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Supplement Spotlight: HumanN SuperBeets Circulation Superfood



SuperBeets is highly concentrated and scientifically formulated to provide optimum levels of essential Nitric Oxide. Just one teaspoon of SuperBeets, the recommended daily serving, is verified to provide the Nitric Oxide equivalent of three whole beets and helps promote:


  • Nitric Oxide Production
  • Healthy circulation
  • Healthy blood pressure levels
  • Improved energy and stamina
  • Gluten free, NON-GMO and U.S.A Made



About HumanN

Our research on Nitric Oxide first began with the discovery of its unique impact on cardiovascular health. Its immense importance as a biological signaling molecule resulted in the awarding of the Nobel Prize in 1998. Realizing that the discovery of Nitric Oxide had immense potential, it didn’t take long for our interest in N-O to become our passion.

Dr. Nathan Bryan, our Chief Science Officer and co-founder, has committed his life’s work to the field of N-O research. By partnering with leading N-O discovery programs, such as the University of Texas Health Science Center, Dr. Bryan has identified and continues to identify ways to replenish the body’s N-O, and even help the body to promote optimal N-O function.

Ready to bring N-O to the masses, Dr. Bryan co-founded Neogenis Laboratories, now HumanN, in 2009. Consulting with the top N-O scientists, doctors, registered dietitians, and healthcare thought-leaders, there is no other company more committed, or qualified, to bringing the best N-O functional foods and supplements to every human across every phase of life.



Company: HumanN
Brand: SuperBeets Circulation Superfood
Origin: USA
Category: Supplements
Packaging: 150g
Claims: Promotes healthy circulation and healthy blood pressure levels.
Variants: View Range Here
Price: Single canister $39.95, Buy 2 Get 1 Free! $79.90
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator






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bhakti feat4

Drink Spotlight: Bhakti Sparkling Tea Tart Cherry Rooibos



Carbonated, caffeine-free rooibos tea blended with Bhakti’s signature fresh-pressed ginger and organic tart cherry juice.



Carbonated organic Fair Trade rooibos tea, organic tart cherry juice concentrate, organic cane sugar, organic ginger juice, organic black carrot extract, organic cherry flavor, citric acid, monk fruit extract*.


*Monk fruit, also known as lo han guo, is a small round fruit grown in Southeast Asia.  It has been safely used for centuries in Eastern medicine as a cold and digestive aid, and now it is also being used to sweeten foods and beverages. Monk fruit sweetener is created by removing the seeds and skin of the fruit, crushing the fruit, and collecting the juice.  The fruit extract, or juice, is around 150-200 times sweeter than sugar and contains zero calories per serving – meaning a very small amount provides a lot of sweetness.




About the company

Brook Eddy, founder of Bhakti traveled to India in 2002. She was fascinated with a social justice movement based on Bhakti (or devotion through social action) and wanted to learn more about it firsthand. On the journey she fell in love with two things that would ultimately become the foundation for her life’s work.

The first love was this idea that no matter what your station in life, you have a responsibility to contribute to the community and doing so will have a pervasive and lasting impact. In the communities where she learned about Bhakti, families would invite her into their homes and share their experiences about how this social movement had impacted them and their communities over a cup homemade spicy chai. She couldn’t help but fall in love with its incredible flavor and aroma.

When she returned home, she began brewing her own chai. Standing over the pot of steaming chai on her stove and inhaling the layers of fragrant spices, Brook was suddenly swept back into the chaos, colors and vibrancy of India and all that she had experienced there.

When her homemade brew gained attention (and even addiction) from friends and neighbors, she decided to take the principles of Bhakti that she had learned in India and build a company on this ideal. This single mother of twins took a deep breath, quit her full time job, and dove into the process of bringing consumers a craft-brewed chai that was steeped in social and environmental change.



Company: Bhakti
Brand: Sparkling Tea Tart Cherry Rooibos
Origin: US
Category: Iced Tea
Packaging: 355ml
Claims: Organic, non-GMO and caffeine-free.
Variants: View Full Range Here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: Store Locator
Website: http://drinkbhakti.com/






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NOOMA feat3

Drink Spotlight: NOOMA Cherry Lime Organic Electrolyte Drink



Cherry Lime NOOMA is a twist on an old-time favorite. It has a fresh, crisp taste and is overflowing with rehydrating electrolytes. An after-sweat fix-me that will keep you feeling your best all day long.



About the company

Our story started with one idea - the world needed a better hydration drink. Really crazy, we know. But that simple thought led us on a journey filled with launching projects, making mistakes, a lot of learning and taking big risks. We finally landed on a drink that we loved to put in our bodies after a sweat.

we call it nooma

And while we still can’t get enough of those electrolytes in our lives, we realized that the real magic of NOOMA is more than the liquid inside the package. It’s a part of something much bigger. Fueling something much more important.

a passion for wellness. a lifestyle.
a community.

It’s all about the people. The ones that think it’s fun to use the wind as resistance training on a run. Smile when they hear it’s burpee challenge day. Who live for that feeling you get lying on the floor after a workout, totally spent. They’re out there going for…whatever they’re going for.



Company: NOOMA
Brand: Cherry Lime Organic Electrolyte Drink
Origin: US
Category: Sports Drink
Packaging: 500ml
Claims: USDA organic, gluten-free and non-GMO.
Variants: View Range Here
Price: 12-pack $27.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: http://www.drinknooma.com/





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secret feat5

Energy Spotlight: Stealth Whey Protein Cherry Flavored Drink Mix



  • 1 x 660g
  • With Real Fruit, electrolytes, vitamins, natural flavouring and natural sweetener.
  • Intended for after sustained intense muscular activity.
  • Contains 20g of fast acting protein per serving

Suitable for Vegetarians.



Directions for use

Add a rounded scoop (33g) or 4 heaped table spoons to 300ml of water in your Secret Training drinks bottle, and shake vigorously, ensuring the lid is firmly closed. For best results consume within 20 minutes of finishing hard exercise.


Nutritional Information

per 100g/33g serving Energy 1574kj 364kcal/511kj 120kcal. Fat 0.3g/0.1g, of which saturates 0.2g/0.1g. Carbohydrate 30g/9.8g, of which sugars 10g/3.3g. Fibre 2.1g/0.7g. Protein 61g/20g. Salt 1.5g/0.5g. Per 100g/33g RDA: Electrolytes (Calcium: 760mg/251mg (31%), Phosphorus: 135mg/45mg (6%), Magnesium: 201mg/66mg (18%), Zinc: 6.2mg/2.0mg (20%), Potassium: 417mg/138mg (7%)). Vitamins: B3: 36mg/11.8mg (74%), B5: 13.6mg/4.5mg (75%), B2: 3.2mg/1.1mg (75%), B6: 3.2mg/1.1mg (75%).



PROTEIN Blend (Whey Protein Isolate (from Milk)(62%), L-Leucine), Whole pitted cherry powder (5%), Maltodextrin (from maize), Fructose, Electrolyte mix (Calcium Lactate, Magnesium Citrate, Sodium Chloride, Zinc citrate), Sticky Rice Starch, Stabilisers (Gum Arabic, Xanthan gum, Lecithin (From Soya)), Natural Flavouring, Acidity regulators (Citric acid, sodium citrate), Elderberry extract, Natural Sweetener (Stevia), Vitamins (B3, B5, B2, B6).

Allergen information – Contains milk protein and soya lecithin



About the company

Secret Training is the brainchild of European Champion Track Cyclist, Tim Lawson. An elite masters athlete, with over twenty years’ experience in developing the best sports nutrition products, working with athletes from beginners, right up to Olympic medalists and Pro Tour winners.

Produced with a clear purpose to look after your personal care and nutrition, drilled down to the fundamental need of each of these products and using appropriate technology to provide effective race day solutions, prioritising the health and performance of the athlete. Developed and tested with highspeed track cyclists, in the mud of the world cup cyclo-cross circuit and on endurance rides, Secret Training was born.



Company:  Secret Training
Brand:  Stealth Whey Protein Cherry Flavored Drink Mix
Origin: UK
Category:  Energy
Packaging:  660g
Claims:  Contains real fruits, electrolytes and vitamins.
Variants: View Range Here
Price:  £35.00
Where to Buy: UK, Buy Online
Website:  http://www.secret-training.cc/





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fritz kola feat3

Drink Spotlight: Fritz-limo apple, cherry and elderberry





  • fantastic taste
  • high fruit content
  • no artificial colouring
  • only natural flavors
  • vegan


Ingredients: water, apple juice* (17%), cherry juice* (5%), sugar, elderberry juice* (1%), carbonic acid, lemon juice (concentrate), natural aroma (*out of concentrated fruit juice)

Nutrition information: Nutrition information typical values per 100ml: energy 132kJ (31kcal) / protein 0.1g / carbohydrates 7.5g; of which sugars 7.3g / fat< 0.1g; of which saturates 0g / fibres 0.1g / sodium 0,003g



About the company

it can be done better, two friends told each other. and after scraping together a few thousand euros of start-up capital, in 2002 they founded fritz-kola in their student digs in hamburg/germany. their mission: to create a new kola better than everything offered by the big soft drinks companies. and it was no sooner said than done. the fritz-kola project has been led by the same approach to this day.



Company: Fritz Kola
Brand: Fritz-limo apple, cherry and elderberry
Origin: Germany
Category: Soft Drinks
Packaging: Coming soon
Claims: High fruit content, only natural flavors, vegan.
Variants: View product range here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: Germany, Store Locator
Website: http://www.fritz-kola.de/en/



fritz kola 3



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goodness feat1

Snack Spotlight: Goodness Knows Peach & Cherry, Almond, Dark Chocolate Bar



Each one of our packs contains four delicious snack squares made with sweet peaches, tart cherries, roasted almonds, and dark chocolate. The dark chocolate experience of goodnessknows® snack squares begins with hand-selected cocoa beans, gently handled using our patented approach to retain more of the naturally occurring phytonutrients in cocoa – the cocoa flavanols – the real goodness of cocoa in every bite.



3 delicious flavors

Instinctively, we all know what's good for us. But sometimes, within our busy lives, we need to be reminded that it's important to take time and enjoy those good things, even if just a little. Made with real fruit, dark chocolate and whole nuts in bite-size portions,  goodnessknows® snack squares is one of those little things. With 150 calories, no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners,  goodnessknows® snack squares is a perfect satisfying snack.




Almonds, dried peaches(peaches, sugar,critic acid), crisp rice (rice flour, rice bran, raisin juice concentrate, honey, salt), toasted oats (oats, brown sugar, sugar), brown rice syrup, dried cherries (cherries, suger), chocolate, suger, dried cane syrup, cocoa powder, almond butter (almonds), canola oil, glycerin,cocoa powder, almond butter (almonds), canola oil, glycerin, cocoa butter, milkfat, sea salt, soy lecithin, critic acid, natural flavours, mixed tocopherols to maintain freshness, almond oil, peanut oil.


Allergy Information

Contains almonds, peanuts, milk and soy. May contain other tree nuts. wheat and egg.





About the company

In 2010, goodnessknows® snack squares was launched in the Boulder and Denver, CO area through an extensive in- store sampling program bringing the wholesome goodness taste to the mountain region. Consumers loved the delicious product so goodnessknows® snack squares launched a full-blown grassroots tour which consisted of partnering with Denver's B-Cycle program for Bike to Work Day and raising money for The Bike Depot for every mile biked by local residents.

In four short years, goodnessknows® snack squares expanded to Seattle, Portland, and Dallas and began to spread the goodness within the community. With their signature events at Larimer Square in Denver, Washington Square in Portland, and Pioneer Square in Seattle. Local residents were able to share the goodness in their lives, participate in fit activities, and raise money for city food banks.



Company: Goodness Knows
Brand:  Peach & Cherry, Almond, Dark Chocolate Bar
Slogan:  Snack Squares
Origin: US
Category: Bars
Packaging:  1 pack (4 squares)
Claims:  Contains almonds, peanuts, milk and soy. Hand-selected cocoa beans.
Variants: View product range here
Price:  5 Count Box $9.99, 12 Count Box $17.99
Where to Buy: US, Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: http://goodnessknows.com/



goodness 1



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Alcohol Spotlight: Green Flash Brewing Natura Morta Cherry



Our latest Cellar 3 release is now arriving at select bottle shops nationwide. This refined evolution of our Belgian-style Saison is foudre-fermented with Brettanomyces, then aged and re-fermented in red wine barrels with sweet, dark cherry puree. After 6 months, a crimson ale with champagne effervescence is released, offering notes of ripe stone fruit and barrel-drawn tannins. Retaining hints of earthy wild yeast, Natura Morta Cherry finishes like a fine Beaujolais.

Learn more about Natura Morta Cherry and find this highly coveted rare beer at a location near you.

About Cellar 3: The Series
Discover Cellar 3, where Green Flash brewers express their artistic genius and craft evolves into artistry. Each beer in the series is a masterpiece to be shared, celebrated, and savored. Elevate your craft beer experience with our limited reserve collection.

About Cellar 3: The Location
Cellar 3 is 12,000 square feet of space dedicated to the art of craft beer innovation through barrel-aging and wild yeast experimentation with over 2,500 of the space reserved for the customer experience in the tasting room. Enjoy up to 30 unique Green Flash and Cellar 3 beers on draft. Visit our rotating art gallery, take a tour of the facility, fill a growler to go, or grab a bite from the rotating on-site food truck.




About the Company
From humble beginnings came true enlightenment for this leading San Diego-based brewery. Mike and Lisa Hinkley established Green Flash in 2002. Today, they lead a talented team of like-minded craft beer enthusiasts, who embrace the Green Flash culture and brand vision with passion and zeal. Every batch of beer is a labor of love and is a true Green Flash collaboration.

Our Brewmaster, Erik Jensen, and his talented brewing team have developed an award-winning assortment of specialty craft ales that are uniquely Green Flash. After releasing the game changing West Coast IPA, our beers developed a loyal following of craft beer lovers. We remain steadfast in our commitment to a beer first philosophy. For that, we are celebrated by beer enthusiasts worldwide. To keep our fans thirsty for more, we consistently produce experimental, limited-edition and seasonal offerings in addition to a solid lineup of long-time favorites. Through our trailblazing approach to craft brewing, we have established a benchmark within the craft beer community. Our award-winning beers are on draft, bottled and are available throughout the U.S.A in bars, restaurants and retail outlets.







Company: Green Flash Brewing
Brand: Cellar 3
Slogan: Where Craft Evolves into Artistry
Origin: USA
Category: Beer
Packaging: 750ml
Claims: ABV 6.5%,
Variants: View product range here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: US, Store Locator
Website: greenflashbrew.com










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Drink Spotlight: Naked Cherry Chia Lime Juice Smoothie



What the chia? Those chia seeds are there for Omega-3s, fiber, calcium, iron and some super-powered pep for when daily crunch time comes around.



Goodness Inside
- 10,000mg Chia Seeds
- 10 1/3 Sweet Cherries
- 1/5 Lime
- 3 2/3 Apples
- 1/4 Plum





About the Company
We know a healthy body doesn't mean much without a healthy world to live in. That's why at Naked we make sure that all our products make an impact that will enhance your life and the planet's. From our fruit-sourcing partnerships and our LEED-certified bottling facility to our 100 percent postrecycled reNEWabottles®, we make our juices committed to the belief that wellness is about more than just personal health — it extends to the entire world around us, too. Read More



Company: Naked Juice Company
Brand: Naked
Category: Smoothie
Origin: USA
Claims: 100% Natural Veg & Fruit Juice, No Sugar Added, Non GMO, 270 calories per bottle
Packaging: 15.2fl oz (450ml)
Varieties: View Range Here
Price: $3.00
Where to Buy: Store Locator
Website: nakedjuice.com







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love beets feat1

Drink Spotlight: Love Beets Cherry-Berry & Beet Juice



Beet juice is full of powerful antioxidants and nitrates, boosting stamina and endurance (the secret of high performance athletes!), and our unique filtration allows for a desirably smooth taste!  Both flavors of our juices are 100% natural, gluten-free, with no added sugars, artificial colors or preservatives.


Ingredients: 50% Beet Juice, 34% Apple Juice, 10% Cherry Puree, 5% Blackcurrant Juice, 1% Lemon Juice Concentrate (as natural stabilizer).

Unit: 8 bottles per case

Price: $40 per case



  • 100% juice
  • All natural
  • Gluten free
  • No added sugar
  • No preservatives
  • Vegan





About the company

Love Beets is a true labor of love from husband and wife team, Guy and Katherine Shropshire. The Shropshire family, known for growing salad vegetables in England, decided to purchase a small beet factory with the hopes of sharing a family favorite with others. They knew they wanted to find a way to attract younger people to beets, so the family got to work experimenting with unique marinated beet recipes.



Company: Love Beets
Brand: Cherry-Berry & Beet Juice
Slogan: Love Beets
Origin: US
Category: Juice
Packaging: 591ml
Claims: 100% natural, gluten free, no added sugar.
Variants: View product range here
Price: 8-pack $40.00
Where to Buy: US, Buy Online
Website: https://www.lovebeets.com/



love beets 1



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collective feat9

Dairy Spotlight: Collective Dairy Morello Cherry & Kirsch Yogurt



With its splash of kirsch liqueur, this is the real cherry on the top! Chunky morello cherries enveloping our thick ‘n’ creamy yoghurt, Neil Diamond called it when he wrote ‘oh cherry cherry, she got the way to groove me all right’… no bull!



Ingredients: Live yoghurt* (milk) (83%), Morello cherry (6%), sugar, honey, Kirsch (0.6%), cornflour, lemon juice, gelling agent (fruit pectin), natural flavouring. *Contains cultures: S. thermophilus, L. acidophilus, Bifidobacterium, L. casei.

Allergy advice: For allergens see ingredients in bold

Our morello cherry + kirsch yoghurt contains pasteurised cow’s milk and a small amount of alcohol. It is packed in a dairy that handles nuts.

Caution: May contain fruit stones.



collective nutr9




About the company

The Collective was started in New Zealand by two clever entrepreneurial chefs, Ofer Shenhav and Angus Allan. Their quest was simple… create an extraordinary yoghurt with an unbeatable taste.

Being well travelled lads with a couple of successful businesses already notched on their belts, Ofer and Angus were not shy of the hard yakka ahead. Their sheer determination to achieve the unthinkable helped provide the fuel, their passion provided the key, their tenacity and skill delivered the answer.

Kiwis caught on fast and the resulting yoghurt rapidly found new homes across the land. In fact, within 10 months of its conception The Collective was New Zealand’s best selling gourmet yoghurt. Overnight sensation? You betcha!

Now not being ones to keep a good thing to themselves, it soon dawned on Ofer and Angus that actually the whole world deserved The Collective in their fridges so why not make it in the UK too. Really, just how hard could it be? As it turned out darn hard! Until they joined forces with Mike Hodgson and Amelia Harvey, a couple of savy ‘Brits’ who knew a thing or two about the food industry in the UK.

So here we are now, sitting in fridges across the globe, all thanks to the peeps out there that’ve shared The Collective’s vision and helped make us a ‘happening thing’ in your home… no bull!



Company: The Collective Dairy
Brand:  Morello Cherry & Kirsch Yogurt
Slogan:  The Collective Dairy
Origin: New Zealand  (currently UK)
Category: Yogurt
Packaging:  500g
Claims:  Gluten free, suitable for vegetarians, no artificial colors flavors, or preservatives.
Variants: View product range here
Price:  Coming soon
Where to Buy: UK, Store Locator
Website:  http://www.thecollectivedairy.com/uk/



collective 9a




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