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Product Spotlight: Powbab Fruit Chews

Boost your immunity with our baobab superfruit chews®. Baobab is combined with pomegranate and acai berry to bring you a delectable, fruity & tangy twist of superfood power.

  • Immunity Strength for Everyday
  • Slow Oxidative Damage*
  • 750 mg of Raw Baobab Fruit per chew
  • Made for traveling, working, and busy playing


One chew a day gives you 100% daily antioxidant dose per chew of Vitamins C & E. Good source of Vitamin A. Contains raw, unprocessed whole fruit & other natural ingredients. Organic Baobab fruit pulp is naturally 50% fiber—no synthetics added. Does not contain gluten, dairy, soy, nuts or eggs. Vegan. No preservatives.

Dietary supplement. Individually wrapped. Keep out of reach of children. Made in the USA. Fair trade.

Available in:
30-count pouch - 30 servings.

Grab To Go 6-count pouch in 3 pack - 18 servings.

Baobab fruit pulp is a pale powder that naturally dehydrates in the fruit of the baobab tree (Adansonia digitata). Baobab fruit is very high in antioxidants, higher than that of pomegranates, blueberries, acai berries, cranberries, or most other fruits.  The Insights Media Research team has developed a Trend Report that covers the benefits of Baobab and its current uses.  We predict this fruit will become a major ingredient used in Food, Beverage and personal care products over the next 2 years.  Contact us to learn more about this report. reports@insights-media.com

Company: Powbab Inc
Brand: Powbab
Slogan: Superfood Power of Baobab
Category: Dietary Supplement
Origin: USA
Packaging: Individually wrapped
Price: $14.99 (30 chews)
Claims: Vitamin Enriched, Antioxidant
Website: powbab.com

powbab® superfruit chews

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Product Spotlight: Sharkies Organic Energy Chews

Sharkies Energy Chews were created in 2003 by a triathlete who was looking for an Organic food that would quickly deliver energy and fuel the body to meet the physical demands of endurance sports.

Today Sharkies Inc. is a growing company with a simple mission: 

To provide athletes of all sports with clean fuel to crush their limits, devour their passions and eclipse what they thought was physically possible. 

Sharkies believes a balanced diet, exercise and education on issues like training, healthy eating and organic ingredients will help people to be their best, both in and out of sports.

  • Made with USDA Certified Organic ingredients
  • Free of wheat, gluten, dairy and gelatin
  • Vegetarian; Kosher
  • Delivers naturally occurring electrolytes providing clean fuel for active lifestyles
  • Made in USA


Company: Sharkies Inc
Brand: Sharkies Energy Chews
Slogan: Clean Fuel to Burn
Category:  Energy
Origin: USA
Packaging: 45 grams
Claims: Organic, Kosher
Varieties: Berry Blast, Citrus Squeeze, Fruit Splash, Watermelon Scream
Website: sharkiesinc.com



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