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Product Spotlight: TINE IsKaffe

TINE iced coffee Original flavors include Cappuccino, Caffe Mocha and Latte Caffe. Shake and enjoyed ice cold. Mocca is a term in the coffee world. It originates from the town of Mocha in Yemen where the known varieties of coffee were shipped out. TINE Original Mocha Iced coffee is made ​​with real espresso beans grown on plantations in Brazil (Café do Brasil), mixed with Norwegian milk and a touch of chocolate and hazelnuts. TINE Original Mocha Iced coffee contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.

Company: Tine
Brand: IsKaffe
Category: Coffee
Origin: Norway
Packaging: Eco Friendly
Claims:  As much caffeine as a cup of coffee
Varieties: Original, Energy Espresso, Cappuccino, Café Latte
Website: tine.no


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Product Spotlight: Iaso Café Delgada

Delgada is an amazing instant coffee that you can take-and-make anywhere. Each package comes with 20 pre-portioned sachets that can be ready in an instant! With “grab-it-and-go” portability, it’s even easier to stay at the top of your game.

Iaso Café Delgada starts with 100% natural roasted coffee beans. Adding just a bit of flavor and the perfect selection of natures finest herbs, the result is an excellent cup of coffee without leftover grit or aftertaste.

This isn’t your parents instant coffee, it’s gourmet coffee instantly, by Iaso Café.

Company: Total Life Changes
Brand: Iaso Café Delgada
Slogan: Ganoderma Infused Slimming Coffee
Category:  Coffee
Origin: USA
Packaging: 20 sachets, 20 grams each
Claims: Slimming


Iaso™ Café Delgada


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London’s Getting a Cat Café

Now, relaxing with a cup of tea might also come with some kitten playtime; a cat café is set to open in London, inspired by cat cafées (and bunny cafées) in Japan.

According to The Independent, 30-year-old Lauren Pears decided to try launching a cat café after noticing the lack of coffee-plus-pets locations in the city, especially since Brits living in the city rarely have space (or time, or money) for a pet. The result: Going to Indiegogo to raise money for London's first cat café.

Pears has reportedly raised £100,000 (more than $150,000) from her Indiegogo venture, and is bringing in 10 to 15 cats from Mayhew Animal Home. Café visitors must pay £5 per visit (about $8), without any time limitations. "That way, people can stay as long as they like without feeling like they’re against the clock, which works for the cats because it takes cats a little time to get used to people," she told The Independent. VIP membership will reportedly go for £130 (a little less than $200), and the café will have a volunteer program so people can look after the cats overnight.

Full Article @ TDM

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In Japan, women-only café also provides sleeping facilities

As well as lunch and wifi, the Qusca Sleeping Café offers space for women to rest and refresh during their working day.

Women who are looking for beauty treatment and with little time to spare in their work schedule have already been offered convenient 15-minute in-office manicures courtesy of Manicube. Now the Qusca Sleeping Café aims to provide a space for women to rest and refresh, as well as get lunch and keep up with work.

Located in the Akasaka district of Tokyo, the café was set up specifically to offer working women a private and relaxing area where they can relieve some of the day’s stress. Visitors pay JPY 150 per ten minutes to take advantage of the café’s facilities. The cost covers use of a sleeping room perfumed with a ‘healing’ aroma, a make-up space that includes free cosmetics and hair styling supplies, and mobile device-charging stations. The café also provides wifi and has a menu of free snacks and drinks available each day. Those wanting a more substantial meal can also pay JPY 600 for Qusca’s ‘healthy deli lunch’, designed to recharge workers’ batteries.

Although services offering spaces for short naps – such as the UK’s Podtime – have been seen before on Springwise, Qusca provides an entirely new kind of space dedicated to female professionals, with the aim of boosting their productivity. Could this work in your part of the world?

Website: www.qusca-zzz.com
Contact: info@qusca-zzz.com

via SpringWise

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The World’s First Official Barbie Cafe in Taiwan

The world's first officially official, Mattel-sanctioned Barbie Cafe has opened in Taiwan, and wow is it ever pink. It is so pink the crustless tea sandwiches have little pink flags sticking out of them. It is so pink the waitresses wear pink tutus. It is so pink the chairs wear pink tutus.

A Mattel rep told the AFP they chose Taiwan "because theme restaurants are very popular and successful here." Also, apparently Barbies were originally manufactured in Taiwan until the 1980s, when production moved to China.

Continue Reading @ Eater

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Vienna Cafe Installs One-Way Mirror Into Ladies Room

Here's a fun surprise for the unsuspecting ladies at Vienna "experimental sushi" restaurant/gallery space Dots: an innovative art installation that is actually a one-way mirror peering from the men's into the women's bathroom. Artist Alexander Riegler explains to Radio Wien that his intention with the project is to explore the concept of voyeurism in modern times — and a spokesperson for the restaurant claims that 95 percent of customers think the installation is funny.

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Starbucks Opens First Store in India

The store in Mumbai is finally open after years of delays

Starbucks is hoping to tap into another giant in the coffee market: India. Now, the first storefront location in India is finally open, to the delight of coffee lovers everywhere.

The store is a joint combination between Starbucks and Tata Global Beverages, reports the New York Daily News. It was supposed to open five years ago, but now Starbucks will have three new locations in Mumbai in the next week.

But the CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, told the Seattle Timesthat the coffee giant is taking a different approach than most other enterprises: focusing on the quality of the coffee, rather than the quantity of the stores. "We decided we needed to significantly elevate the physical presentation, the design, and quality of the experience way before someone actually tastes the coffee. And the environments we’ve created are so stunning right from the instant you walk in the store, there’s going to be such a level of separation visually between us and everybody else," he said.And the newest store in Mumbai definitely stands out from the rest: housed in the historic Elphinstone Building, the store is filled with hand-carved wooden screens,  vintage trunks, and old leather-bound books for a cool, indie vibe — what Schulze called "a shrine." The drinks and dishes will be both of Western taste and local tastes, with plates like tandoori paneer rolls. And a 12-ounce coffee will only cost about $2. We'll be waiting to see where Starbucks expands to next.
Full Article @ TDM

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Packaging Spotlight: Cafépod

Designed by B&B studio | Country: United Kingdom

“For 20 years, Nespresso has been the king of premium coffee pod systems, its exclusivity guaranteed by restricting capsule sales to specialist stores and online only. But when its design patents expired in 2012, the market for Nespresso-compliant capsules opened up to a host of competitors.

Our friends at Cafépod were first to market with a concise range of coffee pods exclusive to Waitrose stores. With just the name in place, our role was to create a brand identity, packaging and web presence with the potential to encourage Nespresso loyalists to switch to a brand from the supermarket shelves.

Inspired by Cafépod’s desire to democratise a premium product, we set about expressing the social aspect of the coffee moment with a pair of clinking cups. The aesthetic combines gourmet cues, vibrant taste and contemporary character, all carefullly balanced to capture our everyday luxury brief.”

via LP

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NYC water cafe sells fancily filtered local water

Molecule is a "water cafe" in New York City's East Village that takes the city's tap water, runs it through a $25,000 filter, and sells it back to New Yorkers. It's $2.50 for a 16-ounce glass bottle or you can bring your own container and pay $1 for up to 50 ounces. For an extra fee, add various vitamins, herbal, and root "blasts" to the water. "What Are They Drinking In New York City?" (WSJ via NextDraft)

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Women use their laptop computers at a wi

To Spur Creativity, Try A Noisy Café

Forget peace and quiet—a little noise can be your friend when it comes to generating ideas, a study finds. Sure, you don’t want sirens blaring outside your window, but the “ambient noise” of, say, a hopping coffee shop could actually help you work better. It’s distracting, but in a good way: It can prompt “disfluency” in your train of thought that boosts your ability to think abstractly, Time reports. Read more…

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