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Drink Review: Boost it Up! Pregnancy Energy Drink


Need a pick me up when a nap is not a possibility? While you’re pregnant or nursing, coffee or energy drinks may be no-nos, Enjoy an all natural lift with Boost It Up!, the expert developed energy and anti-nausea drink that’s rich in protein, B-vitamins, ginger, fiber and electrolytes. It’s lightly sweetened to be refreshing, hydrating and helps quell the queasies too, really! Boost It Up! all natural pregnancy energy drink.


Protein- 7 g: the building blocks of your body’s cells and of your baby’s too!
B-Vitamins- supports optimal energy*
Ginger-250 mg: reduces nausea**
Electrolytes- hydrates and reduces leg cramping
Fiber-3 gm supports healthy digestion
• Lack of Energy
• Nausea


• All Natural
• Caffeine Free
• Supports Optimal Energy
• Reduces Nausea and Hydrates
• Mighty Mango Flavor

Directions: Shake Well and Drink cold for optimal refreshment. Enjoy (you deserve it!).Refrigerate after opening.


About the Company
Finally, a complete brand of over-the-counter remedies developed to provide pregnant and nursing women with the safest* solutions to their common ailments. healthy mama™ is a revolutionary, first to market brand that provides health and wellness, convenience and peace of mind.




Company:  Healthy Mama
Brand: Boost it Up!
Slogan: Remedies for Pregnancy, Nursing and Beyond
Origin: USA
Category: Energy Drinks
Packaging: 12fl oz
Claims: For Pregnant Women
Price: $3.49 USD
Where to buyDirect on Website

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