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Snack Spotlight: Barnana® Launches Plantain Tortilla Chips


New Plantain Tortilla Chips Now Available Ahead of July 4th Weekend Online for Snackers Across America

LOS ANGELES, July 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Barnana®, a pioneer in the natural food space for its unique upcycled banana and plantain-based snacks, is launching its newest product nationwide, Plantain Tortilla Chips in Himalayan Pink Salt and Lime & Sea Salt flavors just in time for July 4th food spreads this coming weekend. The new chips are now available nationwide via the 'shop' page on Barnana.com and on Amazon. Barnana's tortilla chips are a category first as they're the first tortilla-style chip made from plantains instead of corn. This difference results in a more delicate flavor that's irresistible straight from the bag or perfect when paired with guacamole, salsas and dips.

Barnana Plantain Tortilla Chips Himalayan Pink Salt mirror the seasoning of the brand's top-selling Organic Ridged Plantain Chip flavor that's created a cult-like following among Barnana fans, while Barnana Plantain Tortilla Chips Lime & Sea Salt are the perfect combo of zesty citrus and sea salt.

"Tortilla chips are a part of American culture and gatherings throughout the year," said Barnana founder Caue Suplicy. "We noticed that there was an opportunity for healthier options that also tastes great and could hold up to dipping in salsas and guacamoles. So, we created a tortilla chip that met and exceeded our standards with the help of plantains."

Each bag contains golden brown triangular chips made from delicately seasoned ground plantains cooked in 100% avocado oil for the perfect crunch to satisfy any salty craving. The Plantain Tortilla Chips are a plant-based snack made with premium recognizable ingredients, and are GMO, Grain and Gluten Free with 0 grams of sugar. Both flavors are available online in 4oz bags for $23.99 for a 6-pack ($3.99 a bag).

With the debut of the Plantain Tortilla Chips, Barnana is also getting a fresh new look and logo designed by internationally recognized Brazilian graffiti artist and illustrator, Speto. The Barnana logo will now be accompanied by "Nana," a whimsical, playful monkey as a way to help bring awareness to Barnana's important mission of reducing food waste and promoting regenerative agriculture in the Amazon. Speto developed this banana-loving monkey based on the endangered Spider Monkey found in the tropical rainforest of Central and South America, the region in the world where Barnana plantains and bananas are sourced, and an area the brand has continuously invested in to protect local wildlife and habitat through several conservation groups.

A certified B-Corporation, Barnana works with and supports organic regenerative and fair farming practices with indigenous communities in South America. The company is currently in the process of assisting with the organic certification of 1400 family plantain farms in South America. Furthermore, since Barnana was founded more than seven years ago, Barnana has saved over 100 million bananas from going to waste by upcycling "imperfect" fruit into delicious snacks. Helping catalyze a broader upcycling movement, Barnana is a founding member of the recently formed Upcycled Food Association (UFA). The association's goal is to educate consumers about the critical climate benefits of reducing food waste and explaining the important difference between 'upcycled' and 'recycled.'

About Barnana®                                  
Barnana's mission is to provide innovative, healthier, delicious, banana-based snacks while minimizing its impact on the environment. Barnana is a certified B-Corporation, focused on expanding its partnerships with farmers and indigenous communities in the Amazon. Its products – Banana Bites, Cookie Brittle, Plantain Chips and the new Plantain Tortilla Chips -- can be found at Whole Foods, Costco, CVS, Kroger, Safeway and other fine grocers. (barnana.com)

SOURCE Barnana



Barnana Plantain Tortilla Chips Himalayan Pink Salt

Barnana Plantain Tortilla Chips Himalayan Pink Salt


Barnana Plantain Tortilla Chips Lime & Sea Salt

Barnana Plantain Tortilla Chips Lime & Sea Salt







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Snack Spotlight: Quest Nutrition Spicy Sweet Chili Tortilla Style Protein Chips


Quest Spicy Sweet Chili Tortilla Style Protein Chips pack the perfect mix of enticing sweetness and just enough of a spicy kick to keep you coming back for more.
19g Protein

4g Net Carbs*

1g Sugar

1g Fiber






About the company

Quest Bars were created from a simple idea: food should taste as good as it is good for you with zero compromises. We set out to deliver something that no one had done before and believed that with enough hard work and innovation food could be delicious and good for you. People eat for enjoyment rather than sustenance. That’s why Quest is driven to engineer foods that don’t compromise on taste or nutrition. Read More



Company: QuestNutrition
Brand: QuestNutrition
Origin: USA
Category: Chips
Packaging: 32 g
Claims: Gluten Free
Variants: View Product Range Here
Price: $16.75 per Box of 8
Where to Buy: Buy Online






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Company Spotlight: SNACKLINS



A Delicious, Guilt-Free Crunch


  • WHAT THE SNACK?: SNACKLINS started as a joke between friends to create a vegan pork rind. What they landed on was so much more: a delicious, guilt-free crunch made from simple ingredients at only 80 calories for the whole bag.
  • SIMPLE STUFF: SNACKLINS are made from ingredients that a kid can pronounce: yuca, mushrooms, and onions. Thats it. No weird stuff. Not to mention, its vegan, gluten free, certified non-GMO, and paleo-friendly.
  • EAT THE WHOLE BAG: SNACKLINS are just 80 calories for the whole bag! Thats half the calories of most snacks. So go ahead, #EatTheWholeBag!
  • JUNK FOOD WITHOUT THE JUNK: Low calorie doesnt mean low flavor. SNACKLINS are so flavorful, your taste buds will say what the snack is this? It might taste like junk food, but its clean eating.
  • A BETTER SNACK TIME: We wont promise that SNACKLINS will change your life and its not going to give you wings or X-ray vision, but we hope it makes those mundane moments in life a little more flavorful and those flavorful moments absolutely guilt-free.


It started as an experiment... this little, small, fun challenge between friends to make a healthy, crunchy snack. And, well, we were successful.

It was this happy little accident. A puffy, crispy chip thing made from yuca, mushrooms and onions.

People loved the taste. They loved the flavor. Bars and grocers wanted it as a snack. Friends were asking for it. it was getting out of hand. We had something bigger. We had a real, crunchy chip that people loved.

We had a Snacklin.

We won’t promise that Snacklins will change your life. And it’s not going to give you wings or X-ray vision.

But it’s full of flavor. It’s made from real stuff. And it’s only 80 calories.

So, you can Eat the Whole Bag!®

At Snacklins, we like knowing we make a snack that makes those little mundane moments in life a little more flavorful. And those flavorful moments absolutely guilt-free. We hope your snack time is better for it!



Origin: USA
Category: Chips
Packaging: 1oz (28g)
Claims: Vegan. Gluten Free. Non-GMO
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $14.99 (6 Pack)
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator





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Snack Spotlight: Spudsy Crunchy Cinnamon Puffs


These super tasty puffs have the perfect amount of sweetness with a dash of cinnamon goodness! Be the real MVP when you bring Spudsy’s Crunchy Cinnamon Puffs to the field for after-game snacks or to the party for the big game!






About Spudsy




Company: Spudsy
Brand: Spudsy
Origin: USA
Category: Snacks
Packaging: 28g
Claims: Free of Saturated Fat, Free of Cholesterol, Low Sodium
Variants: View Product Range Here
Price: $3.99
Where to BuyBuy Online





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Snack Spotlight: Boulder Canyon® Takes Traditional BBQ Potato Chips To New, Tastier Level With Introduction Of Mesquite Barbeque Coconut Oil Variety



PHOENIX, May 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Boulder Canyon Authentic Foods®, the nation's fastest-growing, minimally-processed kettle chip brand1, continues to redefine the snack food aisle by reimagining classic flavors using high quality, clean food ingredients.  The latest is an up-to-date take on the traditional barbeque potato chip flavor called Coconut Oil Mesquite Barbeque™, made with premium potatoes that are kettle-cooked in small batches using better-for-you coconut oil.  The result is an extra crunchy, less oily snack experience that features up to 30 percent less fat than traditional potato chips and far fewer ingredients.

Boulder Canyon Coconut Oil Mesquite Barbeque chips arrive in stores nationwide this month with a suggested retail price of $3.49 per 5.25-ounce bag.  The tasty chips feature a perfect balance of sweet and smoky flavors with just a hint of coconut and a subtle mesquite finish.

The new Mesquite Barbeque joins Boulder's existing line of potato chips kettle-cooked in coconut oil, including Pineapple Habanero™ and Sea Salt varieties.  In addition, Boulder offers a wide selection of snacks cooked in better-for-you olive, avocado, rice bran and sunflower oils.

"One of the foundational elements of the Boulder brand is the use of premium and unique oils in our small batch, kettle-cooking process," said Steve Sklar, senior vice president marketing for Boulder Canyon Authentic Foods. "We introduced a line of chips cooked in olive oil four years ago, and that opened up an entirely different palette of flavors for us.  We built on that success with avocado, rice bran and coconut varieties, and it's remarkable to see how well they've been received by consumers. We expect fans of traditional BBQ flavors will fall in love with these Mesquite Barbeque chips."

Cooked in 100 percent coconut oil, the Mesquite Barbeque kettle-cooked chips are gluten-free, Kosher-certified, Non-GMO and contain no trans fats or cholesterol.

Boulder Canyon continues to push the boundaries of traditional snack foods with a belief that real food ingredients taste better than processed foods ever could.

Boulder Canyon® Foods is a member of the Inventure Foods (NASDAQ: SNAK) family of Intensely Different™ specialty brands. The Company's better-for-you and indulgent food brands include Boulder Canyon Authentic Foods®, Jamba®, Seattle's Best Coffee®, Rader Farms®, T.G.I. Fridays®, Nathan's Famous®, Vidalia Brands® , Poore Brothers®, Tato Skins®, Willamette Valley Fruit Company™, Fresh Frozen™ and Bob's Texas Style®. For further information about Inventure Foods, please visit www.inventurefoods.com.

1. According to IRI US Foods week ending 12/25/16

To view the original version on PR Newswire, visit:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/boulder-canyon-takes-traditional-bbq-potato-chips-to-new-tastier-level-with-introduction-of-mesquite-barbeque-coconut-oil-variety-300463281.html

SOURCE Inventure Foods, Inc.

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Boulder Canyon® Takes Traditional BBQ Potato Chips To New, Tastier Level With Introduction of Mesquite Barbeque Coconut Oil Variety (PRNewsfoto/Inventure Foods, Inc.)

Boulder Canyon® Takes Traditional BBQ Potato Chips To New, Tastier Level With Introduction of Mesquite Barbeque Coconut Oil Variety (PRNewsfoto/Inventure Foods, Inc.)










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Snack Spotlight: MySuperFoods Company LLC Launches Its First Savory Snack for Kids, MySuperPops, Whole Grain Mini-Popcorn Chips



SUMMIT, N.J., March 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- MySuperFoods Company LLC expands its presence in the kids food space with their new snack line, MySuperPops, a mini-popcorn chip packed with chia, quinoa and flax seed.  MySuperPops are 100% whole grain and available in three kid friendly flavors: White Cheddar, Kettle and Honey BBQ.

"Creating MySuperPops furthers our commitment to provide parents with healthy, clean, snacks for kids while keeping kids excited with fun packaging and a quarter size chip, perfect for little hands," says co-founder Silvia Gianni, "kids today are reaching for a snack three to four times a day, so it's important to ensure that those snacks are made with nourishing superfood ingredients."  The mini-popcorn chips are also nut free, certified gluten free and two flavors are certified organic.

At the heart of MySuperFoods is a mission to end childhood hunger by partnering with food banks across the country.  "To date, we have donated over 115,000 meals to families in need across five  states and MySuperPops will allow us to expand our reach," explained Katie Jesionowski, co-founder.

MySuperPops will be available in a 1oz single serve and a 4oz family size.  They will debut at the Natural Products Expo West show in Anaheim this March.

About MySuperFoods:

Founded and run by two moms with five kids between them, MySuperFoods launched in September 2012, creating organic and non GMO snacks for the underserved segment of kids 2-10 years old.  With a purpose of empowering parents and growing healthy SuperKids, Silvia Gianni and Katie Jesionowski aim to make ordinary food extraordinary.  Their products are sold in 2000 retail locations across the country, in most airports and on Alaska Airlines.   At the heart of the company is a social mission to help end child hunger in the USA.  MySuperFoods partners with five food banks across the country and has donated over 115,000 meals to kids in need.  Super Starts Here.







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Snack Spotlight: VegiDay Organic Coconut Crunch



VegiDay Organic Coconut Crunch with organic almonds, cashews, and cranberries is the ideal nutrient-dense superfood snack. Featuring fresh slices of young organic coconut roasted to the perfect crunch, alongside organic superfoods, Organic Coconut Crunch is naturally full of flavor, provides 7% of daily calcium needs, and is a source of fiber.

  • Fresh slices of roasted organic young coconut, with almonds, cashews, and cranberries
  • Great by the handful, or on top of yogurt, cereal, and desserts
  • Source of dietary fiber
  • Certified Kosher and gluten-free
  • Soy- and dairy-free
  • Non-GMO ingredients with no preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors
  • Sweetened with organic coconut sugar





About VegiDay

There is a mountain of evidence suggesting that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is the healthiest choice you can make. Plants also contain the protein we need to survive, and thrive. A balanced mix of grains, nuts, and legumes provides all the essential amino acids plus a wealth of other phytonutrients. The VegiDay line includes a diversity of these plant-based products. Read More



Company: VegiDay
Brand: VegiDay
Slogan: Energy From The Ground Up
Origin: Canada
Category: Chips
Packaging: 90g
Claims: Gluten Free. Source of dietary fiber. Soy- and dairy-free. Non-GMO
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: Store Locator





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Snack Spotlight: inSpiral BBQ Chipotle Savoy Cabbage Crisps


The humble cabbage reinvented! A mix of dark and light chunky cabbage leaves coated in a dark red savoury sauce. Crispy and crunchy with a mild sweet and smoky BBQ flavour and a spicy punch! These chunky chips of goodness have been lovingly air-dried to perfection thus preserving their nutrition. Cabbage contains choline, phosphorus, B vitamins, magnesium, calcium, iron, selenium and 6 grams of protein in a box! Fragile by nature so we’ve protected them for your pleasure in a funky, sustainably made box. Now that’s a mindful snack.






We’re also going one step further beyond the concept of ‘traditional snacking’ as we truly invite you to revisit eating as a sacred act! In doing so you are honouring your body, your temple. But there’s more to food than how YOU feel because we’re all in this together. Your choices now impact on the world of tomorrow and at inSpiral we’re passionate about wholesome, sustainable, natural food and a healthy planet! Let’s send a message up the chain because enough is enough! But hey let’s not forget to have some fun along the way! No point eating up too much of the drama…







Company: inSpiral
Brand: inSpiral
Slogan: Visionary Raw Nutrition & More
Origin: UK
Category: Snacks
Claims: Organic, Raw, Vegan, Soya Free, Lactose Free, Gluten Free, Raw, Natural
Packaging: 40g
Price: £3.89
Where to Buy: Direct on Website
Website inspiralled.net, inspiral.co











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Snack Spotlight: Pasta Chips New Flavors


The baked pasta snacks are inspired by a traditional Italian dish and are gently roasted, fresh pasta dough drizzled with olive oil for a delicious, elevated snacking option. They are significantly healthier than conventional crackers or chips, yet boast true-to-their-Italian-roots flavors. Pasta Chips have 20% less fat than pita chips and a whopping 60% less fat than potato chips.

Joining crowd favorites like Garlic Olive Oil and Marinara, are the just launched Rosemary, Veggie Roasted Tomato & Red Pepper, and Veggie Spinach-Broccoli-Kale Pasta Chips. The brand uniquely bakes freeze-dried veggies and seasonings into their Pasta Chips, preserving their aromas and resulting in rich flavors and textures. These crispy and tasty chips are perfect for your charcuterie board to add an unexpected twist and gourmet flavor.











About the Company
Pasta Chips are made with semolina flour and Italian herbs. We’ve married this Tuscan inspired chip with different seasonings based on regional Italian favorites, steeped in hundreds of years of Italian culture and living. I hope you enjoy Pasta Chips and the journey which brought it to life. I thoroughly enjoy creating innovative and interesting snacks. It’s my passion!




Company: Vintage Italia
Brand: Pasta Chips
Origin: USA
Category:  Salty Snacks
Packaging: 5oz (141)
Claims: Low Fat, All Natural,
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $3.49 USD
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website:  pastachips.com










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Food News: Dieffenbach’s Potato Chips Inc. Launches New Brand at the 101st PA Farm Show




PA Farm Show Provides an Opportunity to Reach Hundreds of Thousands of Customers


WOMELSDORF, Pa., Jan. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Dieffenbach's Potato Chips Inc., is in it's 3rd year at the PA Farm show, and the impact it is having on growing our Central PA business has been tremendous, says Dwight Zimmerman, the VP of Sales and Marketing for Dieffenbach's.  He went on to say that, "The PA Farm Show allows us to connect with many of our current customers, as well as many potential new customers."  The estimated attendance for the farm show is more than a 1/2 million visitors during the 8 day event that started January  7th.  Zimmerman went on to say, "It's our goal to put a sample bag of Dieffenbach's Potato Chips in as many hands of visitors as we can.  We know that once they try our chips, they'll love them."   Dieffenbach's has handed out more than 100,000 bags of chips since the start.  This year, the company is using the Farm Show to launch a new product as well, with a direct tie to farmers.  The new brand is called "Uglies", and its goal is to help reduce food waste, and save everyone money.  Nevin Dieffenbach, the owner and CEO said, "This new brand is using potatoes that farmers would likely be throwing away due to minor imperfections.  Because of this, we're able to pass on the savings to our customers, and everyone feels like they've done some good."


If Consumers haven't stopped by the Dieffenbach's booth yet, it's located in the Marketplace Hall, booth # 5067

Media Contact:
Mike Marlowe
Phone: 484.336.4783
Email: mmarlowe@dieffenbachs.com










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