feel as sharp as we once did. But here's the good news: We don't have to accept it. We do, in fact, have the power to expand our brain functioning -- effectively and naturally.

Le-Vel Brands, the world leader in human nutritional innovation, is thrilled to introduce Expand, part of an incredible new category of products designed to help support healthy cognition. Like all Le-Vel products, Expand is based on premium-grade ingredients and a superior formula and delivery system for maximum results. It's a safe and easy-to-use product you can carry with you on the go. Expand was designed to help reinforce the brain's inherent capabilities, modulate the cognitive blueprint, and support mental and cognitive capabilities.

Le-Vel's customers immediately recognized the incredible benefits of Expand. With over $1 million in sales in less than 24 hours in a limited release -- a figure that doubled with the full launch -- Expand already has made its mark on Le-Vel's THRIVE Plus line of products.

Your brain stops growing when you're around 18 years old, but that doesn't mean you can't reshape and strengthen it. In fact, every time you have a new thought or create a new memory, the structure of your brain changes. That's called neuroplasticity, and we can increase it at any time by seeking new opportunities to learn. When your brain is receiving the nutrition it needs, it becomes far easier not only to take in new information, but also to recall and utilize it later. Neuroplasticity increases, and your brain becomes a more efficient, more powerful machine.

Expand represents Le-Vel's entry into a category called nootropics, or cognitive-supporting supplements intended to help users improve concentration and focus and support optimized mental processing. The goal of nootropic products is to help your brain function at its best and enhance your ability to learn.

Life's demands leave many of us frazzled, distracted and unable to concentrate. When we're pulled in so many directions, it's difficult if not impossible to perform at premium level. Details slip through the cracks and we feel fried. And, when we're in that state, our brains aren't as open to learning; instead, we're just surviving. Getting more sleep, finding time for exercise and cutting stress out of your life aren't always possible, but what you can control is your nutrition. With a quick and easy daily regimen like Expand, optimal cognitive nutrition is, well, a no-brainer.

"When we talk about health and wellness, physical fitness is only part of the equation. To live life on all cylinders, we've got to take care of both the body and the mind," say Le-Vel Co-CEOs, Co-Founders and Co-Owners Jason Camper and Paul Gravette. "In fact, we should commit to keeping our brains fit just like we do our bodies. Like all Le-Vel products, Expand brings the gold standard of premium-grade ingredients, along with a superior formula and delivery mechanism for safe and positive results. It's an incredibly exciting new product category that will empower people of all ages and lifestyles to seek their fullest potential."

About Le-Vel

Founded in 2012 by Jason Camper and Paul Gravette, Le-Vel formulates and sells nutritional/health and wellness products and is the only health and wellness company that uses cloud-based technology for its day-to-day operations. Le-Vel's cloud-based infrastructure enables the company to keep overhead to a minimum while increasing commissions to its independent Brand Promoters and putting more money into the THRIVE product line. Le-Vel products include DFT, Thrive Premium Lifestyle Capsules, THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix, THRIVE Kids, Activate, Boost, Balance, Black Label, FORM, Move, Rest and Pure. Le-Vel has more than 5.5 million Customer and Brand Promoter accounts, currently ships within the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Mexico and exceeded $450 million in revenue in 2016. For more information about Le-Vel, visit le-vel.com.






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neurofuse feat1

Supplement Spotlight: NeuroFuse Elite Neuro Enhancer



Neurofuse is an elite cognitive enhancer containing clinically studied ingredients designed to help:

  • Sharpen focus and clarity*
  • Improve mental performance*
  • Boost energy and alertness*
  • Reduce perceived stress and anxiety*
  • Elevate memory*




Neurofuse combines the highest quality, carefully researched ingredients designed to help improve mental performance into a convenient serving of two capsules that:

  • Promotes a razor sharp and clean focus.
  • Enhances energy with a proprietary blend of scientifically-proven ingredients.
  • Boosts new task learning, memory retention and consolidation.

Originally developed by Harvard roommates and perfected by leading researchers and scientists, our precise combination of 13 ingredients is manufactured in a cGMP facility in the US with each ingredient being tested for purity and effectiveness.





Neurofuse can safely support your brain in a number of different ways - by increasing important "learning" neurotransmitters, improving bloodflow, and boosting energy so you feel youthful and sharp.*


Some of the ingredients in Neurofuse are scientifically proven to improve your memory - enabling you to recall more information more accurately with more clarity.*


Life is better when you can stay focused and pay attention. Our blend includes several ingredients demonstrated to help you concentrate and perform better on a variety of mental tasks.*


Neurofuse boosts mental & physical energy with ingredients such as Caffeine, Rhodiola Rosea, DMAE, and Vitamin B6 & 12 that work synergistically to help you fight fatigue and stay alert.*


In addition to boosting energy levels, Neurofuse also contains ingredients suggested to improve overall feelings of well-being while reducing stress/anxiety to help you feel your best!*


"Neurofuse gives me the perfect combination of energy and focus that I need to operate at my best."

Dhaval Sawhney
Start Up Entrepreneur, Harvard Alumnus

"Safe, and effective. Gives me the razor focus I need when on a tough deadline."

David Tao
Forbes Contributor, Harvard Alumnus



Company: NeuroFuse
Brand: Elite Neuro Enhancer
Origin: US
Category: Supplement
Packaging: 60 capsules
Claims: Improvers mental performance, sharpens focus and clarity, elevates memory.
Variants: View product range here
Price: $69.99 each
Where to Buy: US, Buy Online
Website: https://www.neurofuse.com/focus/





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Nootropics Trends Report



Nootropics is becoming a mega trend in the United
States and catching up in other countries. We believe
this trend could have a global impact in the coming years.
Trend Insights cover the highlights of the trend, the key
features, product innovation, key trends and
opportunities available.



What are Nootropics?
What is this trend?
Price Analysis
Target Market – Claims
Key Trends Analysis
Positioning Analysis
Innovative Products


PRICE: Contact us for pricing

Contact Us To Purchase This Report – reports@trndmonitor.com



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Daily Insight: Nootropics




Want to witness life events with a new perspective? Try Nootropics!
Nootropics are a type of supplements that enhance the cognitive thinking capability of the brain. There are several types of nootropics and each one of them has its own importance. Different formulation of every nootropics supplement provides an array of options for users who need to balance the intake along with other consumption. The benefits of some of top-notch nootropics are as follows:

It increases the capability of retaining anything that you have experienced or learned. It is widely used by students across the globe to absorb emphatic amount of information in minimal time especially during the exam weeks when there is hullabaloo everywhere. However, the impact of nootropics on every person differs and sometimes different types of nootropics can also cause dissimilar effect on users.



Users have been registered to experience better level of mental clarity and focus in their lives or any particular activity that they are targeting. The stress levels are also reduced that allows the energy inside the body to be routed to useful activities, hence, improving the overall living experience. Nootropics also impacts the mood of users; improving them in a way that they don’t feel lost or broken. It gives them energy to fight the real life battles and significantly enhance the overall interaction capacity.



Neuroplasticity is another concept that is affected by the usage of Nootropics. The supplements enable the brain to absorb and adapt the changing environment around it and create an optimistic view towards life. The users of these supplements have been witnessed with a better life expectancy and brain health compared to those who don’t consume nootropics.





Nootropics aren’t a joke. That’s why we took special care in making our stack. It’s made of natural compounds, amino acids, and the best vitamins for brain health and function. OptiMind® is designed to deliver immediate and long-term benefits. Expect to feel a boost in your energy, alertness, and focus. Over time, you’ll notice overall higher energy levels. Memory and learning rates are shown to drastically improve from ingredients in OptiMind®. Get ready for more clarity and less stress.

Over 50 years of neuroscience research was analyzed to design the safest and most effective formula for healthier brain function. OptiMind® is manufactured in a state of the art GMP certified laboratory using the highest industry standards. Each batch is purity tested to ensure that only the finest is delivered to your doorstep.

Discover what this nootropics stack can do for you.





Zoned PURE is the ultimate concoction for pure focus and mental clarity. PURE is pure: It does not rely on any physical stimulants to boost your energy levels. Out of hundreds of potential candidates, only five ingredients made the cut, to bring you the cleanest, safest and most balanced cognitive enhancer available today. Zoned PURE will feel like magic: The fog will lift, your memory and attention span will improve and you will feel like a new person, ready to tackle any challenge. Best of all, no physical stimulants means no jitters and crashes afterwards, no cravings, no negative side effects and no toxins in your body. What you are left with is clean focus, calm and clarity of the purest form.







Focus Plus was created for students and working professionals who need a boost in focus, mental clarity and cognition – not just energy. With a superior and balanced blend of vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and other nootropics, Focus Plus Shot’s formula is designed to help you stay focused and on task, without harmful side effects. Nootropics are a group consisting mostly of vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and other nutrients that can enhance cognition and protect the brain. Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy way for you to stay on top of your mental game! Our 2-ounce Focus Shot has all-natural berry flavoring that delivers the benefits of these effective cognitive enhancers in a delicious new form!







Nootroo comes in two different formulas, a Gold formula and a Silver formula. The two formulas differ only in the main ingredient, which in the Gold is Noopept and in the Silver is Phenylpiracetam. Both formulas contain CDP-Choline and our proprietary ratio of L-Theanine & Caffeine, called SmoothCaffeine.

The pills are alternated between, one day gold, and the next day silver. To distinguish between the two formulas without using artificial colorings, the Gold formula contains edible, pure 23.5 carat gold flakes and the silver formula contains edible, 100% pure silver flakes. For fastest action, take the capsule on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes prior to eating.




RISE is the first “nootropic stack in a capsule” in the Nootrobox family.

RISE enhances cognitive performance - specifically memory, focus, and energy.

The ingredients were selected for their individual nootropics benefits that synergize and 'stack' well together. The stacking rounds the benefits of each compound, ultimately creating a smooth and clear mental state, like being in flow.



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