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Drink Spotlight: Minor Figures Nitro Cold Brew Black



Nitro Cold Brew — Black

Black — Cascading coffee.
No dairy, no added sugar.
Brewed in East London.
12 x 200ml



About Minor Figures

As food and drink consumers demand higher quality through simple natural ingredients, fewer additives, no preservatives, provenance and authenticity - there is an increasing overlap between the customer's and the barista's needs.

From the very beginning, we approached the business in a different way - we focused on products that did not compromise flavour, quality, or innovation.  We would aim our products at both consumers and professionals - blurring the lines dividing the two. As a result, Minor Figures products are equally at home in the aisles of a major retailer, and behind the bar at the best coffee shops around the world. Read More



Company: Minor Figures
Brand: Minor Figures
Origin: UK / Australia
Category: Coffee
Packaging: 12 x 200ml
Claims: 100% plant based. No added sugar.
Variants: View Here
Price: $48.00 AUD
Where to BuyBuy Online





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Drink Spotlight: Minor Figures Nitro Cold Brew Mocha



Nitro Cold Brew — Mocha

Cascading coffee, oat m*lk and cocoa.
No dairy, no added sugar.
Brewed in East London.
12 x 200ml



About Minor Figures

As food and drink consumers demand higher quality through simple natural ingredients, fewer additives, no preservatives, provenance and authenticity - there is an increasing overlap between the customer's and the barista's needs.

From the very beginning, we approached the business in a different way - we focused on products that did not compromise flavour, quality, or innovation.  We would aim our products at both consumers and professionals - blurring the lines dividing the two. As a result, Minor Figures products are equally at home in the aisles of a major retailer, and behind the bar at the best coffee shops around the world. Read More



Company: Minor Figures
Brand: Minor Figures
Origin: UK / Australia
Category: Coffee
Packaging: 12 x 200ml
Claims: 100% plant based. No added sugar.
Variants: View Here
Price: $48.00 AUD
Where to BuyBuy Online








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Drink Spotlight: Laird Superfood Launches Unsweetened Instafuel



Leading superfood company introduces Unsweetened Instafuel as the third offering in the Instafuel line

SISTERS, Ore., Aug. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Laird Superfood, maker of assorted superfood products, today announced the newest addition to its popular instant beverage line, Unsweetened Instafuel. The new Unsweetened Instafuel mixes premium freeze-dried 100 percent Arabica coffee with the fan-favorite Unsweetened Superfood Creamer to create convenient, delicious and functional fuel, all without sugar or anything artificial.

With its on-the-go convenience and superior taste, the Instafuel line allows consumers to create a perfectly balanced latte anytime, anywhere, by simply adding water. Most instant beverages sacrifice quality and flavor for convenience; Laird Superfood's Unsweetened Instafuel uses high-quality, whole-food ingredients to provide a rich, instant latte with no artificial ingredients and no added sugar.

"With the explosive success of our Unsweetened Original Creamer, we quickly began working on an on-the-go option that combined the power of our creamers with the convenience of an instant coffee or tea," said Paul Hodge, CEO and co-founder of Laird Superfood. "We're always looking for new and innovative ways to keep our customers energized and in peak performance for their active lifestyles and the Unsweetened Instafuel offers an easy solution you can feel good about drinking."

Unsweetened Instafuel Details:

  • Third offering in Instafuel line alongside Matcha and Original flavors
  • Contains only four ingredients including coconut milk powder, freeze-dried 100% Arabica coffee, Aquamin™ and organic extra virgin coconut oil
  • No added sugar
  • No artificial flavors, fillers, gums or preservatives
  • No refrigeration required
  • All-natural, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, vegan and keto-friendly
  • Not individually packaged and just $1.62 per functional latte serving, saving time and money

Unsweetened Instafuel is available for purchase online at lairdsuperfood.com. The product will be priced at $12.99 for an 8oz bag.

For more information and to purchase Unsweetened Instafuel, visit https://lairdsuperfood.com/products/unsweetened-instafuel.

About Laird Superfood
Laird Superfood, Inc. creates award-winning, all-natural superfood products that are both delicious and functional. The company's products are designed to naturally keep you fueled throughout your day.

The company was co-founded in 2015 by the world's most prolific big-wave surfer, Laird Hamilton. His passion project to perfect his personal regimen grew into a dynamic, innovative brand with a mission to bring clean, simple, and thoughtfully formulated superfoods to the masses. As one of the fastest growing companies in the natural foods space, Laird Superfood's offerings are environmentally sustainable, responsibly tested, and made with whole-food ingredients that everyone can feel good about.

Laird Superfood products give you the fuel to accomplish anything – no matter the mission – from sunrise to sunset. Shop all products online at lairdsuperfood.com and join the Laird Superfood community on social media for the latest news and daily doses of inspiration.

SOURCE Laird Superfood

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Laird Superfood Launches New Unsweetened Instafuel

Laird Superfood Launches New Unsweetened Instafuel




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Coffee Spotlight: New SPLENDA® Coffee Creamers Offer a Low-Calorie Way to Make Your Coffee Better



The SPLENDA® Brand Expands Lineup with Launch of Delicious 15-Calorie Coffee Creamers

CARMEL, Ind., Feb. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Heartland Food Products Group (Heartland FPG), maker of the SPLENDA® Brand of low-calorie sweeteners, including SPLENDA® Original, America's favorite sweetener, is excited to introduce a brand-new line of SPLENDA® Coffee Creamers to shoppers across the Northeast.  Available in three flavors – French Vanilla, Sweet Cream and Hazelnut – the new creamers do not contain sugar or corn syrup, but are full-bodied, rich and delicious, with only 15 calories per serving.

New SPLENDA® Coffee Creamers are another delicious way to add rich and creamy flavor to coffee without added sugar, corn syrup or calories.  SPLENDA® Coffee Creamers join the SPLENDA® Brand lineup of low-calorie, great-tasting products, including SPLENDA® Stevia and SPLENDA® Liquid Zero, continuing to expand the portfolio of the number one low-calorie sweetener brand recommended by nutritionists and dieticians.

"For years, the SPLENDA® Brand has delivered a variety of sweetener options to help consumers achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle without sacrificing taste," said Ami Krishan, Senior Brand Director of the SPLENDA® Brand. "The #1 thing people add to their coffee is sweetener, and SPLENDA® is the #1 low-calorie sweetener they use.  The #2 thing people add to their coffee is creamer, and consumers have been asking us to expand our SPLENDA® brand low-calorie, great-tasting product portfolio to give them a better-tasting coffee creamer option, with no sugar and no corn syrup."

Shoppers in the Northeast can find SPLENDA® Coffee Creamers in the refrigerator aisle at Shop-rite, Safeway, Market Basket, Weis Markets, Giant Martin's, and Shaw's. SRP $3.99 (32 oz. bottle). They are also available from shop.splenda.com and from amazon.com.

About Heartland Food Products Group
Based outside of Indianapolis, Heartland Food Products Group is a global leader in the production of low-calorie sweetener products, creamers, beverage concentrates, coffee, and nutritional drinks. Visit Heartland at www.heartlandfpg.com. The SPLENDA® Brand is the most recognizable and iconic low-calorie sweetener ("LCS") brand in the world, having sold more than 100 billion yellow packets since it was launched in 1999. Today, the SPLENDA® Brand is the clear #1 LCS brand in the $72 billion global sweetener market.

SOURCE Heartland Food Products Group



Heartland Food - Splenda Creamer





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Coffee Spotlight: Tokelau MCT Coffee Mighty Morning Blend



Perfect for fueling your keto lifestyle on the go, these Mighty Morning blend coffee packets give you the energy you need to rock your day. Our Mighty Morning blend gives you a perfect cup of delicious keto certified coffee in seconds to fuel your day. No more measuring, noisy blender, or oily dishes to clean. Use these convenient keto certified coffee packets for: Travel Work Gym Camping Each packet includes: Organic 100% Arabica coffee High-quality MCTs to boost ketones Orangic coconut milk





About the company

We are proud of the quality and consistency of the product and service provided to our customers and we are here to make your online shopping experience excellent. On our online store, there is a great selection. With many years of experience in the direct relationship with the manufacturer's supplier and our customers, we always show our profession so that you can feel better when you shop here.

All orders are treated with the utmost care to meet the needs. Our customers appreciate the importance of your purchase, which is why we only sell new, unopened, unused products that order us directly from the manufacturer. Our customers expect, and will always receive, the high quality product when ordering with us. Our goal is to provide our customers the right products at the right price, delivered in time.

We have a powerful customer service team that keeps an eye on the entire sales process. The team is always ready and happy to help you, resolve your returns and replace, and listen to your complaints. Our service team sticks to its guideline.



Company: Tokelau
Brand: Tokelau:
Origin: USA
Category: Coffee
Packaging: 0.44oz (12.4g) packets
Claims: Organic. Gluten Free. Soy Free. Sugar Free
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $10.49 (7 Pack)
Where to Buy: Buy Online





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Drink Spotlight: VitaCup Genius Blend Infused Coffee





It's a genius idea, really. We've combined our essential vitamin blend with MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides), Turmeric and Cinnamon for the ideal blend for IDEA people. The smart combo of "good fats" and cinnamon helps to reduce sugar cravings, too. Start your day the smart way, with VitaCup

VitaCup's Genius Blend is a flavorful medium roast coffee with a subtle hint of cinnamon that is packed full of nutrients to help support brain health, focus, and cognitive function. We've combined our essential vitamin blend with MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides), turmeric and cinnamon for the ideal blend for IDEA people.

Each coffee pod is infused with a powerhouse of essential vitamins, known to provide the following benefits:

  • MCT (Medium-Chain Triglyceride) Assists with appetite control, brain function and supports endurance.
  • Cinnamon Antioxidants support heart health.
  • Turmeric Naturally beneficial and mood boosting antioxidant.
  • Vitamin D3 Boosts immune health.
  • Vitamin B1 Supports metabolism and energy.
  • Vitamin B5 Supports metabolism.
  • Vitamin B9 Provides healthy hair, skin, and nails. Helps the body in producing more energy.
  • Vitamin B6 Nurtures healthy skin, nails, and provides energy support.
  • Vitamin B12 Maintains energy levels, boosts mood, and supports function of nervous system.
  • Powerhouse Antioxidant Neutralizes free radicals.

The Genius Blend is medium roast.  A 5th generation roastmaster selects the finest Arabica coffee beans from Brazil and Mexico. The coffee roasting brings the beans to begin caramelization without a burnt aftertaste; allowing for a balanced flavor profile. The cinnamon and turmeric combine for a delicious flavor that provides all of the benefits of these two healthful spices.

VitaCup Genius Blend is available in 16, 32, 64, and 128 count packages.  Order a VitaCup subscription and get a 20% discount over the regular retail price.

The recyclable single serve coffee pods are also BPA free. The recyclable plastic pod and tin foil are both accepted with most regular recycling, no special boxes or recycling centers. The grounds and coffee filter are both biodegradable and compostable.  Never any dairy, gluten, or soy.




Coffee, MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) Oil, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Resveratrol, Pantothenic Acid, Thiamin, Methylcobalamin, Folic Acid, Cholecalciferol







About VitaCup

Love your mornings again with high-quality ingredients and an essential vitamin blend that tastes fresh and bold. All of the flavor plus a coffee that's better for you, better for your community, and better for the environment. Learn More



Company: VitaCup
Brand: VitaCup
Slogan: Energy & Focus
Origin: USA
Category: Coffee
Packaging: 6.77oz (192g)
Claims: Boosts immune health. Supports metabolism and energy.
Variants: View Product Range Here
Price: $20.00 (16 Count)
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator







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Supplement Spotlight: NewNew Foods Collagen Coffee




  • Cocafe Collagen Coffee is made of real Coconut (not artificial coconut flavor), premium Colombian Coffee and Collagen.
  • Each jar can make about 20 servings of irresistible Collagen Coffee
  • Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body. It is the major component of connective tissues that make up several body parts, including tendons, ligaments, skin and muscles. Consuming collagen may have a variety of health benefits, from relieving joint pain to improving skin health.
  • Coconut is a super-food, which is also the best natural creamer and flavorer
  • Collagen Coffee’s delicious taste can be enjoyed by you and your family
  • Gluten Free
  • Trans Fat Free






For Hot Collagen Coffee:

  •  Add 3 tbsp (about 27 g) of Collagen Coffee into a cup or mug
  •  Add 4 oz of HOT water and stir thoroughly until completely mixed
  •  Add 2 oz of milk, mix well and enjoy!


For Iced Collagen Coffee:

  • Add 3 tbsp (about 27 g) of Collagen Coffee into a cup or mug
  • Add 2 oz of Hot water and stir thoroughly until completely mixed
  • Add 2 oz of milk and a cup (about 110 g) of ice, mix well and enjoy!







About NewNew Foods

Our fans ignite us with the passion and inspiration to produce the best coconut products series.
NewNew Foods Coconut Beverage series was invented by a medical doctor. The ingredients of the series were diligently hand-picked based on the special properties of the ingredients and the suggested daily intake of sugar for the average person. Thus, you and your family can consume not just a delicious product but also simultaneously enjoy the health benefits that come from the intrinsic properties of the coconut, coffee, matcha, pitaya, and açaí that make the drink. At NewNew Foods, where every product is made here in the U.S.A., we've combined natural, healthy, rejuvenating coconut with the best coffee, matcha, pitaya, and açaí available. The taste is incredible and the health benefits revolutionary. Our products are gourmet superfoods that brew together good health and delicious flavor. Our coconut beverages mean a new beginning - a new lifestyle, the NewNew Foods way! Read More



Company: NewNew Foods
Brand: NewNew Foods
Origin: USA
Category: Coffee
Packaging: 19.05 oz (540g)
Claims: Gluten Free. Trans Fat Free
Variants: View Product Range Here
Price: $15.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator





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Company Spotlight: Fat Fuel



For many years there has been a misconception that consuming fats will make us fat. Scientists have proven this to be untrue, and dietary fats are making a comeback. As it turns out, these fats are not only essential for optimal metabolic and cognitive performance, they also help us to feel full longer.


Take your fuel with you. Anytime, Anywhere.
Fat Fuel Coffee combines the highest quality fats with our premium blend of organic coffee conveniently packaged to go wherever your adventures take you. Our unique manufacturing process ensures a creamy, smooth, delicious beverage that can be enjoyed both hot and iced. Fat Fuel Coffee will keep you mentally sharp and satisfied for hours.


The secret weapon of the whole keto coffee craze, is our pride and joy. Until now, you had to blend traditional grass fed butter in your keto coffee. Fat Fuel's amazingly talented manufacturing team pioneered a way mindfully turn this into a powder. Its made without corn syrup solids or harmful carrying agents.


Medium-Chain Triglycerides? Not just another health buzz word, These fatty acids go to work quickly providing sustained energy. Coconut Oil and MCT Oil are notorious for improved cognitive function and better weight management. Get more out of your day with these super saturated fats.


Himalayan Salt contains the same 84 trace minerals and elements that are found in the human body. When you research Himalayan salt you will quickly realize why it is so vital to our very existence. Table salt is virtually stripped of all its minerals. Only use real salt.


Our delicious organic coffee delivers much more than caffeine. In addition to being the best tasting coffee, our coffee must surpass the high European standards for mycotoxins and mold. The result is an ultra quality product you can enjoy anytime, anyplace.





About Fat Fuel

Fat Fuel drink mixes contribute to a healthier lifestyle, especially those on low-carb, Paleo, or Keto diets. These coffee and cocoa drinks deliver 22g of healthy saturated fats in a delicious, ready-to-drink sachet, providing you with a diet-friendly addition to your day. It has been proven to curb appetite and promote weight loss to help you lose weight without the cravings, constant hunger, or fatigue. With Fat Fuel, you can enjoy watching the scale drop without feeling deprived. Change your life today with Fat Fuel.



Company: Fat Fuel
Brand: Fat Fuel
Slogan: Premium Fat Product for Healthy Living
Origin: USA
Category: Coffee
Packaging: 525g (15 servings)
Claims: Organic Coffee. Healthy Fat
Variants: View Here
Price: $37.95 ($2.53 / Count)
Where to Buy: Buy on Amazon





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Mocca Shots Mint and Dutch Chocolate

Energy Spotlight: Caffeine Never Tasted So Good


Mocca Shots® High Caffeine Gummies Are Now Available in Dutch Chocolate and Mint Chocolate Flavors

SEATTLE, Feb. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Seattle Gummy Company (SGC) recently added 2 exciting new flavors to their wildly popular Mocca Shots® lineup. After listening to customers and testing small batches with focus groups, SGC scientists researched ways to improve formulations, which resulted in two new flavors: Dutch Chocolate and Mint Chocolate. Now the company offers Mocca Shots® in four flavors including 2 original flavors, Dark Chocolate Orange and Dark Chocolate Raspberry.

SGC's scientists have figured out how to make caffeine taste great:

2 new flavors: rich Dutch Chocolate and fresh Mint Chocolate, have been added to Mocca Shots® high caffeine gummy lineup.

  • Smooth chocolate flavor: SGC's new flavors enhanced by smoother and more balanced chocolate recipe.
  • Unparalleled taste: energy products are notorious for less than palatable flavors. Mocca Shots® deliver great taste AND performance fueled by one cup of coffee worth of caffeine in each gummy.


Mocca Shots® are unique in the energy market: they contain the highest concentration of caffeine available, and they work 5x faster than energy drinks. This is because caffeine in the gummy gets absorbed through mouth mucosa and directly into the blood stream in less than 5 minutes.

Energy drinks are chock full of artificial flavors, sweeteners, and other junk that overcompensate for active ingredients. Consumers often compare the flavor of energy drinks, such as 5-hour energy and Red Bull, to a combination of sweet tarts and cough medicine. "If you want energy fast, Mocca Shots are a much better choice than Energy Drinks," says CEO, Dr. Connie Wan. "We knew we could create a product with natural ingredients that not only tastes better but is also more effective at helping people focus without the jittery side-effects normally associated with caffeine." The addition of the new flavors gives consumers more variety for that quick boost of energy.

The new flavors can be found here: https://seattlegummy.com/product/mocca-shots-high-energy-gummies-mint/

Try a sample pack of the new flavors for just $9.99 with free shipping for a limited time: https://seattlegummy.com/product/mocca-shots-sample-pack-mint-dutch/

About SGC: SGC is an R&D focused developer of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical gummy products. The company specializes in formulating Functional Gummy® products combining the wealth of the in-house knowledge in pharmaceutics, chemistry, modern medicine and herbal medicine. The company provides performance gummies® inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine including MOCCA SHOTS®, ENERGON QUBE™, FUNTIONAL FRUIT®, and SEATTLE BEAUTY®.

To learn more, visit https://seattlegummy.com, contact info@seattlegummy.com, call 206-257-0464, or join at https://seattlegummy.com/be-an-informed-member/.

SOURCE Seattle Gummy Company

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Creamer Spotlight: NutPods French Vanilla Unsweetened, Dairy Free Creamer


Plant-Based Creamer made from Coconut Cream & Almonds. Naturally Flavored from essences and extracts.

Dairy-Free, Unsweetened (0g of sugar per serving), and Deliciously Creamy. Whole 30 Approved, Keto Friendly, Certified Vegan, Kosher, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO Project Certified, Carrageenan and Soy free, Paleo-Friendly, and 0 Weight Watchers Smart Points per serving.

An alternative to Half & Half, nutpods is used in sweet & savory recipes!

Comes as a package of 4 or 12, 11.2oz shelf-stable containers. Refrigerate after opening.








About the Company:

Read all about NutPods Here



Company: NutPods
Brand: NutPods
Category: Creamer/Sweetener
Origin: USA
Packaging: 11.2fl oz (330ml)
Claims: Unsweetened, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, Non GMO Verified, Whole 30, Plant Based
Varieties: View Here
Price: $14.95 (4 pack)
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: nutpods.com




Exclusive Mockups for Branding and Packaging Design






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