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TEMPTATIONS(TM) (PRNewsFoto/Mars Petcare)

Advertising Spotlight: TEMPTATIONS™ Brand Launches “TREAT THEM TOO™” Campaign



The first digital content release of the TEMPTATIONS(TM) TREAT THEM TOO(TM) campaign features a feline rendition of "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds. (PRNewsFoto/Mars Petcare)

FRANKLIN, Tenn., Aug. 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, TEMPTATIONS™ Brand launched a new online media TREAT THEM TOO™ campaign encouraging cat owners to remember their feline friends with America's No. 1 cat treat.

Created by Adam & Eve/DDB London, the campaign's first digital content release features a 1980s-style music video starring the Electric Furs – a fictitious band made up of real cats "singing" and "playing" instruments – performing a feline rendition of "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Ninian Doff, the entertaining video takes a tongue-in-cheek look into how cats may try to convince their human counterparts to remember to treat them also.

"With only half of cat owners treating their cats1, the TEMPTATIONS™ Brand always looks for fun, creative ways to bring attention to the cat treating category," said Arren Beach, TEMPTATIONS™ Brand Manager.  "The TREAT THEM TOO™ campaign uses entertaining digital content – like this music video – to showcase TEMPTATIONS™ treats and encourage cat owners to treat their cats when they treat themselves."

"Cat videos are brilliant fun, and millions of people watch them every day," said Richard Brim, executive creative director at Adam & Eve/DDB London. "In order to reach that audience, we made a music video starring the Electric Furs, with one simple message – reminding cat owners to 'TREAT THEM TOO.' "

Live now on TEMPTATIONS Brand's Facebook and YouTube channels, the "Don't You (Forget About Me)" video remake includes one long-form edit and one 30-second spot, and will have shorter video cut downs for release on TEMPTATIONS™ Brand's social channels in the coming weeks. The video will be supported by a number of integrated marketing efforts, including creative digital content, social media posts and partnerships on popular platforms such as the Snapchat Discovery and BuzzFeed.

For more information on TEMPTATIONS™ treats and the TREAT THEM TOO™ campaign, visit Facebook.com/Temptations or www.TemptationsTreats.com.

About the TEMPTATIONS™ Brand
TEMPTATIONS™ treats are America's favorite cat treats* and offer a fun, playful treating experience for both cats and their owners.  With a one-of-a kind, patented texture that's crunchy on the outside with a soft, meaty center, a shake of the bag is all it takes to make your cat's mouth water! Look for TEMPTATIONS™ Treats for cats nationwide where pet food is sold. For more information, please visit www.TemptationsTreats.com.

About Mars Petcare
Mars Petcare US is the U.S. operations of the world's largest petcare company at the privately-held Mars, Incorporated. Mars Petcare US produces some of the world's most beloved pet care brands, including PEDIGREE® Food and Treats for Dogs, CESAR® Canine Cuisine, IAMS™ Pet Food, SHEBA® Entrees for Cats, WHISKAS® Food for Cats, GREENIES™ Dental Chews and PILL POCKETS™ Treats, NUTRO™ Pet Food, EUKANUBA™ Pet Food and TEMPTATIONS™ Treats for Cats, as well as exclusive brands products for some of the leading retailers in the U.S. Headquartered in Franklin, Tenn., more than 3,700 Mars Petcare US associates make, sell and distribute its high-quality pet food from 20 manufacturing facilities located in communities across the U.S. For more information, please visit www.mars.com.


The first digital content release of the TEMPTATIONS(TM) TREAT THEM TOO(TM) campaign features a feline rendition of "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds. (PRNewsFoto/Mars Petcare)



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Pet Spotlight: TopLife Formula Milk For Cats

TopLife Milk for Cats is a delicious daily treat for your furry friend made from highly digestible, goats milk. Plus, with added Taurine to maintain healthy eyes, the refreshing treat is a fantastic way to complement your cat's diet, giving you the peace of mind that it is also nutritionally beneficial.

Cats love milk but can sometimes have problems digesting cows' milk. Goats' milk is different. It is nutritionally very similar to the kitten's mother's milk. It is very easy to digest with slightly less lactose than cow's milk. The fat globules found in goats' milk are also typically smaller than those found in other animal milks, making them easier to 'break down' and digest in the gut.

Cats love our delicious milk and it also helps keep them hydrated, which can often be difficult in cats. You can add a splash of TopLife Milk for Cats to your pet's dry food or feed on its own as a delicious daily treat - they will love it!.


About the Company
TopLife Formula is a range of delicious and natural pet milks, food and treats for Dogs, Puppies, Cats and Kittens. The range began with our yummy goats' milk treat for dogs and was the brainchild of Roger Sutton, one of the founder's of Delamere Dairy - our lovely partners in crime. Read More



Company: Top Life Formula
Brand: Top Life Formula
Slogan: The Purrfect Treat!
Origin: UK
Category: Pet Food
Packaging: 200ml
Claims: Keeps your Cat Hydrated, Contains Taurine
Variants: Milk for Kittens, Milk for Cats, Goats Milk Powder, Cheesy Treats for Cats
Price: Coming Soon
Where to buy:  Stockists
Website: toplifeformula.com

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Café for cats set to open in London

Opening this weekend, Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium is not only open to cat-lovers, but even has its own resident felines to entertain guests.

Animal lovers don’t like to go anywhere without their dogs and cats, but public venues aren’t so keen on filling their space with pets — aside from the occasional pet-friendly hotels we’ve seen in the past. Opening this weekend in London, Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium is not only open to cat-lovers, but even has its own resident felines to entertain guests.

Read More @ SpringWise

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Alcohol Spotlight: Nyan Nyan Nouveau, Red Wine For Cats From Japan


Japanese pet supplier B&H Lifes has created a red wine specially made for cats called Nyan Nyan Nouveau, or Meow Nouveau. The non-alcoholic feline wine contains vitamins, a small amount of grape juice, and, of course, catnip. Nyan Nyan Nouveau is currently available to purchase online from B&H Lifes alongside other products like Wan Wan Sparkling Wine (Woof Woof Sparkling Wine) for dogs.



image via Atpress

via Atpress, RocketNews24

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Nestle Purina’s video games purr-fect for cat lovers

St. LOUIS — Here, at Nestlé Purina PetCare headquarters, Friskies product manager Shaun Belongie helps create eight flavors of cat food each year.

In 2011, he decided to add to his creative portfolio by devising a Friskies app for the Apple iPad featuring simple video games that humans could play with their cats. True, most cats walk by the iPad and pay no bother. But some of the more curious ones find the floating fish on the iPad screen interesting enough to paw. Nestlé Purina's experiment has garnered 500,000 downloads so far. Today, the company unveils an app for Android tablets, and says it plans to release a seventh game for cats later this year.

Full Article @ USAT

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