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Packaging Spotlight: Salmon & Parsley cat food


Designed by
Carlijn Evenboer


Project Brief
Salmon & Parsley is the brand of two cat loving men (Frank Salmon and Ryan Parsley) from Dublin. It was founded in January 2012 right after they came to the conclusion there were not enough cat friendly brands with great variation in taste. Plus, the packaging had to be more appealing for the cats owner. After a big fight with Gourmet - who were afraid to disappear into oblivion - they decided to put every dime and effort into making this brand huge. Now, only one year later, Salmon & Parsley cat food is one of the most respected and loved cat food brands in the entire world - leaving Gourmet far behind. Even my cat agrees. Yes, he nodded.

Salmon & Parsley cat food:
Cat ice cream
Dry food
Tender Paté





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Nestle Purina’s video games purr-fect for cat lovers

St. LOUIS — Here, at Nestlé Purina PetCare headquarters, Friskies product manager Shaun Belongie helps create eight flavors of cat food each year.

In 2011, he decided to add to his creative portfolio by devising a Friskies app for the Apple iPad featuring simple video games that humans could play with their cats. True, most cats walk by the iPad and pay no bother. But some of the more curious ones find the floating fish on the iPad screen interesting enough to paw. Nestlé Purina's experiment has garnered 500,000 downloads so far. Today, the company unveils an app for Android tablets, and says it plans to release a seventh game for cats later this year.

Full Article @ USAT

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