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Mini Trend Report: Bottled Water Trends



In this report we researched the key trends affecting the bottled water category and the opportunities that represents for new product development.


The full report available for purchase contains:
-  30 Pages of in depth Analysis
-  Key Features of the trend
-  Trends Analysis including Claims, Ingredients and Packaging
-  Detailed Examples of Innovative Bottled Water products from around the world
-  Opportunities Analysis where we tell you how to capitalize on this trend




In our mini report series the TrendMonitor team researches up and coming trends from around the world.  The mini reports can be purchased separately or as part of our yearly subscription which includes a minimum of 36 reports annually.

Bottled water maintained its robust growth in 2013 based on an expanded consumer base and diversified product offerings. We believe this trend could have a global impact in the coming years. In this mini trend report we cover the history of the trend, the key features, product innovation, consumer insights, company spotlights and opportunities analysis.



Market History
Current Market
Key Trends Analysis
Product Innovation
Packaging Trends
Consumer Insights
What’s Next?
Crowdfunding Challenge


Contact Us To Purchase This Report – reports@trndmonitor.com




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Tech Spotlight: Vending Machine Bottles Water Right Before It’s Served



Run by Eliza Becton and co-founders Sean Grundy and Frank Lee, Refresh Water Technologies is a startup formed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology to develop the eco-friendly vending machine Refresh.

Refresh is a water vending machine that filters and bottles water from the tap on-site instead of carrying pre-filled bottles that come from a bottling plant.


The Refresh kiosk filters, flavors, carbonates, and bottles water at the point of use, instead of in a bottling plant. We cut vending
operators' variable costs and CO2 emissions by 80%.

Read More @ PSFK

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