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Bully Boy Distillers Releases The Bottled Old Fashioned


Boston’s Premier Craft Distillery Releases First Ever

Limited-Edition Seasonal Recipe


Boston, MA; September 29, 2015 – Bully Boy Distillers today announces the launch of The Old Fashioned, a new take on the classic cocktail. As longtime fans of the iconic libation, the Willis brothers behind Bully Boy have applied their craft spirit artistry and love of whiskey to what they respectfully consider to be the best Old Fashioned recipe—not too sweet, not too dry and with enough bitters to create perfect harmony in a glass—available now as a seasonal release.


“In concept, the Old Fashioned is easy to make but we’ve found that they’re actually hard to make well,” said Dave Willis, co-founder of Bully Boy Distillers. “It’s difficult to achieve that perfect ratio of whiskey, sugar and bitters, but that’s exactly what we’ve done with the Bully Boy Old Fashioned. By releasing a bottled version of the quintessential craft cocktail, we’re hoping to give drink enthusiasts a simple, no-fuss way to serve or enjoy a perfectly delicious Old Fashioned.”

Using Bully Boy’s award-winning American Straight Whiskey as the base, the Old Fashioned is hand crafted

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Fashion Spotlight: Pilot & Captain Limited Edition Superbowl Tees




Pilot & Captain is running a special for the upcoming Super Bowl. With the big game fast approaching, they've decided to release limited edition, two-color tees for both New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks fans alike. And, to sweeten the deal, they'll be selling them at $20 (versus regular $32 retail).




Pilot & Captain is a line of travel inspired wearables that includes Shirts, Print products and Carry Ons.

The vintage designs are clean and attractive in a subtle way that had me not only reminiscing about past trips but longing for future adventures as well.  If you are passionate about travel or the city you live in, this new line is sure to inspire your nostalgic side.  We invite you to learn more about the line, its founders and hope you visit their site to view all of their beautiful creations.

Read more about Pilot & Captain in our earlier Post.


Please visit Pilot and Captain's website to view their entire collection and learn more about this amazing line.

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Starbucks Launching Cold Brew Coffee?


Cold Brew Coffee has become very trendy lately.  It was only a matter of time before Starbucks tossed their hat in the ring.  It would appear the time has come although it may be for a limited time only and offered to a limited geographic area.

A recent article from the Daily Mail talks about this limited roll out taking place in the Boston area.  Depending on how the launch goes I could see this becoming a staple product in all Starbucks locations, especially during the summer months when Cold Brew is more popular.

For more information on Cold Brew coffee check out our Cold Brew Coffee Trend Report.




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