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Product Lauch: Canada Dry Hot Ginger Ale

Atlanta-based Coca-Cola is launching a first among its scores of beverage selections: a heated carbonated drink.

After four years of development, Coca-Cola Japan is putting a “hot” Canada Dry Ginger Ale in vending machines beginning Oct. 21. The company managed to maintain the carbonation during the heating process.

The company said spiced hot drinks are popular in Japan, especially during colder months. Coca-Cola’s new offering features a ginger extract combined with apple and cinnamon flavors.

While Coke’s new product will come out heated, new hot can technology for drinks and soups is also gaining popularity in this country.

Hot Can Inc. is one of the companies behind the technology, according to Gizmag.com, which described the company’s heat-activation process:

“The double-chambered aluminum Hot Can contains the beverage or soup in its outer chamber, and a mix of water and calcium oxide in its inner chamber. When activated, the water and calcium oxide mix, causing an exothermic reaction that heats the beverage. A polypropylene outer shell insulates the beverage for about 45 minutes and protects the hands from burns.” A button on the can pressed, the can is shaken and then it is placed upright until it heats up.

The 180-milliliter, heated Canada Dry Ginger Ale will sell for 120 Japanese yen, or about $1.20.

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