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Packaging Spotlight: Jola Honey Mix



Designed by:

Dima Tsapko
Kyiv, Ukraine

Oksana Zmorovych
Kyiv, Ukraine

Sergii Shakh
Kyiv, Ukraine

Yaroslav Cherkunov
Kiev, Ukraine

Tough Slate Design
Kiev, Ukraine

Roman Davydyuk
Kiev, Ukraine























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Packaging Spotlight: Imlek Moja Kravica Cokoladno mleko – Winter edition



Designed by

Marko Vajagic

Belgrade, Serbia



Design for Imlek Moja Kravica Chocolate Milk | Special limited winter edition.





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Packaging Spotlight: Optimist Energy Bars




Optimist | Energy bars

Life is like a zebra. There are whites, and black stripes on it. When you are on a white stripe walk slowly, enjoy it. When you come to a black stripe raise your collar, shut your eyes, and run as fast as you can go to get to a white one. Optimist energy bars will help you out to reach a white stripe. No matter if it's pushing up your physical strength or boosting up your brain power!





Yellow Images is an online marketplace of unique mockups and templates for your design projects, presentations and other creative solutions. They are all made within the same template, to be as practical and high quality as possible.

Yellow Images is an online marketplace of unique mockups and templates for your design projects, presentations and other creative solutions.
They are all made within the same template, to be as practical and high quality as possible.






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Packaging Spotlight: Lillevik Alpine – A Refreshing Cider



Client: Lillevik Alpine
Location: Queenstown, New Zealand
Industry: Beverage
Status: Completed



Lillevik Alpine is a new brand of apple cider based in Queenstown, New Zealand with strong European influences. Without artificial additives this refreshing cider has a perfect balance of sweet with a powerful flavour.



We’ve created a logo based around an attractive illustration shield. The design of the shield was inspired by the name ‘Lillevik Alpine’ that refers to a family holiday home in Norway belonging to the maker of the Cider.

Regarding the morphology of the shield we decided to work with lines, responding to the connection between Europe and Oceania. This is one of the main values that the brand has. We wanted to reflect the origins of the maker, since the taste of the cider blends between a traditional European flavour and the freshness and modernity of Oceania. Our goal is to communicate an honest identity of a product with a simplicity that makes it great. It is important to clarify that the decision to create a shield was not based on defense or heraldry. The family’s memories and special moments in their Alpine house are reflected and commemorated in this small postcard.

There is a relevance and intention that underpins every choice. The typography, colour palette, label material and print finish, all give to Lillevik Alpine Cider an impactful and appropriate visual identity. We believe that the blue shield over the red background creates a personal and different approach in this product category that generates an impact on the street.










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Branding Spotlight: Three Bridges’ Rebrand Spotlights Its Simple, Fresh and Honest Meal Solutions




Premium refrigerated pasta company upgrades look to better communicate real food values

BENICIA, Calif., Jan. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Three Bridges recently rebranded its line of refrigerated pastas and sauces to better showcase the brand's commitment to providing easy-to-prepare meal solutions that are made from simple, honest and better-for-you ingredients. Featuring updated graphics and sleek new packaging, Three Bridges' new look is intended to communicate the brand's longstanding commitment to providing cleaner and better options in the refrigerated aisle.

"At Three Bridges, we've worked tirelessly to ensure the taste of our high-quality ingredients and real food goodness comes through with every bite – and it was imperative that our branding and packaging embodied our unwavering commitment to providing simple meal options that are thoughtfully created and made with fresh, natural ingredients," said Ryan Tu, president and CEO. "Our varieties have already hit shelves in new packaging that features updated graphics and black trays, better highlighting our premium ingredients and delicious foods."

Three Bridges foods takes the guesswork out of home cooking by providing easy meal solutions that feature the flavors and nutrition today's consumers crave, all while using real, honest ingredients like rBST-free cream and parmesan cheese, fresh garlic, heirloom tomatoes, and nutrient-dense kale. From classic favorites, like the new Creamy Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese Kit, to an unexpected twist on familiar flavors, like Kale Pesto Sauce, all of Three Bridges products only use premium ingredients, including antibiotic- free meats and rBST-free cheeses, and contain no artificial additives, preservatives, fillers, or hormones.

Three Bridges better-for-you pastas (SRP $5.29 - $5.99) and sauces (SRP $5.99) are available at major retailers nationwide, including Safeway and Target. For more information or to locate a store near you, visit www.ThreeBridges.com.

About Three Bridges
As the leading maker of fresh, refrigerated pastas and sauces, Three Bridges is on a mission to innovate the refrigerated case with foods that are simple, honest, and better for you. Three Bridges' deliciously accessible and easy-to-prepare pastas and sauces are always made from premium natural ingredients and contain no artificial ingredients, preservatives, fillers or hormones. Providing a palate-pleasing break from boring meals, Three Bridges delivers what people most enjoy about good food – real, quality ingredients and incredible taste – without the guilt or fuss.

For additional information, please visit us online www.ThreeBridges.com.









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Packaging Spotlight: Baby Likes



Designed by
Maria Mordvintseva-Keeler
Gary Neville




Baby Likes wanted to reach parents who wish to offer their children delicious meat filled
baby food that adheres to their religious beliefs. Made from responsibly sourced ingredients,
it offers a range of authentic, locally inspired recipes that will appeal to the markets
within the UK, America and East Asia.

Chimp worked with Baby Likes to bring their idea of a new baby food brand that not only
stands out on the shelves, but also creates a unique brand identity that can be used across
multiple media platforms and can deliver both in store and online.

Our ultimate goal was to create a fun and approachable brand that would appeal to consumers
with different cultural and religious backgrounds. From the naming of the brand through to the
creation of brand elements, logo design and packaging we delivered a brand that communicates
the joy that every child should experience when enjoying food for the first time.
The brand that we’ve created stands firmly behind the tagline of “Bigger taste Bigger smiles”.











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Advertising Spotlight: Chips Ahoy! THINS Celebrates New Oatmeal and Double Chocolate Flavor Varieties with ‘THIN-credible’ 10-Foot-Tall Cookie Jar




Fans Guess Number of Chips Ahoy! THINS in Custom Cookie Jar for Chance to Win Free Cookies for a Year



EAST HANOVER, N.J., Jan. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Chips Ahoy! cookies celebrates the launch of the two newest flavor varieties to its THINS product portfolio: Oatmeal and Double Chocolate. Chips Ahoy! THINS cookies first launched nationwide in the summer of 2016, offering a thin, crispy version of the country's number one chocolate chip cookie -- bursting with the rich, delicious flavor that's made Chips Ahoy! famous for more than 50 years.

To showcase this delicious new flavor variety duo, Chips Ahoy! THINS has created an oversized cookie jar with a THIN-credible, stop-you-in-your-tracks twist in New York City! Measuring ten feet tall, but only one foot thick, the custom cookie jar will be featured in the iconic Time Warner Center and will be filled to the brim with new Chips Ahoy! THINS in Oatmeal and Double Chocolate flavor varieties. Thanks to its ultra-thin shape, the Chips Ahoy! THIN-credible Cookie Jar is a one-of-a-kind photo opp that shows just how Chips Ahoy! is "Made With !" But the cookie celebration doesn't stop there: fans in New York are invited to try a free taste of the new varieties and guess exactly how many Chips Ahoy! THINS Cookies fill the THIN-credible Cookie Jar for a chance to win a year's supply of the crispy, chip-filled cookies!  What could be sweeter than that?

"Our Chips Ahoy! THINS product line has been met with incredible excitement and enthusiasm," said Sofia Oliveira, Sr. Brand Manager, Chips Ahoy! North America."To continue this excitement, we're thrilled to celebrate our delicious new flavor varieties, Oatmeal and Double Chocolate, in a way that only Chips Ahoy! THINS could do. Our THIN-credible Cookie Jar not only embodies our larger-than-life passion for cookies, it's also a very fun way to interact with our fans."

Chips Ahoy! THINS Cookies in Oatmeal and Double Chocolate flavor varieties are available nationwide. The Chips Ahoy! THIN-credible Cookie Jar will be located in New York City's Time Warner Center (10 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10019) from noon to 6 p.m. EST today, for one day only and will provide an opportunity to enter the Chips Ahoy! THINS for a Year contest and receive a serving size sample of the new varieties. Fans anywhere in the country can join the guessing game by visiting http://bit.ly/2ikLQtI and entering online before 1/27/17 (11:59pm EST). There they can watch a 360-degree video of the THIN-credible Cookie Jar and submit their guess of how many Oatmeal and Double Chocolate Chips Ahoy! THINS Cookies are in the oversized cookie jar for a chance to win!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER THE Chips Ahoy! Thins For a Year Contest.  Promotion ends 11:59 pm ET on 1/27/17.  Open to residents of the 50 U.S. (D.C.), 18 and older. Enter online at http://bit.ly/2ikLQtI.  See Official Rules for alternate method of entry. Limit 1 entry per e-mail address/person. A one (1) year supply of Chips Ahoy! THINS awarded as fifty-two (52) free product coupons that expire 12/31/17. Each coupon will be for a free product (each up to a $4.29 value) of any one (1) Chips Ahoy! THINS (any variety, 7oz or larger). ARV: $223.08. Void where prohibited.  Sponsor: Mondelēz Global, LLC, East Hanover, NJ 07936.

About Mondelēz International
Mondelēz International, Inc. (NASDAQ: MDLZ) is a global snacking powerhouse, with 2015 net revenues of approximately $30 billion. Creating delicious moments of joy in 165 countries, Mondelēz International is a world leader in biscuits, chocolate, gum, candy and powdered beverages, with billion-dollar brands, such as OREO, LU and Nabisco biscuits; Cadbury, Cadbury Dairy Milk and Milka chocolate; and Trident gum. Mondelēz International is a proud member of the Standard and Poor's 500, NASDAQ 100 and Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Visit www.mondelezinternational.com or follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/MDLZ.

SOURCE Mondelez International, Inc.

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Packaging Spotlight: Grow With Me!



Designed by

Andrea Ribera
Barcelona, Spain

Cristina Castells Mascaró
Vic, Spain

María Fernanda Peña Trejos
Barcelona, Spain



Getting kids to eat the foods that are actually healthy for them can be quite a challenge. Grow With Me, allows children and parents to grow organic chickpeas, lentils, white beans, and other legumes, and it comes in an easy-to-use, all-in-one pack.
By getting children more involved in the process of growing the food, it gives them a deeper understanding of where it comes from and makes them excited to eat it. Grow With Me is in a box that engages kids and features a humorous bean mascot on it that grows as you open it. Instructions are right on the box, making it easy to use and eliminating unnecessary packaging. A convenient carrying handle rests at the top, allowing children to grab it and carry it without any problems.
Grow With Me! is respectful with the environment and with double function. We generated an attractive box for an adult (parents) and children audience, with biodegradable materials, the cardboard and both inks. Creating a surprise effect while opening it, we wanted to encourage children to eat legumes and finally giving a second use to package: a pot, so that children can plant their own vegetables and grow with them.


















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