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Beer Spotlight: Oculto Blue Agave Infused Beer



ST. LOUIS,  -- Beginning today, Oculto is available on shelves and at high-end bars, clubs and restaurants nationwide. Inspired by and brewed for nightlife, Oculto combines the social invitation of beer with the exciting nature associated with tequila—for a step in creating an entirely new category.

Oculto is infused with blue agave for a bright citrus flavor that delivers a smooth, bold taste. With a premium look, unique flavor, seductive positioning and 6-percent ABV, Oculto is designed to tap into late night occasions.

"Beer drinkers and partygoers are seeking unique, surprising 'mash-up' experiences," said Jorn Socquet, vice president of marketing, Anheuser-Busch. "We worked off untapped insights to bring an innovation that delivers against that expectation. We have a totally surprising brand that revolves around mystery and intrigue—with a product that hits home with consumers looking for ways to break free from the everyday and find something exciting ... an unexpected 'mash-up.'"

Oculto means "hidden" or "waiting to be found" in Spanish. Bringing the brand to life right out of the gate, Oculto launched on Friday the 13th to emphasize unparalleled positioning that will carry over to all consumer engagement moments. From immersive events to engaging social media to best-in-class partnerships, it is all about tapping into the spontaneous nights out with friends. In 2015, the secrets of Oculto will be revealed—and consumers will be inspired to share secrets of their own.

"While launching on Friday the 13th may seem unlucky, we're challenging the superstition," said Socquet. "It fits Oculto perfectly. It's unique. From our approach to our packaging, we're doing things differently."

Oculto packaging is an innovation in and of itself. It brings to life a look that is premium, seductive and energetic. It features a multi-sensory experience, including multiple crown graphics, tactile printing and black-light inks. The Oculto bottle has a signature mask shape and detailed embossing for a distinctive look and feel. A host of discoverable elements are embedded in the bottle design, including hidden messages and eyes that appear when cold. The can also showcases a tactile feel that is a breakthrough for beer in the U.S.

Oculto is available at high-end bars, clubs and restaurants, as well as many grocery and liquor stores across the U.S. in 12-pack, 12 oz. bottles; six-pack 12 oz. bottles; 25 oz. cans; and 16 oz. cans. To unlock the world of Oculto visit www.Facebook.com/Oculto. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @Oculto_US and let the secret making begin.

About Oculto
Oculto is a unique lager blended with beer aged on tequila barrel staves and natural flavors. With premium packaging, unique flavor, seductive personality and 6-percent ABV, Oculto is designed for late-night, spontaneous occasions.









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Drink Spotlight: GolferAID


GolferAID is NOT an energy drink…it’s a “Synergy” product formulated with almost 3 grams of supplements designed to AID various aspects of your golf game and help you body and mind work in better synergy throughout your round.


• NO caffeine and about one quarter of the sugar as a typical soda or energy drink
• Glucosamine & Natural Anti-Inflammatory for joint health, flexibility, and to help reduce soreness
• B-Vitamins for consistent energy
• Electrolytes to combat muscle fatigue
• Supplements for Mental Acuity, Focus, and Balance
• Sweetened with only 9 grams (45 calories) of Organic Blue Agave which is low on the glycemic index. It absorbs slowly into the bloodstream with no spike or crash and is recommended for diabetics.
• NO Artificial Flavors, Colors, or Sweeteners
• No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No Aspartame, No Sucralose, No Grapefruit
• Light tropical / citrus flavor…Not too sweet and very refreshing
• The only product of its kind.
• GolferAID is to golf what energy drinks are to extreme sports – except GolferAID is of much greater benefit.
• GolferAID donates 5% of net-profits to golf-centric charities


GolferAID was designed with efficacy in mind We suggest consuming a can 15 minutes before you tee off and one at the turn. See for yourself if you don’t experience the benefits of more focus, less soreness, less fatigue and overall just feeling more on your “A” game. Enjoy!




About the Company
LifeAID Beverage Co. is the developer of a new product category we call “synergy.” The young entrepreneurs who founded LifeAID realized that the mainstream mass beverage producers were missing the market move towards health and personalization. LifeAID understands that today’s educated consumer demands more than aging, traditional, often unhealthy beverages are able to deliver. Energy drinks, sports drinks and other so called functional beverages have a “one size fits all” philosophy. Taking a very different approach, each LifeAID synergy blend contains its own custom formulation of vitamins, supplements, herbs and other ingredients uniquely designed to enhance the particular activity for which it is targeted. LifeAID Beverage Co’s first three synergy products are PartyAID, FitAID and GolferAID. Each has its own unique formula and taste, because each was designed for maximum benefit to consumers involved in activities of a very different nature.

Company: LifeAID Beverage Company
Brand: GolferAID
Slogan: Supplement Your Lifestyle
Origin: USA
Category: Functional Beverage
Packaging: 12fl oz can
Claims: Vitamin Enriched, 100% natural, Sweetened with Blue Agave, No Caffeine
Variants: FitAID, GolferAID, PartyAID
Price: $59.75 (24 pack) ($2.48 per unit)
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website:  golferaid.com, lifeaidbevco.com




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