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Company Spotlight: Kutting Weight Sauna Suit Clothing line



The sauna suit clothing was born out of a passion for wrestling and a desire to make the required weight class. With the use of our neoprene sauna suit clothing, you no longer have to use uncomfortable plastic sauna suits to lose water weight. Our neoprene sauna suit clothing is durable, flexible, and allows more of your skin to breathe. The clothing keeps your core heated up so you can effectively lose water weight and burn more calories. Regardless of whether you're using the suit for weight loss in a competitive sport or for your own health and fitness goals, the Kutting Weight sauna suit can help you achieve your your ideal physique. The sauna suit clothing is the most advanced product for enhancing weight loss in the fitness industry.


"Our sauna suit clothing was born out of a passion for wrestling and a desire to make a required weight class. As many of you from the wrestling world know, cutting weight is not a fun process, but it's necessary if you want to be competitive in your sport. I actually enjoyed working out but despised the cheap plastic sauna suits that ripped ten minutes into my workouts.

After my college wrestling career ended, I knew I wanted to get into the business world but still be affiliated with the wrestling world. Wrestling had provided me with a direction in life and an opportunity to do something productive. I decided to create a line of superior training gear. Usually when wrestling season was over, the last thing I'd want to do was to work out in a sauna suit. All the same, when I retired from the sport, I found that I still actually liked the workouts. When you're cutting weight for a sport like wrestling, your weight loss regimen often includes temporarily controlling your water weight. If you're just working out in a sauna suit for fun, you can simply replenish your fluids afterwards, and that makes the experience a lot more enjoyable. As more and more of our customers use our sauna suit clothing for their own weight loss goals, they are finding the results remarkable. Customers who were seriously overweight are now committed to using our clothing for every workout and swear that it's the most important fitness tool they own.

With our line of products, you no longer have to wear uncomfortable plastic sauna suits for cutting weight. Our sauna suit fabrics are durable, flexible, and allow more of your skin to breathe. Our clothing keeps your core heated up so that you can effectively lose water weight and burn more calories, whether for weight loss in a competitive sport, or just working to stay trim. Kutting Weight offers the most advanced product for water weight loss in the fitness industry."

*Dustin Zahursky; creator of Kutting Weight and national champion wrestler for Lindenwood University



Company: Kutting Weight
Brand: Kutting Weight
Origin: USA
Category: Clothing
Claims: durable, flexible, and allows skin to breathe
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: kuttingweight.com







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Fashion Spotlight: AETHER Apparel Loop Moto Jacket


Designed specifically for urban motorcycle commuters, the Loop integrates protective shock-absorbing pads into a cleanly styled canvas jacket.

Made from the same abrasion-resistant heavy canvas as our Compass motorcycle pants, the Loop offers breathability with a natural fabric feel. For protective padding, we partnered with D3O®, the industry leader in shock-absorbing body armor. D3O® pads are malleable when handled at slow speeds, but tighten upon impact to absorb energy. The Loop comes with elbow and shoulder pads as well as a back pad, all of which are CE-certified and completely removable.

A padded collar adds extra comfort around the neck, while zippered cuffs can be adjusted to accommodate gauntlet or short gloves. Pit zip vents run from the riders waist to elbows allowing cool air to be routed into the jacket. Two front hand pockets, Napoleon chest pocket, and subtly integrated back pocket offer exterior storage, while an interior pocket offers a place to store valuables.

Perfect for commutes or short day rides, the Loop motorcycle jacket is tough enough to take a hit but clean-cut enough to wear to dinner.


- Abrasion-resistant heavy canvas shell
- Moto mesh-interior liner
- D3O® pads at elbow, shoulders and back
- Padded collar
- Zippered cuffs
- Zippered pit vents
- Napoleon pocket with exterior access
- Zippered hand pockets
- Interior zippered pocket
- Hidden back pocket



About the company:

AETHER was created with the simple idea of making modern, technical gear that works equally well in urban environments as it does in the outdoors.

By utilizing technical fabrics in a more sophisticated form, Aether offers performance outerwear with a refined aesthetic for both men and women. The brand’s apparel and accessories are thoughtfully designed and constructed using only the finest materials. AETHER was created for the person who appreciates function and fashion, an adventurer who still wants to look good.

ounded in 2009 by Jonah Smith and Palmer West,  Aether has store locations including Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.



Company: AETHER Apparel
Brand: AETHER Apparel
Origin: USA
Category: Jacket
Claims: Lifetime Warrenty. Tough enough to take a hit but clean-cut enough to wear to dinner.
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $450
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locations
Website: www.aetherapparel.com




btm 1








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Fashion Spotlight: Aether Expedition Moto Jacket



Made from a 3-layer Japanese field nylon, this heavy-duty fabric is abrasion-resistant, waterproof, and surprisingly breathable. This fabric has been doubled layered in critical impact areas along the shoulders, sleeves, and back for additional protection. Unlike the detachable waterproof liners commonly used in motorcycle apparel, the Expedition jacket is fully seam sealed, making the entire garment waterproof on its own.


  • 3-layer abrasion-resistant field nylon shell
  • Double layer of fabric along shoulders, sleeves, and back
  • Moto mesh interior liner
  • Seam sealed construction
  • Ergonomic fit



About the Company
AETHER strives to be a pure expression of form and function. By utilizing technologically advanced fabrics in a more sophisticated form, our collection offers sportswear for the outdoor enthusiast who wants function without sacrificing modern design and aesthetics.




Company:  Aether Apparel
Brand:  Expedition Moto Jacket
Slogan:  Aether Apparel
Origin:  US
Category:  Clothing
Packaging:  3 Different Colors, 5 sizes
Claims:  3-layer Japanese field nylon, heavy-duty fabric is abrasion-resistant
Variants:  View product range here
Price:  $895
Where to Buy:  US, Buy Online
Website: http://www.aetherapparel.com/





Expedition Moto Jacket

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Fashion Spotlight: Aether Apparel



AETHER Apparel offers high-end technical outerwear with a clean modern design.

AETHER strives to be a pure expression of form and function. By utilizing technologically advanced fabrics in a more sophisticated form, our collection offers sportswear for the outdoor enthusiast who wants function without sacrificing modern design and aesthetics.

All of AETHER products are designed at our headquarters in Los Angeles, but they are manufactured all over the world. Currently, we work with factories in Canada, China, the Philippines, and the United States.
Our decision to move a portion of our production overseas was made with great reluctance. We'd love to do all of our manufacturing in the US and would happily pay a premium to do it. However, to date, we've been unable to find a US manufacturer capable, or even willing, to take on the highly technical garments we've set out to make. The skilled workforce and advanced machinery to do so have moved overseas many years ago - long before we started Aether.
Quality is our absolute top priority. We are unwilling to compromise the integrity of our products in exchange for country of origin. Location will always be a consideration when selecting factories, however our focus will remain on finding manufacturers that have the most skilled workforce, advanced machinery, and technical expertise.





Company: Aether Apparel
Brand: Aether Apparel
Origin: USA
Category: Clothing
Claims: high-end technical outerwear with a clean modern design
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: Store Locations
Website: www.aetherapparel.com








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Fashion Spotlight: Pair of Thieves – The most fitting sock in all the land



Pair of Thieves blends bold designs with high performance elements to make our socks Ready for Everything. We don’t claim to be extreme, and we will never be boring—we’re as comfortable checking your Instagram likes from 9 to 5 as we are in a heated curling match or at the skate park. Think of us as David Beckham in a purple tux.


pic 1


Ready for Everything

Don't let their good looks fool you, this pair is steeped in performance. Because you never know when you'll need to save a fair maiden or close a big game, we make our socks, Ready for Everything.


Boutique Style, Mass Appeal

Sure, we could have created an uber high-end line that could only be found at the most obscure of boutiques in a part of town that's up-and-coming, but then less people would get to experience the awesome.

Instead, we kept the quality, cut the price, and try to get our pairs on as many feet as possible.

Hopefully we can say "available everywhere" very soon... stay tuned.



Company: Pair of Thieves
Brand: Pair of Thieves
Origin: USA
Category: Sock
Claims: bold designs with high performance elements
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: www.pairofthieves.com








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Fashion Spotlight: Duke & Winston – Conquering the Dog-Eat-Dog World of Retail



The bulldog is the official mascot of Duke & Winston, an upscale, British-influenced men’s apparel and accessories shop that Olubodun opened in its new flagship location in summer 2014, after years of cultivating a loyal fan base through trunk shows, a pop-up store and a handful of wholesale accounts.

Duke serves as the company’s logo and appears on a lot of the clothing. Everywhere Olubodun goes, Duke goes, too. Even when Olubodun is busy in the store’s back office, Duke lounges about the sidewalk, getting potential customers to stop and take notice.

As popular as Duke is, a bulldog does not a retail store make. To get Duke & Winston where it is today, Olubodun weathered his share of bad business decisions, including selling T-shirts out of his apartment, creating apparel nobody bought and getting overly cocky after a successful 2013 holiday season.

Through trial and error, the 32-year-old British-born entrepreneur has figured out a formula that’s enabling him to build a successful retail operation selling his branded preppy look in a formerly-downtrodden area now home to stylish shops. “When I started Duke & Winston five years ago, I got rid of my TV so I wouldn’t be distracted,” Olubodun says.



About American Express:

Each day, American Express makes it easier, safer and more rewarding for consumers and businesses to purchase the things they need and for merchants to sell their goods and services. An engine of commerce, American Express provides innovative payment, travel and expense management solutions for individuals and businesses of all sizes. Most of all, we help our customers realize their dreams and aspirations through industry-leading benefits, access to unique experiences, business-building insights, and global customer care. We enable our customers to do more and achieve more. Read More



Company: American Express Company
Brand: Duke & Winston
Origin: USA
Category: Clothing
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: americanexpress.com





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Company Spotlight: Huggable Hoodies



The Cutest, Most Huggable Hoodies You Ever Did See


Huggable is a new line of fun, animal themed hoodies. Made with love, these hand stitched hoodies are guaranteed to bring happiness to you and to those around you. Join our mailing list as we create a movement of people dedicated to spreading love.


What does it mean to Be Huggable?


• Improve Mood
• Reduce Blood Pressure
• Boost Self-Esteem
• Lower Stress






Company: Huggable
Brand: Huggable
Origin: USA
Category: Clothing
Claims: Cute, Fun, Friendly
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Pre-order on website
Website: behuggable.com














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Fashion Spotlight: American Eagle reveals its first-ever clothing line for dogs



American Eagle Outfitters has launched its first-ever collection for dogs of all sizes. The spring range aptly called American Beagle Outfitters perfectly syncs with the latest apparel collection (for human), highlighting the bonds between owners and their pets.

The collection for canines features must-haves, which still can look quite weird for people who don’t have a dog. The range includes slimming doggy jeggings, fur-friendly bikinis and statement accessories like hats. The items for dogs are coming soon, but shoppers can view and shop these looks for men and women already now.


Read More @ Popsop

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Clothing fabric recycled from landfill trash

Vapor Apparel is launching its ECO Spin fabric which is made of recycled materials that are taken from landfill.


Clothing fabric recycled from landfill trash

Vapor Apparel is launching its ECO Spin fabric which is made of recycled materials that are taken from landfill.


United States 5th October 2012 in Eco & Sustainability.


We recently saw UK-based Studio Swine develop a technique for getting plastic debris out of the ocean to create the Sea Chair, tackling two environmental issues at once. Now Vapor Apparel is launching its ECO Spin fabric which is made of recycled materials that are taken from landfill.

Unveiled at the EcoPrint Show in Berlin at the end of last month, the fabric is designed for performance wear and digital printing. The company is salvaging plastic and furniture from scrap heaps and landfill and breaking them down into a mush, before spinning them into a fiber using airjets. As reports point out, the process simultaneously reduces the amount of useable material left lying in landfill and avoids the excess use of oil and other non-renewables that are usually a part of textile production. Chris Bernat, CRO of Vapor Apparel, explained: “Making recycled filament fibers removes six parts of the process compared with virgin polyester.”

The fashion industry is one that seems to be aware of its own environmental footprint and many startups are making efforts to explore new business models. How else could clothing producers make the move towards greener practices?

Website: www.vaporapparel.com
Contact: info@vaporapparel.com

via SpringWise

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How Food And Clothing Size Labels Affect What We Eat And What We Wear

When you go into a restaurant, you probably give some thought to whether you're ordering a small, regular or large sandwich.

That makes sense.With widening waistlines across the land, many of us want to make a health-conscious choice. But are we really getting a small portion when we order a small sandwich?

Well, that depends.

University of Michigan marketing professor Aradhna Krishna has studied how labels impact how much we eat. In one experiment, she gave people cookies that were labeled either medium or large, and then measured how much they ate.

The catch? The cookies were identical in size.

What happened? You guessed it. People ate more cookies when they were labeled "medium." Rather than trust what their stomachs were telling them, in other words, people went by the label.

(Listen to the radio piece above for how the same phenomenon affects people who go clothes shopping and seek out smaller sizes.)

"Just because there's a different size label attached to the same actual quantity of food, people eat more. But also, [they] think they've not eaten as much," says Krishna.

Krishna said the psychological principle at work has big ramifications because a 32-ounce soda at McDonald's is called a large soda, but the same drink at Wendy's is called a medium. A small coffee is 10 ounces at Dunkin' Donuts and 12 ounces at Caribou Coffee. When you trust labels, you could end up eating and drinking a lot more than you thought. Check out some visuals over at fastfoodmarketing.org.

Most Americans, moreover, don't realize the "large" soda they order today is about six times as large as the same soda 60 years ago, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"Across the U.S., again what has happened is that food sizes have become larger over time," says Krishna. "So, that same hamburger has become bigger, the french fries have become bigger, and again this is leading to obesity."

Restaurants today can label food and drink as they please. But given the power of labels in shaping behavior, Krishna said that standardizing portion sizes across restaurants could have a bigger impact on public health than New York City's controversial recent ban on all sodas larger than 16 ounces at restaurants and other eateries.

"We're not talking about restrictions in terms of freedom in any way," she said. "All I'm saying is that sizes should be made more uniform, and that will only help the consumer because you'll know what you're getting."

Sticking labels on menus isn't the only way to influence what people eat. As we've reported before, eating off a smaller plate can cause people to overestimate the serving size they've received — and eat less. Drinking beer from a straight glass, rather than a curved one, makes people drink more slowly and better gauge how much they've had to drink.

Krishna said the phenomenon of labels' influencing consumer behavior isn't unique to food. So-called vanity sizing is rampant in the clothing industry. Marketers are relabeling large-size clothes as small to give customers the satisfaction of feeling that they still fit into small-size clothing.

"What used to be a size 8 in the 1950s has become a size 4 in the 1970s and a zero in 2006," Krishna said.

In another study, Krishna and her colleagues found that vanity sizing improved people's body image. Labels shape our experiences in both positive and negative ways.

Referring to different bust sizes among women in Asian countries and in the United States, Krishna argued that people often don't have control over their body size and shouldn't need to feel blame or shame for not conforming to society's ideals. "It's not a question of being lied to," she said. "It's a question of do you want to be lied to."

via NPR

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