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Industry News: New Ready-To-Drink Bloody Mary Cocktails Marry Decadence and Convenience For Two Michigan Brands



McClure’s Pickles and Pigeon Hill Brewing Company Team Up to Bring Major Innovation to Grocery

DETROIT, MI (April 18, 2019) McClure’s Pickles, the nation’s premier producer of gourmet pickled goods and condiments, is proud to announce the release of a new Ready-To-Drink Bloody Mary Cocktail. A first for the brand, each Ready-To-Drink Bloody Mary Cocktail highlights McClure’s signature Bloody Mary Mix paired with vodka and canned from Michigan’s own Pigeon Hill Brewing Company. The cocktails will be available at retailers wherever McClure’s products are sold throughout Michigan this Spring. Shoppers looking for the decadence of a Bloody Mary and the ease of a pre-mixed cocktail will relish the quality of McClure’s new offering.

McClure’s brings the new Ready-To-Drink Bloody Mary Cocktails to market, building on the success of its signature Spicy Bloody Mary Mix – now also available in Mild. With ease top of mind, the brand introduces the single-serve 12 oz. cans with 7.5% Alcohol by Volume into a competitive alcohol category where brothers, Bob and Joe McClure, noticed a gap that needed filled. In partnership with Pigeon Hill Brewing Co., each batch is made with simple ingredients and delivers a new way to love the McClure’s Bloody Mary recipe consumers already know and love.

“We’re proud to once again be innovating within our own category, as well as expand beyond pickles and relishes,” says Bob McClure, Co-Owner of McClure’s Pickles. “Not only will this be an exciting addition to liquor aisles everywhere, but it also highlights two proud Michigan brands that represent the heart of Michigan ingenuity. It’s an honor to be able to partner with Pigeon Hill Brewing Company.”

McClure’s has manufactured, prepared and distributed authentic, gourmet-quality food products since 2006. Preserving the family’s time-tested recipes, and exemplifying the brand’s nostalgia and passion for quality food, the McClure family has remained true to tradition. As traditional family recipes are translated into commercial production, authenticity remains the overarching goal to achieve premium quality and bold taste.


About McClure’s Pickles
Founded in 2006 by brothers Bob and Joe McClure, McClure’s Pickles is a family-owned and operated company in Detroit, MI currently selling high-quality, all-natural pickles, mixers and premium salty snacks to over 4000 national and independent retailers across the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand.







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Alcohol Spotlight: Austin-Based Mighty Swell Sparkling Cocktails Launches New Tropical-Inspired Flavor


Expands market availability to include 6 new states in the U.S.

AUSTIN, Texas, March 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Austin-based beverage company, Mighty Swell Sparkling Cocktails, announced today the launch of their newest flavor, Mango, the first flavor addition since the company launched in 2016. The new Mango Mighty Swell delivers a taste of the tropics with sweet, ripe fruit balanced with slightly tangy citrus notes along with fragrant floral aromatics.

Just like the current offerings — grapefruit, peach, and lemon — from Mighty Swell, the new Mango-flavored cocktails are made with premium ingredients including real fruit juice and pure cane sugar. They are then carbonated to create a distinctive cocktail with five percent alcohol by volume. The cocktails do not contain high-fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, sodium benzoate, or food dyes.

"As the popularity and prevalence of mango in the U.S. continues to grow, we are excited to bring this refreshing, tropical-inspired new flavor to the Mighty Swell Sparkling Cocktails lineup," says Jason Bronstad, President of Mighty Swell. "New Mango Mighty Swell is delicious out of the can, over ice or as a base for an exotic cocktail.  Its signature portability means you can enjoy it at the beach, pool, golf course or other places bottles can't go."

In addition to the new flavor profile, Mighty Swell Sparkling Cocktails will increase its availability in the U.S. to include distribution in 6 new states:

  • In Southern California, distributed by Craft Beer Guild Los Angeles and Craft Beer Guild San Diego
  • In Connecticut, distributed by Craft Beer Guild Connecticut
  • In Georgia, distributed by National Distribution Co.
  • In Massachusetts, distributed by Craft Beer Guild Boston, L. Knife and Son, Inc. and Seaboard Products Co.
  • In New Jersey, distributed by Hunterdon Brewing
  • In Rhode Island, distributed by Craft Beer Guild Rhode Island

Mighty Swell is available at select retailers with a suggested price range of $8.99 to $9.99. For more information, visit www.mightyswell.com.

About Mighty Swell
Austin, Texas-based Mighty Swell Sparkling Cocktails is on a mission to rescue people from the average and artificial with distinctive sparkling juice cocktails made with fruit-based wine. The company's product line includes four refreshing flavors; Grapefruit, Peach, Lemon and Mango. Mighty Swell Sparkling Cocktails are available in 12 ounce cans at finer retail shops in Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Colorado California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey and Georgia.






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Recipe Spotlight: American-Made Bourbon Cocktails for the Closing Ceremony!



Knob Creek® American Champion Old Fashioned is a refreshing cocktail everyone will enjoy while watching the competition. The big, full flavor of Knob Creek, which has set the standard in bourbon for more than 20 years, is complemented by the lemon juice and mint leaves in this recipe. Top it off with ginger beer, and you have a unique, bold cocktail recipe.

Not in the mood for an old fashioned? Mix up the Basil Hayden’s® Rio Julep! This recipe blends the trademark spicy finish of Basil Hayden’s with sweet flavors like banana and brown sugar. This Brazil-inspired cocktail will make you feel like you’re in the stadium rooting on the U.S.

If you’d rather drink your bourbon straight, enjoy sipping American-made Basil Hayden’s® Bourbon neat or on the rocks! With a recipe that’s almost as old as the country you’re cheering on, Basil Hayden’s is the perfect bourbon to toast the occasion. At 80 proof, this medium-bodied bourbon with hints of honey and pepper is bound to be a crowd pleaser.


Knob Creek® American Champion Old Fashioned
By Celebrity Chef Michael Symon

1 ½ Parts Knob Creek® Rye Whiskey
Ginger Beer
½ Part Lemon Juice
¼ Part Green Chartreuse
6-8 Mint Leaves

1. Combine all ingredients (except ginger beer) in a bar tin with ice and shake well.
2. Strain into a chilled Collins glass, top off with ginger beer and garnish with a single mint leaf.


Basil Hayden’s® Rio Julep
By Austin Mixologist Justin Elliot

2 parts Basil Hayden’s Bourbon
1/4 part Banana Liqueur
1 tsp of Brown Sugar
1 dash of Aromatic Bitters
8-10 Mint Leaves
Banana Chip (for garnish)

1. Muddle 8-10 mint leaves, dash of bitters and brown sugar in a double rocks glass.
2. Add Basil Hayden’s and banana liqueur and stir gently.
3. Fill the cup to the rim with crushed ice.
4. Garnish with a mint sprig and banana chip.





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clubtails feat1

Company Spotlight: Clubtails – Cocktail in a Can



Someone once told us that you can’t CAN a party. Well, we can CAN it. And we did. Eight kinds of party, in fact.  We call them Clubtails. You can call them awesomesauce.

Miraculous as it may seem, there now exists a range of perfectly blended cocktails in ready-to-drink, single-serve cans.  Crazy. Yeah, we know.

We know what you’re thinking: How did this almost unbelievable turn of events come to pass? Well, we were sitting around shooting the shizzle one day, with our arms aching from shaking and stirring cocktails, and someone wise said, “Can it!”  Someone got offended and before we knew it, there was no more mixing and no more mixer.



clubtails 1b  clubtails 1a


clubtails 1c



But the next day, when we were going through the drudgery of making cocktails once more the old-school way, we all remembered, “Can it!”

Why mix a mixie when you don’t have to?

What we’re dealing with here is 8 classic cocktails, reborn in can format, like a porcupine that gets reincarnated as something more sleek and insanely cool, like a jaguar.

Clubtails are cocktails as Nature intended them. But that’s Party Nature, not Mother Nature.

Think it’s impossible to get perfect cocktails from a can? You carry on thinking that – the rest of us are ready to party.

Ditch the dreary. Sip on some awesome.



Company: Clubtails
Brand:  Cocktails
Slogan:  Cocktail in a Can
Origin: US
Category:  Cocktails
Packaging:  16 oz.
Claims:  Ready to drink, single serve can, 10% alc./vol.
Variants: View product range here
Price:  Coming soon
Where to Buy: US
Website: http://clubtails.com/



clubtails 1



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Drink Spotlight: Ballast Point Canned Cocktails



Not your typical Ballast Point can...
2015 has been a busy year for new releases here, and we're excited to share this latest one...ready to drink canned cocktails. Gin and Tonic, Rum and Cola, Rum and Ginger and Bloody Mary all made in our distillery at our Scripps Ranch location.

We know what you might be thinking, but these are not your typical flavored malt beverages. Each cocktail uses our own craft spirits, along with our specially crafted mixers - our own recipe for cola, our ginger beer, our grapefruit cucumber tonic, and of course our signature spicy Bloody Mary mix. All of which come 4 to a pack in 12oz cans, perfect for tailgating season, especially those 1pm Charger games.

These cans are just starting to hit shelves in San Diego (Bloody Mary will be out in a couple weeks), and we have plans to expand distribution soon...if San Diego doesn't drink them up first that is!

Fugu Bloody Mary

Like the venomous namesake fish this Fugu Bloody Mary packs a sting. We’ve combined our signature Fugu Vodka with our award-winning Bloody Mary mix, featuring ripe tomatoes, exotic spices and a heavy dose of pepper, to make a spicy cocktail that is dangerously drinkable.

Year-round in 12oz cans

Alc. By Vol.


Three Sheets Rum & Ginger

This Rum & Ginger is like none you’ve ever tasted. We blend our Three Sheets White Rum, crafted from pure cane sugar, with our fresh and spicy house-made ginger beer to create a
robust yet balanced craft cocktail. It’s a storm of flavor that is sure to warm your pallet.

Year-round in 12oz cans

Alc. By Vol.






Three Sheets Rum & Cola

This cocktail instantly transports you to the tropics. Our smooth Three Sheets White Rum crafted from pure cane sugar blends with earthy cardamom in our house-made cola to create a uniquely exotic yet inviting flavor. The mix of sweet and spice will have you feeling the waves wherever you may be.


Year-round in 12oz cans

Alc. By Vol.








Old Grove Gin & Tonic

Even when updated, some cocktails are timeless. We’ve blended our clean and fragrant Old Grove Gin with our house-made grapefruit cucumber tonic to re-create the perfect match. A modern spin on an old classic, the bright citrusy flavors will keep you refreshed day or night.

Year-round in 12oz cans

Alc. By Vol.





About the Company

It Begins with the Search for Flavor

The perfect balance of taste and aroma. An obsession with ingredients. An exploration of techniques. And while we savor the result, we’re just as fascinated by the process to get there. What started as a small group of home brewers, who simply wanted to make a better beer, evolved into the adventurers known today as Ballast Point.


Where Science Meets Art

We live to add our own touch and ask if there’s a better way. As we tinkered, tested and tasted, we discovered that making beer was more art than science. And while we respect and honor tradition, we relish the opportunity to take it further. That freedom has allowed us to reinterpret brewing. And along the way help to reinvigorate the industry. From bringing a hoppy twist to a porter, or developing a proprietary yeast for our amber ale, to creating a breakthrough gold medal-winning IPA.


From Brewing To Distilling

We couldn’t stop with just beer, so we got into the distilling business—to see if we could add our own spin to another centuries-old craft. But all of this would be wasted if we couldn’t share it. Whether serving up new flavors, collaborating with seasoned brewmasters, or training the next generation at Home Brew Mart, we not only want to challenge our own tastes, but expand yours.

Ballast Point. Dedicated to the craft.




Company: Ballast Point
Brand:  Ballast Point
Slogan:  Dedicated to the Craft
Origin:  USA
Category:  Beer
Packaging: 12oz can
Claims: Ready to Drink
Variants:  View product range here
Price:  Coming soon
Where to Buy:  USA
Website: ballastpoint.com








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Drink Spotlight: Drink trends for 2016



If you have a big event coming up in 2016 or you’re running a hospitality business, you will want to keep up with the hottest and most stylish drinks. As with the fashion and food sectors, there are also trends in the drinks industry that change over the seasons. Here is a look at some of the potential new cocktail ingredients that are going to trend in the next year, along with the beers, wines and mixers that are going to be popular.


Mix it up

Cocktails are proving extremely popular at the moment, with consumers looking to try something new and exotic on their night out. Choosing and drinking a cocktail is all part of an experience, and customers are looking for bartenders who can create something special and put on an elaborate show for them.

Signature cocktails that help an establishment stand out from the crowd are a good idea. This can attract customers and give them something they can’t find in another bar. Champagne and good quality sparkling wines, such as Prosecco, are becoming more widely used in cocktails.

It’s important when you’re putting a cocktail together that you pay attention to all the ingredients. Specific brands of spirits, as well as artisan varieties, are often preferred by drinkers rather than the well-known, mainstream versions. Consumers also look for strength of flavor in their cocktails. Cocktails featured in the calvados drink recipes are known for their high quality and strength of flavor.

Drinkers are now more willing to experiment with new flavors in their cocktails. We’re now seeing the emergence of more sour and savory options, as well as those containing spices. We’ve moved on from solely using tomato juice as a savory flavor, to including the addition of black garlic and egg white into cocktails.


Across the sector

It’s not just in the cocktail market where we will see changes in 2016. There are also likely to be new trends across the drinks industry, from wines and beers to mixers and soft drinks.

Even beer drinkers are becoming more discerning about their choices. Craft beers are gaining in recognition and moving into more prominent positions in bars. These come from small brewers who concentrate on flavors and taste, producing specialist and limited edition beers.

In the wine market, consumers are more open to changing their varieties, rather than simply sticking with what they’ve been drinking for years. Younger drinkers tend to opt for sweeter versions such as Moscato. With the desire to drink sparkling wines as a more everyday drink, champagne is giving way on these to cheaper versions, such as Prosecco.

Mixers will continue with tonics, fruit flavored liquors and juices used in a variety of combinations to make a range of cocktails, including those made with the amazing calvados apple brandy.

With so many choices available, 2016 should be an exciting year in the drinks industry. Whether you prefer refreshing cocktails or a smooth glass of beer, there’s something for every taste and plenty of new drinks to experience.




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Company Spotlight: Belles Organics The Georgia Belle Cocktail


Everyone loves a sweet Georgia Peach, so Belles created a delightfully smooth cocktail with a jazzy kick! Using our Organic Peaches ‘n’ Cream, Organic Whole Wheat Vodka, and an exciting pop of Vanilla, this lovely brunch favorite is perfect for both elegant social gatherings or casual afternoon picnics. Miss Georgia Belle is a sultry lady that, when introduced to a little champagne, makes for an amazing Peach Bellini. Grab your bottle today and head to the races!



Georgia Belle Introduction from Belles Organics on Vimeo.




About the Company
One day in the summer of 2011, husband-and-wife team Daniel and Jessica Flores arrived to a lake party near their North Georgia mountain farm armed all of the ingredients - unsqueezed organic fruit, agave nectar, and fresh local moonshine - needed to make outstanding cocktails for the weekend. All of their preparation, however, caused them to arrive two hours late, and upon arriving they were encouraged by friends to simply “grab whatever’s in the cooler” and jump in the lake. Dismayed by how quickly their friends were willing to sacrifice quality for convenience, Daniel and Jessica set out to create a product that didn’t compromise one for the other, and shortly thereafter Belles Organics was born.

Belles Organics are organic, ready-to drink cocktails that come in eco-friendly packaging inspiring you to “find your inner belle”.




Company: Belles Organics
Brand: Belles Organics
Slogan: Premium Craft Organic Cocktails
Origin: USA
Category: Ready to Drink Cocktails
Packaging: 1 liter
Alcohol Volume: 7.51% ALC by VOL | 15.02 PROOF
Claims: Organic
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $19.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: bellesorganics.com








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Drink Spotlight: The Karma Sucra Cosmopolitan Mocktail


The idea is simple: Delicious party drinks made easy anytime.

Add alcohol or not without sacrificing taste, style, or the experience of a having wonderful drink in your hand. Because they are ready to serve straight from our unique shaker bottle, personally customize each one by the glass.

That’s not all, Mocktails Brand is made with the health-conscious consumer in mind so you can be proud to serve them to anyone anytime.

Pair them with your favorite food and savor every sip. Upscale any occasion, no matter how big or small.

Mocktails Brand: With or without alcohol, fun for all!





Ah, yes: cosmopolitans—the drink made incredibly popular at the turn of the century (yes, this one), thanks to the women of Sex and the City. Well, move over, Carrie Bradshaw. It’s a new decade. And to celebrate, we’ve got a non-alcoholic cosmopolitan that’s 100 percent indulgent without any of the guilt (or headaches).

With splashes of cranberry, white grapes, a hint of lime, and little something special, The Karma Sucra Cosmo is perfect for girls’ night out—or in. Not only that, but our Cosmos are all natural, ready to drink, and only 45 calories per serving. Plus, the cool shaker bottle they come in? Cosmos were never made easier. Bring on the good karma!

Be a great host, or a great guest. And certainly don’t forget to stock them for those baby showers where the guest of honor isn’t drinking anymore! Find a store near you or order online.




About the Company
It started for one simple reason: Family and friends had been struggling for years with the lack of good choices when not “drinking” in social situations. We experienced the questions you’re asked if you’re seen with a water or soda at a party: Why aren’t you drinking? Don’t you want to have fun? Is something wrong? Read More





Company: Mocktail Beverages Inc
Brand: Mocktails
Slogan: Brand Non-Alcoholic Cocktail
Origin: USA
Category: Non Alcohol Drinks
Packaging: 532ml
Claims: Non Alcoholic
Variants: Scottish Lemonade, Sevilla Red Sangria, Karma Sucra Cosmopolitan, Vida Loca Margarita
Price: $39.95 (4 x 532ml)
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: mocktails.com





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Alcohol Spotlight: Sinless Strawberry Margarita Mix



An All-Natural & Sugar Free Strawberry Margarita Mix with only 5 calories per serving
that you can enjoy and not feel guilty about! Strawberry Margarita is made with the best,
natural ingredients. We use real lime and lemon juice and balance it perfectly with the
all natural sweetener Stevia.

Note: Please keep refrigerated at all times.






About the Company
We aren't your typical beverage brand. During our initial stages of starting Sinless, we met with many smart and extremely successful people that have "made it" in the beverage industry. Liquor store owners, former owners of successful products and current alcohol "big dogs" at some major companies. They almost all said the same things: "Cut costs as much as possible", "Use cheaper ingredients", "You HAVE to be shelf-stable, being stuck in the cooler will be a disaster", "You can't manufacture all this yourself, you have to get a big manufacturer to do it for you", etc, etc. And while all of these points make sense, we decided that we would be different.

So we decided to not worry as much about cost and more about quality. We decided to go with only the best and freshest ingredients to make our Sinless Mix as healthy and tasty as possible. We didn't add any artificial preservatives to get our product shelf stable and instead opted to go with completely All Natural ingredients, even if that meant having to keep our product chilled at all times. And we decided that we preferred to make small batches ourselves instead of getting into mass manufacturing because making small batches of our product allows us to keep our product fresher and gives us more control over the process.





Company: Sinless Cocktails
Brand:  Sinless Cocktails
Slogan: Low Calorie Cocktail Mix
Origin: USA
Category: Ready to Drink Alcohol
Packaging: 32fl oz
Claims: Sweetened with Stevia
Variants: Strawberry Margarita, Mojito, Margarita, Sour
Price: $8.49
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: sinlesscocktails.com





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Alcohol Spotlight: Castaway Spritz



Castaway Spritz™ a light and deliciously refreshing fusion of lightly sparkling wine and natural fruit flavours.

We’ve created a unique blend of lightly sparkling white wine infused with tropical fruit flavours so it really is both refreshing and fruity!



About the company:

Back in the day, for the first time someone very clever decided to take a lightly sparkling wine, infuse it with tropical fruit flavours and so the fruit wine cooler, Castaway was born!

We know that women up and down the country enjoyed this tipple for many years either on it’s own, or as part of their own unique cocktail recipe and there was much sadness and regret when Castaway disappeared from our pubs and clubs back in the 1990’s. And we all shed a tear for Castaway. Read More




Company: Monuriki Drinks Ltd
Brand: Castaway Spritz
Slogan: the taste comes alive
Origin: UK
Category: Alcohol
Packaging: 75 cl
Alcohol Volume: 8%
Claims: refreshing and fruity
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: castawayspritz.com





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