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Soft Drink Spotlight: Caleb’s Kola

Hundreds of batches
Determined to craft the best kola using our quality ingredients, we tested batch after batch and spent months talking and tasting kola- until the right balance was achieved. Our kola recipe is comprised of a blend of sustainable Fair Trade cane sugar, kola nuts from Africa, a special blend of spices from around the world, and a hint of citrus. And, when poured, you’ll notice Caleb’s Kola has just the right amount of carbonation resulting in a distinct foamy head. We love it and hope you will, too.



Kola Nut Extract
With a unique, slightly bitter flavor and a small amount of caffeine, the kola nut is an evergreen tree nut originating from the tropical rainforests of Africa. The nut itself is the fruit of the kola tree and can range in size from as small as a chestnut to as large as potato! Widely used to flavor drinks, we’re extracting the kola nut’s natural flavor as the key ingredient in Caleb’s Kola.




Fair Trade Cane Sugar
The cane sugar we use is certified Fair Trade, which helps support local farmers and promotes sustainability. The unrefined qualities of our cane sugar gives our kola just the right touch of sweetness.




Brown Spices
While searching for the perfect combination of flavors and ingredients, we turned to our very own kitchen cupboard for some inspiration. Our secret blend of brown spices comes from around the world and gives Caleb’s Kola its unique flavor.




Citrus Notes
Kola and citrus are a perfect match! While great on their own, their combined flavors create an entirely new experience. The oils from the citrus fruit give Caleb’s Kola a sharp flavor and amazing freshness you won’t find in other kola.





Company: Pepsico
Brand: Caleb's Kola
Slogan: Honor in Craft
Origin: USA
Category: Soft Drinks
Packaging: 10fl oz bottle
Claims: Low Calorie, Fair Trade Sugar, Craft
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Store Finder
Website: calebskola.com














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