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Tech Spotlight: BKON Craft Brewer


Powered by BKON's patented RAIN technology, the BKON Craft Brewer allows beverage artisans to effortlessly target and optimally craft any loose-leaf tea beverage, and also innovate new third wave coffee and made-to-order infused cocktails menus.
- Optimally brews over 60 cups an hour
- Stores over 200 recipes
- Brew chamber self cleans at the end of each cycle
- Service & Warranty Covered by Franke Coffee Systems



we're BKON (pronounced beacon)
BKON develops pioneering beverage technologies for consumers to enjoy the highest quality, made-to-order, craft beverages with greater convenience, consistency and recipe innovation.

BKON’s first priority is to disrupt the tea industry with a similar innovation leap that occurred 25 years ago when American consumers were introduced to a new caliber of coffee beverages made possible by espresso-brewing technology. For the first time, beverage artisans can effortlessly target and develop the optimal flavors that are unique to each tea variety or blend, in as little as one-fifth the time required by traditional methods.

However, tea is only the first chapter for BKON as RAIN™ represents possibly one of the most significant inventions to the beverage industry since pasteurization. BKON’s vision is to work with as many of the world’s leading and creative epicurean minds to also innovate RAIN applications for third wave coffee brewing, spirit infusions, and beyond.

Company: BKON
Brand: BKON
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Store Locator
Website: bkonbrew.com





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Coffee Vending Machine in South Africa Only Accepts Yawns



As part of a marketing campaign, coffee company Douwe Egberts set up one of their vending machines in an airport in South Africa so that when a customer yawns, it dispenses a free cup of coffee! Because when you’re sleepy and in an airport in Africa, what’s the one thing you crave? I said, “My own bed,” but apparently the answer is Douwe Egberts vending machine coffee. Good to know.

(via Technabob)

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Fiat 500L to have world’s first ever in-car coffee machine

Fiat has announced that the all-new 2013 Fiat 500L will come fitted with an on board coffee machine for drivers to make espresso on the go. Developed with Italian coffee experts Lavazza, the 250-euro ($300) ‘Coffee Experience’ kit includes a coffee maker, cups, a spoon holder and a sugar container. According to Fiat, this is an “absolutely new product on the automotive scene.” The company claims that the 500L is the first standard production car to offer an authentic espresso machine integrated into the passenger compartment.


Full Article @ LuxuryLaunches

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