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Trend Spotlight: Cranfords Cannabis Cigarettes


Cranfords Cigarettes are an organically grown cannabis product. Our cigarettes do not contain tobacco, additives, or chemicals.

Cranfords CigarettesFor experienced cannabis aficionados, you’ll find the effects of Cranfords are similar to that of 1-1 Indica-Sativa hybrids. Our product includes a blend of Ghost Train Haze, Scott's OG and Larry OG strains.

The filtered tip gives Cranfords a cleaner draw from every puff and helps to keep the cannabis where is belongs for even burning throughout. The filtered tip does not reduce the quality of our product, or your buzz. The Cranfords cannabis blend is the best on the market!

Product results will vary however, you can expect to experience an immediate, deep relaxation without losing your ability to think lucidly.

You may develop an increased desire to engage in an artistic pastime or sit back and enjoy a conversation with friends.

For first time smokers, we recommend that you are in an enjoyable setting and have a healthy snack and some of your favorite music standing by.




About the Company
Cranfords brand is happy to be kicking off our distribution in Colorful Colorado where recreation and medication are now legal!

While we currently enjoy a fully legal distribution business, our family can still recall the days when this was not always the case. Enjoy a Cranfords Cannabis Cigarette as we roll down memory lane with “Bud” Cranford into the 1950’s:

My father was living in Bibb County, which allowed liquor sales but Houston and Peach counties, south of us were dry counties where liquor sales were prohibited. Uncle Tena was farsighted enough to build liquor stores on both sides of the divided highway so his would be the first store encountered entering Bibb County as well as the last when leaving Bibb. The volume at these stores was tremendous, generating a substantial and legal source of income for both brothers.  Read More


Company: Cranfords Cigarettes
Brand: Cranfords Cigarettes
Origin: USA
Category: Cigarettes
Packaging: Pack of Ten
Claims: High THC Blend
Price: Coming Soon
Where to buy: Store Locator
Website: cranfordscigarettes.com





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