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Supplement Spotlight: Bootea CLA



Little capsules of natural essential Conjugated Linoleic Acid to support your Bootea journey.


- 90 easy to swallow softgels

- 1600mg of CLA per 2 softgel serving

- Naturally occurring Omega 6 from Safflower seeds

- The perfect support for your transformation

90 softgel capsules of CLA which will keep you going for up to 45 days. Take 2 capsules 1-3 times per day.


Nutritional Information





We are a passionate health & weight loss company that strives to promote an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle. By assisting customers with their overall health and wellbeing, we have managed to ship to over 1 million customers in just under 3 years. Read More



Company: Bootea
Brand: Bootea
Origin: UK
Category: Food Supplement
Packaging: 90 Capsules
Claims: 100% natural flavourings. No artificial colours or preservatives
Variants: View Range Here
Price: £24.99 GBP
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: www.bootea.com





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Supplement Spotlight: Protein World CLA Capsules Weight Loss Booster



Our 100% CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) capsules are perfect for those looking to slim down and tone up. CLA may boost weight loss as it interferes with the substance lipoprotein lipase which is responsible for storing fat in the body.



How to use
Take 2 softgel capsules, 1-3 times daily with meals.


Conjugated Linoleic Acid


90 Caps: 45 servings



Key Features
Promotes fat loss
Contributes to normal blood cholesterol levels
Improves mood and focus
Can be used with Fat Melters!






About the Company
We're leading the protein revolution with a new and innovative range of pure, GMO free supplements to help you become healthier, leaner, fitter and stronger.

Our Pure, GMO free Blends are designed to meet the many needs of your busy lifestyle and complement your diet.

Our effective range of weight-loss supplements will help raise your metabolism and burn fat fast.


Our expert blends of essential nutrients target your specific needs and boost your performance.


Muscle growth requires the proper stimulation and the right diet. Our supplements deliver the optimum nourishment to build strength.

Only the highest quality, great tasting proteins are made in our Informed-Sport certified facility. There are no hidden ingredients and no inflated claims. We deliver pure nutrition and straight-talking support, without the jargon.





Company: Protein World
Brand: Protein World
Slogan: Pure Performance
Origin: UK
Category:  Supplement
Packaging: 90 capsules (45 servings)
Claims: Weight Loss, Soy Free, Lactose Free, Diabetic Friendly
Varieties: View Range Here
Price: £22.00
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: proteinworld.com










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