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Drink Spotlight: Powell & Mahoney Craft Cocktail Mixers




Coming soon!

Get ready… for our new line of sparkling mixers! We’ve perfected the recipes, put them in convenient 12 oz cans, and even added a new Blood Orange Ginger Beer (which is already winning accolades!).


Flavors include:

Ginger Beer

Blood Orange Ginger Beer

Sparkling Mojito

Sparkling Tonic


Hold tight… we’re ALMOST ready for you to taste them yourselves. Available in the coming weeks, for purchase online and at a store near you.



About the company

At Powell & Mahoney, we are committed to bringing you the quality, consistency and versatility of the world’s finest cocktail mixers, made with natural ingredients. Always perfectly balanced, always delicious and always at home behind any bar or cocktail party.

We’ve reinvented America’s best-loved classic cocktail recipes by swapping out artificial flavors and preservatives for only the finest, hand-selected juices and pure cane sugar. We want you to feel good about serving our craft cocktail mixers. A staple in every cocktail lover’s kitchen! Read More



Company: Powell & Mahoney
Brand: Powell & Mahoney
Origin: USA
Category: Cocktail Mixer
Packaging: 12 fl oz (355 ml)
Claims: Natural Ingredients. Non-alcoholic
Variants: View Product Range Here
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Retailers






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Drink Spotlight: Llanllyr Source Natural Mixers



Natural Mixers

Water is the foundation of any mixer.  Llanllyr SOURCE mixers are crafted using our award-winning natural spring water and natural ingredients to release the essence of the spirit and deliver a world-class cocktail. Using Llanllyr SOURCE Natural Spring Water and natural ingredients sourced from around the globe, we believe we have created the best mixers on the planet.




Our Tonic Water is made with natural quinine and is crafted to bring out the natural botanicals in the finest spirits. Try it in your favorite Gin & Tonic.





Our Light Tonic Water delivers the same excellence of our Tonic Water with fewer calories. Now you can enjoy your favorite spirits without compromising. Pair it with this exceptional Vodka & Tonic.





Our Club Soda shines in its simplicity, delivering long lasting effervescence for a dazzling Soda cocktail experience. Perfect for your favorite Whisky & Soda.





Our fiery Ginger Beer is made with natural gingers and spices that provide a distinct and balanced heat. Create the perfect Horses Neck.





Our Ginger Beer was developed for those who prefer their Moscow Mule with less heat than our Fiery Ginger Beer.





Our Ginger Ale is made with natural gingers and is perfect for drinking on its own or with spirits. Pair with tequila to make a delicious El Diablo.









Our Bitter Lemon has been crafted with natural quinine, Brazilian oranges and organic Sicilian lemons. Goes perfectly with a Vodka Mule.




About the company

Since 1180, when the Great Lord Rhys first settled the land, natural springs underneath the organic fields of Llanllyr have been supplying its inhabitants with some of the purest, all natural drinking water in the world. Llanllyr sits in the idyllic Welsh countryside at the base of a glacial valley. The glacial sands and persistent rainfall work together to produce Llanllyr SOURCE, a Natural Spring Water with a perfect mineral balance and superb taste. Our company was started in 1999 by a member of the family that has organically farmed the land for vegetables, beef and sheep for the last 300 years. Being an activist for sustainable land management and knowing the incredible quality of the water, the family began the Company as a farm biodiversity project. Since then, the water has spoken for itself. Elite chefs, including the famed Ferran Adria of El Bulli, have served Llanllyr SOURCE in their restaurants due to its unparalleled taste, quality and design. Llanllyr SOURCE is also featured in many of the world’s top luxury hotels, resorts, restaurants and fine retailers. We invite you to enjoy our wonderfully pure and natural water.



Company: Llanllyr Water Company
Brand: Llanllyr Source
Origin: UK
Category: cocktail mixers
Claims: Natural spring water. Natural ingredients
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: UK





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Drink Spotlight: Boylan Heritage Cocktail Mixers



The Boylan Heritage line of cocktail mixers is the result of a unique collaboration between Boylan Bottling and W&P Design. The partnership brings together Boylan’s iconic 120+ year tradition of quality American bottling with W&P Design’s innovative perspective on cocktails to create a series of new takes on timeless cocktail mixers.



About W&P Design
Founded by Eric Prum and Josh Williams, W&P Design is a growing team of passionate designers and foodies that have come together with the simple mission to bring new ideas to life in the food and drink-iverse. Most days you can find us in our workshop in Bushwick, Brooklyn, creating, designing and tasting (usually with a cocktail or two involved).



Company: Boylan Bottling and W&P Design
Brand: Boylan Heritage
Origin: USA
Category: Cocktail Mixers
Packaging: 10 fl oz (296 ml)
Claims: quality American bottling, timeless cocktail mixers
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $31.95 (Case of 12)
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: wandpdesign.com







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Company Spotlight: Cocktail Crate



Cocktail Crate is a revolution, bringing the high quality ingredients, creative tasty recipes, and handmade approach of "craft" products to cocktail mixers.

We believe that quality cocktails shouldn’t cost a fortune or be difficult to make. That’s why we meticulously handcraft each Cocktail Crate mixer from fresh, carefully selected ingredients. We take pride in what we make so that you can take pride in what you drink.

Cocktail Crate was founded in 2012 by 24 year old cocktail lover, Alex Abbott Boyd. Only 1 year out of college, Alex was motivated by a desire to make and sell a product he could be truly passionate about. The first batches were paid for with $5000 raised through crowd funding website Kickstarter. Initially, each bottle was handmade and labeled by Alex in his home borough of Queens and deliveries were made to local stores via the NYC subway. Today, Alex is excited to be working seemingly non-stop to bring the mixers to more and more people who appreciate a really good cocktail!

Cocktail Crate mixers are made with passion from the highest quality ingredients. We source ingredients from other small, independent, and family owned businesses who share our values and passion for high quality, sustainable food production. We invite you to check out where our ingredients come from and the passionate people who produce them.




Company: Cocktail Crate
Brand: Cocktail Crate
Origin: USA
Category: Cocktail
Packaging: 375ml (12 fl oz) bottles
Claims: meticulously handcrafted from fresh, carefully selected ingredients
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $12
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: cocktailcrate.com







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Product Spotlight: Bare Mixers All Natural Drink Mixes


Bare Mixers™ is an All~Natural, Low~Calorie and Gluten Free mixer made with real fruit and Organic Agave Nectar. Enjoy all 3 delicious and fresh flavors, Margarita, Lemon Drop, and Pomegranate Cranberry Cosmo.


Why Go Bare?
Bare Mixers™ is a natural, low-calorie cocktail mixer used for margaritas, martinis, and so much more!
It is made with only 4 simple ingredients

Purified water
100% lemon juice
100% lime juice
Organic Agave nectar

Bare Mixers™ is free of artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup, and empty calories.
Bare Mixers™ contains only the simplest and freshest ingredients and tastes great with just about any liquor or by itself over some ice.

The Bare Story
Natalie Susi’s career started as a high school English teacher in her hometown, Wilmington, Delaware. She then moved to San Diego where she received her Master’s degree in English literature and began teaching at San Diego State University.

While she was teaching, she also started a business on the side selling Italian Ice, an all-natural, low-calorie sorbet, and a product that is incredibly popular on the East Coast in the summer. Natalie’s friends started to ask if she would bring Italian Ice to parties, so they could mix it with liquor, and make delicious low-calorie frozen cocktails. A year later, Natalie was laid off from teaching. She came home one afternoon and drowned her jobless sorrows in an Italian Ice Margarita. And, that was the moment the light bulb went off.

She decided to make a cocktail mixer that was fresh tasting, low in calories, and natural. She wanted to use the same healthy guidelines when creating this mixer as she had with the Italian Ice. She decided to make something that would replace neon colored margaritas made with high fructose corn syrup. No more 700-calorie margaritas that inevitably hurt your stomach and give you hangovers. No more cocktails that ruin all of your hard work at the gym. It was time to make something that was better tasting and better for you. At this time, no one had ever made the attempt to do that in the cocktail industry. And, so Bare Mixers was born.

Bare Mixers was originally called SoCal LowCal. But with the hopes of taking the brand national, Natalie recreated the brand and changed the name to “Bare Mixers” to connote images of being healthy, free from unnatural ingredients, and simple, made of literally just the bare essentials. She sold the product locally to bars, restaurants, and retail stores, and then began to look for partners in order to take the brand to the national level.

When asked how she came to create Bare Mixers, she discusses how it essentially grew out of the unfortunate situation of losing her teaching job, and she recounts the story about how her grandmother used to always advise in Italian,“Quando la vita ti dà limoni, fai una limonata” which translates into the widely used phrase, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

Natalie says, “In this case, she made Bare.”

Company: Bare Mixers
Brand: Bare Mixers
Origin: USA
Category: Concentrates & Drink Mixes
Claims: All Natural, Low Calorie, Gluten Free
Packaging: 1 liter bottles
Varieties: Margarita, Lemon Drop, Pomegranate Cranberry Cosmo
Price: $30 USD for 3 bottles
Website: baremixers.com

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Product Spotlight: Budapest Blonde Cocktail Mixers

Budapest Blonde Cocktail Mixes - the Hot Blonde Bloody Mary, the Dirty Blonde Olive Martini, and the Beach Blonde Margarita and Mojito - are a playful combination of imagination and experience, with a significantly lower sodium, sugar and calorie count per serving.

Their Story:

Budapest Blonde was born as a Wine and Martini Bar in the fall of 2003.

Ilona Simon

Founder Ilona Simon, a longtime professional in marketing and event planning, was noted for partnering with local chefs for her wine tasting series at her establishment. She also produced annual benefits and fundraisers for a variety of non-profit organizations and charities. The sale of the wine and martini bar in 2009 afforded her the opportunity to develop a new line of cocktail mixes.


Company: Budapest Blonde
Brand: Budapest Blond Cocktail Mixes
Category: Mixers
Origin: USA
Claims: Low Sugar, Low Calorie, Low Sodium
Varieties: Hot Blonde Bloody Mary, Dirty Blonde Olive Martini, Beach Blonde Margarita
Website:  budapestblonde.com


BEACH BLONDE Margarita and Mojito


DIRTY BLONDE Olive Martini


HOT BLONDE Bloody Mary

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Funkin Cocktail mixers bring the fun in easy pour cartons

Funkin Cocktail Mixers are 100% fresh-fruit cocktail mixers. Just add ice and your favorite spirit for an easy cocktail.

Available in 1-liter packages from SIG Combibloc (www.sig.biz/usa), funkin comes in four flavors and retails for $7.99. The 1-liter carton is adorned with bright colors and makes up to 10 drinks. funkin, which is pulled from the phrase, fresh from the united kingdom is launching in Target stores this June.

Full Article @ FBP

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