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Packaging Spotlight: CAIPIRINHA Itália Alcoholic Ice Cream Bar



Designed by

Katherine De Franco
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



Itália is a Brazilian ice cream brand that has launched a new line of alcoholic ice cream. Caipirinha is a Brazilian drink that was made into an ice cream bar. The idea to promote this product is a party mood, creating an association of the drink with fun moments, Samba and Carnival.








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Product Spotlight: Lounge Myx Caipirnha Mocktail


Greenways Foods & Beverages (D) Pvt Ltd introduces Lounge Myx, a range of non-alcoholic mixers created by a crew of professional bartenders who are sticklers for perfection. All these recipes of cocktail mix has been approved & Certified by BEVERAGE TESTING LABORATORY, CHICAGO, IL, USA ( BTI CHICAGO). These cocktails & mocktail mixes are exact replica of the international known cocktails & mocktails.

Mr. Vinod Gaikwad, GM-Marketing and Sales said, “Lounge Myx gives you a reason to celebrate Holi, the festival of colours with premix mocktails. First time Indian consumers will get to taste the internationally well-known Ready to mix cocktail decoctions in India. Lounge Myx is designed to capture the perfect lounge experience in a can”.

Cocktails have been around forever, now consumers can enjoy ready-mixed cocktails at home, at dinner parties and functions without spending the whole night behind a blender. Lounge Myx is priced at Rs.75 in 250 ml Cans and with just few common ingredients – you can create your signature drink.

Ingredients: water, sugar, lemon juice from concentrate (8,8%), carbon dioxide, citric acid E330, natural flavouring

Company: Greenways
Brand: Lounge
Slogan: One Minute Cocktails
Category: Non Alcoholic, Mocktails
Origin: USA
Packaging: 250ml Can
Variants:  Caipirinha, Margarita, Sex on the Beach, Cosmopolitan, Mojito
Website:  loungemyx.com





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Packaging Spotlight: Kasha Ready

Designed by Marks | Country: Switzerland

A taste of caipirinha. Graphic design from letterpress wooden typewriter “vintage fonts, recycle”. The idea is to create a graphic frame when stacking the boxes.”

Images via LP

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